One Way Or Another

Chapter 47

08/31/2005 Early Wednesday Morning 2:30AM-4:30AM

Chapter Forty-Seven

Nick has been in surgery for four hours now and Reilly has noticed that the floor beneath her feet is dry and Sam has moved to sit on the floor with her head in Reilly's lap while Greg has moved into the Grissom-Sam chair. Someone new has come into the room, a woman, and she bends down by Sam to try and get Reilly to talk to her; to see how she is doing.

Reilly thought it was a nurse maybe, or another doctor. It didn't really matter anymore. If they weren't there to tell her something about Nick she wasn't really paying much attention to who came and went. Warrick is still holding her hand and Reilly is using her other to stroke Sam's hair. She knows that the nurse/doctor person is just doing her job, but she isn't listening. They all probably want her to rest because of the baby. The baby, babies she thought. She should take care of her babies.

"Ms. Mallone, is there anything we can get you; maybe a place to lie down and rest?" The nurse/doctor asks.

Reilly looked at the woman, a nurse, and she could see it in her eyes. She's a good nurse, a good person; she has caring thoughtful eyes. You can tell anything you need just by looking at a person's eyes. They can't keep their soul from touching their eyes.

"I'm fine. Can I just lie down in here on the couch? I need to be here when the doctor comes in about Nick." She said as she looked at the nurse.

"Of course you can, but we could make you more comfortable in a room and I'll be sure the doctor finds you first when he comes out of surgery." She replied keeping her tone friendly but neutral.

"No; I have to be here." Reilly said abruptly. "I don't mean to be rude, but I'm not leaving until I know how Nick is." She slowly stood up and Sam moved to jump to her feet and help her mother as she moved over to the empty couch.

"I'll go get you a pillow and a blanket. Just let me know if you have any discomfort at all." The nurse said as she smiled at Reilly who nodded before she left the room.

Reilly watched as Brass came into the room and as he came over to crouch down on his haunches before reaching for her hand. He didn't say anything, not at first; he just wanted her to know he was there.

"Nicky's a strong man and he's going to be fine, Reilly. You know that; so keep that thought in your head. Don't think any other way, okay?" He finally said softly.

"Sure Jim." She answered in an equally soft tone.


Nick has been in surgery for five hours now and Reilly is exhausted beyond exhausted. She feels as if she has never felt this tired in her entire life. She is lying on the only couch in the waiting room with no real thought of what she is supposed to be doing other than just waiting for news of Nick. She must have fallen asleep, because Brass is now gone and Sam is back to sitting on the floor near her.

"Where's Brass?" She asked as she slowly sat up and looked around the room.

Everyone is looking at her; surprised she had spoken. She hasn't spoken much in the last few hours and now she is, so she has their immediate attention.

"He stepped out for a minute, he'll be back. Do you want anything, Reilly?" Catherine asked as she looked at Reilly reaching out to pat one of her hands.

Reilly looked down at her hands as Catherine touched her. She looked up at Catherine and slowly shook her had. All she wanted was to hear Nick was fine. "No. Just… just… Nick…" She begins. "I just want to know Nick is doing okay."

She knew everyone else in the room could hear her and they were quiet as they echoed her feelings. She knew they care about Nick and her just as much as her family and his did, but she's just too tired to care what else is going on so she just lies back down on the couch. The nurse from before has came back into the room and Sam has gotten up to talk with her. Reilly can see them watching her as they talk, but she doesn't really care what they have to say about her because Reilly knows the only thing she really needs is Nick.

She heard Sam say something about getting some rest for the baby, but she isn't really comprehending how to let them know she knows what they want from her. Nick is dying and she just wants to crawl into herself and drift away from all of this.


Nick has been in surgery for six hours now and Reilly can hear Warrick come over to where she is laying on the couch. He crouches down and takes one of Reilly's hands in his just has he had done earlier.

"Reilly? I need you to listen to me." He said. "Nick's parents took a special flight and will be here soon. I need to go and be there to pick them up. I need you to hang in there while I'm gone and know that I'll be back soon."

Reilly slowly met Warrick's eyes and she can see such tenderness in their green depths. His eyes are his best feature as far as Reilly's concerned. Just as Nick's eyes are his. Whoever said that the eyes were the windows to the soul got it right. Yep, Warrick had the eyes that brought the ladies to their knees. Tina didn't know just how lucky she really was.

She smiled and leaned over and gently kissed his forehead as she squeezed his hand. "Okay. Be careful out there."

Everyone is on the edge of their seats as they see her responding to Warrick. She sat up and looked around the waiting room. They were all there; Warrick, Sam, Grissom, Brass, Catherine, Sara, Greg and even Hodges and Archie are there as well.

"I know you guys think I've lost it, but I haven't. I'm not crazy or depressed or… whatever. I'm just tuning you all out." She paused for a moment. "It's my defense mechanism, when things get… to be too much, I just tune things out."

"Yeah, she does." Sam added quietly.

Reilly smiled at her daughter. "I just want to think about Nick right now; so stop freaking out every time I open my mouth and stop looking at me like I'm on the brink of disaster. I'm not going to jump off a bridge or go bonkers; I just want to concentrate on Nick."

"We're all just worried about you Reilly; that's all." Catherine said as she moved to sit down next to Reilly. "But the jury's still out on the crazy part." She added smiling.

"Why?" Reilly asked. She knew Catherine was teasing, but she wanted to hear what she meant.

"Because what totally sane person uses breath spray to intimidate a suspect?" She asked laughing.

"Yeah, and what totally sane person can take out another suspect from two hundred yards away with one shot while pregnant?" Sara added.

"Oh, and what sane person can talk everyone she knows into following her into the dark to a remote cabin in the woods to rescue her prince charming?" Greg put in.

"Oh, I could tell you some stories; like this one time-" Sam started to jump in with her own tales.

"Alright, alright. You made your point; I am crazy." Reilly agreed laughing with them.

"But it's a good kind of crazy." Warrick said as he stood up. "Love to stay and hear more, but gotta go. Sam, hold the stories till later when I get back, 'cause I definitely want to hear them!" He remarked.

"Hey, I'll ride with you Rick." Greg said as he joined Warrick and the two left the room.

"Mom, how are you doing? Really?" Sam asked worry etched in her features.

"I'm fine; yes, I'm tired, but I'll be fine. And I'd tell you if anything was wrong with the baby…" She paused as she touched her stomach. "Babies… I just found out before all this went down that I'm having twins. I didn't have time to really tell anyone before, because I wanted to tell Nick first."

"Mom! You're having twins?" Sam practically squealed. "I'm gonna have two sisters?"

Reilly laughed at Sam's excitement. "No; one sister and one brother. I had another sonogram at my doctor's appointment yesterday… the day before yesterday…? I'm not sure what day it is anymore." She smiled as everyone began talking at once. "I'm fine guys; we're fine." She said still patting her tummy.

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