One Way Or Another

Chapter 5

08/21/2005 Still same day

Chapter Five

Reilly sat back down on the couch and couldn't help but think of how distant Nick had gotten. She felt like she may have not only lost her soul mate, but her best friend, too. She had hoped he would have been excited, about the baby, but instead he looked upset and nervous. Like a deer caught in the headlights. He had pulled away from her and the baby, and yet he had asked if she needed anything and he had promised to call. She was confused herself at everything happening, but she still held out hope that Nick would want this baby as much as she did and that things would somehow work out for the best.

Until Lauren had shown up, Reilly had truly believed that she and Nick would figure something out, even if they broke up, she felt that she knew Nick would want to be a part of her life because of the child. Now she wasn't so sure. She believed he wasn't seeing Lauren and she believed him over her lies, but his reaction was part confusing and part hurtful.

She knew Nick loved kids, he came from a large family and he loved his nieces and nephews, and he worked with his emotions on cases involving children, so no one could tell Reilly he didn't feel something for this baby. Nick cared… Nick cared too much and maybe that was the problem. Maybe his emotions were controlling him too much, and that's why he looked like he was about to panic.

Yes, that must be it. Because Reilly knew Nick would never abandon her, it had to be that and not Lauren. She had called him and maybe she said more to him than he let on. It's possible he was holding something back, after all Reilly hadn't shared what Lauren had said to her and Sam with him.

The thought of Lauren again, made Reilly remember how Sam had gotten involved and she was not happy with her daughter. That may also be what caused Nick to pull away, because of something Sam said to him. It couldn't have been good if she hit him, too. He probably didn't want her family hating him for any of this, so he was pulling back.

Reilly knew Sam was angry, but she should have trusted her mother. Reilly had told her not to believe Lauren, and that she trusted Nick, so Sam should too. But Sam had been mad. Reilly knew she wouldn't forget about it, but she didn't think she'd confront Nick.

Sam sometimes couldn't let things go, probably because of the way her own father had failed to be there for her, she felt a lot of men were lacking; not to mention the father of her own child. Tony was a real piece of work as far as Reilly was concerned, and it had taken awhile before Sam finally saw him for what he was.

Reilly also knew that Sam was only trying to protect her mother from being hurt, and without even realizing she may have just made things worse. Things were slowly spiraling out of control and Reilly wasn't sure how to fix things.

"What am I gonna do?" Reilly asked of her stomach as she caressed it. She had the oddest feeling that somehow the baby knew exactly what was being said to him or her. "You're gonna be a real sympathetic emotional little one, aren't you? Just like your father." She added, stroking her tummy.

Reilly looked up as Sam quietly entered her room and walked over to where her mother sat on the couch. "I messed things up, didn't I?" She asked, crying as she slumped onto the couch and dropped her head in her mother's lap over her slumbering sibling. "I'm sorry, momma. I'm so sorry."

Reilly quietly stroked her daughter's hair and let her cry it out. "Shush, momma's here. Everything's going to work out just fine. Trust me. Everything happens for a reason." She continued her mantra as she quietly hoped that everything really would be fine.


Nick pulled into the driveway of his home and turned the truck off. He sat there for a moment as he let his head come to rest on the steering wheel. He pulled back suddenly and punched the steering wheel a couple of times before finally getting out and slamming his door a bit harder than was necessary. His mind had yet to stop working and he was surprised that he hadn't wrecked driving home.

Nick entered his house and he went straight for the fridge and got a bottle of water. The bottle dripped a Little on the floor when he opened it and he reached for a towel to wipe up the floor. After that he wiped down the counters. He was trying to stay busy, yet he still had a million thoughts running through his head. He hadn't been able to get his mind to stop… just stop working…

He decided to head back to the police station to do what he had promised Reilly he would do. He needed to file a report against Lauren. After that, he didn't know what he would do, but he had to start to make things right. He had to fix this. He'd messed this up and he needed to make things right. As if on cue, Lauren called his cell again and this time Nick ignored her call. He gathered up his keys and headed out the door to his truck.

As Nick got in his truck and drove off, he missed seeing the lone figure sitting quietly in the little blue Honda parked on the street across from his house. The cell phone in the figure's hand was still ringing.


That night, Nick clocked in for his shift and headed out on a case at the White Horse Casino. He was to meet Warrick there to handle a DB found behind the Casino. He hurriedly donned his CSI vest in the locker room and grabbed his gun strapping it to his hip. He did a quick check of his kit before heading back out the front entrance within twenty minutes of arriving at work.

Again Nick's mind was so busy; he didn't see the same blue car parked four cars down from his truck in the Crime Lab's parking lot. He got in his truck and turned around and headed out of the lot while the car pulled out and followed him at a sedate pace.

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