One Way Or Another

Chapter 6

08/22/2005 Early hours of Monday morning

Chapter Six

Sara and Catherine came around a corner in the lab and walked by Patrol Officers Kevin Collins and Hillary Mackland who were having a serious discussion there in the hall. Both women noticed the look on Hillary's face, but didn't stop to interrupt the couple. Everyone knew the two had been in a private relationship and there were rumors, but no one knew all the facts. Sara had become friends with Hillary, but she hesitated to stop and say 'Hi' from the look on Hillary's face.

Hillary met Sara's eyes as she passed and Sara couldn't help turning back for a second look at Hillary. But Hillary just smiled and Sara felt that maybe everything was all right; it was just a personal conversation. She didn't seem to be indicating anything was really wrong, so the two women continued walking to Grissom's office.


"Look, Kevin, I know we're no longer a couple, but I need to tell you something. I need to let you know… that I'm pregnant." Hillary said as Kevin's eyes widened in surprise and his face showed his shock at her announcement.

"How… I mean… you were supposed to be careful." He practically hissed at her. What the Hell? He thought.

"What do you mean I was supposed to be careful? It takes two, and it's possible it was the night you showed up drunk and wouldn't take no for an answer." She was shocked he would be turning this on her. Kevin had always been a bit forceful in their relationship, but he had never been outright cruel to her.

Lately, he had been having some issues with his anger management and was currently on desk duty following an incident where he had shown aggressive force in arresting a suspect in a liquor store robbery. The kid had been seen with a black eye and split lip when he made it to processing.

"That's no excuse – wait a minute… what do you mean 'it's possible it was that night?' What does that mean? What other nights or what other men?" He asked, replaying her words. Was he off the hook here?

"You man not be… you may not be the father." She said, quietly. This was going to be harder than she had thought.

"What?!" He bellowed. Hillary saw David Hodges poke his head out of his lab to see what was going on. When he met her eyes, he quickly ducked back inside, but Hillary suspected he was still trying to see and hear them. Hodges was the lab's rumor mill operator.

"I was with someone else, just before that night, because we had broken up and I was moving out." Hillary said, trying to remain calm and keep her voice low.

"How could you do that to me? How could you go and screw another guy?" He was shaking with anger. The little bitch, he thought. First she tries to trap him with the pregnancy, and then she's telling him she cheated on him? How could he have gotten mixed up with her? He had to get out of this one way or another.

Hillary winced at his accusation. "I didn't just go and sleep with someone else to hurt you. You threw me out, remember? I didn't know you'd come back and want to… to get back together… I guess I was lonely and vulnerable after our fight… that I was… I don't know… I was confused." She tried, not really sure how to put her thoughts into words here. His anger was upsetting to her and she didn't deserve this, even if she felt dirty herself.

Kevin looked at her like she was trash. The nerve of her to try and trap him, then tell him it was all his fault he threw her out? She wasn't to be trusted; that's why he'd kicked her out, and now he had been proven right. But then he'd gotten drunk and he had truly missed her. He must have been going crazy, but that's why he had ended up going to her place. He had really missed her. Then it hit him. "It was Stokes, wasn't it? He's the other guy you slept with, isn't he?"

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