One Way Or Another

Chapter 7

08/22/2005 Same Day

Chapter Seven

"Kevin, I'm sorry. I really don't mean to hurt you. I'm just trying to be honest with you… here." She started to cry when she saw how angry Kevin was. This was not going well.

"And that's supposed to make it all better – knowing that my girlfriend was with one of the biggest players here in the Department?" Kevin sighed before he went on. "Hills, I can't really wrap my head around this right now. I need time to think." To say he was upset was putting it mildly. "I know I'm not the greatest man, but I do love you and to find out you're pregnant and possibly by another man? And to top it off it may be Stokes?" He ran his hand over his face as he momentarily lost his anger. "I can't talk about this right now. I'm getting a huge headache. Just… I'll talk with you later." He said, as he turned and walked away leaving her standing there alone in the hallway.

Hillary watched him walk away as she quietly went to a nearby bench and sat down. She needed to compose herself before she returned to her partner down the hall. She was feeling like she had no one to turn to. She felt like everyone would judge her the same way Kevin just had. She couldn't tell just anyone, because she didn't trust just anyone and the one person she had trusted now hated her. She thought about Nick. She still had to tell him.

Nick had been kind to her and he was a good friend and the night Kevin had kicked her out, she had called on Nick to come pick her up. They had gone on a couple dates a long time ago, and had remained friends.

He had picked her up and at her request he had helped her check into a motel for the night. That was the only place she could go because she hadn't wanted to bother her mother that night. Nick had offered to let her stay at his place in his spare room, but she just wanted to be alone. So she had stayed at the motel and Nick had picked her the next morning and while Kevin was still working they had moved her things to her mother's house.

A week later they'd met for a drink after their shifts and one thing had led to another and they had gone back to Nick's place and spent the night together. He was a really good listener and he didn't judge her or Kevin and she was a little bit drunk. She had wanted to just feel needed and cared for. Nick had made her feel that way.

But it was over the next morning; as they both had known it would be. They'd both just needed the break. They had not repeated that night, knowing it was just the one time thing. That had been four months ago and he had been on the mend from his breakup with Lauren and Hillary had just been lonely.

Nick had met someone else soon afterwards and he was doing well, so Hillary had wished him the best and settled in by herself. Then Kevin had shown up at her place when Hillary had been home alone. Kevin had been drunk and basically had pushed his way in the house, although Hillary knew she had been wishing he would come for her.

Hillary liked Nick, but she loved Kevin. And that night, even though it had started out rocky, they had ended up spending the night together and he had talked her into moving back in with him. But after a month he had become angry with her again and kicked her out once more. This time she had moved herself back to her mother's where she was still staying.

She had been trying to keep Kevin at arm's length; until she found out she was pregnant. Kevin had been behaving differently and she hadn't wanted to tell him; and when she found out just exactly how pregnant she was, she knew the baby could be either Kevin's or Nick's. Nick had tried to take precaution, but the moment had gotten away from them both and it had been forgotten; and with Kevin she didn't even think about precautions that night.

She had kept her condition a secret for the last two months, but now that she was entering her fourth month, she was required to tell her supervisor and be moved to desk duty until after the pregnancy.

So now she not only needed to tell her supervisor, but she had to tell the two men involved before they confronted her. She had told Kevin and now, as Hillary took a deep breath, she needed to find Nick and tell him. She didn't want Kevin to find him and tell him first. Nick deserved to hear this from her and not from Kevin or his anger.


Back at the lab after processing their crime scene, Nick and Warrick were waiting in the hallway by Henry's lab, going over their evidence log from the White Horse Casino. Their DB was downstairs in the morgue and that was their next stop after checking in with Henry and dropping off the rest of their evidence.

"Stokes!" Nick looked up at the sound of his name to see Officer Kevin Collins walking towards them.

"What's up, man?" Nick asked, as he turned his attention to the young patrolman approaching them. "Something-" Nick never finished the question as the man rushed up and punched him right in the nose. Nick fell back against the wall holding his nose with one hand and ready to block any other blows with his other. He could feel the blood flowing down his face and through his fingers.

"Hey! What the Hell are you doing, Collins?" Warrick said, reaching out to grab the cop's arm before he could land another blow to Nick's face.

The shouting caused Grissom and Brass to come running out of Grissom's office and into the hallway. They were met with the sight of Nick barely standing with blood dripping from his nose and Warrick trying to manhandle Officer Collins.

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