One Way Or Another

Chapter 8

08/22/2005 Still same day

Chapter Eight

Sam Mallone stood waiting in the lobby for Judy to call Nick to tell him he had a visitor waiting for him. She was worried he wouldn't come when he found out it was her, but she was hoping he would. She hadn't told her mother she was making another stop to visit Nick again. But this time she just wanted to apologize for her actions of yesterday.

She knew she'd made things worse by coming to see him yesterday, but she'd been so angry. How dare he hurt her mother, especially now that Sam knew her mother was pregnant? Her mother loved Nick and she'd refused to believe anything Lauren had said, but Sam had just seen red. She should have listened to Reilly; she should have trusted Nick too.

So Sam wanted to let Nick know that she was going to trust him now. He really was different than any other man her mother had dated, and she had instantly known he was right for Reilly the first time she'd met him. He was kind and he had shown every courtesy to Reilly. He loved her; Sam could see it when the two were together.

"Hey Sam, isn't it?" The young man spoke to her from behind Judy in the hallway leading into the labs of the building.

"Yes… Sammantha, actually, but everyone calls me Sam. Do I know you?"

The man smiled as he walked up to her holding out his hand. "No, I'm Greg. I was here last night when you came by to… um… to see Nick." His smile faltered slightly, but still remained.

"Oh." Sam said, turning red at remembering there had be a couple of people with Nick when he'd come out to greet her. "I'm really sorry about that. I made a mistake and I'm so totally embarrassed by my behavior. I came back to apologize to Nick if he'll let me." She reached out and shook Greg's hand and noted he had a nice grip. Not too limp and not to strong. Sam hated someone who shook your hand too tightly; to her it meant they were trying to convey they were superior.

"Well, he's somewhere around here; would you like to walk with me and maybe we can find him?" Greg offered, still smiling. Sam was pretty hot. She was a younger version of Reilly. Might be nice to get to know her, Greg thought. He thought the world of Reilly, and here was her daughter. And she had been brave enough to come back and admit she was wrong about Nick. Whatever it was; that took courage. Greg admired that in a person.

Sam looked into the nice blue eyes of the blonde haired young man. Greg was pretty hot. Yes, he was definitely hot. Why hadn't her mother told her about Greg? She would have come to Vegas more often if she'd met Greg sooner. "Yes. That would be great." She said returning his smile. Maybe things do happen for a reason, mom. She thought.


Greg and Sam had just turned the corner in time to see Nick standing in the hallway talking to a tall black man. Greg said his name was Warrick. Sam looked closely. He was pretty hot, too. Man what was it about this place? Nick, Greg and now this Warrick. Was it in the job description that all the guys had to be hot to work here? She smiled at the thought. This must be a great working environment.

Sam's thoughts stopped dead when she and Greg saw a young police officer approach Nick and Warrick and then punch Nick. It was a total sucker punch. Nick had not seen it coming.

Sam ran up to the group with Greg following closely behind her, just as two older men ran out of an office at the noise from the fight. Sam reached into her purse and pulled out a wad of tissues and pressed them into Nick's free hand.

"Nick? Are you okay?" She asked, as she pushed his tissue filled hand up to his still bleeding nose.

Nick turned to see Sam and was surprised. "Th-thanks, S-Sam." He said, shakily as he held the tissues under his nose. "What the H-Hell is g-going on, Co-Collins?!" He managed to get out.

"What the Hell happened out here? Collins, what did you do?" The second older man said to the patrolman.

"Everyone in my office, now." The other man said.

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