One Way Or Another

Chapter 9

08/22/2005 Still same Day

Chapter Nine

Nick and Officer Collins sat in Gil's office along with Gil, Brass and Warrick. Greg had taken Sam next door to the break room to wait for Nick, when Judy came into the break room followed by Reilly.

"Mom? What are you doing here?" Sam asked, getting up from the table where she'd been sitting talking with Greg.

"I went to check on you and imagine my surprise when I found your room empty." Reilly joked. "I figured you might try and come back and see Nick. Hey, Greg, what's going on? I saw Nick in Gil's office with Brass and Warrick. Everything okay?"

"Not exactly sure. Seems the officer in with them came out of nowhere and blindsided Nick. We, me and Sam, saw it happen, but we're not sure why." Greg replied.

"He's okay, isn't he? Why would someone do that?" Reilly asked, getting worried. Why would a cop hit Nick?

"I think I may know the answer to that question." Came a voice from the doorway behind Reilly.

Reilly practically spun around. She hated having someone sneak up on her. She calmed at seeing it was Hillary Mackland. She had met her when she had been working patrol on the case that had first brought Reilly to Vegas. She was a nice person, and a good officer, but what could she possibly know about the officer and Nick?

"Hillary, what's going on?" Greg asked; he too seemed confused by what Hillary could offer up in way of explanation.

"I'll let you know." She replied, as she left the room and went to Grissom's office. The trio watched her take a deep breath, knock on Gil's door and then enter after being invited in.


Nick and Kevin sat in Grissom's office like children waiting in the principal's office to be reprimanded. Nick had an older bruise on one cheek and a new bruise showing up on the bridge of his nose with some dried blood on his face, hands and shirt.

Nick had no idea why Kevin would hit him. The guy used to be a really nice guy. Nick knew he and Hillary Mackland had had troubles over the past few months, but that didn't help Nick to understand what was going on that Kevin felt he needed to belt Nick.

Nick kept his eyes lowered, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone in the room, but mostly with Brass and Grissom. Hr could feel the two of them staring at him, even with out looking.

"So, which one of you is going to tell us what happened out there? Why the fight?" Grissom asked, quietly, as he stood behind his desk facing the two men.

"Either they have nothing to say, or their memories are shot." Brass replied, as both men sat quietly staring at the floor between their feet. Brass himself had been the one to put Collins on report and assigned him to desk duty until he finished an anger management course. He knew Collins should be at that desk right now and not here punching out one of the CSI's. He could understand Kevin's need to remain silent, but not Nick's. To Brass, it seemed Nick was the victim here.

The group looked up and in tangent as someone knocked on Grissom's office door. "Come in." Grissom replied.


Reilly was not going to just stand there, so she walked out into the hallway and stood by Gil's office door. She would not knock; because she knew this may very well just end up being police business, but she had a feeling it was personal, so she was planning on doing a little eavesdropping.

If she stood close enough to the door, she could just make out the conversation; and with the blinds on the door closed, no one would know she was there.

Greg and Sam had followed her out of the break room and now Greg whispered to her, "Reilly, we can't be out here. We could get in trouble." He looked around worriedly.

Reilly just gave Greg the look. The one that mothers gave their kids when they'd said or done something that had displeased their mother. Greg held his hands up in mock surrender and stepped back a bit from her. He knew the look and he wasn't going to mess with a mother. He'd rather face an angry Grissom than an angry Reilly.

Sam hadn't known what to do either, so she had followed Greg simply because he'd followed her mother and now the three of them were standing outside the office trying to look like they belonged there.

"Officer Mackland, what's the problem?" Brass asked the woman officer. Reilly could hear, but she couldn't see the group, therefore she missed how Nick quickly looked back down when he saw Hillary come in the office.

"Captain… Mr. Grissom, I think I know what happened with Kevin and Nick." Hillary said. Reilly could hear the shakiness in her voice. She was upset and she sounded afraid.

"Well, tell us. We've got the time, since neither man will be going back to work until this issue has been resolved." Nick looked up in surprise at Grissom's words.

"Well, I had spoken to Kevin earlier this evening and he became upset during our conversation. I guess he kind of took it out on Nick." Hillary said, trying to pick her words carefully. She didn't want to say what really needed said in a room full of men.

"I'm gonna need more than that, Mackland. That doesn't exactly tell me why Kevin went ballistic on Nick." Brass said, looking at Kevin hoping for a reaction to Hillary's words, but the man was just sitting there.

Hillary took a deep breath. Reilly could feel her taking that breath; she was about to drop a bombshell on the group and something in the pit of Reilly's stomach started churning. She knew what was coming; this is the same feeling she had when she had told Nick she was pregnant yesterday. Reilly could only stare at the office door and couldn't help thinking that things were about to change, one way or another.

"I'm pregnant." Hillary said, firmly. While everyone in the room seemed surprised by the announcement, they didn't react to the news the same way Reilly was, because she knew what else Hillary meant by this announcement. The father of her baby was either the officer that had hit Nick; or the father was Nick.

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