Wayward Sons

Chapter 10

Chapter Ten

Amanda watched Dean's eyes as he hovered over her. She watched the passion in his eyes slowly turn into something bordering on fear and her heart suddenly broke. She knew right then that no woman had really held Dean in a long long time. No matter how many women he'd been with in the past, Dean had not really had a woman truly hold him the same way he held them. She knew he was a phenomenal lover just by the gentleness in his hands and on his lips. But no one had given to Dean the same way he gave to them. And she could tell he'd been hurt recently by a woman; a woman he'd once loved.

Amanda reached up and brushed a hand through his short hair and looked deep in his eyes; to his soul. "I'm not like her Dean. I'm not." She didn't know how else to let him know he could trust her.

Dean continued to hover over her, but she could feel the tremors running through his body by the way he was touching hers. She knew this man had had his share of women, but they were just a release for all the jobs he'd had to endure. She knew he'd never given his heart to anyone; well almost no one. He had given it once, but she'd made the mistake of returning it.

And despite Dean's reputation as a strong feared Hunter; a man who protected the innocent as if they were all his responsibility; Dean Winchester was a very lonely man. As Amanda realized that her hand began to tremble slightly, but she continued to touch him and she pulled him down to touch his cheek with her lips. She just wanted him to know that she was there to do whatever he wanted; whatever he craved; whatever he needed.

It was her touch that finally nailed him, Dean thought. He was tough; he could take on just about anything, but when Amanda touched him like this, knowing just how to comfort him; knew what was in his soul, well, that was it. He knew she was the one and here he was, a Hunter and her a Witch; how could this possibly go any farther? They couldn't have anything even remotely normal between them; yet then again she knew his life just as he knew hers, so maybe they could…maybe he could… maybe…

"I know Mandy; I know." He whispered softly as he brushed his lips across hers.

No one had ever touched him the way she was. Women grabbed him, shoved him, moved him, but they had never really touched him in the way he longed to be touched; and he'd never really allowed them to. Dean was the one always in control no matter how much he let the woman he was with think she was, and if any woman had ever to tried to become too intimate with him, Dean had always put an end to the evening; with one exception; Cassie. And she was the reason why he never let a woman get too close to his heart. He couldn't handle being broken again. But this… now with Amanda, well this was different; Dean wasn't in control anymore and what's more he didn't really want to be.

Dean moved his hand once again from her hair and gently stroked her cheek with his thumb. He didn't usually allow a woman to set the mood for their lovemaking either; he was always considerate of what they may want, of how to please them, but he still lead in their time spent together. And Dean knew that was probably the same for Amanda on a lesser scale as he didn't see her as a wondering soul searching to lose herself in meaningless sexual encounters. But he knew if and when she did enjoy sex, it was always on her terms.

And right now neither Dean nor Amanda was in control. They were both in unfamiliar territory, despite how much one or both may be experienced in these matters.

Dean winced when he realized he was resting on top of her with his injured left side and his left leg was between hers as they lay on the bed. Their bodies were touching from knee to breast and the only thing he could think was even though he was in some pain, he also didn't want to be dead weight on top of her.

"I'm fine Dean. I can take your weight." She whispered in his ear as his cheek was resting against hers. She kissed his cheek and was relieved when he turned his head to press his lips to hers once again.

She felt him smile against her lips and she was happy he was moving forward; she moaned against his lips as he teased her mouth with his tongue. God she thought, the man's tongue was so damn good at this! She loved feeling his tongue exploring hers.

Dean loved the feel of her fingers as both of her hands found their way around his neck bringing him down harder on her mouth as well as her body. He moved his left hand to her waist where his fingers brushed the bare skin when he lifted the tail of her shirt. He breathed in her gasp of pleasure as his palm found the flat of her stomach and his fingers moved over the skin of her hip. She shivered under him and he could feel her skin as the gooseflesh sprang up under his hand.

Her mouth was really soft and it was hot against his tongue as she opened again for him and Dean slowly moved his tongue over hers, sliding out over her lips and back in; then he pulled her bottom lip back between his teeth again as he tasted her. And she was tasting him, curling her tongue around his, indicating she wanted to move forward. And that was just fine with Dean. He moved his hand up over her shirt to the top and slowly began undoing the buttons moving down one at a time. As he undid each button, he pressed an open-mouthed kiss on each patch of skin he exposed after each button. She was really trembling under him now even though the room was comfortable and the air conditioner was silent.

Dean finally had all the buttons undone and he moved each side of her shirt away to reveal her bra underneath; it was all lacy and soft and…Dean blinked…it was purple; God he thought, it was this amazing shade of deep purple and it was so friggin' hot. His tongue slipped out to wet his suddenly dry lips as he took in the sight of her breasts held in behind this bra. Dean had seen his fair share of women's lingerie and normally he'd dismissed the items as a necessary evil to get past during his sexual maneuvers; but this bra had his utmost attention. He ran a finger along the upper edge and across the swell of her breasts as he moved his head close to her lips.

"Purple is my favorite color." He smirked as he gently kissed her full on her pouty mouth.

Amanda smiled as she returned his kiss. "Then you're gonna love the rest of the ensemble."

He raised one eyebrow as he looked back down at the curve of her breasts straining against the lacey fabric with each breath she took. "Panties match, don't they?" He grinned at the thrill that gave him.

Amanda just smiled at him as she moved a hand from around his neck to rest against his upper chest; against his heart. She could feel the steady rhythm of his heart beating against the palm of her hand; then she slowly moved her hand lower to slide over his jeans down to his crotch to feel the hardness of him pressing against the fabric. Dean moaned at her touch and it was his turn to shiver. She smiled again as she reached up and flicked her tongue across his bottom lip, sucking on it as she kept her hand over him feeling him throb against her palm.

Dean was just about ready to forget he'd even thought about moving slowly as he moaned and moved to position himself more comfortably over her when she suddenly realized his injuries were giving him some pain in his current position whenever he moved.

"Dean; lay back down. Let me do the work." She said her arms going around him to hold onto his arms to prevent him from moving over her any farther.

Dean couldn't believe the thrill he felt at the change of position. He turned to lie on his side and then he rolled backwards onto his back as Amanda followed his movements to position herself over him straddling his hips.

Dean grinned because now he had both of his hands at his disposal and he instantly put them to work by taking her face into them and pulling her down to plant a deep kiss over those soft pick lips of hers. Just as he was about to deepen the kiss; feeling himself grow even harder against her, there was a banging on the motel room door that he just about ignored until the very distinctly male voice boomed through the door.

"Open up Witch! We know you're in there!"


Amanda froze; she knew that voice. Was another member of her family being used? She thought. She quickly grabbed at her shirt and started to franticly try buttoning it up again as Dean grabbed her by her hips to hold onto her.

"What the hell?" He said when he saw her reach for the gun he had stashed under his pillow. "Who is it?" He added as he reached out for her hand that was now holding his colt 1911.

"I think I know." Is all she said as she let him take the gun from her hand. She'd managed to re-button her shirt, albeit badly Dean noticed with a slight grin. She reached for one of her blades that were sitting on the nightstand.

Dean slowly followed her as she jumped up from the bed and moved towards the door. Just as she reached for the doorknob, Dean reached out and covered her hand with his; stopping her.

"You better let me. Your umm, your shirt isn't quite right." He grinned again at her as she looked at first confused then mortified when she looked down at her shirt.

"Crap!" She moaned. "Okay." She placed her blade between her teeth pirate style and stepped behind the door to hide as she started working on her buttons again.

Dean quietly reached for the doorknob with his left hand, his gun now held firmly in his right in plain view as he pulled the door open. Standing just outside the room were two men, one on each side of Sam. The two were doing their best to keep Sam upright and on his feet.

Both men were tall but no where near Sam's height as he slouched against them allowing them to support his full weight. At first Dean thought something bad had happened to Sam and was about to reach out for his brother, when Sam chose that moment to raise his head up from his chest and look at Dean through red bleary eyes. Sam was drunk; very drunk. Dean relaxed at that. Thank God, not attacked; Sam wasn't hurt; just drunk.

"Sorry." The taller more solidly built darker haired of the two guys said as he adjusted his hold on Sam and taking in Dean's bare torso with the bandages to his face and side. "We thought this was my aunt's room. This is Mandy's room, isn't it?" The guy was looking at Dean, but seemed to be talking to someone behind him.

"Yes, it's mom's room." Came a muffled reply from somewhere behind the three men.

The two men were watching Dean; sizing him up Dean thought, as he continued to just stand there looking back at them. Aunt Mandy? Were these possibly her two nephews, the cops that were the absent husbands of two of Mandy's all female entourage from yesterday?

Before Dean could ask any questions, Sam grinned at him and decided he wanted to talk now. "Hey Dean! Man…you'se…you gots to meet Ryon's cuzzins dude. They're…awe…awesome! This one is Chip and this one's Dale!" Sammy laughed a deep throated laugh at his own joke.

The two guys just glared at Dean. "Dean? Is this your brother?" The other guy with blonde hair asked. " 'Cause if he is we'd like to put him down somewhere and soon. The guy's a lot heavier than he looks."

Amanda poked her head out from behind Dean. "Dusty? Rick? What the hell happened to Sam and where's Ryon?" She looked at the three standing on the doorstep as she clutched her knife in her left hand hidden behind Deans back.

"Mandy? Could you get your boy toy here to move aside so we can get Paul Bunyan here inside. Ryon's behind us and the girls are still back at the bar helping out Jimmy. We can have a sharing and caring moment after we get the big guy unloaded." The first guy, Rick said as he shifted again under Sam's dead weight. Rick was no slouch, he was a cop after all, but this guy Sam was seriously built like a friggin' Mack truck, all solid muscle and being drunk wasn't helping to lighten his weight load.

"Oh yeah; sorry." Amanda reached out and gently but firmly slipped her arm around Dean's waist and pulled him back so the boys could push into the room with Sam between them. "Put him on the bed, guys."

The two half carried half dragged Sam over to the bed and carefully lowered him down to sit on the bed while Ryon followed them into the room, closing the door behind her. She rushed over to help settle Sam back as he started to fall backwards.

"Thanks guys." Amanda said to her nephews. As she took in the two men staring at Dean she said, "Rick…Dusty, this is Dean Winchester and I guess you've met his brother Sam. Dean these are my nephews Rick and Dusty, married to Jennifer and Sara you met last night." She paused as Rick and Dusty stood with their arms crossed over their chests looking at Dean. "And Dean is not a boy toy." She added, tightening her grip around Dean.

"At least not yet." Ryon added smiling as she took in her mother's messy mis-buttoned blouse and tousled hair.

Amanda gave her daughter the eye while Dean, taking in the way the two guys were watching him, wrapped his arm around Amanda's waist, his gun still in his right hand. Ryon took in the possessive gesture and continued to smile at them. They were both totally gone over the other, she thought.

"Umm, Mom did you forget how to dress yourself since I last saw you?" She asked innocently. She knew both Dusty and Rick had also noticed her mother's slightly messy appearance as well as Dean's naked torso.

Amanda looked down at her shirt and realized as she'd tried to correct her first buttoning job, she'd done an even worse job and it now looked like a two year old had done it for her. "Damn it!" She muttered.

Dean looked down at her shirt and full on smiled at her. He bent down and captured her surprised mouth as everyone in the room, with the exception of Sam, watched them.

"Okay; on that note I think we'll head back to the bar and our girls since Sam's in your hands now." Dusty said smiling at his aunt. "But hey Dean, you might want to watch your step there with our aunt." He added when he noticed how Amanda responded to Dean.

Dean looked at both guys taking in their size and stature. Then he smiled; he liked them. "Let me guess, if I hurt her, you'll both hurt me?"

"No; if you hurt her, she'll hurt you." Dusty answered grinning.

"Yeah, but then we'll hunt you down and just kill you. We're cops, we know where to stash the bodies." Rick added smiling at the pair. "Aunt Mandy can take care of herself, dude." He stuck out his hand in a show of goodwill. He liked this guy even if he was younger than his aunt, he had some years on him in his attitude and Rick was very impressed with the way Dean was keeping a protective arm around her.

Dean laughed as he handed his gun to Amanda and took the hand offered to him and shook it. Then he took Dusty's as he extended his too. "Man, I'm learning that by the minute." Dean looked back at Amanda and smiled at her embarrassment. "So what the hell happened to my brother? You guys do this to him?" He asked pointing to Sam.

"Nope. This is all on Ryon and from what I gathered, all the girls helped her. Seems they tortured the poor guy with 'girl talk' for the last three hours; and according to Jimmy they did such a good job that Sam decided it was better to get drunk than shoot himself." Dusty said taking in Sam who was now trying to sing AC/DC's 'Back in Black'; badly. "The guy's not very good with the tone, but he knows all the words to the classics. He really had everyone rockin' to 'Highway to Hell' back at the bar though."

"That's my boy." Dean remarked proudly.

"Well, we'll let Ryon explain everything. We're gonna head back to the bar and help Jimmy close up." Rick said when Sam had quieted down some. "Mandy, we're meeting tomorrow at noon to do another search in the woods for Brenda and Ray. I've got a couple my bloodhounds coming along."

"Awesome; dogs. Just what we need." Ryon replied dryly. She knew her mother wouldn't want any animals involved. They could end up being a distraction instead of a help.

"Doggsss…where's the d'ggies?" Sam asked suddenly sitting up and looking around. "Deanss…s'not gonna like doggies anywheres near hiss baby." He focused in on Ryon. "Ryon, we gotta not…not let the doggies near Dean's car. Dean doesn't do do'ggies." Sam suddenly giggled like a girl. "Doesn't do doggies…that's funny…"

"Oh boy, dean. Looks like Sam's gonna have one hell of a hangover in the morning." Rick laughed as Sam flopped back down on the bed as suddenly as he'd sat up. "We'll see you guys in the morning." He added as he and dusty left the room.

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