Wayward Sons

Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven

"Okay Ryon, so why did you torment poor Sam?" Amanda asked; she finally had managed to get her shirt buttoned the right way and was now running a brush through her silky light brown hair. "And if I find out Dean put you up to it, you're gonna wish you were never born young lady." She added as she waved the hairbrush first at her daughter then at Dean who was leaning against the dresser next her.

"Born…? Oh God 'Manda, I'm sooo s'rry for what you wen through…" Sam mumbled, trying to sit up.

Amanda looked at Sam like he'd sprouted a second head. She looked at Ryon as her daughter blushed deep red. Do not tell me you and the others tortured this poor boy with childbirth stories? No wonder he got himself drunk. You are in so much trouble girl.

Ryon ducked her head as she tried her best to look sorry, but she couldn't stop giggling when she remembered the way Sam's eyes glazed over at the remembered stories. Sorry Mom. Really, but we just couldn't help it.

Just how much did you let this boy drink to get him this drunk?

Dean took in the way the two women were just looking at each other and he knew they had to be talking telepathically again; and he figured Ryon was getting an earful from Amanda.

"Um, Amanda, don't be too hard on Ryon; it was my idea." Dean said quietly, but in the silence of the room he thought he sounded unbelievably loud.

Amanda turned to face him. "This was your idea? To torture your brother or to get him wasted?"

"Well, um the torture I guess; the wasted part is just a bonus." He laughed at his own joke, but after seeing the look Amanda was giving him he thought maybe she wouldn't see it as funny right now. But damn, he thought. She was so beautiful when she was mad; he just wished she wasn't mad at him for too long. "Hey look Mandy, we're guys okay? He was mothering me to death and so I told Ryon I'd pay her and that I'd stay put if she got back at Sammy for me." Dean smiled that wickedly charming grim of his to try and melt through her icy façade. He didn't think it was working though.

"And you think that by confessing you're saving Ryon from the chopping block?" Amanda asked. She was so not gonna be suckered in by that smile of his. Not this time.

"Um, yeah?" Dean replied. "She was just doing it for me and she did a fabulous job. You gotta admit, Sam is truly feeling tortured right now."

Amanda looked at Dean then she turned to stare down Ryon. Then she turned back to look at Dean. Unbelievable, she thought. "And just exactly how much did you offer to pay her for her work?" Amanda asked, slowly grinning at him. Okay, she had to admit it was funny.

"I'm not sure we ever agreed on a price, but whatever she asks for will probably be worth it. Just look at him!" Dean pointed out the way Sam was alternating between snoring loudly and jerking around to the music in his head and coming awake to sing whatever tune was playing. "Right Ryon?"

"Yep!" Ryon replied proud of her achievement. "But when he sobers up, please don't tell him I was in on it. I think I kind of like the big lug." She moved to rest a hand on Sam's chest just over his heart.

Dean blinked at the gesture. He did the same thing when he needed to feel Sam was still with him. When Sam slept, Dean would touch him over his heart to be sure he wasn't dreaming and that Sam really was still with him. He'd never admit that to anyone, least of all Sam. He smiled as he realized just how much Ryon really did care about Sam. Damn, they'd been there all of maybe 36 hours and here they were, Dean falling for Amanda and Ryon falling for Sam.

"He'll be fine Amanda. He probably only had one or two beers before he switched to the hard stuff and then he probably only had one shot. Sam is incredibly bad at holding his hard liquor." Dean added as he watched the way Sam sort of curled his body in sleep towards Ryon's hand.

Ryon agreed. "Yes. He was drinking beer at first then when we moved to the childbirth horror stories, he switched to Scotch. He only had one good swig down before his eyes totally glazed over. So Sara called Rick and Dusty to come help me get him home, 'cause there was no way us girls could have lugged him home."

Amanda sighed as she watched Sam laying there on her bed alternating between snoring and coming awake enough to sing some song off-key. "The boy really can't carry a tune, can he?" She smiled at the other two.

"No!" Dean agreed laughing.

Amanda continued to smile as she walked over to Sam lying on the bed. Move your hand Ryon, please.

When Ryon moved her hand away from Sam's chest, Amanda placed her own hand there and as both Dean and Ryon watched a bright blue-white light emanated from her hand to slowly dissolve into Sam's body. When she pulled her hand away Sam opened his eyes and blinked several times as he slowly sat up and looked around.

"What the hell happened?" He asked completely sober and looking between Amanda, Ryon and Dean.

Dean's mouth dropped open as he took in the miracle hangover/drunk cure that Amanda had just laid on his baby brother. The woman could heal; she could cure. And yet she couldn't heal me, he thought. Why can't she cure me?


"Okay, so you're gonna actually trust me and let Sam stay with me in my motel room?" Ryon asked her mother once again. She was still in shock that her mother hadn't demanded she stay with her and let Sam and Dean take her room.

"Again yes Ryon. It's only logical that one of us is with each of them just in case Brenda or whoever is doing this decides to divert from Dean to Sam."

"Um, we can take care of ourselves guys." Sam said, watching the two women. "Been doing it all my life." He looked over at Dean as Dean looked back at him. Yes, all of Sam's life practically minus the first six months.

"I know, but this is my family doing this and I'm responsible for that. So you two get babysitters while you're here." Amanda replied. "Besides you both aren't complaining that much about it."

Sam smiled at that. She had him there; he definitely wasn't complaining, and he knew without looking at Dean exactly what he was thinking. "No, I guess we're not gonna complain."

"Good because you don't have a choice anyway." Amanda smiled at Sam.

Dean laughed as he stretched out on the bed with his back against the headboard. Amanda was sitting on the floor between the bed and the motel room door, cleaning the Solomon Blades as she talked. She had effectively put herself between him and danger, he thought. Something he would have normally done. With anyone else, Dean would have been upset, but for some reason, it didn't mind that it was Amanda.

"Besides Ryon, It's not you I'm trusting. It's Sam. And Sam," Amanda said as she moved her eyes from Ryon to Sam. "I'm giving you free reign and encouraging you to try your best to torture Ryon, as you know payback; for the shit you put up with back in the bar earlier."

"Okay; so you're gonna punish me; I get that. Fine and dandy." Ryon sniffed as she winked at Sam who just laughed out loud at the two women. "But what about Dean?"

"What about Dean?" Amanda asked not looking up from her work.

"Are you gonna punish him too?" Ryon asked mischievously; her eyes twinkling.

"Yeah, are you gonna punish me too?" Dean asked grinning down at her making her turn to look at him.

"Oh I have plans for Dean, don't worry." Amanda grinned back at him.

""Well, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but for some reason whatever you have planned I don't think Dean will see it as punishment." Ryon replied, grinning at the way Dean was looking at her mother. "I don't trust either of you to behave appropriately."

"And you shouldn't." Sam added. "Dean's really good at getting what he wants, but considering he's wounded I don't think they can get into too much trouble."

"You didn't really see what the y both looked like when we brought you back drunk."

Both Sam and Ryon were sitting at the table near the window. "Yeah about that...I'm guessing that my being tortured by Ryon and your family of women was basically Dean and Ryon's plan. Are either of you gonna come right out and tell me why? Ummm?" Sam turned to look at Ryon then to Dean. "Anyone? Maybe Amanda could fill me in?"

Amanda laughed. Sam really was adorable and a perfect match for Ryon. She hoped that neither one of them messed this up; she had a plan after all; and in the long run she would need both Sam and Dean to look out for Ryon. They would need help fighting their destiny and Ryon would just need help when…

Amanda shook herself mentally; so not the time to think about that. "Look we can worry about blame later. Right now, bottom line…I trust Sam with you and Sam trusts me with Dean. So we go with these arrangements until we need to alter them." Amanda looked up at Sam and Ryon. "Besides, no one is gonna torture Sam ever again. Right?" She added eyeing both Dean and Ryon.

"Yes ma'am." Ryon and Dean said in unison.

"Okay, so we forget about that for now; how about we discuss the way you healed me, but can't seem to do anything for Dean's wounds. What's up with that?" Sam asked leaning back in his chair and watching Amanda.

Amanda sighed. She dropped the polishing cloth to the floor as she replaced the first blade she'd been working on back in its sheath and laying it on the foot of the bed behind her. She picked up the cloth again and the second blade and started working on it.

She knew all of them would be questioning her power to heal Sam and not being able to help Dean, but she didn't really have an answer for them. She'd been racking her brain and while she had a clue as to the reason she couldn't come right out and tell them why she felt that was the reason. It was too…embarrassing.

"Look guys, I'm not totally sure why my healing magic isn't working on Dean, but my best guess is…it's some kind of link, a bound that's connecting us to each other."

"You mean like a binding link?" Ryon asked, leaning forward in her chair. She hadn't even thought of that.

"Yes sort of."

"What's a binding link?" Sam asked.

"A binding link has several uses. For demons it's a way to lock themselves into a human host and not be banished from said host." Amanda replied still working the cloth lovingly over the blade in her hand.

"But in this case?" Dean asked sitting forward a little on the bed and holding his side as he moved closer to Amanda.

Amanda sighed again. How did she explain this to them?

"In this case, you're linked to Dean because you let him in; inside. You let Dean touch you back at the bar yesterday and you let your guard down when he did. That touch bound you to Dean, didn't it?" Ryon asked, slightly shocked. She'd heard of this, but had never seen it happen before. This could be a very big problem for both her mother and Dean.

"Just because Dean touched Amanda, they're linked?" Sam asked. That didn't seem like something all that special to him. "Something so simple could actually really be blocking your powers on him?"

Amanda looked up at Sam knowing Dean's eyes were also on her. "Yes…when I opened myself, dropped my guard a little, my soul was open to Dean because I…I am… kind of vulnerable right now and in doing that I kinda blocked my active magic from having any affect on him. I'm still able to feel his emotions, his pain. In fact that being a passive power has kind of intensified; become much stronger with Dean."

"So because I touched you, you can't use any physical or active magic on me?"


"And you're passive powers of empathy and reading me have grown instead?"

"Yes." Amanda turned to look at Dean, and she could read his mind right then too. Unbelievable, she thought. The man was totally unbelievable. "Oh, my God Dean. You find out I can't heal you, but I can read your mind and that's what you're thinking about?"

"Well yeah." Dean drawled wagging his eyebrows at her and giving her that painfully impossible to resist smile of his.

"What? What'd I miss?" Ryon asked totally at a loss here.

Sam laughed out loud and hard. "I don't need to be a mind reader to know what Dean's thinking. He's my brother."

"Well then explain this to me 'cause I'm not a mind reader." Ryon said.

God sometimes Ryon was totally naïve. "Sex Ryon!" Amanda blurted out turning a nice shade of pink from the embarrassment. "Dean is thinking about sex!"

"Oh…" Ryon looked between Dean and her mother. "Oh!" She exclaimed as she finally got it and she too turned a nice pink color.


"So Ryon, we should probably be going so we can get some sleep; big day tomorrow or later today." Sam said as he got up from his chair and moved to open the door in preparation of leaving the room and heading for Ryon's room next door.

His mind wasn't on being alert after the conversation they'd just had and so Sam didn't see it coming; none of them had seen it coming until it was too late. Just as Sam opened the door, a taller man who stood on the other side of the door brought a large hunting knife down and into Sam's chest.

Sam stumbled back from the door in total shock looking down at the blade buried up to its hilt in his chest. He looked between the blade and the man standing before him. What the hell? Was his only thought just before he collapsed onto the floor just inside the room.

"Sam!" Dean yelled pulling his gun from under his pillow and turning to take aim at the intruder as he was jumping up from the bed.

But Dean never had the chance to fire as he saw the golden blade flying through the air. Amanda was still on the floor, but now she was crouched on her feet with the other blade in her right hand as her left arm was still extended from her throwing the first blade.

Dean was off the bed and rushing to Sam to pull him back into the room and away from the demon outside as the demon collapsed in a heap with an inner fire blinking in and out until it finally stopped. Ryon rushed to Dean's side to help with Sam.

Amanda jumped up from her position on the floor and still clutching the other blade she rushed out the door and past the demon's body to check for others.

"De'n?" Sam choked out.

"Don't talk Sammy; I've gotcha. You're gonna be fine." Dean clutched Sam to him as he watched the startled look in Sam's eyes.

This wasn't happening; not now, Dean thought. He'd just got Sam back and he couldn't be losing him again; not now.

"Dean…" Sam coughed, a trickle of blood sliding down the side of his mouth. He struggled to breathe. He drew in a breath, but he didn't release it. He looked up at Dean and then he just stopped; he stopped breathing.

"Sam!" Dean yelled tightening his hold on his brother. "Don't you dare give up! Stay with me!" But Dean could feel the life seeping out of his brother's body as he became heavier. "Sammy! No!" Please God no! Not Sammy!

Ryon could feel the tears falling from her eyes as she took in the wound in Sam's chest. "Sam?" She scrambled to try and staunch the blood flowing from the wound with her hands. "Mom!"

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