Wayward Sons

Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve

Amanda didn't see any other intruders and was about to search the parking lot of the bar when she heard Ryon crying out for her. She ran back inside the room stepping over the body of the demon to find Dean clutching Sam like a lifeline. From the doorway Amanda could tell Sam was gone. She rushed over to them and knelt down beside Ryon who had been trying to stop the flow of blood still coming from Sam's chest.

"Ryon!" Amanda reached out and grabbed one of Ryon's arms. "Ryon listen to me hon. I need you to get rid of the demon before someone sees him." She gently shook her daughter to get her full attention. "Understand?"

Ryon nodded as she pulled away from Sam and her mother and slowly stood. "Okay."

Amanda smiled as she watched her daughter move slowly to the demon in the doorway. Then Amanda turned her full attention to Dean. The man was sitting there on the floor holding Sam in a death grip; no tears, nothing.

"Dean?" She asked gently.

Dean looked at Amanda. "Mandy?" His voice began to quiver. "He's…he's gone." Then Dean lost it. "You can save him, I know you can! You're not a normal witch, so you have to save him. Please…I'll do anything!" He reached out and grabbed her by her wrist and held her tight.

Amanda looked at Dean; she could see his despair, she could feel it; hell she knew it herself actually. She'd been there; felt what he was feeling. She knew the feeling of losing a loved one; one who was almost an extension of your own self. She knew what he felt and she knew how to help.

It was true. She was not a normal witch, if there was even such a thing. She could save Sam; but to do that would mean exposing the truth of exactly who and what she was. Ryon didn't know this side of her mother; she knew that she could cure the sick and injured, but she didn't know this side.

The only person who knew Amanda's secret was her own mother; and she had told her to guard this secret; keep it hidden; never let anyone know. Amanda could do this though; she could save Sam; she had saved others before. Her mother was the only witness to the secret power Amanda possessed to resurrect the dead.

Amanda watched as Ryon moved her hands over the body of the demon without actually touching it. As she did that, the body vanished in a brilliant volley of bright white light. Ryon quickly picked up the Solomon Blade and closed the door and dropped the latch to lock it. She rushed back to Sam's side to crouch down next to her mother.

"Please, Mandy. He's…he's my brother." Dean spoke quietly, but he never let go of her wrist. "He's all I really have…please." Dean slowly let out a muffled sob as he continued to plead with her clutching Sam with one arm and holding onto Amanda with the other.

Amanda sighed; to bring someone back from the dead meant only one thing in the Wiccan world; the only witches who could possibly do that were grand high witches. And only a select few could do that. Not even a rogue witch could resurrect the dead without demonic intervention.

To do this Amanda would be risking everything; not just for herself, but for her family as well as for Sam and Dean. She looked into those beautiful green eyes that had had her at the first words out of his mouth and she knew she would do this. She knew her heart would not allow her to let either of these boys down; it was all a part of His plan. They had a destiny. Both Winchester brothers had work yet to do and they were no where near the end of their journey.

"Let me go Dean," Amanda said. "And both of you need to move back."

Both Ryon and Dean looked at her; not understanding at first. "You can do this?" Ryon asked. She knew what bringing Sam back meant. She knew what it meant for her mother.

Amanda nodded and gently tried to pull her hand out of Dean's grip, but he held her even tighter. "Please Dean, let me go. I can save him, but I need both hands." She spoke softly to him.

"Like you cured his drunkenness?" Dean asked, watching her; knowing she would not lie to him. He knew this would be different; much harder on Amanda.

"No." She replied evenly. "That was simple magic. This will require all of me; all of my energy."

Dean quickly realized what she was saying. "Then you are a grand high witch." He had hoped that were the case when he'd witnessed her powers; he knew witches; knew a lot more than he ever let on.

Amanda was surprised; he knew about rogue witches and grand high witches? Dean had something he was hiding about how he knew so much about her and her kind.

Ryon was watching the two of them and wasn't sure what Dean knew; but she didn't really care right now. "Momma? You're…is..,is it true?" Then something else dawned on her; her mother's nightmares. She'd sensed that they were always about her, about Ryon…dying. She knew her mother dreamed of losing Ryon, but she'd always thought that they were just nightmares. They weren't real unless… "Oh my God, I died…three years ago I died. I always thought…but…I died three years ago and you brought me back, didn't you?"

Amanda felt the tears stinging her eyes as she listened to Ryon; as Ryon was putting two and two together and getting the right answer. This is what she'd dreaded having revealed. She didn't want to face this; not now. She cleared her throat and sniffed to fight the tears that were just on the verge of overtaking her. Look, we will talk later I promise." She pleaded with Ryon silently as she looked at her daughter. When Ryon reluctantly nodded, Amanda turned to Dean. "Dean I need my hand."

Dean, just now realizing that he still had Amanda's wrist in his grip, let go quickly. He winced when he saw the red marks on her skin from his fingers; she would have some major bruising there later. He slid back from Sam slightly as Ryon moved back a bit from Amanda. Dean watched as she moved closer to Sam and placed both of her hands over the wound in Sam's chest; around the blade still embedded there. A deep silvery blue light began pulsing in and out of Sam's body.

"Dean..pull the blade out slowly, but don't touch him." Amanda instructed never taking her eyes off what she was doing.

Dean reached out and slowly pulled the blade from Sam flinching a little at the sound the blade made as it scraped against Sam's breast bone. He dropped the knife on the floor next to him as he again moved back.

Amanda moved her hands over the wound as the light coming from her fingers continued moving in and out of Sam's body. It seemed like only seconds before the wound slowly began disappearing. And at the same time blood began appearing on the front of Amanda's shirt in the same place as Sam's wound had been. She grunted at the rush of pain she felt, but she didn't stop. Just as the last of the wound disappeared from Sam, Amanda could feel the blood of her new wound filling her lungs and making it harder to breath. She choked and a drop of blood fell from between her lips as she continued to take his wound into herself.

She slowly pulled away from Sam and moved to the side of him to fall backwards unconscious to the floor. As Amanda fell, Sam suddenly gasped out a breath and bolted upright. Dean reached out to grasp Sam to him.


"Dean…I can't breathe." Sam said as Dean clutched at him. As Dean slowly let go of him, Sam asked, "Why am I on the floor?" He turned to see Amanda lying next to him. "Oh God what happened to Amanda?"

Ryon moved quickly to reach out and turn her mother over onto her back and she watched as the blood staining her mother's shirt began to disappear as it had from Sam's.

"Is she dying?" Ryon raised her tear filled eyes to look at Dean.

"Yes," He answered gently. "But she will come back Ryon."

"How can you be sure?" Ryon knew about the lore on grand high witches bringing back the dead, but that's all she knew. She never seen one do this; she didn't know really what to expect.

"Because she is a grand high witch, Ryon. You know what they can do…" He looked at Ryon; maybe…she only knew about. "You've never seen one? Bring someone back?"

"No…" Ryon slowly answered wiping away a tear.

Dean understood; he couldn't lose his brother anymore than Ryon truly wanted to lose her mother. "When they bring someone back they have to take on whatever it was that killed that person. She will wake up soon, I promise."

"Amanda can bring back the dead?" Sam asked looking between Dean and Ryon. "Who the hell died?" He wasn't sure but he thought he wasn't going to like the answer.


"What the hell do you mean, I was dead Dean?" Sam bellowed as he paced the room. He looked first at Dean then to Amanda who was sitting on the foot of the bed with her head in her hands.

Amanda really wished that everyone would just leave her alone so she could think. It was nearly two in the morning and she wasn't in any mood to keep talking about this over and over. She'd had a hard enough time explaining things to Ryon about what happened three years ago and now Ryon knew she'd lied to her; and she wasn't talking to her now, so she knew she had a lot to tell Ryon least of which is her true reasons for what she had done.

She'd had to live with this secret about what she had done and how she'd broken a sacred code among her lineage to never do magic for personal reasons, no exceptions. But she could not; no she would not lose her daughter, so she had saved her and what's more Amanda knew in her heart that she wouldn't change a thing. She'd do it the same if she had it to do it all over again.

Amanda continued to listen to Sam and Dean as Ryon explained what had happened to Sam the best she could. Amanda was beginning to feel a little detached from all of them. She needed to sleep; she needed to go for a walk; hell she needed a drink.

"Okay Sam try and stay focused here." Ryon answered for Dean. "One minute you weren't dead and the next you were." She said it slowly as if she were speaking to a child.

Dean almost laughed out loud when he saw Sam turn to Ryon and give her is infamous bitch face.

"Really Ryon?" He said to her.

"Look Sam I'm sorry. I'm just a wee bit upset here." Ryon paused. "Okay, first I find out my mother seems to have the ability to resurrect the dead. A power that only a very select powerful few grand high witches would have and then I find out she has kept that power a secret from everyone especially me; and then I find out you're not her first resurrection."

Dean looked at Ryon. "What do you mean?"

"Apparently my mother brought me back from the dead three years ago. Something that is strictly forbidden in our line; but hey who really cares if she broke an oath, as long as I'm here, right? I mean by being brought back, I'm sure it doesn't mean she screwed up any history or time continuum thingy. Right? Mom?"

Amanda could hear the sarcasm coming off her daughter in spades. She chose to ignore her and maybe it would all just go away.

"Yo mom? You awake over there?"

Sam turned to look at Amanda. "Amanda?" He asked.

At not getting any reaction from her, Sam looked at Dean who stood next to Amanda. Dean slowly sat down on the bed next to her. He was holding his arm across his stomach favoring his left side. He made no move to touch her; just let her know he was there for her.

"Mom, you ignoring me over there?"

Amanda couldn't help the muffled, "Yes," that escaped her. She knew it was childish, but right now she didn't care. She lifted her head to look at Ryon. "I am so trying my damnedest."

Ryon blinked. Not the reaction she'd expected. Usually her and her mother could argue with the best of them, so she'd expected some pouting and then some real anger at Ryon for behaving like a child; which she was not. Technically, in her own opinion of course. It didn't matter if she was acting childish, there was a principal involved here. Suddenly for the life of her, Ryon couldn't really see why she was so damned mad about this, but she was.

Sam didn't know what was going on here between the two of them, but he personally was glad he was alive. "Ryon stop it. I'm sure you're mother was just doing what she thought was right back then. And you should be thankful you're alive. I know I am."

"Doing what she thought was right?" Ryon said jumping up from her chair to stand toe to toe with Sam. Damn it, she thought. I need a frickin' step stool here just to look the man in the eye. And hell that made her mad too. She raised her head to look up at him. "I should be dead Sam! It's our code to never do anything for personal gain. And bringing me back is totally in the personal gain category!"

"Stop it!" Amanda snapped jumping up herself and almost knocking Dean to the floor. "Right now, right this very minute young lady, I am really really angry with you. When I saved you, I didn't think about anything or anyone, least of all our code; I just did it! And believe it or not I didn't think about myself when I did. I was only thinking of you and that you didn't deserve to die, not because of me. If you want to call that personal gain, then fine go ahead; but let's get one straight here; I did what I did because it was the right thing to do and I would do it the same way again if given half the chance; without hesitation. So, if you want to be mad at me, then fine be mad, but it's time to grow up Ryon Logan. I'm tired of all the crap; all the fighting; everything. I didn't ask to be what I am, and I can't give it away. God, I need a drink.!"

And with those words, Amanda slammed out of the motel room and headed for the closed bar. She knew where Jimmy kept the spare key and right now all she wanted was to get drunk; damn drunk. She'd known this would all come to a head if she saved Sam, but she wasn't sorry for what happened; not now and most definitely not back then.

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