Wayward Sons

Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen

Dean watched Amanda leave and he turned slowly to look at Ryon. "I don't know what happened between you two in the past, but that woman is your mother and she was only doing what she thought was right. As much as it pains me to say this out loud, I would not be able to live without Sam." Dean turned to look at Sam before continuing. "We've lost our mother and I know we'd give anything to have her back right now. And I know for a fact that woman that you let storm out of here would never be able to live without you." Dean watched Ryon as his words hit her. "And weren't you the one upset when you didn't know whether she'd live or die when she saved Sam?" He saw Ryon nod her head slowly at his question. "You don't want to live without her either. So you need to get over whatever is messed up here between you two; I mean, how would you react if you thought you'd just had your own daughter taken away from you? If you had the power to bring her back, wouldn't you do it?"

"Dean." Sam said. He understood what Dean was saying, but Ryon had her reasons and she probably just needed time to adjust.

"No Sam, he's right. If my daughter did to me what I've done to my mother, I, well I don't know what I'd do, but I do know I'd lover her because she's my daughter and I'd save her. I know from my mother and my grandmother how close the women in our line are, so I know I messed up with my mother a long time ago; it's not her fault I died and I should be thankful I'm here; with her, because she still loved me even if I had hurt her." Ryon spoke quietly. Dean was right; her mother loved her and she had done what she'd done because of that love. "I should go talk to her." She added as she got up from her chair by the window.

"No…" Dean said, stopping her. "You need to talk to someone yourself; whatever feelings you have about what happened; you need to talk and there's no one better at chick talks than Sammy here. Talk to him, tell him all about it; he's a really good listener. Trust me he drives me crazy with his emo stuff." Dean smiled at Sam who now threw Dean his bitch face, but then Sam nodded in agreement. "I'll go talk to Amanda." He added, reaching for his T-shirt lying on the dresser.

In all honesty, Sam thought, he probably needed to talk too. It was how he'd learned to deal with things himself. He was able to let everything out and he felt better; and he couldn't always talk with Dean. Dean didn't talk, he would listen then he'd tease Sam, but he never ever talked back about things himself. Dean packed everything away and kept it under lock and key and only when he was injured or sick did Sam ever catch even a small glimpse of Dean's inner turmoil; like with his nightmares.

Ryon smiled at Dean. She could see why her mother was attracted to the man. "She probably went to the bar. Jimmy has a hide-a-key just in case." Ryon looked up at Sam then back at Dean. "And thanks." She added. "You'd make a great dad, Dean."

Dean looked at her then looked over to see Sam nodding in agreement with Ryon. That made Dean grin. "Thanks, I guess." Dean knew though that he didn't need kids; Sam had been hard enough to train when they were growing up. Besides how could he bring a kid into this world they lived in? With all the monsters they faced, the weapons they had, the training and the fighting; no thanks. No kid needed any of that; and he'd never admit it to anyone, but he tried to never think along those lines because truth be told, he knew in his heart he would have loved to be a dad. To be a part of something that was real; a part of him to leave behind in this world when he was no longer in it. Dean gave himself a mental shake; better not to let himself go there.

So instead he pulled his shirt over his head, wincing at the pain in his side and causing Sam to look concerned, but Dean was glad when he didn't comment. Dean sat down on the bed to slip on his boots as he looked at Ryon. "Just…just remember what's important here; your mother loves you above all else."

Ryon looked at him when he raised his eyes to her as he spoke. He was right; men would come and go, but her mother was a constant; always there for her even when she'd done the wrong things for the wrong reasons. Amanda had never given up on Ryon; her mother had raised her on her own and bringing Ryon back may or may not have messed things up, but she was here and nothing was going to change that now. So she decided she would just pull up her big girl panties and get over herself.

"Yeah Dean, you're right. Thanks again." She paused watching Dean tying the laces on his boots. "Mom, she umm, well, she…" Ryon trailed off blushing a little.

Dean looked at Ryon as he finished with his bootlaces. "She what?" He asked standing up and picking up his gun and tucking it in the waist band of his jeans at the small of his back.

"Well Mom doesn't usually drink much, so if she's drinking at all, she may ummm…"

"She what?" Dean asked again.

"If she's drinking, she probably wants to get drunk and fast, and well when she's drunk, which is not often; she'll be either really happy or really pissy; depending on what caused her to get drunk." Ryon finally got out. "And if she's still angry, she'll be throwing things, but if she's happy…or well, not pissy anyway, she'll want to…ummm, you know."

Dean looked slightly surprised by that; now that was good to know, he thought. "Good to know." He smirked. Really good to know.


Dean stood outside the door of the bar looking in the window at the woman standing in front of the jukebox pushing buttons. He smiled when he heard AC/DC's 'She Shook Me (All Night Long)' begin to play. She had the volume turned down a little so it was at a moderate level, but he could feel every beat through the wood planks of the porch he was standing on. She was a woman after his own heart. He grinned thinking he had an idea exactly what kind of mood she was in.

She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean… She was the best damn woman I ever seen…

He opened the door and moved through the room with a comfortable gait, his left arm swinging loosely at his side, with his right still protecting his left side. He watched her standing there, a beer in her hand, and she was moving to the beat of the music. She had her eyes closed and her hips were moving in time to the harsh beat of the song and damn, but she looked so good from this side as he watched her. He could feel himself stirring in his want for her; his need for her.

She had sightless eyes telling me no lies… Knocking me out with those American thighs… Taking her share had me fighting for air… She told me to come, but I was already there…

She sensed his presence behind her before he could say anything. She knew it was Dean; she felt him breathing and she knew he was watching her. She smiled a bit wickedly to herself as she added some extra hip thrusts to the song blaring away. She was well into her third beer, having downed the first two in hopes of reaching her goal quickly. She'd wanted to get drunk fast and hard, but that was before Dean had shown up. Now she wanted him. She needed him. She needed to feel him. She just wanted to forget the past and she just wanted right now.

She felt him walk up behind her until he was standing so close she could have seen his face in the glass of the jukebox reflecting at her if she were to open her eyes; but she didn't need to; she could see everything in her mind's eye. "Come to drag me back to apologize to my daughter… Dean?"

The walls start shaking, the earth was quaking… My mind was aching and we were making it…

Dean hadn't expected her to say anything let alone know it was him, but he realized he should know better by now. He watched her continue to dance seductively against the machine while she knew he was standing directly behind her. God, she was doing this on purpose; and she knew she was getting to him. With a sharp intake of breath, he reached out and in one fluid motion, he grabbed her and whirled her around to face him causing her to lose her grip on her beer bottle sending it crashing to the floor. He pushed her hard against the jukebox, his hips pinning her ass against it as his hands come out to grab her wrists and hold them down on the glass top.

"No." He practically growled at her as he bent down and pressed his mouth over hers, pressing hard, meaning to convey how much he wanted her and he was going to lead this time.

And you shook me all night long… Yeah, you shook me all night long…

She pressed back against him, allowing him to invade her mouth with his tongue; letting him taste her. She could feel the need in him too; the need to touch her, to take her right here. She moaned against his mouth as his tongue searched the deep recesses of her mouth tasting the beer on her tongue, the sweet hot softness of it all. She understood his hunger; his need; because she felt that same way about him. There was something here, something raw and untouched between the two of them that was almost primitive in nature. Their need to have someone care about them even if it was for a short time; their need to not be in charge of protecting others, of not having to fight and to just have a few minutes to breath without worrying who could be in jeopardy if they slacked off in their duties.

They both shared the same burdens in life; he had a responsibility for every innocent he needed to save from the monsters, shifters, ghosts and demons he hunted; but most of all he felt responsible for Sam. He needed to watch over his brother.

She understood that, because she had a responsibility for every innocent she needed to save from the monsters, rogue witches and demons she hunted; but most of all she felt responsible for Ryon. She needed to watch over her daughter.

They both had hard responsibilities that would always outweigh their own needs; but right now they both knew that the other needed this.


Sam watched his brother leave the room. He'd noticed the pain he'd been in just pulling on his shirt. Sam had also noticed Dean's numerous scars, some were old and barely visible now, but he also noticed a couple new ones, still pink covering Dean's back and chest. There was the burn courtesy of Pa Bender on Dean's left shoulder near his collarbone; as well as the small pink scars on his back where he went through the hidden wooden door at the asylum when Sam had shot him.

Sam winced at the memories; Sam had scars of his own, but they were nothing compared to Dean's. Dean got most of his scars from protecting Sam; while Sam's were from when Dean went down protecting Sam. Sam had gown up knowing Dean was indestructible; he'd seen him battered, bruised, even shot and he always came back, just with one more scar to add to his collection. But the events of the past few days; well they were really testing Dean.

Everything that had happened with the Daevas, Meg and then their dad, well they were all eating away at Dean and that only made him more protective of Sam. And Sam could only feel more guilt at both the physical and mental pain Dean was going through.

He sighed as he remembered once again the pain he'd put in his brother's eyes when he'd told him he wanted out of this life. Dean would always do this no matter who needed protecting; and Sam now realized watching his brother leave that he would be staying with Dean for as long as they needed each other; which he had a feeling would be for a long time. Or at least he hoped it would be for a long time.

Sam swallowed hard as he also realized that after almost twenty-three years of taking care of Sam, sacrificing everything for Sam, Dean didn't really have anything of his own. Dean had never, not once during their childhood, complained. Dean had always taken care of Sam and Sam so hated himself right now.

"Well, maybe we should go to your room for that talk. Whatta say Ryon?" Sam asked smiling down at the woman. God, he thought blinking at her. She really has these gorgeous hazel eyes, kind of looked like his own, except hers revealed so much about what was inside her. She was a free spirit, he could see that and she had this gorgeous red hair to boot.

Ryon was very different from Jess. Jess had been tall and blonde and athletic; while Ryon was a little shorter with that red hair and a build that could only be called voluptuous. She was the epitome of a 1940's bombshell pinup girl. And she had these really full really red lips. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea that Amanda was okay with them sharing a room, because Sam suddenly understood exactly how quickly these Logan women could work their way inside you and make you see them; really see them. Damn; Sam was feeling almost sorry for Dean, because if Amanda was even twice as good at this as Ryon based on her being older, then Dean had his hands full right now.

"Sure thing Sammy; sure thing." Ryon replied reaching out and taking his hand in hers.

Sam smiled down at her. "No one but Dean calls me Sammy."

"I'm sorry, would you rather I didn't?"

Sam thought about that. It was true he hated the nickname Dean used most of the time, but when he thought about it Dean only really called him Sammy when he was either teasing him or…or when he was saying 'I love you' to Sam. It was Dean's way of saying it without actually having to say it. Sam secretly decided he liked hearing it from Dean and he kind of felt the same way about it coming from Ryon.

"No." He said his voice husky. "I like it when you say it."

Ryon smiled and reached up on tip toe to plant a kiss on Sam's lips. He wrapped his arms around her and bent slowly to help her reach him. This was nice he thought; this was very nice.

AN: In case you haven't figured it out, I'm a big AC/DC fan. Don't forget those reviews. and to all my followers I hope you are enjoying this. Thank you!

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