Wayward Sons

Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen

Amanda opened her eyes, blinking in the dim light drifting into the room from the kitchen beyond the doorway. She stretched languidly as she realized where she was and who she was with. She licked her lips as she moved her eyes over to see Dean lying next to her, wide awake watching her.

"I think maybe we should move back to your motel room just in case." He said slowly, watching her stretch. Loving the way she felt next to him.

"Umm-umm. Sounds good; how do you plan on us doing that?" She asked, stretching a hand out to run her fingers through his short hair. God she loved his hair, his face.

"Well, my clothes are mostly in here, but I think we can grab yours on our way out; as we make a break for it." He chuckled at her thinking of them hiding like crazy teenagers.

"You expect me to run naked through the parking lot to my room?" She gave him an indignant stare. "I am not streaking Dean Winchester."

Dean laughed at the look on her face. "No, but that is something I'd definitely lay money down to see." He moved to reach for his boxers and jeans pulling them on in record time. "We're gonna do it this way." And with that he bent down grabbed her wrapped in the blanket and tossed her over his right shoulder and headed out of the office and out through the kitchen to the main room. He stood her on her feet as he reached for his shirt and pulled it on wincing at the pressure on his left side.

"Dean! You pop even one stitch and I'll tell Sam!" She chastised him. "I could have walked you know."

He reached for his boots slipping them on and picking up his gun and handing it to her with her own boots.

"Yeah, but this is more fun and I'll be careful. Promise." He winked as he scooped her up again picking up the rest of her clothes. He laughed as he heard her gasp again.

"Dean! Put me down right now! You could hurt yourself again!" She laughed as he pushed out the front door of the bar.

Dean smacked her on her rear as he headed through the parking lot for the motel room. "God I hope Ryon and Sam left the room unlocked because I don't think either of us has a key!" He said as he jogged on.

"Dean Winchester! You're crazy!"

"It's been said!" He threw back as he hustled them through the night.


Ryon, Sam, Amanda and Dean sat at a table in the corner of the bar enjoying the breakfast that Lila, Jimmy's lunch cook, had made for them. Rick had called Amanda and said they'd be there in about an hour and he was bringing three dogs and their handlers so they had to guard themselves around them.

Rick and Dusty knew about the Winchesters after talking with Amanda and Ryon; they knew about Dean's record in St. Louis and that he was supposedly dead, but they also knew about the supernatural from their Aunt, so they knew the score. They knew that they could be trusted if Amanda trusted them.

"I still don't like the idea of Dean going out there with us. What if Brenda finds him before we find her?" Sam asked, pushing his empty plate away and picking up his coffee cup.

"I agree with Sam; taking Dean out there is like waving a neon flag at her saying 'Here he is! Come and get him!' And I don't like it that you're going too, Mom. You're tied to both Brenda and Dean and while you may be able to find her, she can also find you." Ryon added.

Dean scoffed as he noticed that Sam had eaten two platefuls of artery clogging food and didn't even bat an eye. "I'm right here guys – right here; and I do not hide." He said sipping his own coffee and looking at Amanda. "Besides, if she does find me or Mandy, then we can take her…take care of her." He added watching Amanda.

Amanda nodded at Dean as they continued to discuss their options. She didn't like Dean coming either, but he'd insisted and she knew better than to confine him to the motel room. Short of tying him to the bed, he wasn't going to stay put.

"Dean is coming and that's the way it's going to be; for now. I'm not happy wit that either, but I'm not going to be the one to hogtie him to keep him on lockdown." She smiled at Dean blushing slightly at his wink.

"Yeah, well, I agree there." Sam said taking in the way the two were looking at each other. Looks like he and Ryon weren't the only ones making nice last night. "You're looking a bit chipper there Dean, have a good night?" He teased.

Dean turned to pin Sam with a look of 'really?' "Oh, I had an awesome night Sammy. Worked out a lot of the old kinks. How about you? What did you do to work up such an appetite this morning?" Dean threw back grinning.

Dean had the pleasure of seeing both Ryon and Sam blush. Amanda noticed too. She winked at Dean and was rewarded with his disarming smile. Dean was happy for Sam, finally maybe he was moving forward a little. Good for you Sammy. Good for you.

"Okay, well while we're waiting for the others maybe I can get Ryon to help me with something back in my room. I also need to pick up my stuff. Come on Ryon, help your mother." Amanda said getting up from the table.

"What? But you don't need…" Ryon began, but stopped at seeing her mother's expression. "Umm, yeah okay. I need to check on something too." She was confused, her mother was never without at least one of her blades if not both, and she didn't know what other stuff she would really need.

As Dean watched the women leave the bar, he turned to Sam. "I'm gonna hit the bathroom. Make sure I get a refill on the coffee."

"Sure Dean." Sam chuckled as he watched Dean head off to the restrooms. He turned to signal to one of the girls helping Jimmy out to refill their coffee cups when his cell rang. He reached for it and looked at the display screen. He almost dropped his phone in his haste to answer the call after seeing who the caller was. "Dad?"


"No. No way, Mom." Ryon couldn't believe what she was hearing from her mother. This was why she wanted to get her alone? Damn it. She was not going to do this to her, not now. "Absolutely not."

"There may not be another way to do this Ryon."

Maybe not, but we are not going that route and I'm not gonna let you do that to yourself when I have so much to ask you. I need to know what exactly happened three years ago…with Danny; with everything; and I'm not angry, I'm not. I…I just need to know the truth."

"That's one of the reasons I may have to do this." Amanda said as she walked over to the bed where her daughter had settled as soon as she'd heard what Amanda had to tell her. "Look Sam and Dean have destinies they need to fulfill. They don't like thinking that they do, but it doesn't change the fact that it's true. They are important to this world and I know that if Dean gets hurt, my powers will not bring him back. I have attached myself too closely to him and this is the only option I have now. I cannot let him just die. You have to understand that."

Ryon felt a tear fall from her eye as she thought about what her mother was telling her. She understood what she was saying, but she didn't understand how her mother expected her to live with this choice. She just didn't think she could do that.

"Can't we just worry about that when and even if the time comes? Maybe he won't even get hurt; maybe it'll be Sam or…or God forbid me and you can save us?" Ryon said as she felt another tear fall. She couldn't do this; not now.

"Ryon hon, believe me if there was any way around this I would do it in a heartbeat, and hopefully it won't happen, but I need you to be prepared for this if it does. And remember, it's only for a year." Amanda reached out and pulled her daughter into her arms as she spoke. "I have to this every three years anyway and I missed out three years ago, because I… well I sacrificed a part of myself to avoid that so I could search for you instead and the one year is the consequences of that sacrifice." She replied softly.

"But Mom…" Ryon begged.

"Honey, I didn't ask to be this…whatever you want to call it, and my mother didn't ask for this to happen to her either. You know I have a different father than my brothers, even though they don't. I can't change what happened to my mother to create me. God only knows I wish I could, but I can't. I've come to terms with my mom's genes and being a grand white witch, and now I have to come to terms with my father's genes. I don't know who he was, but I know what he was, and that he is a part of me." She paused to stroke her daughter's hair as she pulled her close to hold onto her. "He attacked my mother and…well I am the result of that attack."

"Mom…he was evil. Are you…no, you're not. You're just not like him." Ryon was afraid for her mother. She didn't know who her grandfather truly was, but she knew who her mother was; and she was not evil and never would be.

"Yes…he was evil; and I will have…some of his traits… just some because he was a… well not a human." Amanda couldn't bring herself to say it. "You know what he was; I know I've kept a lot of things from you and I'm sorry for that, but I never lied to you about what I am because of him."

"Okay, so that means what exactly? That your half witch and half ph- not witch?" She didn't want to upset her mother, but she didn't want her making this all about her father. "Mom…what you are doesn't override who you are; and you are nothing like him. I mean it."

Amanda hugged her daughter. "I know. Someone who created you can't be all bad right?"

"Well, my own father helped you out there, but yeah you aren't that bad at all." Ryon teased as she sniffled.

Amanda laughed at her daughter. "Yeah. Your father was something else." She paused as she remembered long ago times then she mentally shook herself as she realized she didn't have the time for walking down memory lane and wishing for a past that was long gone. "Look, I'll be all right as long as you follow the ritual. I wrote everything down in the book of shadows and if this does happen, your grandmother will help you. I promise as long as you follow the ritual everything will be all right."

Ryon clung to her mother. "But what you're telling me… about this and about Dean… I can't make the choice between you and him. I just can't do it."

"And I'm not asking you to. I'm making the choice for you. Dean has to survive because Sam has to survive. They both have to and you can't tell either of them about this. If they try to stop this or mess with any part of it, the ritual won't work later. Promise me, Ryon. Promise me you will heed my warning and keep this quiet." Amanda held on tight to her daughter.

She wished things could be different, but this was what had to happen. She couldn't stop this even if she didn't have to save Dean. She knew she'd still have to face her own destiny, but she could change things a long the way.

"Yes Mom. I…I promise." Ryon hugged her mother to her as she clung to the hope that she wouldn't lose her after the year ended.


"Hello Sam." Came the voice of John Winchester.

Sam got up and headed out of the bar to the parking lot so he could talk in private. Over the last few days he and Dean had been thrown around, beaten, clawed by demon daevas, tortured, been in a bar fight with no less than four demons, not to mention that Sam had actually died and come back, and to top it all off they had been betrayed by their own father. Sam still had a hard time with John Winchester. He closed his eyes tight as he gripped his cell phone in his hand.

Dean had done everything for this man and he'd just up and left him without even so much as a word… He had avoided their calls when they'd gone back home to Lawrence… He'd called or texted coordinates and expected them to be his good little soldiers and do the job… He'd avoided Sam's call when Dean had been dying… He expected them to just do his bidding while he was off God knows where doing God knows what while he kept them in the dark about his actions… He always put the Demon ahead of everything, even his own sons… And then there was the ultimate… the man had chosen Dean to die at the hands of that monster James Bennett then he'd just walked away again; this time form both Sam and Dean.

"Hey Dad," Sam replied working hard to keep his voice as steady as possible. If he was planning on trying to send them off on another job, Sam was ready to just hang up on him, but until then he was going to get some answers from the man.

"Sam, are you all right?"

How did Sam answer that question? How did he get the answers he needed?

"Why Dad?"

"Why what Sammy?"

"Why did you betray Dean?" Sam blurted out. "Why did you call? Why didn't you come to Lawrence when Dean called you? Why didn't you come when Dean was dying? Why is this demon more important than me and Dean? Why have you let this…this thing take you away from us? Why did you let it keep you from being a real Dad? Why Dad? Why everything?"

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