Wayward Sons

Chapter 17

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Chapter Seventeen

The back door to the bar opened as Ryon rushed out followed closely by Sam and Jimmy. Ryon rushed over to her mother, scrambling to a stop in front of her on her knees.


Do you know what I am enjoying the most about all of this Amanda? Do you? There was a pause as the figure in the woods continued moving forward as if she were gliding on air. The best thing about this is I get to see you go down; that and knowing you can never bother me or my daughter again. The last man Brenda took, before Ray can be found by the broken tree. You remember the tree Amanda? You should; it's the one you love so much. You said it was your favorite. He's there now and tomorrow morning you can find Ray there too.

What about Dean? Amanda needed to know what the hell she planned on doing with Dean. What are you going to do to him? He's not a part of this! Let him go!

Oh, but Amanda where's the fun in that? He needs to know the truth about you and your family. He needs to know the truth about himself! The only way you can get him back alive is to do what you should have done 35 years ago!

I was barely seven years old then! I don't know what happened. My mother took care of Brenda and Jimmy then! She did what you begged her to do!

No! She didn't finish it! She should have finished it and now you have to! If you want Dean back you have to finish this!

Ryon could feel her mother was listening to something only she could hear. The look in her eyes; she was staring at something only she could see. Ryon looked around and could see nothing. She felt helpless as she looked at her mother.

"Mom?" She tried again. "Momma?" She reached out a shaky hand and touched her mother's face and when her mother turned her face to Ryon's, she was able to hear the conversation; she could hear Eva's words; she could see the entire conversation as it was going through her mother's mind.

Ryon closed her eyes as she continued holding onto what her mother was seeing and hearing. Then she felt the familiar stabbing pain of the headache come and she gasped at the picture that came unbidden to her.

She pulled away as she saw Dean running through the woods; he was being chased at great speed. He couldn't keep ahead of whatever was chasing him and just as he turned around with a gun in his left hand preparing to shoot at it, something came out of nowhere. He was attacked by what Ryon thought might be a spirit, but she couldn't make out its features. She could tell it was a woman; she was dressed all in lavender with her dress flowing out behind her as she flew at Dean. As the woman came at him, Ryon could also see the blade in her hand, the blade glinting in the subdued light. Glinting golden as the woman raised it high over her head to suddenly bring it down straight through Dean's chest and into his heart. Ryon couldn't help a gasp escaping her lips as the woman pulled the Solomon blade free of Dean and turned her head slightly so that Ryon found herself looking into the bright green eyes of her own mother.


Dean opened his eyes slowly. He blinked trying to acclimate himself to his surroundings and that's when he realized three things; three really not good for Dean Winchester things.

The first thing he realized was that his head hurt. A lot. The second thing he realized was that he was cold. That confused him. It was June in Texas, cold didn't happen. He looked down to see he was missing his shirt and his boots. He thought he could see blood on his left side, but when he tried to move a hand to check that was when he realized the third thing.

His hands were tied roughly behind him as his back rested against a splintered post set in the middle of a room he could barely focus on; it was so dark. He was sitting with his bare back against the post and he couldn't see anything in the darkness past his bare feet which were also tied at his ankles.

The splinted bits of the wood from the post dug into his back painfully making it impossible for him to try and slide up the post to see if maybe he could possibly escape over the top…if there was even a top to the pole he thought. How dumb was he? Of course there was a top to the pole, he just didn't know if it was imbedded in a ceiling or if it was free standing; and finding out was out of the question.

The pain of moving up the post was too much right now. Dean was no stranger to pain; in fact he'd broken his first bone when he was eight. He'd once had over 30 stitches to his back and shoulder across his collar bone before his thirteenth birthday. He'd been thrown around more times than he cared to admit, but when he'd opened his eyes to this dark cold room to find his wrists tied painfully behind him putting a strain on his shoulders, he was acutely aware of every injury he'd ever had.

Dean soon realized something else; he was alone, completely alone. And Dean did not like being alone; never had. He knew he was better when Sam was with him. He didn't like being alone, because he didn't know who he was when he was alone. The only person on this planet that Dean Winchester feared spending time with was himself.

Nothing Dean had ever hunted scared him as much as the thought of facing up to his own self. He was nobody compared to his family. When Dean looked at his father, he saw the man who raised him to be a good Hunter; a strong Hunter. When he looked at his brother Sam, he saw the kid that had grown into a gentle giant; a strong person; yet a gentle person. Nothing was more important than his family was and that meant Dean gave away his own self to ensure his family was protected.

So when Dean Winchester looked at himself, he only saw his father's soldier or his brother's protector. He didn't see himself, because he was nothing without them; that's who he was, his family. He did not exist without them; and that scared him. If he lost them, he lost himself.

Sam had been right when they'd argued before about why Dean did this job. He'd said he did it for the innocent people that they saved, and he did. He knew what his purpose in life was and he knew he wasn't meant to have a wife or children. He was a Hunter and he was okay with that.

But Sam had also been wrong. Dean didn't do this just for the innocent people out there. He did this job for his family; for their own closure. He did this job so that Sam would not always have to. He wanted Sam to be able to have a normal life, because he deserved it. Yes, it would hurt if Sam left him, but he knew in his heart that Sam deserved to live the normal apple pie life. No, it wasn't all about revenge like it was for John and Sam; for Dean it was all about closure for them; so they could have normal again.

Besides, Dean felt that if Sam left him by his own choice, then Dean deserved to be left. He had been thinking that since Sam had left him to find Dad while Dean went in search of that Vanir case their Dad had sent them on. Dean knew in his heart that once they found this demon, then Sam would leave him just like their Dad had.

Dean couldn't help feeling that he'd done something wrong to make their father leave. He felt that he'd been the cause behind everyone who chose to leave him; something was wrong with him. He didn't deserve to have a family; he didn't deserve to be happy.

But then there was Mandy. She truly surprised him; she seemed to actually care about him. He didn't understand how she could care for him, because of all the things he'd done to drive everyone away from him, he didn't expect to find someone who would want to be with him.

"She can't save you." Came the voice in the darkness.

The suddenness of the reply took Dean by surprise and he strained to see in the darkness. "Who?" He asked his voice husky.

"Amanda. She can't save you now." The voice answered.

"Who are you? What do you want?"

The woman slowly stepped forward out of the shadows to stand in front of him. She was clad all in lavender flowing around her in wisps of fabric or mist or something he couldn't quite figure out. She seemed to float there sort of like a spirit would, but he knew she was not dead. She wasn't a spirit.

"Why, I want you Dean Winchester."


Fourth of July 996

He stands in the big empty field waiting; watching. He said he'd be here, he had to. He always keeps his promises; he never lies to him. Sam knows his brother would never ever lie to him. If he said he'd be here, then he'd be here.

Sam stands in the big empty field waiting; watching. He knows he'll be coming, he always comes. He knows he'll keep his promise, he always does. Sam is thirteen and he knows his big brother Dean has never lied to him. He said he'd be there, so Sam knows he will.

He stands in the big empty field watching; waiting. In his arms he cradles the cardboard box of fireworks Dean had given him two days ago with instructions to meet him here now in this field. He knows Dean will find a way to ditch their Dad for a few hours. He promised Sam and he never breaks his promises. Not to Sam. Sam knows his big brother is coming.

Sam can hear the music coming from somewhere. Dean likes this song; plays it a lot in the car whenever Dad lets Dean pick the music. Soon Dean will be able to pick the music all the time. Soon Dad will give Dean the car he treasures for his very own. Sam heard their Dad tell Dean; someday.

Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door…

Sam relaxes as he sees the shiny black Impala pull up and park twenty feet from him. He stands there watching; waiting. He said he'd be here and he is. He always keeps his promises; Dean never ever lies to him.

Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door…

Sam is waiting; watching. Dean is here…

Sam jerked awake in an instant, remembering most of his dream. He looked around him and realized he was back in Ryon's room; and she was there at her computer and she quickly looks up at him to see his distress.

"You okay Sam?" She asked moving from the table to come over and sit on the bed next to Sam.

Sam pressed his lips together. "He's still missing, isn't he?"

Ryon slowly nodded. "Yes, but we'll find him Sam; I promise. My mom will find him."

"I can't just sit here waiting, Ryon. I have to go back out there." Sam said sitting up and moving to drop his feet to the floor.

He rubbed his hands over his face to try and rid himself of his weariness. They'd searched the woods all morning and into the afternoon. They'd found the last man, Travis something by the tree Amanda had led them to, but no Dean.

"I know," she said, instinctively knowing that Sam would not be able to wait much longer before he wanted to head back out into the woods. "Mom will be here soon and she wants to try again as soon as the sun sets. We'll find him Sam. We will."


"What are you talking about?" Dean asked, twisting against the beam as the splintered wood dug into the bare flesh of his back.

"Just what I said Dean." The woman replied. "I want you. Or more precisely, I want you because Amanda cares about you and I intend to take anything she cares about away from her. I'm starting with you then I'll move on to Ryon." The woman paused as she knelt down near him, but not close enough for him to reach her if he should decide to try. "Her family destroyed mine. I'm just making things right."

"What did she do to you, Eva?" Dean asked his voice raspy. He knew who this woman had to be.

His head hurt and he knew he'd pulled some of the stitches in his side trying to break the bonds holding him tied to this damned pole, so he knew he was probably bleeding again.

The woman watched him in fascination and she smiled at him. "It wasn't her really; it was her mother. Amanda's mother took my daughter from me and gave her to someone else to raise. So I plan on taking Amanda and everything she has to make her mother and her sorry for what they did to me."

"Your daughter?" Dean thought back to what little he'd heard of Amanda and Jimmy's conversation earlier that day. "Jimmy's daughter Brenda is your daughter?"

"Yes. And now I have her back."

Dean looked at the woman, who was still hiding in the shadows. All he could really see was the lavender of her gown that seemed to billow out around her even though Dean didn't feel any breeze in the room. "What are you planning on doing to me then?"

"That depends entirely on Amanda, Dean."" Eva said, slowly standing up and taking a tentative step closer to him. "But for now, I can enjoy myself a bit."

She reached out a hand and held it over Dean; as she did so, Dean felt the white hot blinding pain rip across his chest as liquid fire burned its way throughout his body. It felt almost as bad as when he'd been electrocuted fighting the Rawhead. Back when Sam had dragged him to that damned faith healer. Dean felt his whole body lock up at the electric charge scoring him on the inside. Seconds later a scream of pain was torn from his ragged throat.

He jerked when she stopped, his body slipping down the pole as he tried to focus on her. He could feel his world start to spin slightly when he saw her reach her hand out and hold it over him again. She repeated the torture twice more before Dean's focus became hazy and he found the welcoming blackness of the room creep up on him and pull him into its deep abyss.

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