Wayward Sons

Chapter 19

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Chapter Nineteen

Dean couldn't seem to get enough air. He clenched his teeth as he withstood another round of Eva's special torturing skills. His vision was blurring now and with the weak lighting in the room, he was barely able to see her standing over him. All he could really focus on was the color of that damned dress she wore; lavender. God he was beginning to hate that color with a passion.

His arms were pulled so tightly behind him that his wrists and shoulders were going numb from the strain. He had cuts on his chest and he could feel his blood seeping from them and pooling in the waistband of his jeans.

But he pulled everything back inside him and pressed it down deep. He was not going to give himself permission to give up; not when there was even an ounce of strength left in him. He had to hang on. Sam would find him; Mandy would find him. He knew they were coming, he just had to hold on a little bit longer. Do what he'd been trained to do and hold on.

So he just stared the woman down. He put all of his remaining strength in that stare, forcing the witch to see his anger, his hatred for her. He wanted her to know that as long as he still breathed, he was not going to give up. And as he lifted his chin to keep her blurry image in front of him, he let forth a string of colorful words concerning her heritage as well as her gender. He put all his pain in those words; and he was totally taken by surprise when she suddenly stopped.

She'd stopped her torture, stopped causing him pain. He saw her standing there watching him, then he was shocked when she suddenly screamed as if she herself were the one in pain before disappearing in a haze of purple smoke.

Dean blinked; he hadn't expected her to stop, but he was so glad she had. He heaved a shaky sigh as he took in the fact that she was really gone, as least for the moment.

He was so cold though. At least while being tortured he didn't think about the cold, but now it was all he could feel. He shivered as he felt himself becoming sick. The throbbing in his head and side was becoming too much.

As his stomach twisted, he leaned to his side as far as his bound hands would allow to heave as the urge to throw up overtook him. He could taste blood, but he didn't really stop to think about that. He gagged as hot tears gathered at the corners of his eyes and slowly rolled down his cheeks. Mandy? Sammy? Where are you guys?


Ryon could see Dean fighting to breath as Eva stood over him, torturing him. She blinked as she took in the sight of him shirtless with blood streaking his chest and running feely down his sides. His arms were pulled back behind him and he appeared to be tied up. And he was pale.

But she could see Dean's eyes and she could see the fire in their green depths. She saw Eva suddenly stop and turn to look directly at Ryon in her vision. She watched as the witch screamed and then disappeared leaving Dean slumped over in pain.

Ryon shook as she fell to the forest floor after having seen his pain. Amanda was quickly by her side.

"Ryon? Hon?" She called as she fell to the ground beside her daughter. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah…yes. I'm okay, but Dean isn't. He's hurting…she's…Eva is torturing him." She replied quietly as she met her mother's gaze. "And she knows we're coming. She saw me…us. She knows."

Amanda pursed her lips as she took in what Ryon was saying. "What exactly did you see? Could you see where Dean is?" She didn't always have visions the way Ryon did. Ryon's visions were not always that detailed and Amanda's were. Her visions were more…intimate. Usually Ryon was able to control herself after a vision. Most times Amanda had a hard time controlling herself since she was more of an empath than Ryon was. For Ryon to have collapsed from the intensity of this vision told Amanda that Dean was in very bad shape.

Ryon closed her eyes as she ran the vision over again in her mind. "No, but I can't make out that much. The lighting is pretty dim in the room." She paused as she thought. "I remember feeling really cold because Dean is cold."

Amanda looked up at Sam who was standing just behind Ryon. She read his face and knew she didn't have much time before Sam would probably lose his self control if he actually had any left to lose. "Could you see anything in the room at all?"

"No. I just see Dean tied to a pole or a post of some kind in this dark cold room. She's standing over him… she's hurting him… and…and she knows we're coming. And she's really pissed off."

"A post?" Amanda quickly asked. "Are you sure? Can you tell what kind of post? I mean does it make you think it's old?"

"I don't know. Sort of I guess. It's like posts used in houses with a basement, for support."

Could it be? Amanda thought. Could she really have taken him there? "Did it feel like a basement or more like maybe a cellar? Like the cold from being underground?"

Ryon looked up at her mother. "Yes, exactly like that. It was really cold and dim and I can remember the musty old smell of it. It felt odd, yet not. It's hard to explain."

Amanda took a deep breath and stood to look up at Sam. "I know where Dean is."


She was gone. Eva was still gone, Dean kept thinking as he fought the pain and fatigue racking his body. The cold from the floor underneath him was seeping into him and it wasn't helping to keep him awake.

He worked to keep his back as far from the splintering post as he possibly could while he tried to stay awake. He had just about decided the hell with trying to stay awake when he heard a creaky scraping sound. The kind of sound a door opening on rusty unused hinges might make.

Dean looked up as a bright light entered the room. Someone was coming and they had the brightest fucking flashlight Dean had ever seen. And he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Whoever was coming was not bringing him good news.

"What the hell?" He croaked when the beam of light landed on him hitting him directly in his eyes. He turned his head away to try and avoid being blinded as he also tried to focus on this new visitor.

He was able to see two sets of legs standing directly in front of him. He looked up and he focused in on the two men attached to the legs. He felt they were familiar and realized they'd been at the bar the night before last. One, the taller of the two, was a dark skinned black man close to Sam's height and the other was a shorter, but muscular guy with blonde hair.

They'd seemed like the typical bar patrons then, but now Dean was willing to bet that was no longer the case. He watched as the taller man squatted down and focused his demon black eyes on him.

"What are you looking at, Winchester?" He asked as he brought the flashlight he held up to focus in on Dean's face.

Hurt or not, it didn't matter if Dean's world was spinning and he was having a hard time holding onto it, he was still Dean Winchester and there was no way he could stop his snarky reply; it was part of his genetic makeup.

"Well, I'm not sure…haven't got it figured out yet. I mean, you look like a guy, talk like a guy, but the way you're squattin' there makes me wonder if you probably swing past left field, way past." Dean smirked as he watched the demon. "I'm thinking you just might be missing some necessary equipment or maybe you just like squattin' like a girl."

Neither demon moved and Dean didn't really care anymore. He knew he was going to die and it didn't matter who dealt the actual blow. But he wasn't gonna let anyone think it was going to be that easy; he wasn't gonna go quietly.

"What do you mean?" The blonde demon asked, truly confused by Dean's comments.

Dean was amazed. These two demons were either two of the dumbest ones out there or they were affected by the bodies they were possessing. "Lacking in the big brain department too, I see." He said as he coughed up a little more blood and spat it out to his side. "I just called you dickless you idiot!" He added his eyes on the two of them.

Dean watched the squatter and thought he looked like a 'Malcolm'. He watched as the man reached behind him, pulled out a knife and flipped out the blade. "Well Winchester, that's not a nice thing to say." He looked from Dean to his partner who moved to stand somewhere behind Dean.

Dean tried to keep both of them in his sights, but it was impossible tied to the pole as he was and he was fighting just to stay conscious. He felt the guy behind him though as he too now squatted down just behind Dean's back. The man reached out a hand to run the back of it down the side of Dean's face in a caressing touch. Dean flinched and tried to pull away from the touch in disgust.

"How'd you get so pretty?" The blonde asked. He was now so close to Dean that he could feel his breath on his face as he spoke.

"I must have been given your share of good looks when they were passed out." Dean replied as he tried to keep the one he called Malcolm and his knife in his line of sight and the blonde he was now thinking of as Billy Bob away from his face. Right now though Billy Bob had him worried the most. He could see what was coming and he knew it would be bad; very bad.

Billy Bob brought his hand down to grab Dean's throat just under his chin wrapping his long fingers quickly around him. Dean gasped at the sudden pressure he felt and realized he was slowly losing air. He was letting Dean breathe, but he was controlling how much and when.

"It's not nice to be so insulting, pretty boy." Billy Bob stated as he moved his face even closer to Dean's ear. "You might just make me mad."

"And that's a bad thing?" Dean couldn't help it, the words just came out. He knew he needed to shut up, but he just couldn't stop himself.

Malcolm reached out with his blade and slowly brought it up to Dean's face. "Well yeah, that would be a bad thing. It means we might be inclined to change those good looks of yours and leave you wanting in the dick department…if we were so inclined." He smiled at Dean. "Or maybe we'll just gut you and go find that good-lookin' woman you spent the night with. Have some play time with her for a bit before we skin her."

Oh shit Dean thought. No way! Not Mandy you bastards. "Fuck you." He said as he felt the pressure around his throat increase. Now they would have to kill him 'cause the first thing he was gonna do if he survived this was kill these bastards.

The last thing Dean saw was the glint of Malcolm's blade at his face before the lack of oxygen sent him towards that tunnel of deep heavy darkness.


Amanda felt Dean's pain more than she saw him in her vision. She could see what was currently happening to him and she could hear what the two demons were saying to him.

Eva! Call them off! Now! Call your dogs off or I swear-

What? You'll kill me? That's a laugh!

Amanda could hear the woman laughing through her entire being. She could hear everything so very clearly.

No you bitch! You call them off or I swear I'll do something much worse than just take your daughter away from you. You think what my mother did to you was bad? Just wait until you see what I'm capable of. I'll take everything you have, everything you are and I'll twist it into one big mass of nothing! I'll end everything you have or ever had and then I'll come for you. I will send you to the one place you fear the most. Not Hell, no I'll show you the door to Purgatory and I promise I'll make sure every thing there knows you have a bounty on your head. My promise to you.

Amanda instantly felt it when the woman stopped laughing. She felt the impact of her words on Eva. She heard her in the sudden gust of wind as the evening sky clouded up and she saw the angry flashes of lightning begin.

You will be sorry Amanda! You'll be sorry you ever messed with me!

I'm already sorry. But that doesn't change things. Let Dean go or I come for Brenda, then your precious little demon pets. Then I will come for you. And if you know my mother then you know who my real father was and you know exactly what I'm capable of. You know I won't die until your dead. I can't die so I've got all the time in the world bitch!

Amanda saw through all the sounds around her; she saw when Dean was released by the demons and she saw them pull back to hide in the shadows of her mind. She saw the fear in their eyes, their black eyes and she knew Eva had heard.

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