Wayward Sons

Chapter 20

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Chapter Twenty

He knew he was dying. Dean knew he was going to die here in this cold dark room. He could feel the life draining from him. He knew he was going to die alone tied to a post in the middle of nowhere before anyone would find him. Was this truly how it all ended for him? Dying with no one to help him? Without Sam?

As the room slowly came back into focus, Dean realized something. He was no longer tied to that damn post. He was lying on the floor still clad only in his jeans his hands now tied in front of him, but at least the feeling was returning to his tortured limbs. His body protested however when he tried to sit up.

He wished he knew where Sam was. He was trying to have faith that he and Mandy would find him before it was too late, but the last thing he really wanted was for Sam to find him like this. Or worse to find him already dead. He didn't want to dump that on the kid; not after he'd just lost Jess. Dean knew Sam would make it through, but he hated to leave Sam alone to find their father and the demon. He didn't want to fail, but the pain was just becoming too much. He could feel his body failing with every beat of his heart and his eyelids were becoming heavy. He just couldn't keep them open anymore.

The struggle to stay awake was becoming more and more difficult to handle. Dean knew it was only a matter of time before it was all over. He moaned as he felt his body failing to do what his brain was telling it to do. He just could not keep his eyes open any longer.

"Dean Winchester! Don't you dare close your eyes!" The voice came at him from the surrounding darkness; but this was not the voice of Eva. This voice was…

Dean's eyes shot open as he realized this was the voice of his mother and he seemed to feel it coming at him from all around him. He tried his hardest to keep his eyes open; to obey his mother, but it was just so hard.

"Honey, you have to open your eyes and hang on. Sam is coming. Amanda is coming." She was speaking more gently now, but she still held that tone of authority that can only come from a mother.

"Mom?" Dean croaked out as he mustered up the strength to keep one eye open to peer out at the dimly lit room.

"Yes Dean, it's mom. You have to listen to me, sweetheart." She spoke as she had always spoken. Dean felt the memories flooding back at her voice. "You have to hold on. For me, Dean. Help is coming, I promise. So open that other eye for me and stay with me, okay honey?"

" 'Kay." Dean said as he managed to get his other eye opened.

"Remember when you were little and Sammy would cry and the only way he would calm down was when we'd sing to him?"

Dean nodded his head slowly. "Yeah."

"Do you remember Sammy's favorite song then?"

Again Dean nodded.

"Good. Sing it with me now Dean, okay?"


Someone told me long ago there's a calm before the storm… I know, it's comin' for some time… when it's over, so they say, It'll rain a sunny day… I know, shinin' down like water…


Sam and Ryon watched Amanda in confusion as she stopped suddenly in the middle of the forest and she seemed to be looking up at the darkening sky. As if she were waiting… or thinking of something. Sam and Ryon exchanged a look between them as they took in the sudden lightning followed closely by the sounds of thunder.

The lightning and thunder was so sudden, it caught the group by complete surprise; all except Amanda. She continued to stand still just watching the sky above.

"What was that?" Sam asked Ryon. "And why isn't your mother spooked?"

Ryon looked from her mother back at Sam and shrugged as she whispered back, "I don't know. I think she's connecting with someone. Eva maybe…or Dean." She just wasn't sure what her mother was doing right now. She'd never seen her go so totally still.

"She's in the zone." Rick said as he came up behind Ryon. "I've seen her this way once before."


"When gramma died." Dusty filled in for Rick. "She was 'talking' with her…in her mind." Both men seemed to sense this was a major thing for Amanda.

"Yeah. She can do that. Speak with the dead… but I'm not sure that's what she's doing. She seems to be…" Rick trailed off.

"Doing what?" Sam asked confusion evident in his every fiber.

Then it hit Ryon. "Zoning? She's connecting with Dean." Ryon finally realized. "She's trying to comfort him somehow."

"How?" Sam asked as he watched Amanda as she did her best impression of a park statue.

"Her bond with Dean is very strong, so I'm guessing she's trying to ground him. Give him some kind of reassurance or comfort."

Sam watched in confused amazement when Amanda started to sing softly. She also slowly began to walk forward again; leading them on to the old stone Church she remembered from her childhood. The church she said they'd find Dean at. She'd said the place had been lost to time and humanity, but Eva would remember it because her and Amanda had come here in the past.

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain? I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain comin' down on a sunny day?

Sam felt something he'd never really understood until now; déjà vu. He knew that song… and not just from being in the car with Dean and listening to CCR playing over the radio or on a cassette. No, Sam knew this song…knew it just the way Amanda was singing it. Dean used to sing this to Sam when he'd had a bad dream. Dean said their mother taught him to sing to Sam to calm him down when he was a baby; so he'd go to sleep. That memory of Dean caring for him brought a quick stab to his heart. He knew what Amanda was doing. She was singing it with Dean to keep him alive. To keep him connected. She was keeping her brother alive.

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain? I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain comin' down on a sunny day?


Amanda had finally been able to reach into Dean's memories and find a link with him. In his pain, he'd opened his mind up and she'd found something that she knew would reach him. Something she knew he would not ignore. Something to remind him that Sam was still there and coming for him.

Amanda knew from Ryon's visions what was happening to Dean and she was more afraid for him than ever now that she was seeing and feeling him again. She knew she had to get him through this just for a little bit more, so she had searched his memories of his mother and did what she felt she had to do.

She pretended to be his mother again so he would let her in. And now she needed to get to him so that she could save him from Eva. She needed to get to Eva and stop her. Stop her the only way possible now.

It was time to put Eva where she belonged. It was time to do what her mother hadn't done 35 years ago.

Amanda needed to save Brenda and Ray too, but she needed, really needed to save Dean. She was going to have to face Eva herself and put an end to all of this. And she needed her mother's help to do it.

Amanda looked at her daughter. Ryon honey? I need you to listen carefully. I need you to lead the boys and Sam to the Church to find Brenda, Ray and Dean. I need you to find Mom and get them out while I take care of Eva. I need to be sure you understand how important it is to get to Dean and soon.

Ryon stopped walking causing first Amanda and then the others to stop. You're not going to do anything stupid are you? Like let yourself get killed?

No. I promise. Amanda smiled at her daughter as she reached out to tuck a stray strand of her daughter's red hair behind her ear. I won't do anything stupid. I think it's time your grandmother helped put an end to all of this. I just need you to be sure the boys get to Brenda and Ray and you and Sam get to Dean. Eva will be close to Dean and she is mine. You have to understand that this is something I have to do.

Sam was watching the two women as they stood there seeming to just be looking at each other. He didn't completely understand what was going on here. "What's wrong? Why'd we stop?"

"Umm Sam, they're busy having a mother-daughter moment; a conversation of sorts." Jimmy said stepping up to Sam's side. "Don't worry, they do this a lot."

"Yeah. They argue this way all the time. It's so quiet, saves the rest of us from a headache believe me, 'cause when these two go at it, it can get loud if they actually spoke." Rick added.

Amanda turned to him. "Very funny." She said as he smiled back at her.

"What?" Sam asked for what felt like the umpteenth time that day. "What is a mother-daughter moment? How can they have a conversation just by looking at each other? Are they…?" Sam began, looking between the two women and Rick.

"Telepaths?" Rick asked filling in for him. "Yep." He added as he cradled his rifle in the crook of his arm.

Ryon take the boys to the Church. Just follow this path and avoid the cemetery. Dean's gonna be in the basement. The first door inside the sanctuary on the left will lead downstairs then you need to follow the Westside of the floor. He's in the last room. I won't be far, I promise. Now go.

Amanda turned from Ryon to Sam. "Take care of Ryon, Sam. She'll get you to the Church. I have a stop to make and I'll meet you there." She turned to face Rick, Dusty and Jimmy who all nodded in understanding.

And as Sam watched, Amanda disappeared in a haze of purple smoke. His mouth fell open as he saw her standing there one second and gone the next. "Well, damn." He whispered to himself. "She'll be okay, right?" He asked the others.

Ryon looked at the spot where her mother had just stood and replied softly, "I hope so."


Amanda reappeared in the cemetery of the old stone Church. She looked around carefully to be sure she was alone. She did not need any company for what she was about to do. These things worked better in private.

All right, Eva. It's Showtime. I'm here for you and I'm coming for Dean. Oh, one more thing… I'm bringing Mother with me.

Amanda turned slowly to look up at the brilliant white of the now beaming full moon that had materialized in the skies overhead.

You should have left well enough alone. Now there's no turning back.

You don't scare me, Amanda. I shall have my revenge.

And so shall I.

And with that Amanda reached out with both arms spread high and wide over her head to the Heavens above.

"With these words I call upon the ancestor most recently passed in my line,

All my strengths and powers with hers we shall combine.

Mother, I call upon you to come forth and hold my hand,

As we work as one; against evil we shall stand.

Evil has once again surfaced and shown her face,

She has taken from me and I must now give chase.

Mother, I call upon you because I need your help now,

The time has come; you must now keep your vow…

Unto me, So mote it be."

As the clouds passed over the moon, Amanda watched the haze of silvery grey smoke rise up in front of her. As it dissipated, she saw the older woman standing there facing her.

"Hello Mom."

"Well Mandy…where is she?" Agatha Logan asked stepping forward to embrace her daughter.

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