Wayward Sons

Chapter 22

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Dean could swear he heard bells. Through the heavy fog in his brain, he could hear bells. Big bells. He didn't know if he was either standing at the edge of Heaven at the 'Pearly Gates', but he knew he was hearing bells. Big heavy Church bells.

He opened his eyes slowly, he could see Eva still standing over him with her hand laying heavily over his heart. He could still feel his heart slowing down and knew he was dying, but something wasn't quite right. He wasn't feeling so far away anymore. In fact, he was feeling more aware/

"Eva!" Came one of the voices that Dean had been hoping would come. It was Mandy.

Dean looked beyond Eva's right shoulder and he could see Mandy standing there just inside the room. Suddenly there was more light in the room as Dean watched Eva jump and turn to face the woman that Dean had recently realized he was in love with. He now knew that he had never loved any other woman with the intensity he loved this woman.

"Back away from him now!" Amanda stepped closer to Eva as Dean saw something glinting in Eva's hand she was holding behind her back.

"Mandy!" He managed to get out past his tortured throat.

Although his voice wasn't strong, Amanda heard him and she instinctly vanished from in front of Eva to suddenly appear directly behind her. She now stood between the woman and Dean.

Before Eva could turn around, Amanda reached out and pushed the woman away from Dean. Eva stumbled forward but managed to keep her footing as she whirled around with one of the golden Solomon blades in her hand. She brought the blade up over her head and turned towards Amanda.

Amanda was shocked to see the blade. She had the only two blades left in the world. Where had this woman gotten one of her blades? She thought she'd had both blades on her person before entering the room. She quickly searched herself and came up with the two blades, leaving her stunned at this turnaround. How? She thought.

She had hesitated too long wondering what was going on and Eva was able to bring her blade down and slash at Amanda catching her across her left shoulder as she instinctively ducked back to avoid the attack. Amanda hissed from the instant pain of the blade making contact with body, but she remained standing as she brought out both of her blades. That was when she realized that Eva's blade wasn't a Solomon blade. It was something else. Something much worse for her.

To others it looked like a Solomon blade with it's golden blade, but to Amanda she knew different now that she felt the sting from her wound. This blade had to have been forged with Phoenix ash. That was the only possibly explanation for the pain she felt starting to seep into her entire body. Only the ash of a Phoenix could kill another Phoenix. Eva knew her secret so she knew how to kill her.

Amanda brought her own blades out to face off with this woman. Eva may have found the only weapon that could kill her, but Amanda knew she could also kill herself. The two were tied to each; had been since Amanda had been seven years old. What had happened to Eva, to Amanda when Brenda had been born had the two linked and if Eva killed Amanda she would also end her own life.

Maybe that's what she wanted. Maybe she didn't, but it didn't matter. Amanda had to end this now for the sake of everyone here. For Dean and Sam. But most of all for her daughter, Ryon. This could not go on any longer. The only thing she hoped for right now was the fact that if she was going to die, then she was going to die her way and not from the blade Eva carried.

As Amanda brought one of her blades up over her head to return the attack, the bells stopped ringing. Amanda smiled then more to herself than anything else as she knew that her plan was starting. Dusty had used the Church's tower bells to get through Dean's haze and now that they had stopped, it meant that the boys were now headed for Brenda and her husband Ray. Her mother had led them to the other two and Sam and Ryon should be coming for Dean any second now.

Amanda watched as Eva suddenly dropped her blade as she sank to her knees clutching her ears in the sudden silence of the noise. Her blade skeetered across the floor landing hear Amanda's feet.

She'd forgotten about the power the consecrated grounds and this building could hold once it was released. The bells had released that power. The woman clutched at her head as she screamed from the pain running throughout her body.

Amanda knew she only a few short moments before Eva would be able to overcome the pain and adapt. She had to free Dean so they could get him out. She bent down and sliced through Dean's bound hands with one of her blades. Then after dropping the that blade at her side, she reached out to gently touch his chest with that hand. Now she knew this time things would be very different. As she touched Dean, the blue white light that emanated from her fingers seeped into his very soul. She healed him from his wounds and she silently told him how much she loved him.

Dean's eyes grew wide as he felt the immense relief from his body at being able to move, to respond to her feelings. He wanted desperately to reach out and gather her to him and do nothing more than just hold onto her, because he knew why she able to heal him now, why she was able to silently tell him just what he wanted to hear from her.

Dean knew that Amanda was telling him goodbye. She was going to sacrifice herself to save him and Dean couldn't stand the thought of losing her; not now. Not after he'd come to realize just how much she meant to him.

"You can't have him! He's mine!" Eva screamed at Amanda as she slowly stood up behind the couple still sitting on the floor. "He's mine!"

Eva rushed forward to grab her blade from the ground and brought it down into Amanda's back as she leaned over to protect Dean from her.

Dean reached out to grab at Amanda and to try and protect her, but it was too late. He could see the blade as it came through the front of her chest to slowly drip her blood down onto Dean. "No! Mandy!" He yelled as he reached out to hold onto her and his eyes locked with hers.

"Dean…" Amanda started, but as Eva pulled the blade from her chest, Amanda was forced to gasp in pain. She groaned as the pain took over.

"No!" Dean yelled again as he reached for the blade Amanda had dropped. He tried to reach around Amanda to get at Eva, but the witch moved back from them as she clutched the bloody blade in her hand.

Eva stood routed to the spot. She watched as Dean struggled to help Amanda. "She shouldn't have gotten in the way. She should have stayed out of this!" Eva watched as Amanda lay in Dean's arms, dying. But something was wrong. Eva suddenly looked down at her chest. In the exact same place as Amanda's wound, Eva was bleeding. "This isn't possible!" She yelled as she looked at the blade in her hand. Too late she realized her mistake.

Dean sat up and gently gathered Amanda into his arms as he lowered her into his lap. He watched Eva as the same wound she'd given Amanda was now also killing her.

Suddenly the room was invaded with people as an older woman, Ryon and Sam rushed in. Dean didn't recognize the older woman, but he realized somehow she was related to Amanda. The woman rushed over to Eva and reached out to take the bloody blade from her as she collapsed from her wound. The woman took the blade and as she did so, the blade began to glow a brilliant golden hue.

Agatha Logan raised the glowing blade over her head as she spoke. "As you are one with the blood of my blood, you shall die for your sins!" Aggie plunged the knife deep into Eva's chest again and again until the woman was dead. She stood and clutched the blade close to her long silvery gown as she turned to look at Dean and her daughter.

Ryon came out from behind Agatha to see mother as she lay bleeding out on Dean. Dean was still holding her so tightly, that Ryon was barely able to see her mother's face and she needed to see her. Ryon couldn't think of anything else as she watched Dean cradling her mother in his arms. She tired to rush forward, but something stopped her. It was as if she ran into an invisible wall. She couldn't get to them.

Somehow, her mother had created a field around herself and Dean. To protect him from Eva. She was using the last of her strength to protect him.

Ryon knew what her mother had planned was actually happening. Her mother had a link to Eva and the only way to kill Eva had been for Amanda to also die. Her mother had known this and somehow in the back of her mind, Ryon knew this too. She just didn't want to accept the fact that her mother was now going to die. And her last act was to protect someone she loved. Just as she'd done for Ryon in the past.

Ryon was going to make sure she carried out her mother's wishes. She knew she had to now. Ryon couldn't help the tears that fell from her eyes.

"How touching." Came the voice from all around them. "A daughter so consumed with misery at the death of her mother. So very touching." Eva said.

Agatha turned to look at her daughter and her granddaughter as Eva spoke. "Yes Eva. It is touching. A daughter who actually loves her mother and cares for her mother. You could have had that, but you made a deal with the wrong side."

"I…know." The voice slowly died out.

Agatha moved towards her daughter and was able to dislodge the force field from around the two as the last essence of Eva was released from the room. Ryon scrambled up and raced over to her mother and Dean. Sam quickly followed her.

Amanda looked up at Ryon as she came into her view. She reached up and touched her daughter's face gently. "Remember…remember what I told you." She gasped for air as she felt her lungs slowly filling with her blood. "I'm always with you."

Ryon couldn't stop the tears that fell from her eyes no matter what her mother had told her. She didn't want to lose her. Not now. She had just gotten her life back on the right track and they had so much to do yet. "Mom…don't go. Please." She begged.

Agatha walked over to them and while she still clutched the blade she'd taken from Eva, she noticed the blade lying under Amanda. She bent down to pick it up. She looked at it and realized exactly what she was holding. She saw Dean clutched the other Solomon blade in his right hand. She reached out and gently pulled the blade from him. She clutched all three blades to her.

"Amanda?" She questioned and as she looked into Amanda's eyes, she saw the truth. Everything would be all right.

"It's okay, mom." Amanda coughed.

"Gramma, you can save her. I know you can. She has your powers and you can save her." Ryon begged. She knew it would be useless, because she knew what had to be done here, but she couldn't stand spending eve a minute without her mother close to her.

Dean looked between the two women. "You can?"

Agatha saw the hope that flared in the young man's eyes and knew in her heart this was the young man her daughter should have always had in her life. He was her one and only, and Agatha was going to have to break his heart right along with her granddaughter's.

"I can't. I'm not that strong anymore. I was able to complete what Amanda had started with Eva because of their link I created years ago, but that's the most I can do. And I will have to leave soon…with Amanda."

"What? What does that mean?" Dean asked, looking at the older woman.

Ryon reached out and touched Dean's hand that was clutching Amanda to him. "It means, she has to go Dean."

"No. She can't go. Not now." He begged. This couldn't happen. Not now that he'd come to some realizations about who he was and who he wanted to be. And who he wanted by his side. Always.

"Dean…" Amanda reached up to place her hand over Dean's heart. "It's all right, Dean."

Dean looked back down at the woman in his arms. "No…it's not. You can't die…you can't."

Sam watched as his brother came to the same realization he had as he'd seen Amanda lying there. This woman had given her life to protect his brother and that was love. Sappy, but true. This was a selfless act if ever he'd seen one and he knew how Dean felt at losing the woman you love with all your heart. He felt Jess so close in that instant, that he had to look away from the scene in front of him. It brought all of his own heartache to the forefront and he didn't want that. Now while he watched Dean experience the same thing he had less than a year ago.

"Dean promise me that you'll… you'll remember everyday that you… and Sam are important. So very important. Sam needs you and you need…need him." Amanda coughed again as she felt her time fading. "You are what holds your family together, Dean. It's always been you that… that got your family through the tough times. You are a good man."

Dean tried to swallow the lump in his throat as he felt the first tear slip from his eye and fall on Amanda's cheek. Soon it was followed by another and another. He clutched her to him as he felt her leaving him.

As Amanda took her last breath, she smiled at the people around her. She had her family with her and she was happy. As the life left her body, she felt her spirit float up and outside her body. Everyone looked up to see her slowly move to stand beside her mother.

Ryon slowly stood up to stand in front of the two women. Agatha handed Ryon the two matching Solomon blades as well as the Phoenix blade now and softly whispered something to her that neither Dean nor Sam heard. Ryon accepted the blades and clung to her grandmother in a desperate hug.

"I'll see you soon." Amanda said to her daughter. She smiled at her as she bent over to place a butterfly kiss on her cheek. "Just like when you were four and you were my fairy princess of 'unicorn land'. I was the queen and we were going to always have unicorns, magic and beautiful colors all over our land."

Ryon laughed at the memories of her favorite playtime that her mother had indulged in right along with her. "As you my queen mother who was the most beautiful queen in any land."

"And you the most fairest princess ever. You will always have me with you and I will be waiting." Amanda smiled at her daughter as she slowly shimmered next to here.

She turned to Sam then and spoke softly to him. "Take care of yourself Sam and if you could check up on my daughter every now and then, I'd like that." She smiled reaching out to touch the cheek of the gentle giant of a boy in a man's body as he stood up next to Ryon.

"Yes…I'd like that too. I'm gonna miss you, Amanda." Sam replied as he took in the woman shimmering in front of him. She was truly a beautiful woman.

Slowly Dean placed Amanda's body down beside him and he stood up to see the spirit of the woman in front of his brother. Amanda saw the movement and moved closer to him. She reached out both arms and slowly she shimmered into a more corporeal form if only for a moment.

She walked over to him and reached out to take his face in both of her hands. She reached up to place a soft kiss on his lips as he slipped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. She pulled away to place her head over his heart. "I love you Dean Winchester." She looked up into his eyes then. "And you'd better not do anything stupid or I'll…"

"Or you'll do what? Come back and kick my ass?" He half joked as his voice broke.

The woman smiled wickedly up at him. "Don't do anything too stupid or I'll haunt your ass." She said watching him crack a smile at her words.

"Amanda we have to go now." Agatha said hating breaking up this goodbye, but knowing if things were to work out for everyone, timing was so very important.

"I love you Amanda Harper Logan." Dean whispered as Amanda slowly shimmered back into spirit form and he was no longer able to hold onto her.

As the group watched the two woman begin to shimmer in a silver haze, they heard the distinct tone of Amanda's teasing tone. "It's Mandy….."

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