Wayward Sons

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

"Well Dean, looks like you found that 'unattractive head in the clouds wannabe witch' cousin of Jimmy's." Sam said quietly, chuckling as he watched Dean's face during the exchange between the bartender and the woman.

Dean had almost choked on his beer when he'd heard Jimmy call the woman 'cuz'. Then when she repeated it back, he knew they'd just seen the witch expert cousin. Man, he had not seen that one coming.

"Shut up, Sammy." Dean muttered watching as the woman went behind the bar and walked up to help another customer.

"You know, we really don't have the time for you to pick up a girl tonight anyway; especially our 'expert'. We just need to stick to the case right now." Sam whispered as he saw that Dean had not taken his eye off the woman since she'd gone behind the bar.

"Girl? Sam that is not a girl." Dean shot back. "That is much more than just a girl; besides you know me better than that. I would never mess up a hunt."

"Okay fine; but I'm gonna move over there to a table and research some more while you try and do your smooth talker thing and get whatever info you can from the 'not just a girl' witch expert."

"Really Sam?" Dean glared at Sam who was laughing out right at him now. "Fine, go do your geek boy think while I work my grown-up magic here."

"Grown-up magic? Man, that woman over there is gonna eat you alive." Sam said as he stood up and gathered his stuff.

Dean started to make a sarcastic remark, but after giving the woman another look, he realized that Sam was probably right. However, he would never admit that to Sam; so he just smiled and replied, "Whatever Sammy. Whatever."

Sam laughed at him and moved his stuff to a table located just behind their bar seats. He settled in as he opened his laptop and went to work.

Dean continued to watch the woman as he signaled her for another beer. Damn, she was hot. Too bad she was probably a witch, but if anyone could change his opinion of witches, he was willing to bet it was this woman. She had him at first sight and he knew she could very well be his downfall. Hell, but the thought of being with her actually brought a thrill to his heart and the he'd only felt that same thrill with one other woman; Cassie. Damn, he thought, she's good.


Amanda's eye was caught by the hot stranger now sitting alone at the bar pointing to his empty beer bottle. She walked over to him, putting on her best smile. As she was heading over, she saw him turn back to look at her girls still at their table, and she wavered a little bit worried that maybe her instincts were missing something here. But she still couldn't feel any negative energy coming off the guy so she continued over to him.

"Another one?" She asked him.

Dean smiled back, showing her his perfect white teeth and nodded in answer. "Please."

"Oh, please he says? My, but aren't you the polite young man. Your mother must be proud." Amanda said as she set a cold beer in front of him and tossed his empty.

Amanda couldn't help but notice how his smile faltered for just an instant at her words. For a second she thought maybe she had imagined it as his smile was back in place so quickly. But her instincts told her she had seen it and what's more she had felt it. This guy had something in his background that had hurt him and it had to do with his mother. She was getting the feeling that something bad had happened in this guy's life and it involved his family. She also noticed his friend had moved from the bar to a table and as attached to a laptop. The guy looked like Ryon when she got her geek on.

"I try." He replied as he took a drink of his new beer. "By the way, my name's Dean."

Amanda looked him over and thought about what he'd said. Yep, his mother was gone; she could feel that and she could feel that it was a very touchy subject for him. Damn it, now she wanted to mother him herself and that was not part of the plan. She could not feel sympathy for a Hunter; it just wouldn't be right. Yet this guy brought out the mother in her and she couldn't control her own feelings for him. Yeah, he had her the instant she'd seen that smile falter and she knew he'd probably be her downfall. Damn, she thought.

"Look Dean," She began as she rested her elbows on the bar in front of Dean. "Let's get something straight."

"Okay." Dean said solemnly. She was going to let him have it; put him in his place, as Sam would say.

Dean had been waiting for her to finally notice that he'd focused in on her and now she was gonna tell him to take a hike. He smiled inwardly at the dressing down he was about to get.

Amanda took a deep breath; she could feel the humor coming off him. He knew she was about to tell him to back off, and she itched to reach out and smack the smartass out of him. But she resisted the urge; for now. Probably because she knew she had fallen under his spell.

"I've noticed that you've been staring at my girls over there and I need to stop you right here before you go any farther." Amanda pointed to one girl seated at the table who had long blonde hair and was very pretty, but was obviously very young. "That one there is my great niece Kaitlyn, who is barely past jailbait age and is strictly off limits no ifs ands or buts about it." She pointed to another blonde woman with ample assets standing near the table tying on an apron to help wait tables. "That's my niece Sara, Kaitlyn's mother. She's married to my nephew who is a former wrestler and is currently a bailiff for the Johnson County, Missouri Judicial Court System; so obviously that means she's off limits, too."

Amanda then pointed to another very young girl at the table with short brown wavy hair and who was also very pretty. "That girl is my other great-niece Jaycie, who is currently engaged and getting married on Saturday; so she's most definitely a not go. The woman next to her with dark wavy hair is her mother and my other niece Jennifer. Jenn is married to my oldest nephew who is currently a sergeant with the Dallas PD K9 unit, so she's taken too."

She pointed to the last woman still seated at the table, a pretty woman with long dark brown almost black hair. "That's Miranda, a friend of the family and she's married with five kids, so I'm guessing she's a pass for you." She pointed to the last two girls heading over to take orders from two new tables of customers. "The one with long brown hair is my goddaughter Lexie; she's married with three month twin girls. The other one is with red hair is my daughter Ryon. Now Ryon's not married; not currently dating or in any attached at the moment; however she is strictly off limits because she has incredibly bad taste in men and I'm punishing her for that. She's not allowed to date anyone she meets in a bar, since her last two boyfriends were losers that she met in bars."

Amanda had been watching Dean throughout her speech and she had seen that he seemed to find her to be funny. He was finding it hard to hide the smile that kept creeping up on his lips. So not the reaction she'd been going for. "Look my daughter and I are just in town for Jaycie's wedding and to help out my cousin Jimmy with some… things. So no matter how good looking you are or how great your smile is, it ain't happening if you get my meaning."

Dean had been listening intently throughout her speech and he couldn't help but find the humor in it all. This woman had no idea hat the one he'd been watching was her. She thought he was only interested in one of the other girls. She actually didn't realize how beautiful she was and that guys would be staring at her just as much as any of the other girls with her. And that truly amazed Dean. He'd never and he meant never, met a woman who had no idea just how beautiful she was. Wow, he thought.

"You think I'm good-looking and have a great smile?" He asked her instead, gifting her once again with his killer dazzling smile.

Amanda blinked at his words. She had said that, hadn't she? Oh my, she hadn't even thought about what she had said to him before saying it; and what's more this guy was messing with her feeling something awful. She was beginning to miss things where he was concerned. He was messing with her mojo.

"Well yes, I guess I did say that, but I didn't mean…" She trailed off as she blushed slightly. What did she mean?

"Good." Dean said. "Now we're getting somewhere here; because I wasn't looking at any of your family, beautiful as they all are; I was looking at you." He said as he watched her now to see if he could unnerve her again and he was rewarded with another blink.

Amanda was taken aback by that. He was definitely messing with her mojo, because she had not seen that coming. "Me?" She squeaked out. What was happening to her here?

She had not seen that coming at all. She was beginning to think she was losing her power to read and feel people. This guy was not giving her the vibes he had when she first spotted him watching her and her girls enter the bar. How could he have gotten past her barriers? She had always been so careful; she drummed it into Ryon's head constantly to be on the alert no matter hot the guy was and here she was forgetting her own warnings and now this guy had wormed his way into her psyche.

"Yes, you. While all of your girls are very pretty, it's you I'm interested in getting to know." Dean dropped his smile and gave her his special Dean Winchester look.

The look that out did Sam's puppy dog look any day. The look that he kept under wraps because he never wanted to let anyone see his true self. This look told her that he was interested and he was looking for someone to just listen to and have listen to him. This look opened his heart up and could very well make him vulnerable. This look was all about letting someone in to see him and he never let anyone in.

Amanda watched as Dean looked at her and she knew in that instant she hadn't lost her power; it had just stepped away for a minute to let her be herself and to see this guy for who he really was. Her power was still there, because she suddenly felt an intense urge to reach out an grab this guy by his shirt front and kiss the living bejesus out of him. She was shocked at how intense the urge really was and she knew she couldn't logically do that, so she did the only thing she could. She blinked again and stared at him open-mouthed.


"Hey Mom, I need three taps, two long necks, a Hurricane and a Tom Collins." Ryon said approaching the bar and setting her tray down as she rattled off her order.

But her mother didn't seem to hear her as she didn't move. Ryon had noticed her mother talking to the hot guy as she approached the bar and she figured she'd won the bet. Checking her watch it had been exactly thirteen minutes since she and Jennifer had made the bet and by the looks of the two, the hot guy had told her he wasn't looking at anyone but her. This was awesome, Ryon thought.

"Mom?" Ryon tried again, snapping her fingers at her mother. The hot guy seemed to be amused with her mother's stance. "Hey, earth to Mom! Amanda Harper McBride! Are you in there?" She yelled at her mother.

That did the trick; Amanda snapped out of it and turned to look at her daughter. "What?" She asked dazed.

Ryon gave her mother a roll of her eyes as she repeated her drink order and when her mother quietly turned to fill it, Ryon turned to look at the guy at the bar. "Hi. My name's Ryon and I hope you didn't disconnect all of my mother's brain cells." She smiled as she extended her hand to the man.

Dean looked at the hand and he noticed Sam from the corner of his eye get up and walk over to stand behind Dean. "Dean… Dean Malone. And I think I just shocked her a bit. Something tells me she'll get over that soon enough and be back to tell me about it." He smiled his best smile as he shook her hand. When he heard Sam clear his throat behind him, he smiled and added, "This is my baby brother Sammy."

"Sam." Sam corrected giving Dean a nasty look and reaching out to shake Ryon's hand too.

Ryon looked up from the hot guy to the giant teddy bear of a guy with the most amazing hazel eyes and brown mop of hair she'd ever seen on a guy. He was adorable. She'd missed seeing him earlier he must have been in the bathroom or something. "Sam Malone, that's funny." She said smiling at the tall hunky teddy bear.

"Yeah. I still hear all kinds of jokes about it, and I don't even have a bar or anything wildly fun like that." He said smiling back at her.

Dean smiled as Sam moved around him and began talking with Ryon while the woman, Amanda Harper McBride, came over with the drinks for Ryon. Nice, Dean thought. Amanda, he liked it; it fit her.

"Ryon here hon." Amanda said as she pushed the tray of drinks to her daughter.

"Thanks Mom." Ryon said as she winked at Sam and took the tray and hurried off.

"Mom? Amanda Harper McBride? Can I call you Amanda? Or maybe Mandy?" Dean asked innocently with a twinkle in his eye.

Amanda couldn't help but laugh at his teasing tone and how gorgeous his eyes were when they twinkled. "Yes, Mom. Ryon is my daughter – I think I mentioned that before in my little speech? And no one outside of family gets to call me Mandy. Amanda will do; for now." She said as she handed Sam another beer and took his empty bottle and tossing it in the nearby trashcan. "And you Sam, you need to watch yourself. I'm very protective over my daughter." She tried to sound stern, but she couldn't help but give him a smile. She liked Sam; he was a big St. Bernard puppy with those eyes and that hair. She thought he was much more innocent than his brother.

Sam smiled back at her in thanks and headed back to the table and his laptop. Dean had his hands full with this one, he thought. She was the female equivalent of Dean. He wished them both good luck while he kept an eye on Ryon as she flitted around the bar.

"So, I have to work up to get to call you Mandy?" Dean asked with a wicked grin.

"Maybe. I'll let you know… Dean." She replied with an equally wicked grin just before she turned away to help another customer.

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