Wayward Sons

Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Amanda finished up the last of the glasses in the sink under the bar as she watched Dean and Sam sitting at the table going over something on Sam's laptop. Whatever it was really intrigued the two of them. She couldn't help wondering again if they were here for the same reason she and Ryon were. She'd meant to talk to Dean to find out what she could on why they were here, but the bar had been invaded by practically everyone in town, so she'd been kept pretty busy and Jenn had jumped in to help her pull drinks for the waitresses.

She was hot and tired and her feet hurt, so she really wasn't in the mood to go witch hunting or information hunting for that matter. She really hoped no one went missing tonight because all she wanted to do was get back to her motel room next door and fall into bed. Jimmy had closed the kitchen an hour ago and had just finished cleaning up in there while Amanda had finished the glasses. She heard Jimmy call out 'last call' while she wiped down the sink and grabbed some lotion for her water wrinkled hands.

Jennifer came over to her as she passed her on her way to the kitchen with the last of the bar's trash for Jimmy to take to the dumpster, when she saw Dean come up to the bar and wink at Amanda. Jennifer smiled to herself, best twenty bucks she'd ever lost if it meant aunt Mandy finally met a nice guy for a change. She deserved to meet someone nice and she really hoped Dean was nice to her aunt.

"Better grab that one before word gets around town. By tomorrow night, I guarantee every available female in town is going to be in this bar to try and catch the hot guy." Jenn said to Amanda as she slipped past her.

Amanda blushed slightly then felt childish. Grown mature women did not blush. She looked at Dean again and that smile of his hit her hard in her...oh God, she was so going to hell thinking like that. What was she thinking anyway, she thought as she blushed even deeper. She heard Jenn laughing softly as she went through the swinging door to the kitchen. Amanda turned and threw her dish towel at her catching her on the shoulder. Jenn just grabbed the towel and tossed it back and kept right on laughing. Amanda smiled as she watched the woman go.

She walked over to Dean and hoped she wasn't still blushing, but figured she'd blame it on the work if he noticed. "Whatcha need Dean?" She asked him watching that gorgeous smile of his. Yep, she was so going to hell.

"I was just wondering if you might know of anyone who knows the woods around here behind the bar and motel? I mean my brother and I are here on a case and we're not familiar with this area." He said as he slipped onto the barstool across from her.

"A case?" Amanda felt something stiffen in her at his words. Why did that bother her? She had suspected they could be here for a case, so why was it bothering her?

"Yeah. My brother and I are with the state police and we were on vacation here, in Dallas actually, when we got the call about the men that have gone missing then later found dead; and since they were all found in the woods, we thought maybe that would be a good place to start our investigation. Do you think maybe your cousin or someone could guide us out there? You know just to take a look around?"

"Ummm, well Jimmy knows these woods like the back of his hand, but he's pretty busy with the motel and bar," Amanda watched Dean and realized that if they were going to get themselves involved in this, it might be better for her to keep an eye on them. Especially since something about the two going into the woods bothered her so much. "But I've spent almost every weekend and summer I could here in the woods with my cousins when I was growing up. I might be able to show you around some later today."

Dean gave her that killer smile of his again and Amanda thought oh shit, stick a fork in me cause I am so done. Damn I am my own worst enemy, she thought. Where was her self control?

"That would be awesome. So what, about ten sound okay? Meet here at the bar maybe?" He asked as he reached out a hand and touched hers. He never took his eyes from hers.

Amanda felt her insides turning to pudding at his touch. "Yeah…sounds good…I just need to… uh…" She was stammering. She knew she was losing brain cells by the second at his touch.

Dean knew he was getting to her, because she was getting to him. He was feeling something here he'd never felt before. Not even Cassie had made him feel this way. "Are you staying nearby?" He asked, trying to keep his mind on topic, but finding he couldn't help himself. He was seriously attracted to her and he was Dean Winchester after all.

"Yes we are. We're at the motel here for the weekend." Ryon said as she walked up to the bar and noticed Dean was rubbing her mother's hand. She smiled at her mother's reaction to Dean.

Sometimes she knew she made mistakes over guys, but Ryon was young and she just wanted to meet someone nice. She had caused her mother a lot of grief over her choices in men, but she was on a changed path now especially since…well, just since she'd decided that change was necessary. She would never have gotten out of that situation if it wasn't for her mother and the fact that she loved and cared about her and so Ryon knew her mother deserved to be happy for once.

"Dean, why don't you walk my mom back to her room while the rest of us close up here? I'm sure she's pretty tired and I don't want her walking alone, even this close." Ryon suggested with a mischievous glint in her eye. If she got her mother and Dean in the same place and alone, she knew her mother would be a goner; hell by the looks of things, she already was.

Amanda turned to look at her daughter. Really Ryon? Could you possibly be anymore annoying? I mean, why don't you just come right out and tell him to take me to bed? Amanda thought to her daughter, knowing she heard every word.

Well, I could still say that if you'd like. Look Mom, he's hot and you are not old. You need to face that fact no matter how hard you try to make yourself seem eighty. He really likes you, so go for it. Besides, with you out of the way I can work on Sam. Ryon smiled at her mother.

Communicating telepathically had come in handy a lot during their recent cases and Ryon loved it. Except when her mother was able to get inside her head and mess with her. Like all mothers could, telepathically or not, and normally her mother was queen expert at doing it, but right now she was not thinking straight.

Dean was watching the two women as they seemed to just be staring each other down. "Am I missing something here or are you two 'thinking' at each other?" He asked, jokingly.

Ryon, they're Hunters. You need to keep that in mind, and not let them know anything about the family or us. Got it? Keep your cool and don't tell them anything. I think they're here for the same reason we are, the case; our case.

Yes Mom, I got it; I pegged them as Hunters too. I'm almost as good as you; I may not be as quick, but you taught me, so I know how things work.

Really? Then do you also know that Sam is like you?

What do you mean? Ryon looked confused.

Sam is psychic; like you. He just doesn't understand his gift yet. Or how to use it. Amanda knew where Sam's gift came from too, but she left that info out, because she knew that was Sam's business and it wouldn't affect anything Amanda felt about him, since she sensed him to basically good at heart.

No I didn't know that, but now that I do, I'll still be fine. I think both of these guys are good guys; that I can feel. And I know that's what you feel about them too, or else you would have gotten us both out of here at the first sight of them. Ryon paused. I think they can help us if we just let them. Mom, I know I'm new at this, but I can't ignore my feelings anymore than you can and this guy Dean, he likes you. And not like a one night stand thing; he like really likes you.

Amanda smiled. I know. She turned to look at Dean who was still watching them and she gave him a small weak smile at his questioning look. I know and that's what bothers me. I'm too old for him; hell he could almost be my son; if I'd started early.

But the key here is he's not your son and you are not old, so stop acting like it. Talk to him, kiss him, hell have mad passionate gorilla sex if you want, but do what you want; enjoy yourself for one second. Have some fun; let go. 'Cause he is definitely fun! I'm positive you won't get hurt, at least not intentionally.

Maybe…Amanda thought about it…maybe. She looked Ryon in the eye. She was scared. But that's what scares me. What if he's too good to be true?

Take a chance. You'll never know unless you take a chance.

"Okay…so no one's talking here, but I get the feeling a lot is being said anyway. Maybe I'll just sit here and watch the dust bunnies floating through the air while you guys get your mother-daughter Vulcan mind meld thing over with." Dean said as he smiled at the two of them. "Besides, I'm not gonna pass up an opportunity to be a gentleman and walk a pretty lady home."

Amanda smiled a more genuine smile as she turned back to look at Dean. She was about to answer him when Brenda came running into the bar screaming and crying. She had just left to go find her husband Ray, and head home for the night

"He's gone! Oh God, someone took my Ray, Amanda! He's gone!" Amanda pulled away from Dean and rushed out from behind the bar to gather the distraught woman in her arms. "He's gone!"


Jimmy came running from the kitchen at the sound of his daughter screaming. He came rushing up to Amanda and Brenda, and reached out to touch Brenda's shoulder.

Sam got up from his table to come stand by Dean who had gotten up from his bar stool when Amanda rushed out from behind the bar. Dean started toward Amanda when suddenly the door to the bar opened again and this time four men walked in. Dean took in the appearance of the men and slowly took a step closer to Amanda. These guys were not good news and Dean could feel that deep down to his bones. His Hunter instincts told him there was something really wrong with these men.

Dean's hand went to the small of his back for his gun, but after not finding it, he remembered; it was still in the Impala. They'd come in to just talk to Jimmy. They hadn't expected any trouble in the bar. But Dean was never completely unarmed. Dean always carried his favorite blade with him, but right now he wasn't able to reach it without drawing attention towards himself.

Sam had felt the same as Dean when he first saw the four men come in and stand in formation facing them. Brenda, Jimmy and Amanda were closer to them and that worried Sam as much as it did Dean. Ryon came to stand next to Sam and the others were all sitting at a table by the kitchen waiting to go home. They all knew something wasn't good with these men.

Amanda slowly released her hold on Brenda and handed her slowly over to Jimmy as she kept her eyes on the men standing a mere two feet from her. She felt their evil even before she looked them over. But once she made eye contact with the first man closest to her, she knew. They were men alright, but they were men being possessed by demons.

"Hey guys. I'm sorry, but we're about to close up for the night." Jimmy said. He could tell from Amanda's reaction to the men that she was not comfortable with the four strangers. He couldn't see anything wrong with them, but he knew better than to ignore Amanda. He slowly pulled Brenda to him and took a couple hesitant steps back from the men putting himself and Brenda closer to Sam and this allowed Dean to step closer to Amanda.

"Are you sure?" The first man asked Jimmy, but he looked at Amanda.

Amanda met his gaze head on. All of the men were dressed in casual clothing; jeans, t-shirts and boots, but this one seemed anything but casual in the way he was carrying himself. Amanda quickly dubbed him the leader by the vibes she was getting. He was the one in control of the others.

"Yes." Amanda answered for Jimmy as she felt Dean take another step towards her. She put her hand up behind her back to stop him. "It's okay Dean. These guys will just have to hit the bar in the next town. Their leader here can just move them all on down the road." She added never taking her eyes off the leader.

Dean stopped where he stood behind Amanda simply because she'd stopped him, but he was close enough to her to let the men know that he was there. And that he wasn't moving.

"Not even one drink?" The second man next to the leader asked as he gave her a toothless grin. "We're pretty thirsty."

The whistle through his toothless grin made him sound like he was wheezy and not really all that scary, but Amanda knew better. She dubbed this guy weasel, 'cause he looked like one. He was small with greasy hair and small beady eyes. He also had a very strong smell of decay about him and not just because of his poor oral care. He was dead; the only thing keeping him on his feet was the demon inside him. She could smell the decay wafting off him and it was sickening.

She knew all of the men were dead. She could tell by the smell from all of them and it was one thing to have a human possessed by a demon, because the humans could try and fight back, but when the human host was dead, then the demon was in total control. And that was never good.

"Nope sorry; no drinks. I think I should call you weasel, 'cause your kind of weasely." Amanda said to the second guy. "Sam could you make sure Ryon and the other girls are safe?" She said to Sam never taking her eyes off the men. "Jimmy, take Brenda with Sam. Make sure they're all safe." Amanda could feel Dean right behind her. "Dean I really hope you and Sam know what we're dealing with here."

The men in front of her ignored her instructions to the others. They weren't there for any of them anyway. They were sent for just one person and he stood right there next to the woman. "The others can go." The leader said.

"Good; 'cause they were going whether you approved or not." Amanda replied. She slowly moved forward to stand closer to the leader. "You and your friends here really should have moved on down the road for your drinks 'cause you know you aren't gonna be leaving here now, don't you?" She asked watching him, but keeping everyone on her radar; she was aware of where everyone was even if she couldn't see them.

Sam moved slowly pulling Ryon alone with Jimmy and Brenda towards the kitchen where he made sure they and the others were safe. Ryon didn't want to go, but she knew her mother would kill her if she didn't, so she went; but she stayed close to the door keeping it cracked so she could see what went down. Sam whispered something to her just before she entered the kitchen and she nodded in answer and pointed to the bar as he turned away from her.

Sam moved back into the room with Jimmy following him. Jimmy quietly moved behind the bar while focus was on Sam who went to stand just behind Dean who had taken another step forward and was now standing next to Amanda.

Dean knew that what they were facing here was not human, and he hoped Sam had that figured out too. He wasn't sure what these men were just yet, but he knew evil when he saw it. Until he figured things out, he'd follow Amanda's lead; for whatever reason he could not explain he was putting this in her hands. For now. He knew she knew something that he and Sam didn't, so he would just back her up until the time came when he would take the lead.

Dean knew Sam had placed himself with his back against the bar and directly behind him and Amanda and that jimmy was behind the bar. He hoped there were weapons stashed back there.

"It don't matter whether they stay or go – we're not here for any of them." The last man in line spoke this time.

Amanda looked the man up and down. He was tall and gangly looking and kind of resembled an uncoordinated baboon. "Okay, if you say so." She replied to him and decided to think of him as monkey boy. That left the third man; she dubbed him #3 in her thoughts. She smiled to herself. Good, she thought. Everyone now has a name in my book. Let the party begin.

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