Wayward Sons

Chapter 5

Chapter Five

"I know who you are here for and you can't have him. He's off limits; in fact he's already spoken for. He's mine, so she will never be able to get her hands on him." Amanda now knew what it was that had been nagging her all evening about Dean and Sam. "She can't have him; she has already taken too many and it stops here. If she wants him that badly, then she will have to come to me and take me out first. And she knows she can never beat me at this game; I am more powerful than her at this so I guess that's why she won't come herself. Instead she sends her minions to do her dirty work for her. I had expected as much." Amanda said as she took a protective step closer to Dean.

"Yes, she did send us, but we take what she wants and she will get what she wants here." The leader said. "But she wants no fight with you."

"That's what I thought." Amanda replied. "But if you try to take my stuff, she will have one hell of a fight on her hands. I don't back down and she knows that. You try and do anything, and I mean anything, then it will be war." Amanda sent a thought to Eva who she knew had to be close by to control her demons. Dean Winchester is mine and you cannot have him. It stops here Eva and you know I will end this one way or another if you don't stop. I'm coming for you and you cannot hide from me. Let Ray go and stay away from Dean, because if you don't you know I will kill you. I. Will. Kill. You.

"And you want us to go back to her and tell her that?" Weasel guy asked laughing at the thought.

Amanda turned to stare him down. "No."

"No?" He asked confused.

"No. She already knows that. She only sent you to buy her some time to take care of her last victim. But it won't work, she knows that even if she kills Ray, I will find her and I will take her out. And she knows she can't have you kill me, because I'm tied to her and if I die, she dies."

Dean turned to look at Amanda. What was she saying? He turned to look at Sam and was comforted to see him at his back. And what's more, Sam held two blades in his hand hiding them between himself and Dean. Dean wasn't able to see much, but he could swear they seemed to look like they were gold blades instead of the regular steel or silver of most hunting knives. Well, it didn't matter, a knife was a knife and he was glad Sam had thought of weapons.

That's my boy, Dean thought. He turned back to the men just in time to see the one dubbed weasel reach inside his jacket and remove a blade of his own. Dean felt his heart in his stomach at the close quarters of this bar for a fight, especially with Amanda in the middle of it all. He took a small step backwards to Sam who placed a blade in Dean's hand which he held out behind his back. Dean then worked to maneuver his brother out of the way, back into the shadows; out of harm's way.

But Sam refused to cooperate with him; he wanted to fight. Dean knew Sam could hold his own in one on one fights, but there were four of them and that meant Dean had to take out at least three, because there was no way he was letting Amanda have anything to do with a physical fight either. No matter what things she was saying.

"What about the rest of you? Any of you got a blade or two you want to share, 'cause it doesn't seem fair that you get all the weapons here." Dean said to the men as a group.

And in that moment, Dean lost all sense of reality. He saw the leader reach behind him and pull a gun from the waistband of his jeans and he clearly heard the safety click off the gun. He ignored the rest of the men for the moment as he focused on the leader and the weasel guy, weighing their threat level. He was thinking how he was going to get the gun from the leader and keep the knife from Amanda when Sam suddenly drew the men's attention towards himself by grabbing a beer bottle from the bar and with a shout slamming it against the ledge of the bar, breaking the bottom off and making him self an impromptu weapon.

As Sam was diverting the men's attention towards himself, he reached out and placed the second blade in Amanda's waiting hand. Sam turned to focus on the last man, the one Amanda called monkey boy… wait Sam thought. How did he know that? She'd never said that out loud. But before he could ponder that anymore, Amanda was drawing attention to herself by speaking.

"We gonna do this or what?" She replied dryly bringing her blade around to face down the leader on her own. She gently but firmly planted herself between Dean and the leader to let Dean know he wasn't going to be facing this one. Besides she knew Dean didn't completely understand that they were dealing with demons; he did seem to know that they were after him though. She could read that in Dean's demeanor towards the men. She could see it in his actions, his stance. He was going to fight or die. He didn't really seem to care if he lived or died here, just as long as he fought.

Amanda knew Eva wanted Dean and that was why these men were here. They were sent to take Dean and so Amanda knew she had to protect him at all costs whether he wanted it or not. She sent another thought to Eva to try one last time. It's now or never, Eva. This is your last chance to back off and end this.

Then suddenly Amanda was stricken with a deep feeling of panic. It's not me Amanda. Believe me when I say I am not the one doing this. Eva was telling her that she was innocent? What the hell? Amanda hesitated then as she tried to figure out this new revelation. Amanda knew it had to be Eva, who else could it be?

There is nothing you can do to stop me, Amanda. Dean Winchester is mine. Come to me if you dare. Come to me if you want to save him. Amanda heard the woman as clearly as if she were standing directly in front of her… and not in the bar's kitchen. The voice was coming from… God, no!

Amanda had somehow made a mistake about Eva and now her daughter was in the kitchen with the woman who was really responsible for this.


Dean didn't completely understand why Amanda was trying to block him from the leader, but he couldn't stop and think about that right now. As the leader raised his gun and pointed it at Amanda during her confusion, Dean didn't stop to think as he moved on instinct alone. His knife came up and as he lunged forward, he gripped the man's gun arm with his free hand and he drove the bland of his knife deep into the man's chest. The man cried out and dropped his gun, his hands going to the handle of the knife that protruded from his chest.

That alone was enough to know the man would die, but then suddenly as the man crumpled to the floor of the bar, it looked as if there was a fire burning from within him just before he died. Dean didn't have time to question what had just happened as he turned to see Sam swing at the last man and catch him with the broken beer bottle in the neck forcing the man back as he gripped the wound in his neck in an effort to stop the flow of blood.

Dean was slightly shocked at the level of Sam's violence towards the man and he watched Sam grab a nearby chair and raise it high over his head to bring it crashing down on the man's back causing him to collapse to the floor still clutching at his wounded throat.

Dean caught sight of weasel guy moving in his side vision so Dean moved to grab Amanda around the waist and pull her back from the man's path as he was just about to lunge at her with his knife raised. Amanda fought Dean's grip and swung out with her own blade and thrust it into the man's right thigh severing an artery. The man fell to the floor and convulsed with the same inner firelight as the first man before dying.

The third man made to reach for Sam when a shot rang out in the room that took everyone by surprise, especially the third man. Jimmy stood behind the bar holding a shotgun that was still smoking from both barrels as he'd unloaded them in the third man's chest. The man went down; hard with the same inner fire burning through out his whole body.

Amanda was still fighting against Dean's hold and she finally managed to pulled free; she rushed over to the weasel guy and grabbed her knife still lodged in his thigh. She needed to get to the kitchen; to Ryon, but Dean reached out and grabbed a hold of her again. During their scuffle when all attention was on Jimmy and Dean with Amanda, no one saw monkey guy get up from the floor and grab an empty whiskey bottle from a nearby table and with his bloody neck wound still pumping blood down his throat and chest, the demon-possessed man advanced on Dean and Amanda.

Dean's only warning something was coming was the look of surprise in Amanda's eyes and that didn't give Dean much time, but he was able to turn slightly so that when the man brought the bottle crashing down, he only caught Dean on the left side of his head instead of a full blow to his skull.

Dean felt the hit throughout his whole body. The impact shook him all the way to his toes as he lost his hold on Amanda and he sank to his knees. He felt himself falling forward as he tried to keep himself from going down face first on the hard wooden floor. Amanda reached out and threw her arms around Dean's chest trying to keep him upright.

"Jimmy! It's not Eva; it's Brenda!" Amanda yelled to her cousin, as she continued trying to hold onto Dean.

Jimmy looked at Amanda like she was crazy, but he knew she wasn't. Deep down, he just knew. He blinked as he saw the monkey guy trying to pull the knife from weasel guy's hands. Jimmy grabbed another shotgun as he ran from behind the bar and tossed it to Sam. "Aim for the heart!" He yelled to him before he disappeared into the kitchen.

"Sam! He's a demon! Shoot! The pellets are marked." She yelled at Sam as he caught the gun in mid air.

Sam brought the shotgun up just as the man turned to face him with the knife in his bloody grip. Sam did not hesitate; he fired both barrels at the man and watched as the man froze, his inner fire burning brightly before he fell to the floor dead.

Ryon! It's Brenda! Amanda said to her daughter. She couldn't leave Dean now. He was falling into her and he was a lot heavier than he looked. She sank to her knees facing him now as it took all her strength just to keep him upright on his knees. His eyes were kind of glassy looking but she could see he was trying his best to stay conscious.

Amanda held onto her knife that she'd managed to pull from weasel guy's leg just before Dean had grabbed her again. She was holding onto the blade while she was trying to hold onto Dean and knew she needed to let it go so she could get a better grip on him, but she also knew this was the only weapon she had access to that would kill a demon.

"What did you do to my boys?" Came the booming voice of a new stranger that no one had seen enter the bar during the battle.

The man grabbed a handful of Amanda's hair and pulled her head back in his painful grip and Amanda found herself looking up into the silvery grey eyes of an older man with a gun in his freed hand held against her right temple. The pain from his grip in her hair was too much and Amanda cried out when her head was pulled even farther back. She felt her grip on her blade slacking as well as her hold on Dean. She could do nothing but look up at the man holding her and see his demon face just beneath his human features.

Sam looked around for another weapon, but before he could find something, he saw Dean grab Amanda's knife from her failing grip and somehow find the strength to ram the blade deep in the man's chest just under his breast bone.

It had taken all of Dean's energy to push the blade into the man's chest from where he knelt on the floor in Amanda's grip, but he'd done it. But now as the man was falling to the floor he still had a hold of Amanda by the hair and he was pulling her with him, and away from Dean's only source of support.

Amanda fell onto the man as he went down and as she lost her grip on Dean, she used her new position to pull the blade out of the man's chest and ram it home again… and again… finally the man let go of her as the life drained from him.

Amanda quickly crawled back and reached out for Dean who was swaying on his knees trying to keep from falling too.

"Mandy?" He whispered, his voice straining to be heard.

He blinked once twice then Amanda threw her entire self at him just in time. She was able to keep him from falling to the floor by using her body to support him.

Dean's face was buried somewhere in Amanda's chest and he couldn't help thinking to himself, this was awesome. But instead of saying anything even remotely Dean-like, he instead slowly raised his head and whispered, "Sammy?" He had to know… had to find Sam. Where was he? Dean realized it was getting harder to focus on anything as he tried to move his head around from Amanda's breasts.

"Hey hey Dean… it's okay; Sam's okay. He's here." Amanda said as she looked around for Sam while trying to keep Dean's head out of her cleavage. "Dean, you really need to stop using your face to try and get inside my shirt." She tried humor; she needed to keep him awake.

She felt Dean trying to smile at that. "Can't help it… you're… you're s-soff…"He slurred weakly.

Amanda tried to locate Sam and thanked God when he was suddenly there, helping her by pulling Dean's dead weight off her. Taking some of Dean's weight as his own.

Dean wanted to protest, but when his fuzzy brain realized he was seeing three Sams floating in front of him, he thought it best to keep his mouth shut. He was having a hard enough time trying to focus. Light and sound was suddenly flooding his brain and he was quickly hit with a huge feeling of nausea as he felt the bile rising in the back of his throat. He swallowed convulsively trying to keep it at bay; he so did not want to throw up on Amanda right now, 'cause that could wreck his chances of hooking up with her later on.

"Dean! Stay with me man!" Sam yelled as he pulled Dean back against his chest to keep him from falling back onto Amanda again. "Hang on, we're gonna get you some help."

Something wet and sticky was running into Dean's eyes and he tried to wipe at it with his hand, but his hand wasn't moving as fast as he wanted it to. Clarity was beginning to cut through his fogginess somewhat, but he was still having trouble getting his brain to communicate things to his body.

"M'okay, just need… I'm fine. Juss… nee some… help up." Dean slurred again.

"Man you are so far beyond okay right now… you're in bad shape Dean." Sam said as he clutched Dean tightly to him in a feeble attempt to ground himself; to hold onto his brother both physically as well as mentally. "You're hurt and you're bleeding Dean… a lot." He knew head wounds could bleed like crazy, but this was a lot of blood.

"…kay… then lemme go, Sam." Dean said softly.

Sam freaked at the words. "What?! No way Dean! You cannot leave me!" Fear now coming out front and center in Sam's voice. Dean could leave him; not now. No way.

It took Dean a couple seconds to understand what Sam was panicking over. "No… I mean… lemme go… back to Amanda's… to her… she's sof…" Dean smirked up at Sammy.

"I think Dean wants to play the hurt hero so he can get back inside my clothes." Amanda replied softly as she grabbed a bar towel from the top of the bar. "I'm not normally that easy Dean, but since girls do love a hero, I'm gonna make an exception here." She added as she placed the towel to Dean's left temple. At his wince to the pain the pressure she was applying caused, she couldn't help herself when she added, "And I do love a hero Dean. Thank you." And she moved to sit on the floor indicating for Sam to lower Dean into her lap.

"You can lay here Dean, while I send Sam for some water and a first aid kit." She added as she maneuvered him into her lap with Sam's help.

But Sam made no move to leave Dean's side after moving him. He continued to watch his brother as he lay there with his eyes blinking open and closed.

"Cool." Dean said as he smiled weakly up into Amanda's beautiful green eyes.

"I'm not that easy, Dean." Amanda chuckled at that smile of his. God the man was unbelievable. He could be dying here, and he was still flirting shamelessly.

Dean looked up at the woman and thought again about how beautiful she was. "I know; Mandy." He answered gently taking in her face as he used the nickname she had yet to actually give him permission to use; for the second time. She was still looking a little fuzzy to him, but at least he was only seeing one of her. Which he decided may or may not be a good thing.

He tried to keep focused on her, but the steady pounding in his head was becoming unbearable and he knew he had a concussion. It felt like he had the Pacific Ocean pounding away at the beaches during high tide inside his skull; and the nausea was so much worse now. He slowly closed his eyes to try and keep the sick feeling at bay.

Ryon came running into the bar to her mother's side as she took in the sight of Dean in her lap. "Brenda ran out the back door as the fight started. Jimmy and Jennifer took off after her. I'm sorry Mom, I didn't know."

"It's okay; it's my fault not yours. I was so focused on Eva; I don't know how I could have been fooled. I really thought it was her. I never suspected Brenda."

"It happens Mom."

"Not to me; I never make a mistake like that."

Sam was barely listening to the two women as he reached out to gently nudge his brother. "Dean, wake up; open your eyes dude…please."

"I'mmm…I'm awake Sammy. Jus…restin' my eyes… lovin' the feel of a woman under me… me… again." Dean murmured with a slow grin as he gently opened his eyes. "And… listening to Mandy and Ryon… they know a lot more… more about this than we do… about thissss… hunt." He added trying to focus on Amanda.

"Well… yeah kind of." She answered evasively.

"But we didn't come here expecting to find a case. It just came out after we got here." Ryon explained for her.

Amanda bent down to Dean and said. "That's true, but we didn't hide that fact. Not like you and Sam, right Dean…Winchester?" At seeing the surprise on both Sam and Dean's faces, she added, "We'll talk about that later, young man. When you're able to argue back without passing out, got it?" She said trying use her best mom voice, but she was smiling as she bent down and gently pressed her lips to his forehead.

Dean was surprised by this, but he just smiled back. "Yes ma'am. But I think…gonna take a little nap firs…" He said as he saw the dark spots in the corners of his vision quickly merging into full on blackness and he allowed himself to succumb to the black emptiness.

AN: Thank you to everyone who has been reading and I hope everyone is liking it!

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