Wayward Sons

Chapter 6

Chapter Six

As Sam and Dean walked out of the diner and headed for the Impala, Dean remembered bumping into one of the two big guys coming out of the alley near where he'd parked his baby. It seemed innocent enough; Dean apologized, albeit a little leery considering what the two boys had just come away from. He tried to side step the bigger guy, but he knew something was wrong the instant before he was grabbed from behind and felt himself being pulled backwards towards a waiting van parked on the opposite side of the alley.

Dean could see Sam out of the corner of his eye as he yelled at whoever had a hold of him. "What the hell?! Let go, asshole!"

Sam could hear Dean, but he was being manhandled by the two guys they'd seen coming from the alley. Dean realized all too quickly that while they were working to subdue Sam, only one had a grip on Dean, a mysterious third man. And that's also when he realized that these guys had severely underestimated them, because if they'd known who they had here, they'd have also know Sam was not their biggest threat simply because of his larger size. Dean was.

But before Dean could work his magic, he felt the jab of something sharp hit him in the back of his neck, and then everything went fuzzy. They had not underestimated the Winchesters; they'd just taken down their biggest threat with something so simple.

Dean could barely make out the two men still holding onto Sam and he couldn't hear the shouting coming from Sam anymore. He didn't even feel it when he was thrown into the side of the paneled van.

He could only take in the fact that the van he was thrown into was not carpeted; it was a work van with metal flooring. And just as he felt something big and heavy hit him in the back of his legs, Dean had something small, shiny and dangerous pressed into the right side of his face. He tried to focus on the gun, but his vision was swimming and everything seemed to be moving in slow motion.

"S-smmy?" He tried to get out before everything went black.


Sam was sitting by the bed helping Amanda clean and care for the wound at the side of Dean's head by wiping away the dried blood. She was stitching up the cut he'd gotten from the whiskey bottle and he knew she was also noting the other deep scratches to Dean's forehead and torso from the Daeva attacks just a couple days ago.

Sam knew she wanted to get Dean to a hospital, but he hoped he'd gotten her to understand that they couldn't. A hospital was out of the question right now and after what Ryon had told him about herself and her mother, Sam was hoping that they would be Dean's best chance here.

As Amanda finished the last stitch and Sam had finished cleaning Dean's face, they sat back with a joint sigh; they were just in time to see that Dean was dreaming now. Both sat mesmerized; watching him as he seemed to struggle with something or someone.

Amanda placed her hand on Dean's chest to feel his heartbeat; feel his emotions. She could feel Dean's inner struggle; feel his worry and when they both heard Dean's low moan with the echo of Sam's name on his lips as he exhaled, she knew Dean's pain. She knew his worry; his fears. This man's only real concern in this world sat next to him worrying just as much about him.


Dean remembered rushing up to the front door of his old childhood home and having to beat the door down with a hatchet so he could get to his brother. Sam was trapped inside with the evil spirit that was terrifying the family living in his former in the home.

Dean remembered breaking the door in and getting to the kitchen and finding Sam pinned against some cabinets watching as the burning spirit came down the stairs. He was ready to blow the spirit away with the rock salt shotgun when he was stopped by Sam.

"No, don't! Don't!"

"What, why?" Dean asked, unsure of what was going through Sam's head.

"Because I know who it is. I can see her now."

Dean watched as the spirit came closer and the fire began to dissipate to reveal it was the spirit of their mother. She looked exactly as she had the night she died in the fire. Dean couldn't believe what he was seeing. He felt the tears prickling behind his eyes as he slowly lowered the shotgun.

"Mom?" He asked, confused. He couldn't believe this. His mom was there in front of him just as he remembered her.

"Dean." She said softly, like she'd said his name that night before his Dad had arrived home.

Dean blinked at the tears as he watched Sam and the house around him disappear and all that remained were him and his mother. But she was moving away from him now; she was being taken away again.

"Mom! Don't go please!" Dean reached out to her, but she was moving backwards away from him and he wasn't able to make his feet move. He needed her to stop; to stay with him. "Mom!"

"Dean, remember the angels. The angels are watching over you, honey." She replied as she slowly slipped away into the nothingness.

Dean reached for her, but she was gone. "Mom… please… please stay with me." He begged as he moaned at the huge ache her leaving was causing his heart.

Suddenly his mother's image was floating near him. "I'm here, Dean. I'm always with you." Then she leaned over and gently kissed his cheek.


Amanda watched Dean as he stirred in his unconscious state. He was dreaming again or possibly he was remembering. She walked over to the bed and looked down at him. God he looked so pale, it tore at her heart. She didn't know what to do here; Sam had trusted her to watch over Dean while he and Ryon had taken the girls home and then gone to help Jimmy search for Brenda. It was three in the morning and so dark outside. Amanda worried about both of them out there with Eva or Brenda or whoever was behind all of this and who knew how many demons working for them.

Her healing powers hadn't really seemed to work on Dean, and she had been surprised by that. She'd never had that happen before, but it could be because they already had a binding link that she had allowed when Dean had touched her back in the bar. When he'd stroked her hand she'd allowed him in and that was something she rarely ever did outside of family.

But even if she couldn't heal him with just one touch, she could help alleviate his pain. She was torn; she knew she could ease his emotional discomfort by touching him; by taking his emotions inside herself so that he could rest and heal on his own, but she didn't want to invade the man's thoughts. For some strong and compelling reason she felt that everything Dean was before; everything he was now was all about keeping his pain; his emotions hidden from others. He kept them packed away and for her to try and access them would feel like a betrayal to him. She didn't want him to think she was going to hurt him if she knew his secrets.

She sighed as she could see him reaching out in his sleep for something… someone. He was moaning and even with his eyes closed, she knew he was on the verge of tears for whatever or whomever he was reaching for.

Her mind made up, she took hold of his hand and sat down on the bed next to him. She felt his deep despair at the loss of someone…someone very special to him. She reached out and stroked his cheek as he moaned. She was slightly surprised when he leaned his face into her touch.

"Mom…please…stay with me." He moaned into her hand.

Amanda could feel Dean's heart breaking. Breaking for his mother; God he was remembering his mother. This boy; man; was remembering his mother and she could feel his anguish at the loss of her. She was gone; died in a very brutal way; and she was leaving him now; again, just as before.

Amanda knew what she should do and what she needed to do. She did not hesitate. She moved her free hand to cover his forehead and she bent down close to his ear. "I'm here Dean. I'm always with you." She said and she gently kissed his cheek.

She instantly felt the man relax and she could feel the ache in his heart ease at her words. She held fast to him until Sam and Ryon came back and found her clutching his hand, sitting on the bed next to him with her forehead resting on Dean's cheek.


Dean woke slowly to the pounding in his head. He lifted a hand and tried to reach up to touch the cut on the side of his head, but found instead a stiff bandage there. He slowly lowered his hand and tried to open his eyes. He tried to focus, but all he could see was darkness and just as he was beginning to think that maybe he had gone blind, tiny pinpoints of light began to creep into his line of sight. He realized he was in a dark room with only one source of light coming from near his head.

He could hear voices; Sam's voice as well as that of…was that Amanda's voice too? He couldn't be sure at first, but then he could hear the definite timber of her soft spoken tone. They were talking; about him.

"I still think we need to get him to a hospital, Sam." Amanda was saying.

"No. No hospital." Sam said almost instantly.

Good boy; Sam. Dean knew the last place they could go right now was a hospital since Dean couldn't risk being identified from his police record in St. Louis. Sure that Dean Winchester was dead, but if he suddenly showed up, then there could be problems they didn't need right now. They couldn't very well explain that it was a shape-shifter buried there under his name.

"What the hell do you mean 'no'?" That was Ryon's voice; light and definitely girly, Dean thought.

Dean could imagine the look Sam would be giving the women. "No hospital Amanda. Trust me on that, if I could take Dean, I would. You're just gonna have to try again to and cure him."

Cure him? Again? What was Sam saying? Dean thought about this; maybe he was hearing wrong. Maybe his concussion was worse than he'd thought. There was no way Amanda could cure him. Not unless she really was… a witch?

"I can't. I tried, Sam. My power isn't working on him and I don't know why." There was an odd undertone to Amanda's words. A slight tremor; Dean could hear it because he wasn't looking at her. She was hiding something.

"Can you just…just try again; please Amanda?" Sam was pleading. "Please…he's my brother. He's…" Dean could hear the desperation in Sam's voice and it was unnerving him.

"S-sam?" Dean croaked out; his throat felt like sandpaper. "Sa-Sammy?" He tried again.

"Dean?" Sam was suddenly by Dean's side.

Dean groaned at the sound of Sam's voice so close. His eyelids fluttering; his long lashes brushing his pale face.

"Hey Dean. Open your eyes man."


"Yeah man, I'm here. Come on, open your eyes for me Dean."

"…the hell?" Dean swallowed and tried again to open his eyes. "What the hell 'appened?"

"You used your head as target practice for that whiskey bottle; that guy was using it like it was a club." Sam reached out to touch Dean's cheek to see if he could get him to keep his eyes opened. He was rewarded with a decidedly Dean Winchester pissy face when he finally got his eyelids up and he could focus in on Sam.

"Dude, per-personal space." Dean said, trying to sound indignant. His voice was slightly stronger, but his focus was still off. He continued to blink as he took in his surroundings. As Sam smiled at him he stepped back to give Dean some room.

He slowly focused in on his own body and realized he was wearing only his jeans. His chest was bare and he had new bandages on his left side from the Deaeva's attack. He looked around at the generic motel room. They were basically all the same; except this one was a little different. As Dean looked up over his head he decided that this room was more than a little different than their average fare. The room had what was… was that a pentagram painted on the ceiling? What the hell?

"Am I going crazy, Sammy or is there some witchy artwork on the ceiling over my bed?" He asked as he turned that pissy face back to look at Sam.

Sam nodded his head trying to stifle a laugh. "Yeah dude. You're in Amanda's room. And she loves the witchy stuff, you know, considering she's a little bit more than a 'head in the clouds wiccan wannabe witch'." Sam paused before adding, "She a real honest to god witch, Dean." Sam said as he took in Dean's face moving from pissy to shocked.

"What? Really?"

"Yep, so if you're looking to hook up with her later, you're gonna have to look at the artwork." Sam finally gave in to the laugh he'd been trying to control.

Dean turned as Amanda approached him on the other side of the bed. He was shocked; surprised, really. He didn't like witches; he'd had a bad experience with one in his past, but… there was something about Amanda, he thought. Maybe…

Dean thought about it for a few more seconds then he smirked at Sam and replied, "Nah man. I don't have to see that artwork."

"And exactly why not?" Amanda blasted as she moved to put both hands on her hips and stare him down. Just who did he think he was? He wasn't any better than her. "I'll have you know that a pentagram is not witchy artwork, it is a blessing; for good, for protection. Not all witches are bad you know." She replied as her anger took over at the nerve of him.

"Wait." Dean chuckled. "Don't get your panties in a bunch." He said as he gently wriggled his eyebrows at her. "I just meant I won't be seein' that artwork because I'll be looking down; from the top."

Ryon burst into laughter as she saw her mother's jaw drop and the rising color creeping into her face. Sam chuckled along with Ryon. Typical Dean; they both were something else.

"You are unbelievable!" Amanda said trying to sound upset by the remark, but slowly began grinning at the man. She sat down on the bed next to him taking a hold of his hand. She reached out to check the bandage on his head. "Do you want me to back off? I mean, I don't want to be in your 'personal space'." She mimicked Dean's earlier words.

"Hon… you can enter my personal space anytime. But maybe we should send the children out of the room before we… you know, check out the witchy artwork together." He teased.

"Okay, I can see you're better Dean. Why I even worry, I'll never know." Sam replied.

"Because you're such a girl Samantha."

Sam watched as Dean blinked at him and fought back the urge to verbally spar with him when he could see the pain that was still there in Dean's eyes. He wasn't up to their usual mental sparring yet. Sam turned to Amanda instead and asked again, "What can you do to help his pain?"

Amanda sighed as she looked up at Sam. "I've tried everything and right now if your brother will stay in bed and let the potion work, he might just be up and around sometime tomorrow, but I can't promise anything. As I said before my powers don't seem to be working on him, so we just have to be patient."

"But what if Brenda sends more demons for him? I'm not losing my brother." Sam said with fierce determination.

Dean had been watching as the two talked over him and he hated when that happened. No one, not even Sam was going to talk about him like he wasn't there; like he couldn't take care of himself.

"Stop." He snapped at the two. "Whatever is going on, it stops now. I'm right here guys and no one is going to discuss what's best for me like I'm friggin' four years old."

"But Dean-" Sam began.

"No buts, Sammy." Dean ground out. "What the hell is going on here? Why would Brenda be after me? Why demons?" He questioned then the remembered earlier conversation about cures and powers. "Why would Amanda have powers? And what the hell do you mean by potion? He asked turning to look at Amanda. "What the hell exactly is going on?"

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