Wayward Sons

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine

Both Sam and Dean turned to look at Amanda. The two had been so involved in their battle of who was guiltier, that they'd missed hearing Amanda and Ryon come into the room. Dean gently let go of Sam's shirt as he turned to face the woman watching them.

Amanda blinked at the sight of the man standing there without a shirt. She took in the bandages to his left temple and his left side; his right arm resting across his stomach to hold onto his left side as he turned to face her. Damn it, she thought as she swallowed hard, the man was hot even wounded.

"Both of you need to stop this fighting right now." She said firmly as she walked into to room, dropping her bag she'd been carrying just inside the room by the door. Ryon followed her into the room and shut the door behind them. "You two are going to be the death of me with all the fucking emotions bouncing around you both." She walked over to them and reached out her left hand and gently touched Sam's upper right arm.

"Mom-" Ryon began. "Don't." She didn't want her mother to be overcome by the emotions from Sam and Dean again.

But one look at her mother as she turned to smile at her, told her what Amanda was going to do. Ryon smiled and crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the closed door to watch Amanda then place her right hand on Dean's left arm as she looked at first Sam and then Dean.

"Now I want you to feel what the other one is feeling." And with that she closed her eyes and both men could feel the energy channeled from her to them through her touch.

Both Sam and Dean looked at each other and it was as if both were completely awash in what the other had just been feeling, both physically as well as emotionally. Sam gasped at the physical pain from Dean's current wounds as well as his feelings of abandonment, but that wasn't all Dean was feeling. Sam could feel the pride coming from Dean; Dean was proud…of him, of Sam. Proud of everything Sam had ever done during their lives. Sam felt other things as well. Like how Dean felt about his own self. He felt like he was a soldier; a nobody. He felt Sam was more important and that Dean himself wasn't. He felt Dean's love for their father, but that love paled in comparison for Dean's love for him, for Sam. Dean truly loved his brother more than life itself.

And Dean was shocked by Sam's immense feelings of being useless. He felt he would never be as good of a Hunter as Dean was. Some of that came from the fact Sam didn't care for this life the same way Dean did, but most came from the fact that Sam felt he was not good enough. Sam felt Dean was the best Hunter, he idolized Dean, thought he could do no wrong. Dean was Sam's big brother and he had Dean on a pedestal. That scared Dean more than any demon, shifter or werewolf ever could. Sam saw Dean as the only person he could trust completely without word. And Dean felt Sam's heart; Sam cared about people and not just in saving them. Yes that was important, but he cared about how people moved on from the horrible things that evil did to them.

Dean felt all of Sam's feelings at the loss of Jess and now his feelings for Ryon. He felt all of Sam's pain at the loss of his life with Jess and his hunger to get revenge for the thing that killed her. Dean realized that Sam truly felt only revenge when he hunted; revenge to get the demon for both himself and their father, but also revenge at every evil thing on the planet because whatever it was, it had hurt somebody in some way. Dean gasped as he also realized that Sam held a lot of anger at their father for raising them the way he had, but not just for himself; he held that anger at the way Dean had been raised as well.

Because Sam felt their father had taken Dean's childhood from him; forcing Dean to have to fill his shoes to care for Sam. Sam felt Dean was more of a father to him than their own had ever been and that scared Dean almost as much as the idol status Sam held him to.

Suddenly the bond between the two brothers was broken when Amanda removed her hands. They both turned to look at her in complete and utter shock.

"Now do you understand each other a little better?" Amanda asked softly. Taking in their expressions, she laughed lightly. "Cool power, isn't it?"

"That's an underestimate." Sam said still in awe of what he'd just learned about his brother. "Dean, we are so gonna discuss this later." He added looking back at his brother. "But right now, you definitely need to take some painkillers dude."

Dean looked at Sam. "What? Why? I feel fine Sam." Dean turned to Amanda when he caught her laughing again. "What?" What was so funny?

"Man Dean, we just switched feelings and you are in so much pain right now it isn't even funny."

"Well, you guys seem to think it is funny." Dean snapped.

"Yeah right. Sorry."

"Yeah well, you sort of have some weird ass feelings goin' on too. But I'm fine." Dean insisted as he continued to stand their in front of Sam holding himself stiffly.

"Oh great, here we go again." Amanda threw her hands in the air. "Can you just stow the crap so we can work on this case? Because I promise you guys as soon as we finish it, I'll make you two hug it out and sing campfire songs all in the name of your deep brotherly love for one another." She added sarcastically.

Ryon couldn't hold in the laughter at all of them. Dean actually had the deer in the headlights look going on at the mere mention of hugging, while Sam looked like a lot like he had gas. This was priceless, she thought.

Amanda looked at each person in turn, then leaved a huge sigh as she said, "Okay, sorry for snapping. I've just had enough emotion for one day; one very long day. So can you two just agree to play nice for a little wile?"

Dean cracked that amazing smile of his and replied, "Sure hon, but only if you promise me some naughty time later." He winked at her as he gave her the full benefit of that grin.

Sam scoffed at Dean as Amanda just blinked at him in surprise again. Ryon couldn't get her giggles under control.

"Leave it to you Dean. Leave it to you." Sam sighed then joined Ryon in her laughter. He was glad Dean had gotten them past that awkward moment of sharing their feelings; however Sam didn't think he was going to forget that little moment for a long time.


Sam sat between Ryon and her cousin Sara, in jimmy's bar. How he let himself be talked into this he had no idea. It was one thing to come back to the bar with Ryon on stakeout again, but to come with her family of women was entirely something else. Sitting here listening to these women talk about their lives was like living through a Janet Evanovich novel. Yeah, he thought, he read Janet Evanovich; the woman was funny, but this well, this was just too weird even for Janet.

Sam tried to remember to smile at all the right times during the conversations going on around him and he hoped that soon he could excuse himself and head off to the bathroom for a few minutes of peace. He'd just about had enough of listening to all these women's advice on sex for Jaycie's wedding night. Sam swore if he heard one more time how men didn't really pay enough attention to a woman's erotic zone, he was gonna shoot himself.

"Um, excuse me; I think…I um, need to go to the bathroom." Sam said, hoping Ryon would get up so he could get out of the booth they were sitting in. "Please…" He turned pleading eyes to Ryon and she seemed to take pity on him as she stood up and Sam practically ran for the sanctuary of the bathroom.

Jenn turned to look at Ryon as she sat back down laughing at Sam's back disappearing around the corner to the restrooms. "He's adorable." She said laughing with the group. "Ryon, this is so mean; why are we giving him a hard time again?"

"Because Dean said the only way he'd abide with being on lockdown is if we give Sam a hard time; and because he said he'd pay me!" Ryan answered, chuckling.

"Yeah, well when he finds out you guys are screwing with him, I feel sorry for you." Kaitlyn said watching a nice young cowboy standing at the bar smiling at her. She returned the smile and a small wave.

Sara turned to look the guy over and said, "Eyes off young lady." Then she turned back to Ryon. "So, when do we let Sam off the hook?"

Ryon looked down at her watch. "Oh; never. I'm not telling him about this; I'm gonna let Dean tell him when he starts questioning Sam about his night. Now what else can we discuss when Sam gets back that will really have him wanting to jump in front of a passing car?"


Dean sat up in bed watching the TV while Amanda slept next to him. She was really beautiful laying there fully clothed and sleeping. He smiled to himself as he thought about how hard it had been to convince her that she looked worn out and need to get some sleep without her thinking he was just trying to get her in bed with him. He'd promised he'd stay put and not sneak off if she would just lie down and sleep.

Amanda snored lightly in her sleep and Dean thought the sound was kind of nice. He'd never thought about another woman the same way he'd thought about Cassie. He'd thought he'd been in love with her at the time, but then she'd rejected him and it had hurt. But that hurt was nothing compared to the way she'd let him leave a few weeks ago. She hadn't even said she wanted him to come back. At the time, Dean had thought anything of it, but later he'd felt that her response was just another way of rejecting him again and this time it hurt more than he'd imagined.

But now Dean realized he'd changed, and Cassie hadn't. She was still the same and Dean knew he would not be going back to see Cassie again. And he was okay with that.

As he watched Amanda, he was glad that things with Cassie were over. He felt something totally different when he looked at Amanda and he knew it was much more real than what he'd thought he'd had with Cassie. Dean hadn't even kissed this woman and he actually found he was beginning to care for her; really care.

Dean yawned as he reached for the TV remote to change the channel. Amanda stirred as Dean stretched across her to reach the remote that was sitting on the nightstand next to her. He froze as she moved under his arm stretched across her shoulder.

"I know you're there Dean." Amanda purred quietly at the feel of his arm over her. "I'm a light sleeper and you'd better not be trying to break your promise." She added as she turned her head to look up at him.

"No." Dean swallowed as he took in the way her lips were puffy from sleep and the way her tongue snuck out to wet her lips made him completely forget anything else he was going to say.

"You okay there Dean?"

"Huh? Oh um yeah; I'm fine. Just reaching for the remote. My movie's over and I am not gonna watch the chick flick coming on next." He smiled as he continued over her to grab the remote; however he lingered there for a moment longer.

Amanda looked up in his green eyes and she couldn't help but think he had the most beautiful eyes. And those eyelashes, God she'd kill for those eyelashes. Then she focused in on his full kissable lips. She couldn't think and she decided to throw caution to the wind. She raised her head and gently touched those lips of his with her own. She'd expected the experience to be nice, but she was in no way prepared for the rush of heat that flowed from his lips into her very being. She turned into him as he lowered himself slightly to deepen the kiss.

Dean dropped the remote and wrapped that hand into her hair as he moved his lips over hers; tasting her; lingering on her full bottom lip and sucking it between his teeth to gently nip it before moving to deepen the kiss again. He slowly moved his tongue over her teeth as he gently sought out the softness of her mouth. God he thought, she tasted so good. He'd never felt this way before and she was so…just so…good to taste; to touch.

Amanda reached up to run her hand around the back of his neck and pull him down more. She felt the energy rippling through him in waves. She heard his breath hitch in his chest as he moved over her lips. His hand was knotted in her hair now, moving over the back of her head pulling her closer to him. His lips were soft; so soft and she knew at once that he would be a magnificent lover just by the way the man kissed. He didn't take anything she wasn't willing to give to him; he just encouraged her to lead the way. He was letting her set the pace.

The kiss had been slow at first, but when she let him know she was more than willing, he opened his mouth slightly and allowed her to move her tongue over his; to taste him as he had her; and she did. She felt him suddenly tense, and she knew he was about to pull away from her. No, she thought. She thrust her tongue quickly across his bottom lip and heard the groan that came from deep within him as he struggled to move away and yet try and stay close.

Slowly he pulled back though as he looked into her eyes. He gently moved his hand from her hair to rub his thumb across her bottom lip. "I don't want you to think…" He didn't know exactly how to say what was going through his mind right now. He wanted her, God how he wanted her, but not this way. He wanted her to know he did not want her to think he was taking advantage of her.

Amanda looked up at Dean and when she realized exactly what he was thinking and why he'd stopped, she couldn't help herself; she laughed. Dean was surprised at first then confused.

"And exactly what is so funny here?" He asked grinning down at her.

"You." She said softly grinning back. "You want this as much as I do, but right now you were just thinking you didn't want me to think you were taking advantage of me." Amanda replied loving the way he was looking at her.

Dean was surprised then realized he shouldn't be; the woman was a witch after all. "Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised you read my mind considering just how powerful a witch you really are." It was his turn to surprise her; and he succeeded.

Amanda looked at him and slowly slid up to rest on her elbows on the bed forcing Dean to pull back a little. However he was reluctant to move too far away. "What makes you think that?"

"Mandy please; I know witches and you are not the average witch. You have these really cool Solomon Blades and you have some cool powers like being and Empath and you and Ryon talk telepathically. And I haven't even gotten around to the way you read people. You can see demons in human hosts, you know all about Hunters and you make a mean Hurricane."

Amanda just looked at him. Now what was going to do if he had her all figured out? Well he didn't know everything, she thought. "Well, I still have some secrets up my sleeve, although I am depressed I couldn't do much to magically heal your wounds." She added as she gently touched the bandage on the side of his head.

"Well, you're doing some pretty special healing right now." He said softly as he bent his head again to taste her lips.


Sam thought for sure he was dead. Yep, he was dead and this was the devil's way of torturing him for his past sins. Not that he had committed that many sins, unless killing monsters ranked high on the sin chart. He didn't think they did on God's chart, but it was definitely on the devil's; however Sam was willing to rethink the whole thing if either one would just kill him now. It would just be a formality since Sam knew technically he was dead already; 'cause if he had to hear one more horror story about what women when through during childbirth, he knew he was gong to just kill himself and save God the trouble.

"Sam! Are you listening to me? Sam?!"

Sam turned to look at Ryon with slightly glazed over eyes. "Yeah?"

Ryon was having a hard time keeping a straight face here. "Are you okay Sam? You look a little green. Do you need another beer or something?"

"Can you order me a scotch on the rocks? A double; no wait a triple. Did they make a triple? Hell Sam didn't know. "Hell, forget the rocks and tell Jimmy to just bring me the bottle and I'll be just fine."

"Umm, okay Sam." Sara said as she waved over at Jimmy. She couldn't help the laughter that bubbled over at the sight of Sam. "Sorry Sam, you look kind of…sad." She added this adorable giant puppy of a guy putting up with this torture.

"I'll be fine. Just as soon as Jimmy gets my bottle and I can borrow Dean's knife."

"Dean's knife? What do you need Dean's knife for?" Ryon asked confused.

Sam turned to look at Ryon. "So I can stab myself in the neck. That way I can more complete understand the pain a woman goes through when giving birth. And as an apology to my own mother who went through the torture twice."

The women sat laughing as Sam grabbed the bottle of Scotch from Jimmy when he brought it over. He gave up the bottle along with a look of pure sympathy for the boy.

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