Breakable *Taekook*


They say he's insane... Whispering things about him that might be true or might be wrong... He was beautiful. So beautiful, that even the son of a Lord couldn't resist his beauty. He was kind, stunning and polite. Perfect to fall in love with. But no one dared to. Because the one who has forcefully claimed him would destroy everyone's life who dared to get close to his gorgeous possession. But this man wasn't the kindest himself. Claiming the kind beauty so roughly for himself caused scars on the said boy. He was gorgeous. Looking like a goddess. He was feared. For his abnormal powers and beauty. He was abused... by the one who said to love him. After rejecting him, the mad man threw the beauty in the darkest hole... and threw it away as well. So if he couldn't have the beauty for himself, no one else could. Pity... Such beauty wasted for such Insanity... No one dared to approach the beautiful boy. They were afraid. Of him. Kim Taehyung. And these words they were whispering... Were all in Taehyung's head.

Romance / Thriller
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Drop after drop ran down the old dusty window, creating a long clean and unblemished line in the darkness, something hopeful. Yet, they abruptly came to an end, their life ended just like it has begun. Short, with only one purpose. The black dust covering the window was trying to stay, fight against the cleansing of the water. It was almost watching white blood cells fighting against a virus, the water, the rain trying to cleanse the window from the dust.

A tiny boy was watching the spectacle fascinated, his eyes fixed on the drops and he couldn’t stop watching how they ran down the window, disappeared, dying if you could say, new ones taking the place of the old, only to find their death the same way, over and over again.

The boy, a petite brunet, stayed on his place near this said old window, long tan fingers pressed against the cold dusty glass while he just watched, rain drop over rain drop, following their way with his round, innocent glowing eyes.

They were tinted in a color called brown. But that was not a way to describe them. They were not a simple brown, no, they were sparkling in a whole spectrum of colors. From hazel brown, to a soft chocolate brown, to a deep unforgiving dark brown like dark chocolate, teasing the viewer to take a closer look to them, luring the viewer into getting lost in these eyes.

These beautiful, beautiful eyes, like a whole sparkling galaxy, belonged to Kim Taehyung. A lively, friendly petite young boy who was resting his head on his knees, bottom lip like usual captured in between his straight teeth. His sweater hung from his thin frame which was no surprise since the boy’s body was formed like a delicate leaf, too weak to fight even against a strong wind.

He had brown, chocolate, soil, coffee colored hair as well, falling into cute curly locks into his forehead, his long bangs almost covering those alluring eyes he was allowed to call his own. This pair was currently still fixed on the window, just like always when it was this time of the day.

The sun was just about to go down and it was Taehyung’s favorite time of the day, as well as the time of sunrise but he was always sleeping during that time, so his mind was fixed on at least seeing the sunset every day.

Oh the sunset. How much Taehyung adored this time. All the colors the world has to offer would show during this time, painting the world in the colors of the dying sun which was about to set just the next day, fully recovered from her death the past day, shining oh so brightly during the day, spending light for the world until it was her time to fade away.

And the sun did, in spectacular colors that could take your breath if you were aware of the beauty of these precious moments. Taehyung was aware of these moments and he stored, hold them dearly in his heart, looking these beautiful moments away like it was his most precious thing to remember.

Taehyung knew how to savor beauty, he was an artist. He knew how the rays were fanning over the surface of the earth, filling the world with their golden light until it faded into pink, soft rosé, purple, red, velvet. Until nothing was left than the memory. Not until the new day would begin.

It left the little brunet speechless, every time when he was watching this beautiful moment and he wanted to savor it, trap it into a canvas, filling it with the stunning breathtaking colours but he also didn’t want to. How dare he, wanting to capture something so innocent, so pure? Who was he to want something just to himself?

And especially the way how the rain drops sparkled when the sunlight hit them, a light that was dying, yet bringing something else with their light to life, brightening it and emphasizing it. It looked like tiny diamonds and again, Taehyung wanted to stretch out his hand to get a hold on those precious beauties but the same time, he knew if he did, they’d be gone the second he’d touch them.

Beautiful but untouchable.

Just like him.

Taehyung could to nothing but to stare at the natural occurrences enfolding in front of his eyes, teasing him to hold onto them but yet he was not able and so he had to watch the spectacle, every time, every day. Without a brush in his hand, colors to nearly capture the ones the sunset painted, a canvas in front of him to at least save a few of these breathtaking colors.

Funny, how he could savor such moments just when they were out of reach for him to hold onto.

A soft, almost soundless sigh escaped Taehyung’s lips, his tiny body curled up while his hand slid down the glass, leaving soft fingertips dirty and dark from the dust but he didn’t care. It felt like he was having paint on his fingers again and he again missed these times.

The pretty brunet looked over his shoulder, large doe eyes searching something in the dim light, frail cheek bones exposed to the fading light, a cute nose, lips like untouched pink petals parting before a soft pink tongue darted out to moisture them, leaving a thin layer of saliva on them.

His soft, tired gaze fell onto the iron bars holding him away from his freedom, he could hear the screams, the screams he tried to block out so bad, screams of agony, whimpers of pain, sobs of despair and begs. Begs to end everything. Whispers to come and play.

But Taehyung was numb already to all of these sounds, the sounds of his inmates. A shivering cold was suddenly fanning over his small frame and he whimpered, pulling the soft sweater closer to him, trying to capture the bit warmth his weakened body was still given.

The sunset was gone, and now, the demons would come out to play. And they wanted to play with Taehyung.

“Yo, Kim! Your visit is here for you!”

And Kim Taehyung cracked a soft broken smile.

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