Saving Eliot

Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen

I Spend My Life And Sell My Soul On The Road

And I'm Still In The Dark

'Cause I Can't Seem To Find The Light Alone

7:00 – 8:00 PM

Somewhere in Eliot's past

Eliot tried the best he could to hide the pain, but the scream was ripped from his aching throat anyway. The knife wounds still oozed blood down his torso and the top of his fatiques were soaked with his blood already. But those wounds were the least of his problems.

The man calling himself The Doctor walked over to Eliot and threw another bucket of ice cold water on his already dripping body as the other man, his willing helper, then reached out and placed the end of the cattle prod against one of his bloody wounds. The jolt of electricity running through him was more than enough to ensure his wounds would continue to bleed out as well as render him totally incapable of fighting back.

Eliot had been in a lot of nasty situations already in his young life, but this was the first time he felt he would quite probably not make it out alive. He wasn't afraid to die; he'd made his peace with God a long time ago on that front. But what bothered him the most, was the fact he'd never be able to see his sister to explain to her why he'd left home. He'd just up and left her and their father that night in late May and he hadn't been back but once. Once…

Just once he'd gone home right after his basic training and it was to find out that the girl he had once loved, Aimee hadn't waited for him. He'd known she shouldn't wait, because he'd just left everyone, but it had still hurt.

He'd found out from Emma that Aimee had moved with her family to Kentucky and that she was married now. She'd gone and gotten married when he hadn't returned home to her. He really didn't blame her, but he had kind of hoped she'd still be there. He'd given her a promise ring and told her that no matter what he loved her. And he had, as much as Eliot was capable of.

So after that Eliot knew he'd been abandoned by everyone now, his mom and siblings, then his father. Only Emma had looked for him. Waited for him. Searched for him. But she had her own life to live and he'd left her with their dad. And for that he was sorry and he had thought he'd be able to help her out someday even if it was just with money, and he had. He'd send her money whenever he could, but he'd never explained everything about his life, his job. He never told her anything about what he did. What he'd become.

Emma never knew about their brothers Evan and Eaton, either. When Eliot had found out, he'd kept his promise to his mother and kept silent. He, to this day hadn't said a word, but he'd hope to be able to share this with Emma someday. And now it looked like that wasn't gonna happen. So just someone else you've let down, Spencer. He thought. Just another let down. More pain you've dispensed.

As the cattle prod made connection with his body again, he jerked and found himself just wishing for the end already. And just as that welcoming darkness seemed to be coming to claim him, The Doctor reached out and slapped him several times until Eliot was forced to meet the man's eyes. He'd never forget those eyes. Dark brown pools of emptiness, he thought.

"Dying's too easy for you, Mr. Spencer. I can't let that happen before I have the answers I need." He reached out and Eliot felt the prick of the needle as it pierced his skin several times near his wounds.

Eliot wondered just exactly what the man was doing. Why inject him there if he was gonna just kill him? He felt the numbness creeping through his stomach muscles as they slowly relaxed and he realized the man had just numbed his nerve endings. He'd just given him a local. He watched as the man reached out for something on that damn torture cart and saw him pick up a needle threaded with black suture thread.

He blinked then he blinked again. Slowly he looked deep into the man's eyes. "What… for?" He croaked out as he watched the man slowly start to stitch his wounds.

"I told you, dying's too easy for you. I need you to tell me what I need to know and you can't do that dead. After I have what I want then you're free to meet the God you Americans pray to. But until then, I will enjoy sewing you up over and over again until I have what I want. " He paused in his work to meet Eliot's eyes. "I'm not heartless, but I am determined. And I have all the time in the world Mr. Spencer. All the time in the world."

Eliot blinked again as he watched the man make another expert stitch. "I'm…I'm… not gonna tell you anything. I wouldn't… wouldn't… know what to tell you anyway. My team….my team doesn't work that way." He paused as he swallowed trying to regain his steady voice. "They would have fallen back… at my not returning and I don't know where… they are by now."

The man smiled as he finished the first stab wound and moved to the second. "Then for your sake, you'd better hope they try and rescue you. Because once my friend here tires, he'll just as soon slit your throat as you arrogant Americans would say."

The other man stood with the cattle prod still in his hands just waiting to continue with his work as he smiled at The Doctor's words. Eliot couldn't help cringing slightly as he took in the look. "So I'm… I'm guessing The Doctor is a literal reference. You are actually a… a… real doctor."

The man looked up and smiled. "But of course. We aren't all barbarians. My mother was an American woman, I studied at Cornell. My father could afford the very best."

This surprised Eliot. "Then you have ties to both…both countries, so why are you on this side?"

The man sneered at Eliot as he began work on the third wound. "My mother was an American whore who ran away from my father. She never wanted me. Let's just say, I know all of your ways as well as my own and they have come in quite handy in my missions. But my loyalties lie with my father and his loyalties lie with his country." He cut off the thread from the last stitch. "There Mr. Spencer good as new, now if you do not wish to mess up my handiwork, I'd suggest telling me what I want to know." He stepped back laying the needle on the cart as the other man moved to stand in front of Eliot once again.


Roughly about 7:30 PM

Dr. Mark Richards stood taking in the way Katharine Wakefield stood next to his patient. The mighty Eliot Spencer. He felt himself cringe inwardly at the disgust he could see in her eyes. She wasn't hiding her dislike of him very well, he thought.

He slowly smiled as he took a couple more steps into the room to stand at the foot of Eliot's bed. He had to give it to this woman, she was a lot stronger than he'd first suspected. She would be tough to get around.

When he'd gotten her to assist with Eliot's care, he hadn't thought she'd be that hard to entice with the money offered them. He knew she could use the money and she really didn't have any family to take up her personal time. But he should have known better. She was the only nurse on the night shift he hadn't gotten into bed yet. He'd thought maybe he could remedy that during their stay here, but as he said, he should have known better.

This woman was never going to see him, the man. She'd been an enigma since starting work at Mass Gen, but he'd put that off to her playing hard to get. Now he realized she was much more than a nurse. She would have to be taken care of if he was to complete his mission. Besides why would he want to attach himself to an American woman like his mother. No, he needed to stick to his mission.

A mission that had started over eight years ago when he'd first faced Eliot Spencer. The mission hadn't been about getting Spencer to talk; no even his compatriots understand this man and his determination. Eliot Spencer had become very well known in the short time he'd been leading his team in missions against Mark's homeland.

No, his mission had not been to kill Eliot Spencer. It had been to save him. It had always been to save him. His mission was to keep the man alive. His country needed Eliot Spencer because he was the best at what he did. His family wanted him so they could have the best on their side. His job had been to convert Spencer's alligence. Make him appear to be a traitor.

His mission didn't include Evan Chapman or his petty little revenge plots either. Mark had not worked all these years to get himself located at the best hospitals around the world as he followed Spencer, to just to lose him to something as petty as a family's revenge.

Eliot Spencer was worth more alive than dead. His father wanted this man alive and come hell or not, Mark Richards did not deny what his father wanted. He was going to save Eliot Spencer from Evan Chapman. And then… well and then he would have the glorious satisfaction of being the one to take Eliot Spencer down. He would smile as he ran the knife across the man's throat for what he'd done to Mark's country as well as his family. The man was still considered a prize and Mark was going to bring the prize to his father's doorstep.

Yes, Eliot was about to be saved, but only until he was safely away from this place. Once Mark had Eliot where he wanted him, he would make sure that the man got exactly what he deserved. Because the man had brought nothing but pain to Mark's life. The man was trouble and everywhere he went he left nothing but pain and blood and chaos in his wake. Soon that would end.

"I'm here to help you Katharine."

Katharine, still holding Eliot's hand, turned a confused look to the doctor. "What do you mean?" She asked as she narrowed her eyes.

"Evan Chapman means to kill Mr. Spencer. And I do not want his death on my conscience. I will not let him die. I am the doctor here and I will keep him alive as long as I can."


"Mr. Spencer, you are only prolonging the enevitable. I've already told you that I will not let you die. I will keep you alive for as long as I can. I am The Doctor."

Eliot's head was spinning. He was having trouble concentrating on the man's words. What was he saying?

Eliot jerked at the sound of the voice seeping into his subconscious and his memory. He felt the pull on his hand as he realized something was wrong here. Terribly wrong.

Katharine felt Eliot jerking against the hold she had on his hand. Before she could react, his other hand shot out and gripped her hand holding his. His eyes shot open and he looked up at her confusion present in his stare. Slowly as he focused in on her face he turned away from her to look at the man standing next to her at the foot of his bed.

The man was… Eliot blinked. The man did not look like the one from his memories. From his nightmares, but that voice. The voice was his. He'd missed it earlier, but now he could see it. There were drastic changes to his look, his face. But the eyes were the same. Those dark eyes that held a lifetime of torture in them.

The man was here and he was real. "It's been a long time, Doctor." Eliot rasped out as his throat protested. He swallowed several times as he watched the man. "It's been a very long time."

"Aww, I'm glad to see you finally recognize me, Mr. Spencer." The doctor said as he smiled slowly at Eliot.

Katharine looked between the two men as she realized that Mark had just used Eliot's real name. "What's going on here?" She asked.

Without looking at Katharine, Eliot spoke to her. "This isn't just a doctor, Katharine. He's The Doctor. A man well known in my military days. A man that should by all accounts be dead. I did see you're man kill you, you know. Just before I killed him."

Mark Richards, The Doctor, slowly smiled as he took in Eliot's statement. "Yes, Benny. He was a good soldier. Very faithful to my father. But he didn't understand the dynamics of my father's plan. He was just another willing soldier." Mark paused as he thought back to that day in that abandoned building. "Quite the sniper though, wasn't he? Took out two of your men before you even knew what was happening. And he was quite good with torture techniques, too."

Eliot remembered the two men that had been killed. He'd never forget that. He carried that with him everyday. "He wasn't the only sniper there, but yes, he was good. Yet in the end, his… skills were useless."

"Yes they were."

Eliot finally turned to look at Katharine. "You should step out of the room for a minute, Kat. I think the doctor and I have to have a little talk."

Katharine realized that would be the worst thing possible right now. Besides she was angry. "No."

Eliot raised his eyebrows at her answer. "What did you say?"

"I said no. I'm not leaving. There is so much crap going on here, that I want some answers. I need some answers. I'm guessing this is all black op shit and I can understand government secrets, but there is so much going on here, that I'm beginning to need a playcard to know who all the players are. And if they're the good guys…or the bad guys." Katharine pulled her hand from Eliot's grasp and turned to look Mark.

I'm guessing you are an asshole from Eliot's past, a bad guy, and that's fine. I'm sure he kicked your ass once and will again, but right now he's my patient. Not yours. Not anymore. You say you can help us, then help us. But until then I need to know what the hell is going on here. I'll be damned if I'm just gonna step outside." She said as she crossed her arms over her chest and took in both men staring at her.

It was then as she turned to Eliot and looked in his crystal blue eyes, that she realized Eliot had just called her Kat. She'd never told him that. Only Luke and Travis called her that.

"You called me Kat." She looked at the way he was suddenly avoiding her eyes. "Why did you call me that? No one calls me that anymore. Well almost no one." Then it dawned on her. "You know who I am don't you?"

AN: Am I confusing everyone? I know I keep adding in the plot twits, but trust me they will soon start making sense. The chapters will start picking up with filling in the pieces from here on out. I hope everyone enjoys and to all my reviewers, thanks a million. You are all so great! Love each and everyone of you!

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