Saving Eliot

Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen

(I'm Alive...)

Looking For Love, I'm A Man With Emotions

(And My Heart's On Fire)

I'm Dying Of Thirst In The Middle Of The Ocean

(But...I'm Alive...)

Roughly between 8:30 and 9:00 PM

This whole thing was unreal. It really was. It was all so utterly ridiculously and totally unreal. And that alone is what made it impossible to ignore. Katharine Malone Wakefield could not actually believe she was in this situation. This was never what her life had been about growing up. Her life then had always been structured, organized and predictable.

But now she was knee deep in a situation that was in no way structured let alone organized or predictable. In fact the only thing predictable about all of this was the fact that she knew without a doubt that getting away from Evan Chapman and out of this house with Eliot still alive and then getting away from Mark Richards when the time was right was not going to be easy. And that truly was an understatement.

Dr. Richards had walked out of the room after telling her he'd be back in an hour. Whe she had asked what he was going to do, he'd simply smiled and replied he as going to secure the necessary equipment and transportation she'd asked for that would help them keep their patient alive during their escape. She just needed to do what he'd already told her and he'd also implied he had a plan.

Now all Kat needed was to come up with a plan of her own; because she wasn't going to let Eliot go without a fight. She had surprised herself already at the intense feelings she had for this man. She reached out and touched his face gently as he slept. She made notes in his chart and she moved about the room as any nurse would have while she was also occupied with her thoughts.

She'd noticed the camera lens earlier as she sat watching over Eliot waiting for him to wake up before the doctor had come in. She'd recognized it immediately for what it was. She knew she was being watched, that Eliot was being watched. But after talking with Eliot and the doctor, she had come to the conclusion that they weren't being heard. If they were, she would have expected to see Evan Chapman coming to stop them.

The one thing no one knew about Katharine Malone Wakefield though was enough to fill a book and Evan Chapman and Mark Richards hadn't read that book. They didn't really know who she was or what she was capable of.

She'd been an Army brat raised by a ramrod stiff father who had treated her the same as he'd treated his sons. They had been raised as soldiers and while her brothers had joined the military, Kat had married a soldier. She knew about the darker side of the military from Lucas and then Quinn. She'd known from her husband too.

No one knew the truth of how her husband and daughter had died and that's the way it would stay, at least for now. Not even Luke or Quinn had known about her husband's true military career at the time. She'd barely known any of the details herself, but she'd known enough. She'd known enough to know that when her husband and daughter had died in the car crash that he was deep in their nation's security. He wasn't black ops; no he was deeper, darker. He wasn't one of the soldiers that was sent in dark; her husband, Adam had been the man who sent the soldiers in dark. He was the one who sent Luke, Quinn and even Eliot probably back in their day. Adam had been the shot-caller, the man who decided what mission happened and what team completed the mission.

Her husband had been killed by an American enemy and they had also taken the life of her daughter. Kat herself had been reported dead at the time and no one had really thought twice when she'd up and moved away when it was finally reported that she'd survived the crash. Quinn was the only one who knew why she kept moving around. Why she could never settle in one place for too long. Quinn was the only person who knew everything about her.

Kat casually walked around the room checking the medical supplies while surrupticiously moving items closer together for quick access if needed. She wasn't going to be caught unarmed or ill prepared. Her father, brothers and husband had always taught her how to 'bug out' quickly.

So when she'd had everything just where she wanted it, she returned to sit by Eliot's bedside to wait again for him to wake. She'd given him a very small dose this time, because she knew she'd need his help in getting them all out of there alive. She could be his arms and legs as best she could, but she needed his brain. He was the only one who could tell her how to handle Evan and the doctor and that was vital to their eventual total escape.

She pulled out her phone and scrolled through the contacts she had. She typed in a quick and simple text tht would seem inocuous to anyone who may read it in case her phone was somehow being monitored too, but would tell the recipient everything she needed them to know. And she needed them to know she was coming and to be ready with supplies.

Yes, she was making a plan, it might not be much, but it was all she had right now. She also texted another message to Quinn to let him know she was fine and wouldn't seem out of the ordinary to outsiders. Quinn would read between the lines just as her first contact would. He'd know where she was going if he thought about it. And hopefully he'd meet her there and then he could get Eliot safe until they could figure out what to do about Evan and Mark.

She smiled as she pocketed her cell once again and then she picked up the word search puzzle on the night table and sat back to wait.

It was now a waiting game.


Quinn's time about 7:00 AM

Boston time about 9:00 PM

Quinn felt the vibration of his phone against his leg as he quickly reached into his pocket to retrieve it. He looked at the screen to see he had a text from Kat.

All's well here tonight-Im A-okay- thinking about vacay after this job-maybe skiing wanna join me honey?

He smiled to himself as he read her message. The woman was too damn smart for his own good. He knew she was telling him she was going to make her move tonight and they were okay for now. And she was taking Eliot with her to one of two places. He thought about it. He had a 50-50 shot on calling it, cause right now neither place had snow, but that wouldn't matter.

He knew she was going to one of two places and he had less than nine hours to figure out which one. He took a leap of faith and picked one.

He dialed Vance's number and when the Colonel picked up, he said, "Kat's getting Eliot out sometime tonight. They're okay and she's taking him skiing."


Roughly about 9:00 PM

Evan Chapman stood in his office watching the monitor as he watched the nurse, Katharine moving around the room. He didn't have sound right now as his equipment was a bit lacking; all he had was video. He hoped to rectify that by morning when the electronics expert he'd hired showed up. The man had been delayed on hooking up the equipment at the warehouse.

As Evan watched her he noticed that she didn't seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary for a nurse. She checked Eliot's vitals, made notes in his chart, checked all the machines he was hooked up to and laid out fresh medical supplies he guessed for changing his bandages and giving him pain injections through the night.

What he couldn't see was who and what she was texting when she'd pulled out her phone. She would smile as she sent her messages and then she pocketed her cell and went back to doing her puzzle or whatever the hell it was.

The only interesting thing to happen that evening was when the doctor had gone into the room. Evan noticed how Eliot reacted to the doctor, but he couldn't hear what they were saying. Then when he saw the nurse give Eliot the injection that sent him back to dreamland, he noticed that she made a comment to the doctor who then replied something back to her before leaving the room. To most eyes it would seem quite innocent enough, a brief conversation between a doctor and his nurse, but to Evan he could see there was something not right.

During the entire time the doctor had been in the room, he never once went over to Eliot to examine him as a doctor normally would have done. That stood out in Evan's mind and he knew he'd have to have a visit with Dr. Richards to ask him about it.

He continued to watch for the next twenty minutes, but the nurse did nothing more than sit there writing in her book. It seemed that she was settling in for the night so he reached out and turned the monitor off. He got up and sighed as he picked up his cell from his desk top and dialed a number.

"Liam, it seems I might have a slight problem here. Not sure if it's a problem or not, but I won't be moving Eliot tomorrow to the warehouse. We' planned on the next day anyway. I'll call you if I need additional help, but I think it's just time to tie up some loose ends here. I think tomorrow is the last day Eliot will be needing his nurse and doctor."

He listened for a few seconds, then hung up and placed the cell in his pocket as he reached into his desk drawer and removed the nine mil handgun he kept there. He picked up his suit coat that had been hanging on the back of his chair and turned off the desk lamp. He placed the gun in his waistband at his back and slipped his jacket on over it.

He smiled to himself as he headed out of the room. It would be nice to stop off in the kitchen for a late dinner then he'd have a nice talk with Dr. Richards before visiting Eliot and his attractive nurse for the evening. He had a plan he thought as he smiled. Yes, a nice little plan and tomorrow would be the end of all the ties to this house. This time tomorrow night he'd have Eliot exactly where he wanted and he could complete the second half of his plan. His plan to get even with all the people who'd left him for dead.


Roughly about 9:00 PM

Bella Thompson reached fo her cell phone as she heard it buzz next to her on the end table. Her husband Sam picked up the TV remote and muted the screen as she was reaching for the cell. There was only one person Bella assigned that ringtone to.

As she read the message she looked up at Sam. "It's from Kat." She read the text message too him, "Hey needing a girl's night out-care to join me? Get ready, I'm coming in after this job and Im bringing a friend. You'll luv her. hugs..."

Sam got up and looked over his shoulder. "Well, looks like Kat is gonna need the cabin ready. I knew teaching you two how to communicate would be handy one day." He smiled down at his wife. "Let's go." He pulled his wife to her feet. "No telling when she'll get there so let's move it. I'll load up stuff from the garage, you get whatever from here in the house and we'll head out."

"Okay. She's gonna need lots of medical supplies. Care...bringing friend... better stock up on lots of that stuff too."


Roughly about 9:30 PM

Liam Chapman stood next to the now silent phone on the desk in the warehouse. He'd made sure the warehouse was stocked and ready for Eliot Spencer's arrival and now he'd just learned it was delayed by a day.

He fought the urge to pick up the phone and throw it across the room. He wanted to hold onto his anger for as long as possible. He wanted to unleash all of his anger on this Eliot Spencer man.

He once was a perfectly normal pub owner back in Ireland. But that was before he'd gotten word of his brother Sean's death; at the hands of Eliot Spencer. He'd received the call from someone in Damien Moreau's inner circle the day after it had all went down.

He'd never really been all that close to his brother Sean, but he was still family and murder of family required the proper response, which was retribution. The Chapmans were well known in the small town of Devon near Kinsale, County Cork. So his family expected him to leave them in care of his pub and to go the states to bring their son home.

He'd done that and now he was about to do even more. He was working with Evan Chapman to get the payback his family deserved. Evan Chapman was no relation to his family. Liam learned the man had been friends with Sean and he'd taken the name of Chapman when he'd gone into hiding from Spencer and the American military.

Liam had no hatred for the American military and he had no like for it either. It didn't matter to him, his country, his homeland was ruled by another government and he'd learned a long time ago to leave that to other members of his family to fight against. He himself prefered his small town life and didn't want to rock any boats.

But after finding out how his brother Sean had been shot down in cold blood by Spencer from Evan, he knew his family expected him to fulfill his duites to them. So here he was waiting for Eliot Spencer so he could help Evan Chapman kill the man for his crimes against them.

After the man was gone, all Liam wanted to do was head back to his non-existent life and fade into obscurity once again. He hated being away from his life there and that helped fuel his anger and he could focus it all on Spencer.

He could wait one more day and then after that he would never have to see these Americans ever again. He could go back to his family a hero for taking care of his family and that would be the end of it all.

Yes, the end of it all, if he didn't end up killing Evan Spencer Chapman too. The man was too far out there and was probably a little daft as well. Liam had no love lost for that man, but he had even less for Eliot Spencer. The really hard part of all of this for him to take in was the fact he really had no love lost for his brother Sean either.

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