Saving Eliot

Chapter 19

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Chapter Nineteen

Sometimes I Feel Like A Man In The Wilderness

I'm A Lonely Soldier Off To War

Sent Away To Die, Never Quite Knowing Why

Sometimes It Makes No Sense...

No Sense At All...

Roughly about 9:30 PM

"What do you mean skiing, Quinn?" Vance barked into his cell. What in the world was the guy saying? They didn't have time for jokes here, not with Eliot's life on the line.

Quinn smiled to himself as he listened to Vance's shocked and surprised response. "Just what I said." He paused as he felt the plane hit a pocket of turbulence. They were still a couple hours from Austria, but they were flying low to avoid radar and that meant it might take a little longer to get there. "All I've got is a cryptic text form her. I read it as she's got a plan and the help to enforce it. She's getting Spencer out sometime tonight and she's taking him someplace safe. I'll know more after that. She'll text me when she's wherever she's going and I'll pass that on to you, but I won't know for sure when that will be. Just be ready. It's all going to happen within the next three hours probably. I'm guessing it's about 9 at night there so I figure by midnight she will either have him safe or..." He let the rest go for a moment as he took in the fear of Kat putting herself in danger for Spencer. Kat was always causing that fear in him. "You know as well as I do Colonel that Kat isn't innocent. She's military born and bred. She knows what to do and she will get it done."

"Yeah I know." Vance paused as he watched the others in the room watching him. "I know she knows how to handle herself." He smiled as he remembered how the woman had reacted to him when he'd had to tell her about her brother's death. The woman was 8 months pregnant at the time and she'd hit him...hard. And not with a wimpy slap to the face. No not this woman. She was a southpaw and she had wound her arm back behind her and brought her fist out of nowhere to punch him right in the nose. She'd broken his nose. The damn woman had broke his friggin' nose. Yes, Colonel Michael Vance knew exactly what this woman was all about. "I also know who her husband had been so that makes me worry just a bit about her actual motives here. You're sure she doesn't know who Eliot is?"

Quinn sighed at that. He had never told Katharine what his life had become nor had Luke, but the woman was smart. She knew. She knew that they both handled missions others could not. She knew more about the darker side of military operations than any civilian should ever know, but one thing was certain. She did not know who Eliot Spencer was or had been. Not many did. Eliot had been one of the military's best kept secrets and only a handful of men knew who Eliot had been back then or what he was capable of. Quinn hadn't known himself until he'd been assigned to Eliot's team the day he'd lost his best friend, Luke. The problem here was that no one knew exactly who Kat was either.

She didn't know that Eliot had been there when her brother had died. She didn't know any of that, but she ws smart and if Eliot said something or gave a hint of anything, Quinn knew she'd pick up on it. Right now the odds were in Eliot's favor, but if he said or did anything to give away how he was involved in Luke's death, well, Quinn just hoped Eliot would be able to fight back because Kat would be a very formidable opponent.

"No, she doesn't know. Trust me if she did, she'd tell me. She might still help him, she is a nurse and caring for the sick and injured is what she does, but that would only last until he didn't need her for that anymore. After that, I have no idea what she may do. We both know Eliot didn't kill her brother, he didn't pull the trigger, but Luke was there because of Eliot. And because of her husband." He paused to rub a hand over his face as he realized just how tired he suddenly was. "She may not see it the same way we do since she really had no love for her husband either."

Vance thought about that. "All right," he said. "We'll be waiting for your next call. Hardison is still working on running his magical programs and things," he smiled at the man in question as Hardison smiled at his name. "But if we get something I can't guarantee we'll be able to continue waiting. If we need to move, we will."

"Fair enough. Just let me know. I don't want to text her back unless it's an emergency, but if I need to, I will. Just bear in mind what you're dealing with here Colonel. Kat broke your nose while she was pregnant and off balance. She's not pregnant anymore and she's very balanced."


Roughly about 10:00 PM

Bella looked at her husband as they got into their SUV after stocking Kat's cabin with all the necessary supplies they thought she may need. Bella typed in the text to her as she settled into the passenger seat.

Can't wait. Looking forward to girl's night. Luv company can't wait to meet her. Sam in Lowell right now waiting on job so home alone. Text/call when you can and I'm ready to have fun!

Sam watched his wife type the message and nodded at her wording. "Good. She knows the cabin's ready and she has transportation waiting in Lowell." He buckled his seatbelt as he started the car's engine. "Maybe you two can get a real girl's night out soon. Lord knows that woman needs some fun in her life and to stop doing so many of these rescue missions she's been on lately no matter how important. She needs more help."

Bella smiled. "Yeah, but she helps so many women. Her life was hard enough, she hates seeing other women go through the same thing." She paused as she thought about her dear friend. "She helped me and if she hadn't, I never would have found you." She reached over to gently kiss her husband on the cheek. "Besides telling Kat to stop bringing strays home is like telling you to stop worrying. It ain't gonna happen."

Sam chuckled at that. "That's a fact." He paused as he put the SUV in reverse to back away from the cabin. "I wonder though about this one. Usually she has the wife and her children with her, rarely does she just have a woman alone that needs help."

"Well, I didn't have any children, just an abusive husband." Bella replied as she thought back to those days long buried now. She refused to remember the man in question because he didn't deserve a second of her time even in thought. "Some women don't always need to get away with children in tow." She turned to watch her man as he shifted into drive and began the journey back to their own home.

"True." He said as he reached out for her hand. "But that's not now. Now you have two great kids; we have two great kids and they will be coming home in two weeks for vacation. I know they love their school and I love Kat for getting them into such a great private school, but sometimes I miss them so much."

"Well, don't worry. After this year they'll be teenagers and you know how teenage girls are. They'll need their daddy for his credit cards." Bella laughed at the thought of her twin girls. They were her most treasured gifts next to Sam, and she wouldn't have them or him if it weren't for Kat's help.

She'd found out her secret when they both worked as nurses back in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And if Kat hadn't given her hope, Bella knew she'd be dead by now. Either by her then husband's hand or her own.

She squinted over at her husband in the darkened interior of the car and squeezed his hand. She loved this man and her girls and she knew she'd do anything for them. And she'd do anything for Kat, because the woman had saved her. The woman had been and always would be her savior.


Roughly about 10:00 PM

Eliot slowly realized that he was becoming more aware of the world around him. He didn't open his eyes, but he listened. He hadn't changed his breathing and he was keeping his pain in check right now.

He didn't want Kat to know he was awake again. The damn woman would probably jab another dose of morphine in him just for the fun of it and he really needed to be awake right now. He really needed to get his thoughts in order and get his pain leveled out so he could be prepared for things to come.

He was getting really pissed at the woman for keeping him knocked out; but he was getting really pissed at himself for not being able to see her doing it. She was good, too good for her own good. Or his. He planned on having a major talk with her about that damn morphine crap.

He took in the sounds of the heart monitor beeping with every beat of his heart. The mask over his face gave him blessed oxygen, but it made it hard to exhale. He knew he was in pain, but it was currently manageable. He just needed to see if he could somehow move without enduring too much pain, cause he couldn't be laying here just waiting for Evan to do what he had planned.

The man had an elaborate plan laid out for Eliot, and now Eliot had to worry what Evan would do to Kat. He also needed to worry about this Dr. Richards. He now knew who he was too, and how closely he too was related to Kat's brother's death. The woman had no idea that the two men responsible for her brother's death were here in front of her.

He was really pissed to find out that The Doctor had found him. He'd always known though, in the back of his mind, that he couldn't hide from every enemy he'd ever made. It was always a possibility that one day someone would find him. He was just sorry Kat had to be involved in all of this.

He'd been so deep in his thoughts that he hadn't heard the woman move. At least that's what he told himself, because there was no way she could be as silent as... well as an assassin would be. She had moved to stand over him and he felt her hand on his forehead as if she were testing his temperature. Then he was totally taken by surprise when he felt her breath against his ear on his left.

He couldn't stop the slight jerk he gave at the action, and he cursed himself silently as he felt her soft chuckle against his skin from her exhale. He kind of liked the feeling, though. It was nice...

"I know you're awake Eliot. And I know you're mad at me." She breathed quietly. "Don't open you're eyes, we're being watched. Just keep pretending to sleep. I have a plan and I know it will be hard for you, but I need you to trust me. Can you do that, Eliot? Trust me?" She paused as she ran her fingers through his hair then moved to his left wrist as if she were taking his pulse. "If you trust me, give me a sign."

Eliot took in the woman's words and without knowing why or what he was getting himself into, he moved his wrist very subtly beneath her fingers as she held it. He knew he shouldn't trust anyone, but he trusted her. He knew he should be more vigilant, but he also knew he couldn't do this alone. He needed help and he knew deep down that even if this woman hated him, she still would help him live. He knew that the instant he'd looked deep into her mossy green eyes.

"Good." Her voice was back at his ear. "Just relax, and I promise when you next wake up, we will be safe."

Eliot almost opened his eyes to her at that because the last thing he wanted was to be unconscious again, but the stab of the needle directly into his arm sidetracked him a little. Suddenly he felt his chest tightening up and just as he realized what she'd done, he knew the woman was not everything he'd thought she was.

He flung his eyes open then and as he watched her, he missed her slip the syringe she'd just used in her pocket instead of the disposal for needles. He felt his chest getting heavy and he felt panic coming on as he struggled to breath. He met her eyes then as she reached out to remove the mask from his face.

Just before his heart stopped beating he felt his entire body spasm in reaction to the drug she'd just pushed into his abused body. He looked at her then and he knew. This woman had gotten past all his boundaries, she'd run over him like a steamroller and he'd trusted her from the get go. Now as he watched the slow smile come over her face, he knew someone had finally gotten Eliot Spencer.

With his last breath he said, "Damnit...Kat..." Then everything went black.


Roughly about 10:15 PM

Evan was just finishing his late night dinner in the kitchen when he heard the alarm go off. It was a special alarm he'd had installed in all the rooms the doctor and/or his nurse might use if they were away from their patient. It was an alarm to let them know their patient was in danger. It was their code blue alarm.

Something was wrong with Eliot. Evan quickly jumped up from his seat at the kitchen table and headed for the back stairs off the kitchen to hurry up to the second floor of his home. Once he hit the landing he ran into Dr. Richards coming out of his room hastily pulling on his lab coat over his casual shirt and jeans.

"What the hell is going on, doctor?" Evan yelled at the man as they both headed for Eliot's room.

The man looked at him like he was nuts. "I would guess something's gone wrong with my patient." He said as they both rushed into the room.

Evan came to an abrupt stop as he took in the nurse standing over his brother giving him CPR as the monitors were all going crazy around him. What the hell was happening here? He couldn't let Eliot die, not now. Not when he was so close to getting his revenge.

"Doctor! He's crashing!" Kat's voice broke through Evan's thoughts as he watched the two medical personnel working on Eliot.

He took in the doctor as he quickly rushed over to pull the crash cart set to one side of Eliot's monitors on the right side over to his bed. He pulled it close then motioned for Kat to step back as he took over CPR for her.

"Get the defib charged and ready!" He said as he began pumping on Eliot's chest. "What the hell happened here?" He asked. "It's only been a couple hours since my last check up and he was fine then. He was awake and talking."

Kat stepped back from the bed to run around to the doctor's side and hit the button to charge the defibrillator. She reached for some pre-packaged injections of epinephrine and atropine. "I know. He was still sleeping from the injection of morphine I gave him while you were here. He just started having problems breathing and when I got up to check, he stopped breathing and I couldn't find a pulse. I started CPR right away before the monitors even started beeping."

"Give him one milligram epinephrine." The doctor said as he continued with the CPR compressions.

Kat opened one of the injection packets she'd picked out and moved back to insert the needle into the IV port in Eliot's left arm. She disposed of the needle and returned to the crash cart to prepare the defibrillator paddles for use. She laid the paddles out on the cart and applied the lubricant jelly to each surface, then she picked up two more packaged injections as she returned to the left side of Eliot's bed to await further instructions.

"Check for a pulse." Doctor Richards instructed as he halted CPR to allow her to check.

Kat felt Eliot's left wrist then moved to his carotid artery in his neck. "No pulse doctor." She quickly took up CPR again as Mark motioned for her to and she watched as he reached for the paddles she'd prepped.

Suddenly the heart monitor over Mark's left shoulder began showing a scattered line as Eliot's heart responded to the meds and the CPR. The sound was different than the straight line had been previously. "He's in V-fib, doctor!" Kat yelled as she took in the monitor. "He needs a hospital!"

Evan took in the words Kat said and he yelled back, "No hospital! I won't allow it!"

Dr. Richards turned to the man. "You don't have a choice! I'm not letting this man die because you won't allow a hospital!" He picked up both paddles and rubbed them together to distribute the lubricant over both to avoid any irritation to Eliot's skin.

He hit the charge button on the machine. "Clear!" He yelled and Kat quickly stopped CPR and held her hands up and away from Eliot's body.

Mark placed the paddles on Eliot's chest and hit the button. Eliot's body jerked upwards. The heart monitor continued it's erratic beeping and scattered line. Kat returned to giving CPR as soon as Eliot's body fell back onto the bed.

"I'm going to hit him again." Mark reached over and reset the defibrillator's charge and when it beeped, he yelled for Kat to clear again.

With the second hit the heart monitor suddenly silenced the erratic beeping and the sound and view went back to a normal sinus rhythm.

"Sinus rhythm doctor." Kat responded clearly relieved. She reached for Eliot's hand to check his pulse while the doctor used the penlight in his pocket to check his pupil response.

"Call for an ambulance now, Katharine. I'm taking him to Mass Gen." He said to her as he moved back from the bed to turn to look at Evan. "I don't care what you want or what you think is best, this man needs a hospital. If you're worried about his safety you can put guards on him, but I'm taking him to the hospital. If this man's heart stops again, I probably won't be able to save him. He needs better equipment and a full nursing staff. He's in critical condition. He almost died!"

Evan looked at the two of them and realized he had no choice if he didn't want to give his plan away. "Fine." He replied. "But I'm coming with you and he's to be under my guard. My protection. Understand?"

Dr. Richards looked at Kat who was on the landline calling 911 requesting the ambulance as instructed. The two shared something in that look, but Evan missed it as he kept his eyes on Eliot alone. The nurse had replaced his oxygen mask after checking his pulse and Evan could see his breath fogging the mask. He was still alive he thought was relief.

"I've worked too hard to lose him now." He whispered more to himself than to the others in the room. "I need him alive."

Kat hung up the phone after giving the necessary instructions to the operator. "You need him alive? What does that mean?" She asked innocently.

Evan realized he wasn't acting appropriately as a worried brother, so he amended his statement. "I mean, I haven't seen my brother in years and I've worked too hard to protect him from his enemies and I want him back in my life. I need him to live you know, cause he's family."

Kat looked closely at the man as he spoke. The man is crazy, she thought. He's not right. She looked down at Eliot and put her arm on his chest to feel his breathing. She'd done a hard thing here, but she had her reasons. "I'll get him ready for the ambulance doctor."

Dr. Mark Richards looked from Evan Chapman to Kat. He seemed to be thinking the same as her. Evan Chapman definitely was not playing with all the cards on the table. "Mr. Chapman, could you instruct your security that an ambulance is coming and to let them in?"

Evan nodded slowly as he turned to head out of the room pulling his cell from his pocket to contact his head of security on duty at the main gates. He gave Dr. Richards a long look before he walked out of the room.

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