Saving Eliot

Chapter 23

Chapter Twenty-Three

No Matter What We Breed

We Still Are Made Of Greed

This Is My Kingdom Come

This Is My Kingdom Come

Somewhere in Eliot Spencer's Past...

"Eliot? Are you all right, hon?" Mary Spencer asked her son from the doorway to his room. "Emma said you looked worried about something. Do you need to talk, sweetie?"

Eliot looked up from where he was still sitting on the side of his bed to see his mother standing there watching him with true concern in her eyes. He knew he needed to talk to her about the conversation he'd just overheard, but he wasn't sure if he was ready to hear her answer. Could he handle the truth?

Could he handle knowing his parents had lied to him and Emma all these years? It may not mean anything to other families, small lies, big lies; it might not matter to others, but it mattered to Eliot. His mother didn't lie, she'd never done that...before. But now he knew she had. He wasn't bothered so much about his father sharing in the lie, men did that sometimes, but this was a big secret and he was especially hurt by his mother's part over his father's part in deceiving him.

He didn't care how young his parents may have been when they'd had Evan and Eaton, that didn't matter to him. He'd had time to figure out his mom couldn't have been more than 15 or 16 at the time and his father wouldn't have been much older than that. What bothered him the most was the fact he had two brothers he could have shared things with. He loved his sister Emma, but having an older brother would have been a wonderful thing. And having two, well that would have been even better.

He didn't even think about the fact that Evan wasn't his favorite person, he only thought about the fact they were his true flesh and blood brothers and he'd missed out on having them in his life.

"Are Evan and Eaton my brothers?" He asked suddenly. He didn't even think of trying to ease into it; he just blurted it out and watched the emotions running through his mother's eyes.

She looked scared at first, but then he saw the love she held for him pushing past the fear in her eyes. Eliot had always loved his mother's deep blue-green eyes, but at this particular moment he was lost in them.

"Yes..." Came her quiet reply. She slowly walked into the room and closed the door behind her. "I never wanted to tell you, because, well because the reasons why aren't really important anymore, are they? All I can say to you is that your father and myself had our reasons, very good reasons."

Eliot stood up to face his mother. Eliot wasn't especially tall, but his mother wasn't a tall woman, so he stood slightly over her now as he reached out a hand to her. Mary took her son's hand in her own.

"Why not tell me? Or Emma?" He asked, her fingers warm and comforting over his hand. "Why not tell any of us?"

"El, honey...all I can tell you is that I had my reasons and I still have to hold onto those reasons...for myself. I will tell you what I can, but there are some things that I just have to keep to myself. They won't affect you or Emma, but they are my feelings, mine alone." She reached out a hand and gently touched the strand of hair that was hanging over his eyes and pulled it back to tuck it behind his ear. "Let's sit and I'll answer what questions I can for you, but please understand that the entire truth of this cannot ever be told." She led him back to his bed and the two sank down onto it. "Ask me and I'll do my best to tell you what I can."


"No way, Nate. That is a terrible plan!" Hardison said as he stormed over to the refridgerator to extract another bottle of orange soda. "There is no way we can pull that off. And I am not gonna to let you guys kill me. There ain't no way I'm gonna let you or anyone else here put me in a damned body bag. No friggin' way, man!" He marched back over to his seat at his computer screens and slammed the bottle down on the desktop.

Nate had known that Hardison wouldn't want to do it, especially after he'd been buried alive and it hadn't even been a month since they'd faced that situation. Nate had noticed since that day, that Hardison now had a problem with tight spaces and moving among crowds. If he could think of any other way, he would have, but he couldn't think of anything else that they could do that would get them into the building.

"Look Hardison, it won't be for long I promise and Parker and Whitmore will be in the van." Nate replied as he ran a hand through his hair. "You're the only one who can handle disabling the electronics they have. You're the ony one I trust to do the job right." He knew he was playing dirty with that last line, but he needed Hardison on board for this part of the plan if they hoped to even begin to figure out who was listening to them and how they were related to Eliot's kidnapping.

"Damnit Nate. That ain't fair and you know it." Hardison sulked. He so didn't want to do this; not at all. But he understood the need to do it. This person could have Eliot or at the very least they would be able to lead them to him. "This ain't fair at all. Why can't I be the driver and Whitmore be the dead guy? Huh?"

Whitmore smiled at the young hacker as he stepped forward to join the conversation. "Because I don't know a damn thing about computers. I have people who do that stuff for me. And before you suggest it, Vance can't do it either. He's too damn big for the body bag." He looked at the Colonel who looked slightly offended. "Besides we don't know who this person is, but we have to assume that they are or once were military, and they will probably know me and Vance."

"Yeah, I get that, but they probably already know all of our faces. Being Eliot's team, they probably already know all of us. If they're smart, they already have all that research and know all of us, so we go in, they're gonna know we're pulling something on them."

"That's just it, they won't see you. They'll ony see Whitmore and Parker, so they will assume they are the ones pulling something. They'll be distracted with them and they won't see you at all. This leaves the field clear for you to get in and plant your bugs, cameras and disable their scanning equipment. It's a quick in and out. No one will know you were ever there. At least not until it's too late." Sophie consoled the young man from where she sat next to Nate.

Nate looked at the others in the room. "We all know you can do it, Hardison. You need to have faith in yourself."

"It ain't faith I need. I got all kinds of faith in myself, it's just..."

Parker walked over to Hardison. Out of all of them on this team, Nate knew Parker was the one who would be able to get Hardison to do it. She knew how he'd felt being down there in that casket and she'd felt the same when she couldn't get to him fast enough.

"Hardison, I believe in you." Parker said simply. "Do it for Eliot. He'd do it for you." The she reached out a hand and put it on his shoulder.

"Now that's hittin' low, mamma." Hardison mumbled as he looked up at the thief. "Damnit Eliot! Damnit it all of you!" He ran a hand over his face as he took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. "Fine! I'll do it, but when we find Eliot I am so gonna make sure he knows what I did for him and I'm gonna ask for a ton of favors, beginning wth a gourmet dinner just for me. You guys," he pointed to each of them in turn. "You ain't invited."

Nate smiled as he watched the young man gave in. "I don't think that'll be a problem." He turned to look at the group in general. "Now we need to be sure we have everything down before we re-activate our coms. We don't want our listeners getting curious about how long we've been off the air."


He smelled apples; green apples. He didn't understand that, he wasn't eating an apple was he? Maybe he was...

"Okay, so today did not go well, but that's all right." Sophie said as she spoke to Parker sitting in front of her. "You know, we learn when we fail. We're gonna-we're gonna go back to the basics, and we're gonna do a little role-playing. We're gonna start with...with persuasion techniques." She turned to motion to Eliot next to her as she handed him a green apple. "So, Eliot has an apple and," she handed Parker an orange. "Alice has an orange."

"I love apples. Apples are my favorite fruit." Eliot said as he held the apple up for Parker to see it.

"Good for you, Sparky." Parker said flatly, not in the least interested in this lesson.

Eliot turned to Sophie. "I-I don't have to sit here and take this crap." He said grumpily.

"Go on. Just do it for me." Sophie pleaded with him.

Eliot sighed as he turned back to Parker. Fine, he thought. "You have an orange, all right? Now, convince me that I want the orange, not this apple." He paused, waiting for her to make a comment. " I'm gonna take a bite." He slowly raised the fruit to his mouth hoping Parker would interrupt him. When she didn't he slowly took a big bite out of the apple.

"I put a razor blade in that apple!" Parker blurted out smiling wickedly at him.


Katharine watched as Eliot seemed to stir in his unconscious state. She had noticed that the man seemed to constantly be tormented with nightmares everytime he was out. She sighed as she bent down close to Eliot's ear and quietly whispered, "You're all right Eliot. You're almost safe now. Just a little longer."

She felt him mumble something so she moved her head closer to his mouth and could have sworn he said something apples and...razor blades?

She shook her head causing her hair to gently sway over his face before she moved back to stand up next to Tracey, Aaron's partner as they both rode in the elevator down to the morgue.

"What did he say?" The woman asked as she'd watched the exchange.

"Nothing that made any sense. He's still out of it."

Tracey watched as Katharine reached out a hand to gently touch Eliot's chest. She'd noticed the moment they'd gotten past the ER department that this woman, a friend of Aaron's he'd said, was constantly touching this man. For whatever reason, this woman cared a lot for this man.

Tracey had heard a lot about her from Aaron, and she had to admit at first she'd been slightly jealous about the way the man talked about her constantly, but she soon realized that it had nothing to do with love in that way.

Aaron loved this woman, yes, but it was more like a broter did for his sister. He would do anything for her, and Tracey had to admit that after that first thought, she'd soon come to like this woman even if she'd only just met her. She knew she worked to help people who needed help, but she didn't understand the details and that was okay with her. Aaron trusted her and she knew he wouldn't do anything for just anyone unless there was a damn good reason.

"You like him." It wasn't a queston. Tracey just said it; it was an observation, but it was also the truth.

Katharine tuned her head quickly to look at the woman. "No..well, yes maybe. But not like that...I mean I just met him this morning, I...I don't know him well enough..." God she sounded like an idiot, she thought. How did she explain this? She didn't like him, not like that anyway. She thought about that; maybe she did like him. Maybe she'd liked him the instant he'd focused those blue eyes of his on her. Maybe...

Tracey smiled as she listened to Katharine stumble over her excuses. Then she watched as the woman finally began to realize she did like the man. "You like him." She said again with a huge grin on her face.

"Oh, shut up." Katharine mumbled at the woman. Then she couldn't help the soft chuckle as she took in the fact the woman wasn't fazed in the slightest by her rudness. "Well, maybe I do, but you'd know about that wouldn't you? You like Aaron." She said back at her.

Tracey didn't even try to deny it. "Yes I do. I really do." She continued with that goofy grin on her face as her thoughts moved onto the man in question.

"Oh, God. You got it worse than anyone I've ever seen." Katharine laughed at the woman. "Okay, so we're both idiots doing things for men who are just bigger idiots!"

Tracey watched as Katharine reached out a hand and laid it on Eliot's arm near the IV still attached in the crook of his elbow. "Damn straight!" She said.

As the elevator dinged that they'd reached the basement, Katharine realized that she liked this woman. She really liked her and knew she'd have to set Aaron on the right road here so he didn't miss out on this. "Tracey, just one thing. You hurt my big lug and I'll hunt you down." She watched the woman to see her reaction to her words and was satisfied when she turned to smile at her in understanding. "And if he hurts you, well if he hurts you I'll hit him where it will really hurt him." She added as the elevator doors slowly opened and she began pulling Eliot's gurney while Tracey took the head and began pushing.

"What, you'll kick him in the balls?" Tracy asked, with a grin. "I don't think that'll even faze him."

"Of course that wouldn't." Katharine began as they moved down the long corridor to the ramp that led up to the large garage type door that rolled up for transporation to make pick ups and deliveries of the deceased. "I'd never do that. No, you really want to hit Aaron where it hurts, you pull a Carrie Underwood."

Tracey stopped pushing as they neared the door. ""A Carrie Underwood?"

Katharine pushed the big button next to the door that made it slowly begin opening. "You know, dig my key into the side of his pretty little souped up ride." She sing songed. "He loves that motorcycle of his more than his balls!"


"Albert, when are you going to come to bed?" Marion asked her husband as he sat there at his infernal desk. "You got all the records switched didn't you? The police think the remains found in Eliot's garage are those of Daniel, right?"

Albert turned to look at his wife for the past forty-five years. She was still so damned beautiful to him. "Yes, it's done. It isn't as easy as it used to be. I mean when I had to switch your identity years ago, computers were not a big deal. Now things are so much harder." He replied evenly. "But I still need to finish up a few extra details and make sure that Eliot's team gets to the docks and soon. They need to find Liam and his men before they panic and leave the states."

"Is the team's ear thingies still off? I thought you said they didn't suspect anything." She asked as she walked into the room to slowly reach out a hand that had aged gracefully over these many years.

"No, they're back online, but I think they suspected exactly what I wanted them to. They were off long enough to put a plan together and it's about damn time. I thought I was gonna have to go knock on their door and draw them a damned picture." He chuckled at that. "They are up to something and if I'm right by this time tomorrow they will have all the answers they need when they take down Liam."

"Then hopefully they'll get Eliot back." She smiled. "I was so upset when we saw the fire that our poor boy was dead. It's a good thing there aren't many homes out this way. You'd never have been able to get Eliot's earbud and figure out what had happened if someone else had seen it too. It's ashame about poor Walter, although his heart attack couldn't have happened at a better time. I'm gonna miss him so much. He was my only brother."

"Well, I always say that something good always comes outta something bad. And Walter would have loved his ending. He was the real explosives expert that brother of yours, but I learned enough to get the job done, although I might have used a bit too much. It fooled the police, anyway."

Marion sighed as she thought of her brother. "Yes it did. Now all you need to do is figure out a way to mislead the police about my damned feet! I can't believe they figured out that there was a third person in that house and they got it half right; I was there, but I'm not a bad guy. They thought a small man or a woman because of my danged feet. I shouldn't have worn my boots like you said. You didn't leave footprints, but they found mine."

"Yes they did, but don't worry about it. We burned those boots and they aren't focusing too much on that part of their evidence. That nice Detective is more interested in Walter's remains they think are mine. He's a cop down to the bone so he'll chew on that mystery more than anything. Too bad we'll probably have to relocate again though."

"I know, I like it here and we're so close to our Eliot. Maybe we won't have too, if they don't find out anymore on Daniel."

"Yeah, maybe..." Albert Wilson said to his wife. "Maybe..."

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