Saving Eliot

Chapter 25

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Chapter Twenty-Five

Don't Get Too Close

It's Dark Inside

It's Where My Demons Hide

It's Where My Demons Hide

Roughly about 3:15 AM Thursday morning Boston Time

Emma moved quickly through Logan International Airport, bypassing baggage claim since she'd packed everything she needed in her carry on. If she needed to stay more than a day or two, she'd buy whatever she needed. Right now all that mattered was getting to Matthew and giving him and Eliot's team a piece of her mind.

She'd had time on the plane to think over all the phone calls and messages she'd gotten in the last twenty-four hours. She'd also taken into account all the things that hadn't been communicated in that same time, and she kept coming back to the same thing that was causing her anxiety. In that entire time she hadn't heard one word from her brother.

Eliot never would have let the calls from Matthew, that detective Bonanno or from Nate Ford get to her without giving her some kind of excuse as to why. He wouldn't tell her the truth, but he'd give her the benefit of telling her himself not to worry about him. It wouldn't work, but he would still have contacted her himself, unless... unless he wasn't able to. So that's how she knew her brother was in trouble. The worst kind of trouble. Eliot trouble.

Eliot had led a rough life and he'd never kept in contact with others during those years, but he had always tried to let her know he was still alive and breathing every chance he got. Even when she knew he was doing things she didn't want to know about, he still wrote her a note or sent her a quick text. She had a shoebox full of postcards from many different and exotic locations.

And she knew Eliot would never missed her son's birthday. Not once had he missed a card, call or a gift sent by mail for his nephew. He even tried to remember hers and Matt's birthdays and anniversary with a card or note.

Eliot was the one in their family who remembered every important date and always acknowledged them. Even if he automatically knew her birthday since it was his too, he still made her feel special by making it all about her. No, her brother would never have ignored her. It wasn't in him.

As Emma walked through the doors to head for the taxi lane, she couldn't help thinking how Eliot even remembered their parents' and siblings' birthdays. She always found fresh flowers on her mother, brother and baby sister's graves every time she went there, and she knew they were from Eliot. He would have denied it if she'd asked him, so she never asked. She let him do what he needed the only way he could.

She heaved a deep sigh as she flagged down the next taxi and slid into the backseat pulling her carry on bag in after her. She struggled to get her bag settled next to her as she shut the door.

"Where too, ma'am?" The rather nice looking driver asked as he glanced at her over his shoulder.

Without really thinking she replied, "I need a bar."

The driver turned to her with a grin. "Well ma'am, you might need to be a bit more specific than that seeing as Boston has a bar in every other building."

She couldn't help smiling back at him as she realized how she sounded. "I need to find McRory's Bar. I don't know the address off the top of my head, I forgot to bring my address book. Do you know it?" She hoped he did and she wouldn't have to waste time waiting for him to look it up.

The driver looked her up and down. "Not going for the spirits, I gather." At her slight nod, he smiled. "I know it. Just so happens my brother's a policeman and it's kind of a local cop hangout. Don't know if it's open this late, but I can get you there."

"Thank you." She replied as she realized she liked the man. Her first time in Boston, and so far she liked it. "There are apartments over the bar and my husband's there."

"All right, McRory's it is then." He turned around and turned on his meter as he pulled out into the traffic and headed for the city with Emma watching the scenery fly past her window.


"What the hell do you mean, he's not in the ICU?" Evan practically yelled at the nurse working the information desk in the ICU department. "He came in through the ER. I followed the ambulance here and watched them wheel him in. They told me he was stabilized and was being sent here to the ICU!"

The nurse reached out and picked up her desk phone to alert security. "I told you, sir. If he came in through the ER, he hasn't been brought up here yet and I haven't heard from them yet to even have a record of him bing sent to the ICU. I'm going to have to call security if you continue to create a disruption as we have other patients here in very critical condition, not to mention their families. We cannot have this kind of disturbance." The nurse replied as she stood toe to toe with Evan Chapman. No one came into her ICU and messed with protocol, she didn't care who he said he was.

Evan backed away a little as he realized what kind of scene he was causing. The last thing he needed was rental cops. "Look, I'm sorry. It's just that he's my brother and he almost died, and..." he paused for dramatic effect as he swallowed hard. He hoped he was coming across more sincere and worried than he really felt. He hated pretending to care about people. God, he hated showing any kind of feelings for Eliot other than negative ones.

The nurse narrowed her eyes at him then seemed to relent. She replaced the phone and turned to another nurse standing back from the group of men facing off against her nurse supervisor. She didn't know who to feel the most sorry for.

"Alice, run down to the ER and find out where Eliot Chapman is." The senior nurse spoke quickly. Then she turned back to face off against Evan again. "That is the best I can do for the moment. I'm sure your brother is fine, he's probably still in the ER waiting on the paperwork before being moved up here. I'm very organized and I know who should be here and who shouldn't. So until we know more, I'm going to have to ask you to move yourself and your gang of thugs to one of the waiting rooms at the end of the hall." As Evan started to protest this, she added, "I don't care who your brother is or how much protection you think he needs. Until he's on this floor and you have the paperwork to support the posting of private bodyguards outside his room, then you are not allowed in this area. As I said before I will not allow my other patients' care to be disrupted. When you have the paperwork, I'll be right here." She crossed her arms over her chest and watched as Evan realized he wasn't going to win this battle.

"Fine. Ma'am." He replied as he turned to his men and motioned for them to go on to the waiting room. He turned back to the nurse. "I'll be in the waiting area and I'll have my lawyer here within the hour with the necessary authorization. Just... please let me know if you find out anything about my brother." He watched as it seemed his words reached the nurse's heart. She seemed to melt the ice queen exterior just a bit as she nodded her head in affirmation.

As nurse supervisor Jacobs watched Evan walk away, she turned to pick up the phone again from the nurse's station. She punched in a number and waited. "Benji? You guys clear yet? This Evan Chapman is a piece of work."

"You okay?" Benji asked as he helped Aaron lift the body of Dr. Richards onto the gurney while he had his cell clutched against his shoulder and ear. "He didn't do anything did he?"

"I'm fine. But I could only buy you about 30 more minutes before this guy starts in again." She replied as she kept her eye on the hall for the man in question. "I stalled him with paperwork, my specialty." She chuckled as she said it. "You know me and paperwork."

Benji laughed at that too. "Yes I do." He moved to cover the body of the doctor with a sheet and then let Aaron push the gurney into the morgue's cold storage section for John Does. He watched as Aaron moved the body all the way to the back of the freezer and moved several other gurneys in front of the body. "Katharine's gone now, so the longer w can stall the chances of her getting her cargo safe increases. She'll text me at 4AM if shes okay. If she doesn't text, she gave me a number to call. So all we can do now is play dumb. We don't know what happened to Eliot Chapman. We didn't see him come in. Aaron and Tracey are back on duty and they'll be safe. When they get off duty, they're heading out of town for a vacation they've been planning for weeks. Me, you and Joy are just working stiffs."

"Got it. Glad to hear she's clear. Okay, I'll see in you in a few minutes. And don't forget to clean up after yourselves down there."

"Yes, mom." Benji said and then hung up. He made sure Aaron and Tracey were loaded back in their bus and he watched as they drove off. He turned to Joy then and gave her a thumbs up as they both headed for the elevator.


Albert Wilson finally turned off his computer and put Eliot's earbud down on the desk. He wanted it to still be on even if it wouldn't resgister he was wearing it. He had to admit that Hardison fellow really was a genius. These earbuds were excellent. Too bad technology kept changing everyday. He was getting old and it was getting harder and harder to keep up.

He was rather proud of himself, though, considering he hadn't taken to computers until the last five years or so. He'd learned quickly and thanked God everyday that his brain was still sharp as a tack. He'd learned enough to be able to hack into the police departments where he had wants and warrants and had changed the DNA files they had on him. He switched them out with his brother in law Walter's.

That meant that the police now thought Walter was Daniel Thomas Wright. Albert had once been Daniel Thomas Wright and before that, he had been James Eliot Wallace, the father of Mary Wallace Spencer, Eliot's mother.

He'd disappeared in a tornado when his daughter, Mary had been barely five. He hadn't meant to disappear, he'd been injured in the storm and when he'd woke up two weeks later in a hospital in the next county, he didn't remember who he was. It was 1957 and no one know how to find out who he was, so he'd simply walked out oo the hospital after he'd healed and never gone back to his old life.

He'd taken on different names through the coming years and never really settled down anywhere until he'd stepped into that small diner in Little Elm, Texas. There he saw the woman he knew he would love for the rest of his life. His Marion. He'd asked her out and as they got closer he'd told her he didn't know who he was. She didn't care. The two were married two months after meeting and they'd never spent more than a day apart until he'd been sent to prison.

Marion had only an older brother, Walter who was in the Army and so they moved around a lot, changing their names, taking on whatever jobs they could to get by. Then they'd somehow fallen in with the wrong bunch and he'd spent 18 months at Huntsville prison.

When he'd gotten out they'd found it harder to get honest work, so they did what they had to get by. As time went on, he'd started remembering more and more about himself, until finally it had all come back in a rush.

He knew he'd been married before and so he and Marion had looked up his former wife only to discover she'd remarried and then she'd passed away. He'd found his daughter though and he'd watched her as she grew up and had her family. He'd watched his grandchildren grow and when his daughter and two of her children had been killed in that car accident they'd gone to the funeral, staying in the back. He'd watched over Emma and Eliot the best he could after that, but as time went on he and Marion had had to move on to avoid discovery.

He hadn't known what kind of life Eliot and Emma had led after losing their mother until they'd gone back to quietly watch the two kids graduate from high school. After that Albert had done whatever he could to constantly know where the two were. It was hard at times to keep track of Eliot after joining the military and moving around so much, but they'd kept an eye on Emma and her family and knew Eliot contacted her when he could.

Then finally a little over four years ago, they'd finally seen Eliot settle down somwhat in Los Angeles, and then here in Boston. They really enjoyed it here the best; they really liked the coast. They were so close to their grandson and it had been a dream come true. An now someone had came and taken him away from them and they didn't know where he was.

It was just a fluke that Marion's long forgotten brother had come for a visit and he'd suffered a heart attack and died there in their home. They didn't know what to do, as they didn't need the police involved in their lives even a lttle bit. Then they'd seen the fire at Eliot's and by the time they'd gotten over there and put it out, Marion had come up with the plan.

After they moved Walter over to Eliot's and placed him in the truck they set off the explosives. While the police and fire department worked on Eliot's place, Albert had been able to hack into his own files from Texas and switch his DNA for his brother in law's. He didn't have anyone else he could switch it with that he knew was the same age, so he'd sacrificed his DNA. That meant the police would question his relationship to Eliot, but he hoped that even if they told Eliot about his grandfather's remains, there was nothing that could be done about it. He'd died in the explosion and that meant no questions could be answered.

That also meant they'd have to probably move on again. That bothered him the most as he knew it bothered Marion too. They loved Eliot so much, but maybe they needed to spend some time watching over Emma for awhile. Or maybe they'd check out their son-in-law and make sure he was doing okay.

Albert knew he hadn't been the best father to Eliot or Emma, but they'd seen him with Emma's son and they could tell he did care, he just didn't know how to let his children know.

And Albert knew he'd loved Mary. They'd seen his home and his pictures of her all over the house during visitation after Mary's funeral. Yes, Oklahoma maybe; it would be nicer than DC in the winter. He smiled as he crawled into bed next to his Marion. Yeah, they could settle in and buy a farm maybe and hire some help for the place. They'd tell Eliot they were movng and then maybe he'd have a reason to come visit his home town and see them even if he only saw them as his nice elderly neighbors.

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