Saving Eliot

Chapter 28

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Don't Wanna Let You Down

But I Am Hell Bound

Though This Is All For You

Don't Wanna Hide The Truth

Roughly about 5:00 AM

"How do you know who that is? And how is he a friend of Eliot's?" Emma asked her husband.

Matthew didn't answer her. Instead he turned to face Vance who had joined them on the main floor just in front of the dead man and directed his question to him. "What do you think?"

The Colonel knew instantly who Matthew was refering too. "Yeah, looks like." He moved closer to check out the scar the man had on his face almost in the identical spot Eliot had one; just over the left side of his upper lip. "They both got the same scar in the same way. But it doesn't make sense. He's supposed to be out of the business. He got married. Eliot was best man at his wedding. Why is he here?"

"Guys I would really love to know what you're talking about in there. Who is this guy and what's gong on?" Nate asked as he watched the two military men discussing the dead man.

Vance pulled his favorite knife from his ankle strap and motioned for Matthew to catch the man as he cut through the bindings of one arm. He was more or less spread eagle on this structure, but once he cut him lose gravity would take over.

"His name is Brady. Joshua Brady. And he served under Eliot." Vance moved to cut through the next binding of the man's other arm while Matthew and now Hardison helped to catch him.

"Parker?" Matthew called to the young thief. "Why don't you go check on the two goons we left outside. Make sure they don't get up and leave this party." He wanted to get her away from the dead man as she just couldn't seem to stop staring at him.

"Go on mamma. You got my permission to taze 'em again if needed." Hardison said picking up on what Matthew was trying to do.

At first Parker was going to ignore the Matthew's instructions, but when Hardison said she could taze them, she smiled and turned to jog out the main door.

"But not too much! Mamma! You hear me?!"

Nate smirked a little at that. "Parker, use the zip ties and move them to the office. Then come back here to the van. I'm going to need you to move Lucille inside. Something tells me we'll need to stay close now."

"Yeah, might be a good idea." Vance said as he helped Matthew and Hardison lay the man out on the floor. He looked at Matthew. "I don't know why Brady's here, but he's still a soldier and we don't leave him. I've had too much grief over the years with that, so we take him and we see to it he gets back home."

Matthew nodded his head in agreement. "Hardison, go on and find the computers and do whatever it is you need to do." Hardison nodded and pulled his button camera off to hand it to Vance who handed it to Matthew.

Matthew attached it to his shirt uniform and he focused in on Hardison as he left them. Matthew then turned his attention to the unconscious man.

Vance followed his line of thought. "Nate, when you get here, we're gonna need someone to take Brady out of here. I'll contact someone who will come collect him, just get him back to the bar. Once Hardison's done with his job, you get your team out and safe. Even you, Emma." He added when he saw Matthew's face.

"All right, but what are you two going to do?" Nate asked quietly as he watched Parker finishing up with the two goon guards. He couldn't help a grin as he watched her give each man a dose of her love for the tazer even though they were still out. It was kind of comical to see the unconscious men flop around. They'd probably wake up to many unexplained bruises.

"Don't even try, Nate. National security trumps curiosity. Trust me when I tell you military secrets are even tighter when they're black op military secrets and something tells me this falls under that category." Emma stated matter-of-fact. "Besides, Brady was military, so they're just doing their job."

"Which is what exactly?" Sophie asked as she watched the men place a blanket they'd found over the dead man. She knew as well as Nate, the camera man was still a big question mark here.

"We make sure Brady gets home and we make sure Eliot gets home." Matthew said as he focused on the unconscious man. "And we do what we're trained to do to accomplish those tasks."

Nate took in the fact the two men were sharing a lot of looks between them and the man still out on the floor. He wished he didn't feel so uneasy about this, because he knew in his heart that they'd have to interrogate this man on what he knew about Eliot. He knew it was necessary, but he didn't have to like it.

They needed something to lead them to Eliot and he really hoped Hardison could find something out on the securty system. And he kind of regretted the fact that he didn't get to complete his plan for Hardison. "Crap, Vance I forgot about the other monsters. Hardison can you cancel them?"

Hardison paused over the keyboard he was working on. "Uhh, Nate. I think you need Emma to focus camera two on the front gate." He spoke with a bit of surprise. "They're early."

Emma quickly moved camera two into full screen view just in time to see what looked to be at lease fifty or more zombies, Frankensteins and a mish mash of every monster known to Hollywood; and they were pushing through the main gate while the lone security guard struggled to control the mob. "Your monster flash mob is really early."

Sophie looked at the first group which consisted of some of the stars of her current play, Tangled Web. They'd agreed to bring everyone they knew and it looked like they had.

"Damn!" Emma remarked. They were moving slowly, but they were moving.

"Parker! I need you to lead the mob away from the warehouse. Take them over to the dockside." Nate yelled when she pulled open the back door of the van to get in.

"What? I don't know how to be dead, Nate!" She yelled.

It's easy Parker. I'll help you, Nate you follow us in Lucille." Sophie grabbed a bag under her seat and got out of the van to turn back and rummage through the it. "Okay, Parker. Muss up your hair like you have bed head." She instructed while pulling out some off-white loose face powder. She quickly grabbed a make up brush and ran the powder over Parker's face and then her own.

While she mussed up her own hair, she instructed Parker to tear her uniform a bit here and there and handed her a tube of red lipstick. "Smear this on your face a bit and then all you have to do is follow my lead." She smeared some of the lipstick to her lips to make her look more dramatic. "Now let's go!" She grabbed Parker's hand and pulled her across the road to head for the main gate.

Just as they disappeared in the dark, Nate and Emma heard her tell Parker that she could taze any of the monsters she wanted. The more they got out of the way, the better. Nate smiled as he moved to the driver's seat and put the van in gear and drove towards the warehouse.


Quinn tried his best to stay focused as he concentrated on reading the file that Vance had sent him earlier on what Eliot's hacker friend, Hardison had put together so far. He was just so tired; he'd been up two days and this time change was taking it's toll.

He stifled a yawn as he read through the last paragraph again. The man had quite a lot of information on Evan Chapman, formerly Evan Taylor Spencer. He didn't understand what all the twists were to this whole thing, but he tried.

And he still had yet to fill them in on Kat. He was holding off until he arrived there, whih would be in about two more hours. They were still over the Atlantic and international waters, but soon they'd hit American airspace, then after landing he'd be in Boston within 30 minutes.

He'd gotten a text from Kat's friend Sam who had confirmed Kat and Eliot's arrival just now, so he heaved a deep sigh of relief at that. For now they were safe. He was just glad he'd guessed the right destination.

With them now safe, his attention wanted to focus more on getting to Evan and removing him as a danger. He didn't know who all was working for Evan, but he'd do what he had to do.

He punched in Vance's number and waited for the call to connect.


Vance reached in his pants pocket for his cell when it rang. He looked at Matthew who was standing over the man tied to a chair in the center of the room. The man they'd learned was named Liam Chapman, brother to Moreau's head of security, or had been before he'd met his death from Eliot's hands, or so they'd just learned.

Matthew held the slim knife lightly in his right hand as he focused on Liam Chapman. He hadn't really had to torture the man. He seemed ready to tell them anything they wanted to know. And the man had given them a wild story of what was going on with their dead fellow soldier, Joshua Brady.

Both Matthew and Vance were hesitant to believe his story, but after interrogating the man, they tended to believe he was telling the truth. He was just here as a family duty to take down Eliot for killing his brother Sean. And while he had no love lost for Eliot, he had even less for Evan. He thought the man was crazy. Evan had found Brady as well as most of Eliot's old military team and contacts during the planning of this whole thing.

Liam was supposed to keep Brady here at the warehouse until Evan needed him. They knew he resembled Eliot from a distance and they had planned on using him for pictures in case they needed something to prove Eliot was dead after the kidnapping.

They also learned that Evan had set the fire to burn Eliot's house, but the bomb was not a part of their plan. He didn't know who had done that and Evan was worried about that as well. And they didn't know anything about the remains found in the garage. In fact Liam had said he didn't know until they'd just told him about that.

Since they didn't need Brady anymore, Evan had ordered him killed. Liam said he didn't do the killing himself, but both Vance and Matthew were still skeptical. When asked about the pictures he was taking anyway, he'd explained that he planned to leave and head back to his home in Ireland and he felt the pictures woul prove to his family that he'd satisfied his family's vendetta. He was going to pass off Brady's dead body as Eliot's for them.

Vance turned his back on Matthew while he answered his phone. "Yeah, Quinn. Almost here?"

"Almost, Colonel. Just letting you know that my girl got Eliot out of the house and they are stowed somewhere safe for now."

"Where is he?" Vance growled into the phone.

Quinn frowned at the question. "I told you I'm not telling you that over the phone. I don't want to take any chances and I thought you'd of all people would understand that."

"Yeah I get it." Vance sighed with exhaustion. "It's just this has been such a roller coaster ride since we got here. Just when we get a break, somthing else happens to throw us for a loop." He explained the latest find at the warehouse. "Nate and the others are back at the bar, and me and Whitmore will be heading back there soon. We're just...tying up loose ends here." He turned to Whitmore and grimly nodded his head. "Call me when you land." He ended the call and moved out of sight while Whitmore turned back to face Liam.

"No! What are you doing?!" Liam shouted in fear when Whitmore raised the blade over him. He never took his eyes off the blade glinting in the dim light.

Whitmore paused as the man turned his eyes back to him finally. Then Liam slowly closed his eyes and waited. If he was going to die, then so be it.

It seemed an eternity, but when nothing happened he carefully opened one eye. No one was there. He quickly opened the other to see that he was alone in the room. He was still tied to the chair, but he could see the blade resting on a nearby tabletop holding a single piece of paper in place. He struggled to scoot the chair closer to the table. Once there he paused as he read the two word note.

Never return. He looked around the warehouse and realized that no matter what, he wasn't. He was going home and stay there...and he wasn't setting foot in America ever again.


Evan was going to find Dr. Richards and kill him. Nothing was going to get in his way. The man had double crossed him and now he along with Eliot were in the wind. And to make matters worse, no one was answering their phones at the warehouse.

He turned in the passenger seat to his driver, James. "Get to the warehouse. Something's wrong there."

"Yes, Sir."

Evan keyed a different phone number in his cell. One he knew by heart, but had never used. He'd been told that he would only get one favor, and he'd better use it wisely. He thought this qualified.

"Hell, Mr. Chapman. I trust this isn't a social call." Came the female voice in it's slighlty accented, but soft seductive tone. "What can I do for you?"

"Eliot Spencer. I want him dead." He replied quickly.

The woman on the other end thought for a moment. "This is your favor? You are calling it in?"

"Yes." He ground out. He hated losing this ace in the hole, but if it got Eliot, then it'd be worth it. "This is what I want."

"Very well, Mr. Chapman." Mikel Dayan replied never altering her tone. "Consider Eliot Spencer taken care of. Our paths will never cross again."

And for the first time since Evan had secured Eliot in his home after grabbing him, he smiled. Finally, he thought. He might not get the satisfaction of pulling the trigger himself, but Eliot would still know who ended him and that was what it was all about.

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