The Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 10

16th November. It was supposed to be a day like any other - ordinary, mundane, boring and routine; but ever since Rose had come into Sirius’s life, he realized that if there ever came an important day, she would do her best to make it special. There was also the fact of his cousin to be taken into consideration, because together, Rose and Tonks were quite a determined pair. And if they wanted to make sure he celebrated his birthday then that was what would happen. Yes, today was his 36th birthday and as his protests over a ‘party’ went ignored, Sirius had no choice but to sit back and let the women work, mostly because that was an order directly from Rose herself.

“It is your birthday Sirius, you need to rest for the party.” Rose had said to him when he’d given in and let her organize a small gathering here at the house that evening; but also basically refusing him to help either.

This left Sirius with the entire afternoon free, once Tonks had also reiterated Rose’s words to him on her arrival, he figured it was best to stay out of their way. Since Lupin was running late as well, the only other thing for him to do seemed to be more painting, and Sirius had the perfect subject in mind. Once he had grabbed a tall glass of Pumpkin Juice from the kitchen, earning several loud yells from Rose and Tonks who scrambled to hide their preparations, he apologized to them and headed to Buckbeak’s room; his pet Hippogriff was a challenge for him and ever since he had lessened his drinking, Sirius discovered it definitely helped with his drawing. For the next several hours, his mind was at ease while focused completely on sketching and down below, the entire ground floor was soon converted into a simple but elegantly styled party area.

“Well, I think that’s that!” Tonks exclaimed as she dusted her hands, taking a good look around the dining room which had been the last place for her to decorate, after the hallway, the study and the library, “What do you think Rose?” She glanced at her loyal helper who definitely deserved credit for all the work she’d done.

“It’s very lovely.” Rose said as she turned in a full circle to admire their handiwork, “It’s perfect and I think Sirius will like it.” She knew that he wasn’t very excited to have a party being held for him, but she also knew that too many years had gone by since his last celebration and thought it would be nice for all the Order members to meet up and have a good time together.

“I think he will.” Nodding in agreement, Tonks suddenly let out a gasp as she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. “Oh no, no no no!” She stared at her mousy brown hair and realization hit in that exact moment.

“Dora? What is wrong?” Something must have happened in the last minute for Tonks to look so worried but Rose couldn’t think of any reasons behind it.

“We forgot the cake!” Tonks whispered, covering her mouth with both hands and hanging her head, “I cannot believe that I didn’t remember.” It was true, between all the cooking and decorating and cleaning, neither she nor Rose had found time to bake a cake for Sirius.

“Oh no.” Rose’s face fell too, but was there no way to fix this in time? “Is it too late now?” She asked Tonks, hoping the older woman would have something positive.

“There’s an hour left before all the guests start arriving and even with magic on our side, I’m not sure if that’s enough time.” This was her cousin’s birthday cake after all, Tonks didn’t just want to magic it into something rushed, but what else could she do?

“And we have to get ready.” Rose said, looking down at her clothes and saw it wouldn’t do.

“Not to mention we have to make sure the birthday boy is ready for his own party too.” Tonks said with a sigh, evidently there was more left for them to finish than they had anticipated.

Standing there in the middle of the hallway, neither Rose nor Tonks noticed when the main door opened to admit an early guest. They were both thinking of at least trying to get started on the cake and not mention it to anyone until the last minute possible, since Sirius wouldn’t even cut it after dinner which would give them more time; but there was someone else who could help.

“Good evening Rose, Tonks.” Lupin’s voice suddenly spoke up as he greeted them both.

“Remus!” Rose exclaimed happily as she hugged him tight on seeing that he was here already. “What are you doing here now?” She asked.

“Well, I came a little early to see how preparations were going…” He started to tell Rose when he noticed the look on Tonks’ face, “Is everything alright?” Lupin hadn’t seen her looking so crestfallen until now and wondered what could have happened, but he had already made his mind up to do whatever it was to help her and Rose.

“We forgot to make a cake for Sirius.” Knowing that Tonks was upset with herself, Rose answered the question, “And there’s not enough time now.” She added, feeling equally sad; this was supposed to be a day when Sirius could be happy, but without a cake she didn’t know what would happen next.

“Why isn’t there enough time?” He checked the time and saw how close they would be cutting it if they started, but Lupin wasn’t backing down, “Is everything else ready Tonks?” Reaching out to touch her arm, he saw her turn to stare at him.

“Yes… yes everything else is ready for the party; we just have to change and get Sirius down on time, but…” Tonks began and then paused, long enough to guess what Lupin was thinking, “You’re not going to make a cake are you?” She asked him.

“Of course I am. And I’ll have Rose to help me.” Grinning as he left his coat and gift-wrapped present for Sirius safely on one side, Lupin rolled up his shirtsleeves and offered one hand to his newly appointed baking assistant.

“We are making a cake?” Rose questioned, as she took Lupin’s hand in hers, “What about the time?”

“We’ll get it done.” Lupin reassured her before turning to Tonks, “You’re the hostess for this evening, go and get changed, take care of Sirius and be here when the others arrive. I promise the cake will be ready on time and no one will know otherwise.” He said with a smile on his face, this was something he could do for Sirius and for Tonks as well.

“Thank you Remus!” Unable to stop herself, in that moment of relief, Tonks sprung a kiss on his cheek, leaving him a little flustered as she ran upstairs before he could say anything else.

Rose was the one who had noticed this exchange between them and even after Tonks had left, she could see how Lupin continued to stare in wonder, one hand on his cheek, the other still holding her and only when she tugged it did he remember she was still here and they had work to do. Chuckling softly to himself, she saw that he didn’t speak but walked with her towards the kitchen and began their preparations. Lupin got his wand out and within minutes had gotten all the ingredients needed for a cake ready, but when he looked around for Rose and found her sitting on the chair by the table, he was surprised.

“What are you doing all the way over there Rose?” Walking over to her, he knelt down and realized that she seemed a little shy; it was true that he hadn’t spent a lot of time with her, when it was just the two of them, but perhaps this opportunity could change things.

“I don’t know what to do.” Rose admitted softly, “Dora told me to put the flowers and the ribbons but I did not touch the food.” In all honesty, she had expected to sit quietly and watch Lupin work.

“Oh… I see… well that is something I would’ve done with the dinner too, but this is Sirius’s birthday cake. I could use your help.” Lupin knew what it was that he needed Rose to do.

“Okay!” Smiling up at him, Rose slid from her chair and went to where Lupin had gathered everything.

“May I?” He asked her, setting his wand aside for the moment, Lupin held his arms out and when Rose nodded, he lifted her up and sat her down atop the marble where she could see all the different bowls and spoons and packages of flour, cocoa powder, eggs, sugar and icing lay.

“What now?” Rose was curious to know how she could be of help to Lupin.

“Now, we get started before time runs out.” Lupin said to her, “I’ll need your help the most at the end when it’s time for the icing, but right now, you could talk to me while I speed things up; that really would help.” He had seen the clock and realized every second that passed by was crucial.

Baking a cake wasn’t as easy as waving a wand around and dumping all the ingredients together, sticking it in the oven and fast-forwarding the process to mere minutes; not to mention that Lupin hadn’t really done this in a while. He knew that measuring was key and instincts, both needed to work well together and so he began, trusting Rose to keep him on task while talking… to him, it was never a distraction but rather a way of focusing. Still, even someone as clever as he didn’t quite expect the first words out of Rose’s mouth.

“You love Dora.” She said, going for the first thing that came to her mind; she was a little caught up in seeing how magic was working, everything moving in the middle of the air on their own, being carefully measured and poured into one big dish which would be transferred into a baking pan.

“Sorry?” Lupin was busy cracking the eggs over a bowl but had heard Rose’s statement, not question, loud and clearly.

“She kissed you.” Rose didn’t repeat her initial assessment of what she thought but went on talking, “I was there.” She added, her gaze transfixed on the movements more than anything; it all seemed to be in a single file.

“Well yes… but… but that doesn’t mean anything of course.” He replied at last, knowing that Rose was sitting not five feet to his right even now, “Tonks has kissed Sirius too.” Of course he didn’t mention the fact that perhaps that had been because…

“You look at her like my daddy used to look at my momma.” The chocolate was being added now and Rose’s eyes were wide open, “Sirius does not look at Dora the same.” Rose had always been very observant, more so during the last several weeks. She didn’t know when there was a certain moment which told her that Lupin liked Tonks, but she could see it now after the kiss.

“I… it’s… it’s complicated Rose.” Lupin said, “Grown up people have a lot of things in their lives to consider and there’s factors like age and status to think about and the other person’s feelings and many, many more problems. Love is not simple.” He sighed and watched as his wand poured the batter in.

“What problems?” Rose hadn’t understood much of what Lupin had told her but the word ‘problems’ made sense to her.

“Some things which aren’t easy for someone so young to understand.” He gave her a smile and went to the oven at last, “Maybe one day when you’re a little older.” There was plenty of time for the cake to be baked.

“Things like… you are… a wolf…?” Her words were drawn out carefully as she stared into his eyes, watching the reaction.

“How do you know about that?” Lupin asked her, walking closer to where she sat, the answer coming to him almost immediately. “Sirius. He told you.” There was no one else who would have.

Rose didn’t say anything but slowly nodded her head, just once in reply; something about the way Lupin had suddenly changed made her think that maybe she wasn’t supposed to have said what she had. Now that he was in front of her, he asked one simple question.

“Are you scared?” He wasn’t trying to scare her, but now that she knew the truth, he had to make sure she understood just how serious this condition of his was.

“No.” Rose didn’t need time to think of an answer; she had never felt anything but safe around Lupin in all the time she’d known him.

“You should be. I’m a werewolf.” Lupin said, “It is not a pleasant sight to see and it is dangerous.” There was a part of him which wondered if he seemed to be playing out a scenario where someone else would be involved.

“Not now.” She pointed out, knowing that a wolf was a big furry animal and Lupin looked human just then.

“True, and I stay away when I turn every full moon.” He told her; there was nothing reckless in his behavior, he knew how to protect others from himself when he changed.

“I’m not scared.” Rose said to him even more adamantly now.

“I could hurt the people I love.” Lupin had thought of every possible argument he could come up with.

“You won’t.” This time, as if to prove her point, Rose stood up on the counter and placed both her hands on Lupin’s cheeks, holding his gaze there.

“You don’t know that.” He said softly, thinking that maybe he was inadvertently trying to push her away too.

“I do. I know you. You are good and nice and you won’t ever hurt me and you won’t hurt Dora.” Rose spoke in a whisper but still smiled after she had finished telling Lupin the same thing one more time.

Hearing the conviction in her voice, someone who was only a child and yet still had so much faith in him, after having met only a few months ago, it made Lupin waver… ever so slightly… he began to feel as if there was… hope. How was it that Rose had managed to make him think like this?

“Thank you Rose.” Lupin smiled at last and hugged her, this was a special girl and he could see why Sirius had changed; Rose was a positive influence on him.

“You’re welcome… Moony.” There was a cheeky grin on her face as she used his Marauders nickname.

“Ha. You know about that too, of course you do.” Laughing at that, Lupin kissed the top of her forehead, she had a gift of being able to makeanyone smile and it definitely was more magical than anything else he had ever seen in his life.

“Yes I do.” Rose nodded her head, she and Lupin heard the oven alarm going off in that very moment signaling the cake was ready.

“The cake! We have to still put the finishing touches, the icing and the writing.” Lupin had prepared the chocolate icing in a bowl which sat on Rose’s lap now; it was almost time for the party to begin.

“Oh! Look!” Pointing to the doorway, Rose saw that Tonks and Sirius were making their way downstairs. She took the opportunity to quickly take one lick of chocolate from a spoon when Lupin turned around to see where she had seen them.

Surely enough, there they were. Hand in hand, Tonks was dragging Sirius down the staircase and Lupin could hear her laughter echoing through to the kitchen; the two of them seemingly having a jolly good time given how they appeared to be, even from a distance… he could see… no, there was no point in trying to think about that now.

“We should get the cake ready now, Rose; you still have to go and change.” He moved back to where Rose was and gave her his full attention. Tonks was keeping Sirius out of the kitchen by showing him around, looking at the decorations.

“I will finish the icing first.” Rose said as she picked up the bowl and spoon.

“Alright, let’s do this.” Lupin retrieved the cake from inside the oven, this time he used mittens and his own hands, not wanting to leave something so important to a wand.

It took Lupin and Rose only a few minutes to get the cake covered in icing, but once he started to write the message on top, he sent her outside. Tonks would help her get changed into party clothes and there was a couple of seconds for him to finish this off before Sirius joined him. The cake was to be kept in the fridge until dessert time and that meant Sirius couldn’t see it beforehand. Once he had completed his task, Lupin left the kitchen and met his friend halfway, steering him clear of that area; they relocated to the study for a glass of Elderflower Wine.

“Are you going to tell me what you were doing in the kitchen Moony?” Sirius asked his best friend; it wasn’t lost on him that together, Lupin, Tonks and Rose had planned something for his birthday.

“Not really no.” Answering with a grin, Lupin chose to keep his cake adventures with Rose a secret, “I was just lending a helping hand to the ladies.” He said as a way of replying to the question without revealing any details.

Just then, the main doors opened of their own accord to admit everyone else who had shown up at the same time - Molly and Arthur along with Kingsley, each of them bearing birthday gifts! Not a few seconds later, Tonks showed up with Rose as they came downstairs and within seconds, there was a flurry of activity as birthday wishes were bestowed upon Sirius and greetings exchanged among the guests. It was also not lost on the hostess of the evening that they were one guest short.

“Where’s Mad-Eye?” Tonks said to Kingsley and Arthur, wondering where the Auror was.

“He is delayed.” Kingsley answered her, “I do know that he will be here though; Alastor made sure I reassured you that he will be here Tonks.” He added with a smile. If there was anyone who could get Mad-Eye to attend a gathering like this, it was Tonks.

“Leave it to Mad-Eye to be busy with work even on a day like this!” She tried not to sound too upset but she had wanted everyone to be here for Sirius’s birthday party, “Who knows what he’s even up to.” In that moment of emotion, Tonks didn’t even realize when her hair changed from lavender to flaming red.

“I’m sure it’s something important that couldn’t be put off until later.” Arthur said, “But he’ll be here soon.” He placed a hand on the young witch’s shoulder and calmed her down, as her hair color reverted again.

“You didn’t hear it from me, but I have it on good authority that Mad-Eye may be on his way back from Azkaban as we speak.” Lowering his voice to a whisper, Kingsley stood close to Sirius and Lupin, who heard him but chose not to react; this was a delicate situation which needed to be discussed more privately.

Luckily Molly was busy talking to Rose, learning about how she and Tonks had arranged this whole evening together, and with Tonks talking to Arthur, which meant that no one else heard this conversation.

“Well let’s not just stand here all night long!” Tonks exclaimed as she started to usher everyone inside the house, “The party has officially begun.” And this was the moment for her to bring Sirius into the spotlight. “C’mon birthday boy! This is your night.”

“Whatever you say cousin.” Sirius said to her, knowing there was no point in trying to shy away from the attention, as long as he had Rose by his side maybe things would be pleasant and even enjoyable.

Beaming brightly, Tonks led him and the other guests into the dining room which was the main party area; she and Rose had decorated it very elegantly - there were tiny fairy lights strung across the walls casting a glow all around, very few red and gold balloons signifying the Gryffindor House colors, black silk ribbons tied on the chairs, fresh flowers placed in vases, the dining table was set with silver from the Black family collection and all of the food had been laid out with little help from Kreacher who had presumably retreated away to the basement as he always did. Tonks seated Sirius at the head of the table, Rose on his right side with Molly and Arthur seated beside her, Lupin was on his left side with Kingsley and an empty chair for Mad-Eye which left her to sit directly across from him. Dinner was a merry affair; once the drinks were passed around, and juice for Rose, Sirius eventually loosened up and spent the evening recounting memories of his school days as well as cracking jokes with Lupin’s help, laughing and smiling the most he had in a very long time. It turned out that this birthday celebration was definitely a good idea. Mad-Eye dideventually show up just before dessert and to the surprise of everyone, he even hugged Sirius for a brief second.

“Happy Birthday, boy.” His voice was still gruff as usual but he seemed to be in good spirits himself for he had brought a present too.

“Thanks Mad-Eye.” Sirius said as he clapped the older man on the shoulder, making sure that Moody had a drink when he sat down to eat and resumed their storytelling.

Once the food and drinks had been consumed, there remained only two important things for the night; cutting the cake and opening all of the gifts. To Sirius’s immense delight, when Lupin disappeared to the kitchen for a second, returning with the Birthday cake, he was surprised to see the design - a dog face complete with floppy ears and a wagging tongue. And on learning that Rose had helped, with the idea and the icing, Sirius pulled her in for a hug and asked for her to help him blow out all the candles. The first bite was her honor and within a quarter of an hour, they all retired to the den for Sirius to go through each and every gift he’d received that night; Molly and Arthur presented him with a joint special gift of vinyl records, specifically of Muggle music which Sirius appreciated, Kingsley had an antique silver pocket watch to replace the one Sirius had lost, Mad-Eye being Mad-Eye gave him a foe glass, Tonks’ gift was an unlimited supply of sweets and chocolates from Honeydukes, a very thoughtful gesture… but it was Lupin’s present which happened to be the first of his surprises. A small wooden box which revealed…

“Is this… the real thing?” Sirius was wide eyed as he lifted a golden snitch in his hands, turning it around carefully, having recognized it instantly.

“It is.” Lupin said to him, watching as his friend noticed the most important detail of all.

J.P. I’d forgotten that he had signed this silly old thing.” He whispered; this wasn’t just any snitch, it was the exact same one which James had nicked for himself after Gryffindor had won their first House Cup and played with it all the time; at some point he had scratched his initials on the surface permanently.

“Thought you might like that.” Was all Lupin would say, he had found it a little while ago and had been waiting for the right opportunity to give it to Sirius.

“Thank you Moony.” Embracing him, Sirius felt as if a part of James was with him now and would be there all along.

Soon number 12 Grimmauld Place was silent once again; after this rare evening of celebrations, things had gone back to the usual way of life. The lights were dimmed, the curtains closed and the guests had said goodbye as they left for the night. As for Rose, she found that despite enjoying herself, meeting almost everyone and even seeing a constant smile on Sirius's face, she was oddly relaxed at the quietness all around the house... she would dare to also admit that it was... peaceful. And as she headed upstairs towards Buckbeak’s room, Rose hoped that the rest of this night would continue to be special in its own way.

"Hello?" Pushing the room door open, Rose stepped in, looking around and seeing Buckbeak was still awake.

She didn't see Sirius anywhere at first, he had gone upstairs to leave his presents, but the Hippogriff seemed to know just exactly what Rose was thinking of because a second later, she noticed him raise his head and turn slightly in the direction of the window. After that, Buckbeak settled down to sleep.

“Thank you Beaky!” Rose grinned as she walked past him and patted his wing softly; behind where he slept as the balcony and sure enough, when she peeked her head outside, Sirius was sitting there.

The balcony was a small area of space that the french doors opened out to, with a single old chair placed there in the middle for someone to sit and watch how the world moved on below, or perhaps stare at the sky up above. Rose was barefoot as she wordlessly stepped on the cold granite floor, shivering a little and tiptoed over to where Sirius had relocated to after the party had finished. It certainly didn’t surprise her to realize that he wanted some alone time after everything was said and done. They weren’t entirely alone of course; apart from Buckbeak who decided to turn in for the night, Sirius and Rose had a new gift to keep them company - James’s old snitch was currently zooming around the balcony, bumping into the walls every now and then, but still kept flying.

“Hello, love.” He didn’t even have to turn around for him to realize that Rose stood only a few feet behind.

“How did you know it was me?” She asked him, stopping by the armrest of the chair and looked up at Sirius, more in awe that he had sensed her than anything else.

“Do you know of anyone else who lives here besides you and me?” Sirius countered with a question of his own, there was a shadow of a smile on his face but he did seem happy to see Rose. After all, it was just the two of them now; as it always was going to be.

“No. But… I didn’t know you could see me.” Rose admitted as she sighed, the surprise didn’t turn out the way she had planned, but not all of it was ruined.

“I didn’t see you.” He started to say, pausing to lift Rose up in his arms and set her down on his lap, “I did however, hear you come in.”

It was a simple explanation and Rose felt impressed to know that she had been able to sneak out here without being seen; it meant that the next time, she would have to only work on not being heard. Grinning to herself, Rose remembered why she had come to see Sirius in the first place.

“I have… something for you…” She started to say, finally bringing the small bag up from her hands which she was carrying.

“Oh? What is it?” His curiosity was raised now, Sirius did remember Rose whispering an apology to him earlier when they were all gathered downstairs, about her not having anything for his birthday gift. And yet, this bag seemed to indicate otherwise.

“A present.” Rose knew how it sounded; in all honesty, she had been preparing for this moment ever since she’d found what she planned to give him on his birthday. Everything was ready - the gift, the paper wrapping, the card… only, at the last minute, Rose ended up hiding it in her room. Until now.

“May I see what my present is?” Sirius asked, holding a hand out for the bag.

“I… I did not buy it.” She turned around to look at Sirius when she spoke, her brown eyes wide open and seemingly… worried? “I did not make it too.” Was the second thing she confessed. “Only the card.”

In response to her admission, Sirius broke into a smile; this was one of the things about Rose that he had come to admire over time - her sincere honesty about everything. A quality which may have begun to rub off on him too.

“That’s quite alright love, I’m sure I’ll love your gift, no matter what.” And it was certainly true, he hadn’t expected gifts from anyone but as of a few hours ago, Sirius now had plenty of things.

“Okay.” Nodding her head, she relented at last and passed the gift over to Sirius who smiled and took it from her hands. His second surprise of the night.

For a few seconds, the two of them didn’t say anything; Rose simply watched as Sirius carefully opened the bag, removed the gift as well as the birthday card. He grinned when he saw that she had drawn a likeness of the two of them with Buckbeak with ‘Happy Birthday Sirius, Love Rose!’written inside and after thanking her for this, he moved on to his present and started to unwrap it. Rose waited with bated breaths, sitting on his knee, hoping that he would like the object in question.

“Dora helped me… to find this.” Rose said as an explanation once Sirius had reached the last layer of wrapping paper.

“Really? Well let’s see what this is, shall we?” Sirius already knew what kind of a gift it was, he just didn’t know the exact details.

As soon as he removed that last piece of paper and turned it over in his hands, Sirius was quiet for a minute. The gift was a book… but not just any book, it was ‘The Golden Book of Fairytales’ and if memory served, this was the exact copy which had been gifted to him on his 16th birthday… by Lily Evans. After pestering him for months and months, Sirius had given up and agreed to let her buy him something Muggle related which he promised to use; this book was the result. And he had kept his promise to her, in spite of all the jokes that James had cracked, he did read the book from beginning to end, page by page, story by story, and the happy hugs that Lily had given him afterwards were something that Sirius still remembered vividly.

Rose could see him going through all kinds of emotions in that moment, she didn’t understand all of them but 'happy' and 'sad' were two things she did see. The look on Sirius's face made her wonder if giving him this book was the right thing to have done?

“You don't like it.” She suddenly blurted out, bringing him out of his reverie.

“Why would you say that love?” Sirius was confused at her words; glancing in Rose’s direction, he saw that she seemed disheartened.

"Because..." Rose began as she reached a hand to his cheek and wiped away an unshed tear, “You look sad now.”

“Oh. No, no… not at all, I’m not sad.” He understood what she meant now, “I am so happy that you found this book for me. I thought that I would never see it again; this is something very special to my heart and I will cherish it forever.” Sirius said to her.

Hearing his words brightened Rose’s mood as she smiled and threw her arms around him for an impulsive spur-of-the-moment hug.

“Thank you Rose.” His voice was a soft whisper, he kissed her on the cheek and leaned back in his chair. It had taken twenty years, he didn’t know exactly when he had lost the book, but now he had found it again; something for him to remember Lily by.

For the rest of that night, Sirius showed Rose all of the stars which were clearly visible to their eyes in the sky above them; he named all of the constellations, telling her that most of his family members had the same names - Orion, Andromeda, Cygnus, Cassiopeia. She was nestled comfortably in his arms, her back against his chest and even though there were moments when Sirius thought she may be drifting off to sleep, Rose didn’t want to turn in just yet.

“Is there a rose star?” Rose asked him, covering her mouth after yawning again; she had lost count after the first ten times, her eyes were closing, but she was curious to know if she too was named after a star.

“No, I don’t think so.” Sirius began to say, “I do know that there is a rose galaxy located far away in the Andromeda constellation; and if you ask me, that is better than having just a star to your name. You could fit hundreds of thousands stars inside a single galaxy which makes it special. Just like you love.”

“That is nice.” She sighed deeply, and closed her eyes, “Happy Birthday Sirius.” It was something she managed to say before sleeping at last.

“Thank you for the best birthday ever.” Kissing her forehead, Sirius carefully picked Rose up in his arms and carried her to their room; he made sure that she was tucked in properly before settling in by her side, leaving a tiny light on for the two of them. “Goodnight love.” He whispered, wrapping an arm around her waist and fell into a nightmare free sleep.

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