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Lost Soul

By kaiwai

Mystery / Romance

Chapter 1-Prologue

I want to make one thing very clear.

I adopted this story from it's original writer, Redmoon1997. I have full permission from her. Instead of making everyone chase down the story or the writer, I took the liberty of putting it here. The next 13 chapters of this story are written by the original author, who has chosen to discontinue this story. I will be the one to finish it.

Please excuse me if there are errors ahead of time. This book has well-over ten thousand words and I don't have the time to go through the whole thing and fix all the errors, so please, if you readers spot errors, notify me so I can fix it. Thank you.

Also, this book is rated M for mature for violence, rape, suggested rape, sex, m/m, mention of mpreg, gore, death, suggested death, character OOC. I do not own Vampire Knight, that belongs to Matsuri Hino. I do not own Akira Hio. That belongs to Redmoon1997. AGAIN: THE FIRST 13 CHAPTERS ARE HERS. I SET THEM HERE FOR EVERYONE SO NO ONE WOULD HAVE TO GO HUNTING THEM DOWN. REPEAT: THE FIRST 13 CHAPTERS ARE NOT MINE! You have been warned.

Thank you for your patience.



A tall figure stood in the darkness. His face could not be seen at the moment. It just stood there, motionless.

Zero stared at it for a moment, trying to figure out what was it whispering.

"..me...o..me...y..lo..e" Zero did not know what the figure was saying.

The figure came closer, in it's face there was a mask, hiding it's true identity. It's hand reached for Zero's cheek and stroke it. It leaned it's face until it reached Zero's ear.

"Come to me, my love"

The figure put something on Zero's chest, right were his heart was located. Everything became blurry. Before he knew it, everything went black.

Zero's eyes snapped open. He has been having those kind of dreams very often. It was always the same figure. It never showed it's face for some reason. And it always whispered the same thing.

Zero got up and went to the bathroom. He washed his face and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

'What's wrong with me?' he thought.

He grabbed the towel and dried his wet face. He went back to his room and looked at the clock. 2:00 am. He might as well just go back to sleep. He will sure need it.

"Where could Zero be? He's going to be late for class again" a very nervous Yuki said to herself as her eyes scanned for any sign of the silver haired boy. Class was about to start in five minutes.

"Aren't you going to enter the classroom, Yuki?" Yuki's friend, Yori, asked.

"I'm waiting for Zero" Yuki replied.


Yuki nodded.

"I'll wait for you inside then" with that said Yori got inside of the classroom, leaving Yuki alone once again.

The five minutes passed and there was still no sight of Zero. The corridors were empty, like they always were at this time. Yuki could hear the teacher calling for her.

"Yuki, come inside. Class is starting" the teacher told the brunette girl.

Yuki sighed and looked around one last time. Still no Zero.

"Coming" she entered the classroom.

Yuki walked her way towards Zero's room. The silver haired boy didn't show up to class this time, which was odd. He always was there, even if he was late or if he slept during the whole class. And he hardly got sick.

Yuki entered the room only to find that his friend was still sleeping.

"Zero! Wake up!" Yuki yelled as she shook her friend back and forth, earning a loud growl from Zero. He woke up and threw one of his glared at the girl.

"What the hell!" he shouted.

Yuki frowned at him.

"Do you know what time is it?"

"Of course I do. It's 6:00 am in the morning" Zero replied. Yuki stared at the silver haired boy in disbelief.

"Look again" Zero did as he was told.

3:32 pm

"You got to be kidding me" the amethyst eyed boy muttered. He slept the whole day. His teachers are not going to be happy with him.

"Did you sleep at all last night?" Yuki asked her friend.

"After finishing my prefect duties at midnight...yes"

"Then you better have a good excuse for missing class!" Yuki yelled at her friend.

"Look Yuki, could you stop being annoying for a little time and get out of my room so I can change?" Zero asked as nice a she could trough gritted teeth. He loved Yuki and all but she could be so annoying at times.

"Fine" Yuki stomped out of the room.

Zero picked from his closet his usual clothing, the black school uniform. He secured Bloody Rose and put on his shoes. He licked his dry lips and prepared himself for Yuki. The girl was not going to leave him alone until he gave her a proper excuse.

"Finally" Yuki said when she saw Zero exiting his room. "How about you explain"

"I don't know Yuki. I just don't. I just overslept. It's not a big deal anyway" Zero began walking away to who knows where. He just wanted to get away from his friend for a while. He ignored the fact that Yuki was calling his name for him to turn around and continued walking.

He went to his usual tree spot. He sat in the comforting shadow of the big tree. He did not fell asleep, since he already got sleep covered. His thoughts were involved in the dream he had.

Come to me, my love

That certain phrase sent shivers down his spine. Who was the man who said that? And why did he call Zero 'love' if they haven't even met yet? Everything seemed so real. Like a vision or...memory. It couldn't be a memory, of course, because if it were then Zero would at least had a little clue of who that man was. It could be a vision or simply a dream.

"I'm just being paranoid" Zero muttered to himself.

"About what?" a certain pureblood vampire asked.

Zero's attention was directed to said vampire at the moment.

"Kuran" Zero said, venom clear in his voice.

Kaname Kuran stood there. His face was emotionless, as a pureblood is always suppose to look. He was in his usual white uniform. His hazel eyes were focused on one thing only. Zero. He moved forward, almost too quickly for Zero's liking, and sat down besides the silver haired boy. Leafs fell around the two men that just sat there, one awaiting for the reply and the other obviously wanted the other to go away.

"I believe that I asked you a question, Kiryu" Kaname said n the same emotionless tone as before.

"None of your business" Zero used the same tone as Kaname. His eyes showed no life at all.

"I believe it is, Kiryu-kun. Yuki asked me to check on you. I cannot deny a request from my precious girl. So I will ask once again,you are paranoid about what?"

"It's none of your damn business" Zero made the attempt to stand up, only to be completely paralyzed by the pureblood. He tried moving his muscles. His m,ind was screaming to him to do so. His body did not feel the same.

Kaname took Zero's chin with his hand and forced the silver haired boy to look at him. Amethyst met Hazel at that moment. The pureblood's gave evolved from emotionless to concerned. Zero was obviously hiding something from him. From Yuki. From everybody. He was not going to go away like nothing is wrong. Even a pureblood can fell such things as curiosity.

"Why can't you make things easier, Kiryu-kun?" the pureblood let out a smile as he heard a growl coming from Zero.

"Bastard" Zero said trough clenched teeth.

Kaname ignored the insult, like he always did. He let out a sigh and freed Zero from his power.

"I will leave you. For now. If Yuki asks me once again then I will expect an answer that time. Goodbye Kiryu-kun" Kaname told Zero before disappearing.

Zero found himself alone again. He knew Kaname would ask again. Not because Kaname had warned him. It's because of the brunette little girl. If those two vampires could be described in one word it would have to be stubborn. If they set their minds on something then they would not give up until they are completely satisfied. Zero hoped that at least Kaname would give up. They were never close to begin with. Zero didn't trust the pureblood and the Kaname didn't trust the ex-human. It was as simple as that.

"..om...t...me...my...l..e"Zero heard something around the area. Nothing was there except for him.

"My mind is playing tricks with me" he muttered as he stood up, wanting to examine the area.

Zero headed west. The voice seemed to come from there, if there even was a voice. It was very familiar. In his dream that was the same voice.

Zero's eyes where like a radar, watching anything that seemed out of order. Unfortunately, every single thing looked fine. Fine trees, fine floor, fine plants...wait.

"What's this?" Zero stared at one certain tree. A sakura tree. It was the only one around the area. But that's not what caught Zero's attention. It was the craving that was in the trunk of the beautiful tree.

"Come to me , my Love"

"Not this again" Zero's slender fingers ran over one of the letter of the craving. The L to be exact. For some reason the one who wrote it made that letter deeper than the others, and wrote that in capital letter.

Zero looked down. The petals from the sakura's flower where at the floor, making the ground seem like a beautiful rose carpet made from the finest materials. A tint of red was the only defect around the mesmerizing area. Blood.

The scent was unknown to Zero. Nobody over Cross Academy had that kind of blood. Neither did anyone around town. He licked it, trying to see if he could recognize it, but had no avail. The taste was not sweet or bitter. In fact, it had no taste at all. Like the blood did not belong to any living being at all...if that was even possible.

"Be mine again" Zero heard another whisper. It was the same unknown voice. Zero tried looking for it once again only to fail. It was useless. Whoever was saying those things did not want to be discovered.

"Then why is that person telling me to go to him?" Zero asked to himself.

He shook the thought from his head and headed back to the academy. The forest didn't feel so safe at the moment...not that he was scared or anything like that.

Night time. Probably the nicest time of the whole day. All of your problem get drowned in the darkness of the cold night. The sound of the night creatures send relaxing waves trough your body. Humans slept while the vampires always stayed awake. The beautiful night sky, with the moon and it's companions, are a truly wonderful sigh to behold. In other words, night time seemed perfect. Maybe too perfect for Zero's liking.

"Are you planning to tell me any time soon?" Yuki asked again. The same question has been asked to Zero for who knows how long. It was really starting to get on every nerve in his body.

"Yuki" Zero said. His tone sounded more like a warning towards the girl.

"Zero..." Yuki began, her hand reaching Zero's cheek, "I'm only asking you this because I care about you".

Zero tried to look some other place, but the look on Yuki's face made him unable to do so. Her big, brown eyes earned an extra shine as she let out a cute pout. Yuki was doing the puppy dog face. Too bad for her that Zero was already used to that look.

"Have you ever wondered that I haven't told you because I want to protect you?" Zero knew that that question was a lie. This had nothing to do with Yuki. The brunette girl didn't had to know about anything. It was in his nature to keep things to himself.

Yuki stared at Zero, eyes widened and completely taken aback. She didn't think about it that way. Zero was simply trying to protect her.

"I...sorry" Yuki apologized.

Zero let out a sigh. He didn't want the poor girl to feel guilty about it. He placed a hand on her small shoulder. "Don't apologize"

"I won't" Yuki smiled at her friend, who immediately removed his hand from Yuki's shoulder only to hide it in the pocked of his black uniform.

"Come to me or I'll come to you"

Zero froze in place. Not again with that. He was definitely loosing it.

"Zero?" Yuki asked in concern as she saw Zero's skin tone turn paler than usual.

Zero said nothing. He ran his paler hand trough his soft hair and left. He bit his lip, not hard enough to draw some blood out of them. He clenched his fist as he sucked hard for air.

"You do realize that lying to Yuki is not wise, Kiryu" came the relaxing voice of Kaname.

Zero stopped his tracks to look at the pureblood.

"Maybe. But it is for her best"

"You cannot fool me, Zero. I can see trough your eyes all of those emotions that you've kept only for yourself. Those unspoken words that you keep inside. It will all end up hurting you"

"Why do you even care, Kuran?"

Kaname smiled.

"You already know the reason, Kiryu-kun"


"You don't seem to realized that if your hurt then Yuki's hurt as well. She cannot bear to see someone she cares about in pain. So if I have ti help you for her, then I will" Kaname crossed his arms. Cold air swept trough his hair, setting free a very intoxicating smell, in a good way. "I must go now. Be sure to think about what I said. You may need it" In a flash the pureblood disappeared.

Zero headed back to his dorm completely alone. He did not know that being alone at that moment would be the biggest mistake.

As he sat on his bed he removed his shirt, showing the silky skin. It looked so soft, alluring, delicious. Any man and woman, human or vampire, would be crazy to get their hands on that skin. Those were the exact thought of a dark figure behind Zero. He moved, silently, over his goal. He had waited too long for this moment.

Zero soon found himself in a strong hold.

"What the...?" the tried saying but he could not finished. A pair of fangs dug into his skin. Soon, he began loosing all of his energy. Consciousness was lost the instant those fangs left the skin.

"We shall be together from now on, my love" the figure picked up Zero and left. Not a single trail could be found around the area. It was like wasn't even there...

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