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Fall, Everything. Fall.


Before we start the story, let’s familiarise ourselves with the cast, yeah?

This cast list will feature characters that appear in the first 10 chapters of the novel, and a new cast list will be introduced after every 10 chapters. Some characters will leave the cast list as the story progresses while other characters’ profiles will become more detailed.

I’ll be updating the cast list as the story progresses, and hopefully I’ll add in every character that appears in the book, or at least all of the characters that are important to the story line in some way. Of course, if you want to you can completely ignore this and imagine the characters however you want to, BUT please do note that reading the character profiles is a good idea considering it will help you to understand certain parts of the story more clearly.

* ~ * ~ *

Adriana Lima as Evie

Full Name: Evangeline Ray

Nicknames: Evie

Birthday: 17 November 1999

Age: 20

* ~ * ~ *

Min Yoongi as Yoongi

Full Name: Min Yoongi

Nicknames: None at the moment.

Birthday: 9 March 1993

Age: 26

* ~ * ~ *

Ben Barnes as Greg

Full Name: Gregory Roberts

Nicknames: Greg

Age: 46

* ~ * ~ *

Ma Tianyu as Luis

Full Name: Luis Dexton

Nicknames: Lu

Birthday: 8 April 1996

Age: 23

* ~ * ~ *

Lucas Till as Adam

Full Name: Adam Jensen

Nicknames: None.

Birthday: 30 September 1987

Age: 32

* ~ * ~ *

Johnny Depp as Harrison

Full Name: Harrison Perry

Nicknames: Harry

Birthday: 2 September 1987

Age: 32

* ~ * ~ *

Su Yi Ning as Jane

Full Name: Jane Marie Roberts

Nicknames: None.

Birthday: 14 January 2003

Age: 16

* ~ * ~ *

Next cast list will appear after Chapter 10.

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