The 'Hug'

Chapter 20

Alfred felt as though he'd been dropped at least down one flight of stairs, briefly wondering if he tripped over one of his alien friend's little gizmos he'd leave lying around the house. It wouldn't be the first time he'd stepped on one without realizing it and gone tumbling down the stairs to find large red eyes staring back at him and gray hands urgently running up and down him once he'd opened his eyes again. Internally Alfred thought that Tony the alien might have really done a number on him that time as he tried to get a bearing on what hurt where on his body, only to find that he couldn't really move. He felt something on his face and his thoughts immediately jumped to the various possibilities of what had happened to him based on all the horror movies he'd seen. He'd begun to panic until he'd felt a gentle touch on the top of his head and run across the side of his face. He couldn't really make out words, but he knew that someone was speaking to him and he tried to latch onto that as he felt like he was stuck in a fog. He wasn't sure of what was going on, but he thought he could recognize the voice as belonging to Arthur and was only able to make out a few words, causing him to recall what he could last remember.

He'd heard some of what was said after the story he'd asked to be told, feeling a little embarrassed for having asked the other man like a child would ask for a bedtime story. But he'd become lost it seemed in some of his earlier memories when he'd run to his 'big brother' for comfort, and then he was being held again like Arthur had done before with the exception that the older nation used to envelop him as his colony. "It's alright now, Alfred. It's alright." He heard Arthur clearly say, and he'd tried to call out to him a few times before he remembered the feeling of whatever was on his face now being placed on him. Now though, he heard Arthur again as the other man must've been the one to caress the side of his face. "You were right, you know. When you asked me about cursing you….. There are times when I have a healthy dislike of you…."He could make out, murmuring in between that he wasn't able to make out.

All he could think was how rotten that was of the other man, after it seemed like Arthur had been genuinely trying to help him out. He guessed that he was only by his side out of guilt or to try and undo any damage before anyone found out, and he felt an anger start to build up that he knew wasn't just him. He could get really angry at times and that was when other nations had done something particularly bad against him and his people to the point where he had no problem unleashing that super strength on those who'd decided they wanted to make America their enemy. But as he felt like that fog around him was becoming thicker, he heard one more thing before letting himself drift off again – "I'll be here for you, just like before when you and I were brothers".

After that, Alfred was only tenuously grasping at consciousness as he repeated that statement over and over. He hadn't realized he must've gotten lost again until he heard more voices, confident that he heard his brother's name being mentioned before the warmth on his hand that he hadn't been aware of suddenly vanished. He ached for that touch again, never one to be closed off like Kiku was toward displays of friendliness that involved pats on the back or glomping his brother. Alfred registered that something was going on around him and he fought to open his eyes, his frustration mounting as his exhaustion prevented him from even moving his hands.

"Hopefully Mathieu will be over this by the end of the day or early tomorrow." He heard a voice with a distinct French accent say, piquing his worry for his brother. Pieces of what he'd heard earlier filtered through that fog that was his mind as he recalled something about his brother literally sick with worry and he wanted to be able to see Matthew for himself. He felt more than heard the Frenchman's presence disappear and Alfred debated on how much more of a fight he should put up until he heard what sounded like someone doing their best to cry silently. Alfred's awareness picked up a little more as he again registered something on his face. But being as he was and his mind always jumping around without having that fog getting in the way, he once again thought back to his alien friend and therefore alien horror movies. Unconsciously he began to gasp as he tried to figure out how to breathe if there was an alien monster sucking on his face. He heard blaring sounds next to him and that only pieced the last portion of his nightmare into place as evidence of being strapped to an alien device that was keeping him unable to move his arms to reach up and fight off the thing trying to devour his face.

"Alfred! Alfred, you can breathe! Alfred, it's alright!" He heard a terrified voice saying over the shrill beeping coming from his side. "America!" He heard as more people or whatever monsters he was held captive by entered the room. His breath caught as he heard another voice drifting through calling him 'Alfie' and he panicked at the thought that Matthew was trapped as well. He let out a fierce yell in his desire to get to defend his brother and any of the other nations who were in need of the hero, but his voice seemed muffled to his ears as he tried to shout again before he felt something pinch his arm and the fog build up again. As he felt the progress he'd made in getting his body to move fade, he registered something wet on his face and feared he'd been unable to keep from being the crybaby Arthur sometimes called him.

"I'm sorry Alfred. I'm sorry." He heard that voice say again and realized that it was Arthur beside him. Vaguely he hoped that the other nation had been able to escape whatever confines were holding him immobile and he fought to reach out to the other personification.

"I-Iggy…" He mumbled, unsure if whatever alien things was on him would let the other man hear what he was trying to say. "Help...M-Matt…"He said, trying to tell Arthur that he knew his brother was in the room too and probably needed his help.

"I am, love, I am. I'm trying to help." Arthur said before Alfred felt himself pulled back into the fog, although it seemed more and more like there was something in the fog.

Alfred felt as though he could cry at the fact that these aliens, who were not cool like Tony, had stuck him in some sort of 'Alien' film scenario. Alfred took a deep breath before deciding to push forward through the fog, his surroundings changing to what looked like a submarine corridor's close quarters. With what sounded like beeping echoing through the area he was in that he assumed was the alien ship's alarm at his escape – though he couldn't remember how that had happened - he felt around on his person for his trusty gun, finding it and holding it out in front of him as he slowly decided to keep going forward until he was able to reach those voices again.

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