The 'Hug'

Chapter 6

Arthur nearly sprinted away from Francis as soon as the door was shut. But Francis was quick enough to catch a hold of his arm, trying to keep him from leaving them all in the dark with how he planned on rectifying things. Still, Arthur obviously preferred to not have Francis involved any more than he'd already been, attempting to fling him off. As the two struggled in the hallway, a sight not unfamiliar to the passing nations that glimpsed the two of them with a roll of their eyes, Germany came up and pulled the two apart.

"Enough. Ve need information and Italy's version of events leaves details….lacking." He said, being generous in his wording about his friend. "Are ve to assume things are back to normal with your fighting?"

Still frustrated with Francis, Arthur took the opportunity to stand a little straighter and find a way to continue on. "Everything's being handled but I would appreciate some semblance of privacy between us, if you don't mind." He said brushing past Ludwig, whose attention was back to the whimpering Feliciano as the Italian cowered behind him with a tight grip on his jacket.

"D-Don't let England get me Germany! It was an accident! Ve~" Feliciano said, providing enough of a distraction for Arthur to keep out of Francis' grasp.

"If you don't stop blocking ze 'ole hallway, I'll be the one to knock you down." Francis said as he tried to continue after Arthur. But instead of Feliciano side-stepping to make room for him, he found himself constantly facing the Italian personification as Feliciano matched each direction Francis tried to walk, leaving them both in an awkward situation. Growling a little in frustration after calling out to Arthur, he simply grabbed the collar of Feliciano's shirt and handed him to Ludwig. Francis then took off after Arthur, certain the Englishman had gone back to his room to consult his book and knew he'd have a hard time getting any information from him.

"Wait! France!" Ludwig called after Francis, the Frenchman nearly bumping into Gilbert as he was walking up to join his brother in the chaos that he saw as ongoing.

"West, relax or you're going to match my hair color soon. Well, nothing quite as awesome as mein awesome looks, but you can try." Gilbert said, gaining a glare from his brother as expected. "But I take it that with the wimp still attached to you and how tightly you've set your jaw, you've got nothing." He said with a laugh.

"E-E-England's going to come-a after m-m-meeee…." Feliciano cried, burying his face in his friend's shoulder. "And Romano's not here to help me! He's hiding from France!" He mumbled out, Prussia laughing all the more. "I dunno why he's a-hiding…."

"Probably because he's smart." Gilbert said, Ludwig growling in frustration at his friend's constant clinging and his brother's insistence on making things more difficult for him. As it was, it seemed like none of the other nations were able to even pretend to focus on anything else other than the state of America after Italy ran screaming through the building in his haste to get away from England. "But France looks preoccupied with somebody else, as always. I find getting a few good beers in helps build some courage…" Gilbert said with a mischievous look as he patted Feliciano on the back in what could have been an encouraging manner.

"No Prussia. No getting drunk. It's not even late enough for you to be thinking about that." Ludwig said, but Feliciano looked like he was considering hiding in a bar if Ludwig and Prussia were going to be there too.

"It's always a good time for a beer." Prussia said with a look that made his brother roll his eyes again. "Besides, Antonio probably dragged Romano to the bar too. You can have a hug-fest there." Prussia said, Ludwig sighing as he realized he'd have no chance now of dissuading Feliciano from going for a drink.

"Fine. But I am not paying for all your drinks again." Ludwig said sternly to his brother, but its effect was lost as Prussia was apparently immune to that tone from his younger brother. He waved him off as the three headed down to the bar area of the hotel's dining area.

"America will be alright. And if not, it's a large and prominent country – there'll be another personification within the next couple of decades or so." Prussia said in a casual manner. But Feliciano gasped and looked about ready to cry again.

"Prussia" Ludwig groaned, rubbing his head with his hand. Feliciano stopped in his tracks and Prussia nearly stumbled over him. "What? As a former country, don't you think I'd know more about how personifications can work? I am awesome like that you know." Prussia said, either oblivious to the near meltdown that was about to occur or just apathetic.

"B-B-But, America wouldn't fade." Feliciano said, looking for Ludwig to support his statement. Prussia shrugged at that, pushing him to get him to continue walking toward the bar.

"No, he'd just be a body. Not all personifications fade, Feliciano, you should know that." Prussia said, again ignoring his brother's remarks to be a little more considerate as even Ludwig could tell his brother was being a little rough. "Your grandfather faded and sometimes comes back now and then, just ask West" He said with a smirk to the other, ignoring the comment that Ludwig made that he had confided that privately to Gilbert and that he thought he made it clear he was sure that was just a dream. "Ja ja, okay West. But as I was awesomely saying, other personifications can crumble like your buddy Holy Rome and just 'disappear'. And sometimes the awesome ones like me remain awesome and do awesome stuff to pass the time, right West? I help out plenty, like now." He said, shooting a smile to his brother.

"But what do you think would happen to America?" Feliciano asked, Ludwig also curious to hear what his brother would have to say. Although it appeared more like this was not a necessary conversation since Arthur and Francis didn't appear to be grieving the loss of said nation, Prussia usually avoided this topic since it was obvious that it made him a little self-conscious.

"How should I know all the answers?" Prussia said, all lingering thoughts on how helpful his brother was actually being leaving Ludwig's mind. But the other Germanic nation continued on with his explanation, if only to keep the Italian moving closer to the intended destination. "If he's really on his way out, like I said, there would be a body to bury for him. Corporeally he'd still be around but not really and the nation would be a little out of sorts for a while. But then another personification would show up with knowledge of the nation's past except not really sharing those memories – go bother Heracles for that sort of thing and he'll tell you about what his mother told him about Ionia or whatever her name was." He said with an attitude that clearly demonstrated his desire to move beyond that topic to get to drinking, Feliciano nodding along as he listened to the former nation. "Either way, it doesn't look like that's a real problem right now. Why don't you go show that brotherly love to Romano over there?" He said with a smirk as he opened the door to the bar, spying Romano and Antonio at a table. Without hesitation, Feliciano sprung himself at his own brother, Antonio remarking how cute the two of them were despite the ridiculous amount of obscenities that were spewing from Romano's mouth.

"I vill admit, I am impressed with you Gilbert" Ludwig said as he walked beside his brother to the bar. Prussia laughed as he took a seat. "Ja, I know. You just can't help it. You can show your gratitude with a few rounds on you." Gilbert said, motioning to get the bartender's attention. Ludwig shook his head, but wasn't too surprised with his brother's behavior. "I'd totally carry you bridal style like Canada did, all knightly, you know? I'd look so awesome, so, no different." Gilbert teased Ludwig as the two of them started in on their drinks.

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