I Lost a World!

Chapter 4: Diary Entries

The next few days were…interesting.

At least, Aria thought they were days. Time had become more of an invisible weight on her shoulders, like an abstract idea that you only think might exist but aren't really sure about it either way, more than an actual law.

But whether marked time existed or not on this strange world, Aria had already fallen into a predictable, if not strange, pattern.

To give it in the simplest form possible; she played charades with Orion Pax, she looked out the window, and she slept in a hole in the wall that looked like it had been chewed out by a large, metal eating mouse.

Orion Pax was away at the moment, off doing…whatever it was that alien robots did everyday. Orion Pax had made it very clear (or at least as clear as miming could make him) that she should stay here and, so far, Aria hadn't had the mind to disobey him.

"Who knows," she thought as she sat once again in the shadowed tunnel mouth that led to the robot's home, "he might be one of the littler, nicer ones. The rest might just mistake me for a bug and go about their day no more upset than I would be if I had gum on the bottom of my shoe."

She shivered slightly at the thought of becoming nothing more than a stain on a large metal shoe before looking down at the miniature journal sitting open on her lap. It was small enough to fit in her back pocket, which was where she had found the thing. She must have shoved it in there in her rush to get her and Sera to the movies that night, although she didn't remember doing so. Either way, it was here, and Aria was more than grateful.

After a long moment of uncertainty, Aria picked up the pen that had been slid into the spiral of the blank book and began to write.

June 16, 2007 (I think) – 2 days after first contact

I still haven't left Orion Pax's house (if it is a house and not something else), but today I sat and watched out the window for awhile and stared out at the city. He tried to tell me its name, but I couldn't understand it. I'm afraid that most of what he says goes completely over my head, literally as well as metaphorically, although we have improved on our silent communication skills. We don't have to flail our arms as much, although there's still a lot of pointing. n_n; Anyway, I saw some others of Orion's race out the window, although neither were as tall as him. I wonder if that means anything? They were just walking down the street, just like at home. I think they were arguing over something, but for all I know their equivalent of the Red Sox lost again. It was still sort of mind blowing though. I just can't believe on another planet.

She underlined, boxed, and starred the last word to try and visually show just how crazy it sounded, but the paper didn't have room for that much underlining. When she had run out of room, she leaned back against the wall of the tunnel and sighed.

"What am I going to do?" She whispered.

June 19, 2007 – 5 days after first contact

Still haven't gone outside. Still don't want to. I may not be the expert on alien life forms (although considering I'm the only that's met one, I assume, I guess I'm better than anyone else. Although if I told anyone back home about this they would write me off as a crackpot. I know I would), but things here seem…tense. Orion Pax especially seems on edge. But then again, he has an alien in his living room. Maybe that's all it is. Maybe I'm just reading too much into things. I mean, I know that, for some freakish reason, their body language, or at least Orion Pax's, is markedly similar to ours, but maybe they have different meanings for it than us humans. Like how chimpanzees smile when they're afraid.

Then, as if I don't have enough to freak out over, my insulin is running out. My blood sugar's still in the one hundreds, but I doubt it'll stay that way for long. Dang it all I need that! I don't know if any other human will find this or if they understand my predicament, but without insulin, my blood sugar's gonna kill me. Literally. I'll start throwing up until there's nothing left, forget about eating. I've had ketoacidosis before and it sucks even when you know you're going to get better. Man, why couldn't someone without a disease get stuck out here?

Still no sign of Sera either. I'm really scared for her. I keep praying she's alright, but I just don't know if she is. Mom and Dad thought she was too young to have a cell phone, and I must have left my at home because its not here, so it's not like I can call her up. Ha! Can you imagine that voice message? "Hey Sera, just wondering if you're alright, you know, after we were abducted to robo-planet and all. If you need to find me I'm at the second hole in the wall on the left with an alien named Orion Pax. You can't miss him; he's taller than the house and wearing red and blue paint. Alright, hope you're okay, love you, bye!"

Yeah, not going to happen.

Although I wish it could.

June 21, 2007 – 7 days after F.C.; Blood sugar - 257

Still inside, still no Sera. I've been using my last insulin sparingly – which works out because the things Orion Pax brings me to eat usually taste like dirt, although he did manage to find something that, oddly enough, tastes like a granola bar. You know, the ones that taste like cardboard, but they still serve their purpose. Fortunately water doesn't seem to be a problem. I think it's some kind of byproduct of something here, which seems weird, but that sometimes happens at home too doesn't it?

Anyway, I guess they don't grow food here like humans, but then that makes more sense then if they did – but I'm starting to feel really, really sick. I've tried to explain to Orion that I've got to find my sister and get home, but he doesn't understand. Usually he says something that sounds like that noise a computer makes when it's freaking out mixed with the scream of a boiling kettle, so I don't understand what he's trying to explain either. I think he does know that I didn't come here alone, but just doesn't know where to start looking. Yeesh, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy made talking to aliens so easy. Where's my Babel Fish huh?

June 22, 2007 – 8 days after F.C.; Blood sugar - 467

I started throwing up today. No insulin left now either. Man, I'm so dead! And there's nothing I can do about it either. All I can do is sit in my tunnel and listen to my Ipod, which fortunately was in my other pocket. Huzzah! Thank you God! At least I can still understand my music.

I think Orion Pax knows something's wrong now. I guess robots don't exactly consider puking a good thing either. Not that I've seen him eat like I do, although I have seen him, eh, drinking, I guess you could say, something that reminded me of oil, although the smell was off. He tried offering me some once, but then I was sick in the corner and he took it as a no.

I saw some more robotic beings out the window today. I don't think it was the same ones I saw the other day, but it could have been. The only differences I can tell between these beings is Orion Pax versus Not Orion Pax. What? He's the only I see on a constant basis.

Anyway, these two were arguing for sure. About what I don't know, but they were. Waving their hands and shouting so loud I could hear them from the window. Orion Pax was there that time and I thought that he was worried about whatever it was they were yelling about too, although I'll be darned if I know what it is. I kind of have other things on my mind right now anyway.

Ugh, I'm starting to feel more nauseous again. Got to go lay down now. Pray this is over soon one way or another. I hate feeling like this.

June 23 – Day 9; B.S. (yes ha ha very funny) Over 500

No Sera. No insulin. No hope. O.P. worried. Don't need to understand him to know that. Kind of funny, I was worried about running out of glucose tabs and now my blood sugar's over five hundred. My meter just says HI now. It can't count high enough to give me an actual number.

June 24 – Day 10; B.S. - HI

Feel too sick to move. Just want to sleep this away but can't. Feel too gross. Please God make it stop~

The pen slid out of Aria's hand, leaving a squiggle behind her already poorly written plea. Listlessly, she stared after it, too sick to try and pick it up again.

"What does it even matter?" she thought sluggishly, "I'm going to die here anyway. Puking my guts out with no help or hope for it. Oh God…" She had been thinking that a lot lately it seemed, but if God heard her, he hadn't answered yet. Of course she had heard that He worked in His own time. Aria just hoped that it would be in time to save her from the certain death she felt following at the heels of the aches, pains, and general but enormous misery that came with blood sugars this high. She felt so thirsty, her tongue sticking to the top of her mouth with cement-like spit, but even if there had been any water nearby she just couldn't bring herself to drink anything. Every little motion sent new waves of nausea and pain through her poor body.

"Please God…" she thought again, wanting to cry, but out of enough body fluid to do it, "help me…"

Then she closed her eyes, hoping to sleep through what she felt certain would be her last few hours of misery.

Mercifully, she fell asleep almost immediately, so she didn't see the large hand that reached into the hole to gently pick her up.

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