Harry Gets Even

Harry Potter, Dangerous Renegade

Ginny rushed ahead. "That's because Madam had seen you with gigantic contusions all along your entire right side. Spreading over your ribcage were huge, ugly black and purple bruises."

He whirled and looked at Ginny. "Just before I blacked out, I swear I remember someone saying 'emergency surgery' and 'massive internal injuries'…" recalled Harry, aghast.

Looking at him with luminous eyes, Ginny continued, "You had fought your way out of that wretched vehicle with a broken collarbone, separated shoulder, moderate concussion, multiple lacerations from flying objects, a ruptured appendix, bruised liver, perforated lung, and three broken ribs."

Dumbstruck, he simply stared at her. But how could he have been hurt so badly? Wasn't he wearing a seatbelt? "How did I get so many injuries, Ginny? I was even wearing a seatbelt."

Ginny took a deep breath. "Apparently, something impacted your right side whilst the car was rolling downhill."

He narrowed his eyes. "The only thing I remember hitting me was Dudley…but that did hurt terribly…don't tell me he…?" The thought that Dudley's slamming into him had been the ultimate reason for his death…was horrifically ironic. The fact that Harry was dead whilst the Dursleys were still alive… "But didn't I make it through the initial accident…?" he asked, shocked.

"Yes, I know," Ginny commiserated his reaction, "nobody should survive that type of injury for so long—but you actually did quite well—until Madam Adonna turned your shoulder and a broken rib poked a hole through your lung."

"Wait a minute, so it's her fault I—" Harry started in angrily.

"No, Harry. It's not Madam Adonna's fault that anything happened to you. That would be whomever put the illegal charms on the vehicle, you, and your family," cut across Ginny sternly.

For some odd reason, he felt a surge of loathing pass through him at Madam Adonna anyway.

"But obviously she's the one who'd moved me around too much—

"And she's also the one who put her own self in peril to save your life," Ginny headed him off crossly.

"What?" Harry's voice rose testily at being interrupted again.

"That's right, Mr. Potter. After realising how close to death you were—and trying at all costs to keep you out of the Muggle operating theatre—that horrible witch performed the Gemini Stasis Charm on you," she pursed her lips at him as her eyes flashed. She'd looked so much like Molly Weasley, Harry merely blinked up at her for a moment.

"And what the blazes is that charm thingy?" Harry asked forcefully, having suddenly remembered he was supposed to be angry.

"It is a charm that can only be used by healers from one Metamorph to another—and you and Madam Adonna both happened to be Metamorphs," she stopped.

"Meaning?" he gestured, quite impatient for her to be going on with.

"Meaning that it was a highly dangerous thing she put herself through trying to save you! The regular Stasis Charm is used on Metamorphs to keep their abilities in check if they go awry. Sometimes, whilst sick, the physical transformations are uncontrollable and it becomes painful and a bit of a headache. Tonks even said Potions are ineffective for treatment as they wear off too quickly. But the charm stabilises those transformations and causes them to remain dormant until it's removed. A sort of "stasis", if you will," Ginny paused again.

"And the Gemini part?" asked Harry, forgetting to be angry in spite of himself. This sounded intriguing.

"That's where it gets complicated. Metamorphs can naturally assume appearance of another person; it takes practise and patience, but they can do it. But the Gemini Stasis Charm goes several stages deeper. It allows a Metamorph to not only mimic the outward physical attributes of another, but also their internal condition as well—physical, psychological, emotional." Ginny cocked an eyebrow meaningfully.

No longer agitated, Harry now gave her his full attention. "The effects you're describing sound much like Polyjuice Potion." He narrowed his eyes in concentration. "But are you saying—by means of that spell between two Metamorphs—Madam Adonna somehow bonded the two of us—"

"Quite, Harry. That's what 'Gemini' itself means—twins—and that is the eloquence of the charm. Madam Adonna used her gift combined with the Stasis Charm to transfer her stronger, healthier life force in effort to stabilise your broken, dying body." Ginny observed him kindly now.

Harry's eyes widened and an odd sensation filled his chest.

"Not only that," Ginny went on, "that charm is so highly dangerous and unpredictable for those involved, the Ministry of Magical Medicine has banned it. Madam Adonna lost her Healer's license for at least a year after the Tribunal decided against her 'reckless and irresponsible' choice of action to help you."

Now feeling properly guilty, Harry put a hand to his mouth in consideration. Madam Adonna, a witch he had never known before that fateful night, had risked not only her very life for him, but her livelihood as well. And all for a charm that hadn't even worked. He found himself wishing it had, even if it was merely to exonerate the healer. Shame washed over him in waves as he realised he'd so severely misjudged her.

"After performing the charm on the both of you, you and Madam Adonna lie unconscious for three days—her efforts to keep you out of surgery were successful, too. Evidently the charm is a type of trance and people need to come out of it on their own," Ginny now got a dark look about her. "But the Tribunal was forced by the blasted Ministry of Magic to take action as they wanted quick answers to how the accident was caused. Such as how the Muggles became involved, what sort of actions Madam Adonna took after arriving on the scene, and why," she went on disgustedly. "Apparently, secondhand testimony from the wizards on the bus wasn't good enough for them. So the charm between you and Madam Adonna was severed; that quite likely could be what killed you. Although you did remain unconscious yet alive for several more days afterward. Madam Adonna nearly went mad with fury when she found out her charm was broken prematurely." She solemnly gazed at him.

An odd picture of a crazy woman healer yelling, "CRUCIO!" shot through his mind. Godric, it was HER on the Fright Bus! Staring at Ginny, he realised he couldn't share this particular thought with her. So he sat and listened instead.

"The Ministry was left with a very serious case on their hands. Three Muggles and a Wizard killed—or nearly killed—in a horrible car crash by means of magic. Naturally, officials did a trace of spells performed in and around the area where you and the Dursleys had been in the car. And they found that Disillusionment, Invisibility, and Hover Charms had all been illegally performed in or around the times and locations where the car in question was assumed to be," Ginny continued grimly.

"Yes, I know!" exclaimed Harry, "it was the Death Eaters! Before the car hit the ground, I saw them out the front windscreen!"

Ginny gawped at him. "Death Eaters? Are you certain you saw them? Nothing was ever mentioned at trial! This could clear your name!"

She was sounding desperate.

Harry looked at her oddly and said, "Of course I saw them. Three of them, plain as day. Right between when the car lifted off and crashed. And you keep banging on about convictions and trials," he went on getting agitated with her once more. "What, precisely, was I accused of in relation to this fatal car crash?"

Ginny looked at him pityingly again. It nearly made him sick.

But what she said next shocked him to the core. She responded in a hollow, dead voice, "Harry, you were tried and convicted on three counts of attempted murder. The Ministry claims you wanted to kill the Dursleys."

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