Harry Gets Even

Family Ties

Lupin and Tonks took over brief explanations and introductions, bringing the twins up to speed on the upcoming plan of action.

Madam Adonna seemed to vaguely recognise Fred and George, yet she was still understandably vulnerable and unsure of herself. She might know who they were, but they didn't know who she was. As a result, Harry watched the otherwise confident healer become unusually quiet and wary. Harry knew this was one place where she needn't worry at all, however. Once the twins found out who she was, they immediately dropped their playful manner to one of subdued respect.

"So you're the healer," they said together and each shook her hand. "Mum and Dad told us about what you did for Harry," continued George. Fred picked up, "We tried to come see you, when they had you up St. Mungo's the first time following the crash."

"And the hospital wouldn't let us, but mum and dad didn't care you weren't awake," George went on. "Mum brought you flowers from the Burrow everyday, the first three days."

Adonna replied, slightly stunned, "I wondered why Molly and Arthur Weasley's names sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it." Madam was clearly not used to this type of gratitude of her services, despite her profession. She was used to people just walking away and doing nothing. It was wonderful to see the healer finally reap some benefits from having helped him. "Thank you so much," she said finally.

"It's thanks to you we still have Harry," the twins logically replied, equally indebted. Nobody could set you at ease or welcome you like the Weasleys could.

After their short recharged reunion with Harry, the entire party got off the street and into the cars. The seating arrangement in Harry's car included Dumbledore up front with Fred next to the driver, and in the back seat Harry and Tonks flanked Ginny on her left side, whilst Adonna and Lupin were on her right. Admittedly, it was interesting being able to sit in such close proximity to living people again, thanks to the cloak. Harry realised the reason for this particular seating arrangement almost immediately—everyone in the other car included those unfamiliar with the Order of the Phoenix.

In spite of herself, Ginny was staring at Adonna, but Harry could easily tell it was out of concern rather than shock. As the healer sat down wearily after her long walk, the red-haired girl reached out delicately for her face and inquired gently, "It's been so long. Does it…hurt you?" It was clear Ginny was referring to the healer's lack of transfiguration.

Adonna smiled slightly and replied, "No. Not really." Harry knew at once that was an outright lie. However, it was in Madam's nature to reassure people, so he kept her secret.

Once they got under way, Dumbledore said, "I suppose now is the time for elaborations." He began a detailed explanation of Psychromancy beginning with a comparison, and the rest of them filled Fred and Ginny in as best they could as they went along.

"Have you ever heard of Necromancy?" inquired Dumbledore.

Ginny answered instantly, "Yeah. That's the practise of divining the future by contacting the spirits of the dead. Trelawney told us about how it's a lost Dark Art and almost nobody does it anymore."

"That's true," answered the headmaster, "but it's not the full definition. Necromancy can also include influencing the dead to do one's bidding. And I'm not speaking about spirits, either. I'm referring to physical coercion of corpses—turning them into Undead. This is a completely unwilling possession, however. What's left of buried bodies does not want to be disturbed and never should be. That is why it is such a good thing this practise has mostly died out, as it were. Tonks, have the Aurors ever had cause to subdue such things on assignment lately?" He asked of her in back.

"None that I'm aware of," she answered him cautiously. "Then again, I've only been on a comparably short time."

Harry and the other youth sat and contemplated about what had just been told them. Corporeal possession of the dead? At this point Harry had certainly seen the wrong side of not living, but he was still utterly repulsed by the idea. Zombies were definitely not something he ever wanted to mess around with. It was more than disturbing to think some people might still actually do this type of thing. He was virtually certain Voldemort would know how though, if anyone did. If Psychromancy was anything like Necromancy…

"Psychromancy however," Dumbledore continued, "is a corollary, and completely opposite in nature and intent. While Necromancy is living possession of the dead, Psychromancy is a noncoporeal's possession of the living."

Harry's head snapped to look at Ginny and he demanded, "Are you saying I possessed her, the way Voldemort possessed me?" He was appalled at the very concept. "I'm sorry Ginny, I didn't mean to hurt you that way—" She began to shake her head vehemently when the headmaster continued.

"No," Dumbledore emphasized firmly. "What you did was nothing in comparison to that. The proper term is 'shared' or 'borrowed' rather than 'possessed.' In fact, Miss Weasley has full recollection of the time you were inside her mind," the headmaster said significantly.

Turning to Ginny, Harry asked incredulously, "Is that true?"

Ginny told him, "Of course it's true. Most of it I spent with my eyes closed, but I still can remember all of what happened. Taking Malfoy out was so perfect," she massaged her knuckles where dark bruises had formed on them. "You pack quite a punch though, Potter."

His eyes widened as he looked at her and she smirked up at him. Fortunately, that was the extent of the damage he had caused Ginny. He winced, carefully took her injured hand in his and said sheepishly, "Sorry."

She smiled and responded, "That's quite all right. I'd like to think I'm part of the next raving headline in The Prophet, "HARRY GETS EVEN!"

They all laughed together, but Harry hurriedly glanced away. So caught up was he that he could again give and receive human contact that his fingers automatically tightened around Ginny's. It was such a simple gesture, yet it was something he had taken for granted. Harry vowed to himself that he would never ignore it again.

Fred had to know all the minute details of Harry and Ginny's round with Draco Malfoy and crew, so they enthusiastically humoured him for a time.

It wasn't too long before the older professor continued, "One of the biggest differences between Psychromancy and Necromancy is the effects it has on those who are being influenced; this is both during and after the task as well. Psychromancy must have both parties be willing to help each other, because it's more a type of hypnotism than anything else. People cannot be hypnotized against their wishes. Also, the more intelligent someone is, the easier it is to hypnotize them. That's what you did with Miss Weasley, Harry. You might have said, 'Imperio', but that was not the spell that you exacted on her. Lupin can elaborate a bit more on this, I believe." He deferred to the former professor in the back.

Remus nodded and continued, "Spirits are, by their very nature, dark. Not necessarily dark in countenance so much as condition. It's because darkness is the only state in which most of them can exist; any kind of light or intense energy disperses their incorporeal bodies or even drives them away entirely. But dark is not who or what you are, Harry." Lupin faced him as directly as he could. "That was demonstrated in full force tonight. With the rapid-fire mentoring Donnie gave to you," he looked at the healer considerably, "you were able to gain an unprecedented amount of control over all of the energy in your environment. And it all started with your—or rather Voldemort's—wand. Might I inspect it, please?" Harry reached into his robes and handed the black wand to Remus.

"It's why I didn't recognise it when I saw you use it. You see, no object in itself is inherently evil. It's the same way with people. Everyone can sense ultimate evil to some extent or another; it's just that you had used this wand before we saw it, so none of the rest of us knew it for what it was. You inadvertently used your lighter magic and tried to force it through this wand by using the words of an Unforgivable Curse." He half smiled, saying, "I'm happy to say it backfired miserably. In the hands of a completely different master, this wand became a tool of good. Light magic through a dark object creates a sort of grey or 'shadow magic' which can go one way or the other, depending on the power of who directs it."

"That must be true," Harry responded, "before I used any spells with that wand, Ginny sort of recognised it and I wondered why. Now we know," he said differentially, as he and Ginny raised their eyebrows at each other.

"It also appears that he altered his wand," Dumbledore said, as he glanced back at Lupin. Remus handed him the wand. "Yew is not a black wood, not unless it is stained. He changed it for some reason."

Almost instantly, Harry knew the reason for the alteration, and told everyone as much. "That…black gloss he put on it…I know what it's for now." He paused, remembering a most horrible moment of his past. "Voldemort had to have Wormtail use his wand for him, before his rebirth two years ago. He never wanted to be subservient to a lesser wizard again, if he ever had to face incorporeal existence once more." Harry's lips tightened and he went on, "So he put something on his wand, in order for him to wield it, even as a ghost. That's why I can hold onto it."

"Once again, his best laid plans were thwarted because of unforseen circumstances. I'd say his attempt to convince you of your supposed inner evilness failed rather spectacularly," observed Dumbledore, and all in the car agreed.

Adonna spoke up for the first time this conversation and said, "No Psychromancer could have achieved the level of power you have, simply because of your base. Almost all Psychromancers have been incorporeal, but you have three earthly anchors you are still attached to through your mind, since the Gemini Stasis Charm did not cause you a true death. It was a tearing asunder instead. Those terrestrial connections include your body, You-Know-Who, and myself. When minds have touched in that fashion, it always leaves an unerasable mark."

Remus picked up again and added, "It's also of interest to know that Psychromancers were far more common in the Dark Ages and other times of war. They were and are extremely influential spirits, and typically become manifest in times of greatest danger or need. Many of them have been of note around ancient battlefields, fortresses, or other places of pain of suffering. Nearly all of them have been tied to one person, family, or location; Harry doesn't appear to have this limitation, however. Psychromancy is the noncorporeal's method of ultimate preservation over another. Meaning that you Harry—yourself, have become a spirit of total protection," he said fiercely. "You are the aphysical embodiment of both someone's need and love for you."

The healer looked at him directly and went on, "Even Muggles can usually feel the effects of a Psychromancer—spirits who can help them accomplish extraordinary things by influencing their minds and bodies to do astonishing feats. Omnilumency is the way you coax the living to do things physically, not just mentally. Perhaps you would better recognise the non-wizard term—Muggles refer to beings like you as 'guardian angels.' In your case, 'avenging angel' would probably be more accurate."

Harry was blown away with this knowledge. Once again, due to the unfailing power of love, he had not only been able to keep his spirit as one but defend those he cared for as well. Even if the Muggle terms meant nothing to anyone else in the car, they meant more than enough to him.

"But you needed a catalyst to bring you back," continued Adonna. "Only a family member or someone similar could have done this. Somebody you care deeply for had to be hurting, so that you could be summoned from Elsewhere. Something physical had to have touched your being. It's the only way you could have been seen by them."

As Adonna shot Harry a fiery look over the top of Ginny's head, Harry inadvertently began to focus on the crimson streak still running down the back of her red hair. His jaw dropped slightly as he finally caught the meaning of the healer's statement…Ginny's blood in the graveyard…it had spilt on his hands. The only thing he had been able to touch as a spirit besides the black wand was Ginny's blood. So that was his catalyst—she was the one—the one who brought him back. Even if nobody else knew, Harry knew that the healer had to. A family member or someone similar… Adonna knew without a doubt, as he read the thought foremost in her mind, it's the romance part of Psychromancy, Harry. She knows it, too—has known since you first met.

Though Ginny dared not to even look at him, Harry knew Madam was right again. It also explained why Harry had always felt he'd practically belonged at the Burrow—Hermione had called him the "dark-haired Weasley" once as a joke—but he could sense that it was true now. They really were his second family. Ginny subconsciously tightened her grip on him as he ran his other hand across the back of her hair. How could he have been so blind.… But Ginny knew that too…she understood his idiocy concerning her—knew he'd had a load of other things to worry about.

Just as the silence in the car neared the deafening level, Madam said, "Elsewhere is also where you experienced the Fright Bus and darkened King's Cross and London. You've always been capable of something called 'astral projection.' That's a term used to describe it when you have an out-of-body experience and can see another point of view. This is the same whether you're looking back on yourself, or seeing through another's eyes," explained Adonna.

Fred joined in, "That's like when you saw dad hurt in the Ministry, Harry!" It was nice to finally have a definition to put to what Harry was doing whenever he went stumbling into visions from Voldemort.

"Many people mistake astral projection as one's spirit leaving their body, but that isn't quite true. It's actually a sort of carbon copy of their consciousness, if you will. So Voldemort drew out the carbon copy of you, and then I…persuaded your actual spirit to leave your body, and join the copy. That was the biggest switch. And no, this isn't something just anybody could have seen happening. That's why it's referred to as 'Elsewhere.' You're spiritually present, but what you see can still be heavily influenced by outside interference. This is referring back to the box. I still don't know entirely who else was trying to help you with that gift box, but it wasn't anybody living. That much I know…although it is somehow tied in with your new morphing abilities," she added.

Tonks said, "Yeah, I was wondering about that. I thought us Metamorphs were born…that's what I told Harry last year when he asked me."

"Yes, that is true." Then Adonna corrected, "but there is more than one way to be 'born' into that ability, as it were. Mind you, this is mostly theory on my part. Although I know now that you have always had the latent talent, Harry—remember how you made your hair grow back after your aunt chopped it off—something else brought it to the forefront for you. You were raised Muggle and never knew to even look for such signs, let alone practise the magical talents you possessed."

She ticked off reasons on her fingers, "So your morphing ability became another internal spirit of protection for you, that only became manifest when your godfather… passed away in the Department of Mysteries. The next time you had cause to panic or defend yourself from evil was during the car wreck about a week after your ordeal." She looked at him meaningfully again, "Was it not your godfather you were thinking of just before I found you that night? Why Ernie and Stan failed to recognise you, why you, your double and I have Sirius's hair, why I now have his eye colour?"

Harry nodded to the healer in shocked confirmation. She was right again—she had to be. Everyone else in the car was polite out of courtesy to the conversation going on between he and the healer as she still continued, "You are indeed unique, Harry. You may have been born Metamorph, but the gift itself within you was altered due to circumstance by means of that spirit of protection. You had to become a true changeling, for that's what you are, due to your godfather's defence of you."

Sirius's sacrifice for him had left Harry a similar gift that Lily's had—that spirit of protection, so Harry could fend off or hide from those trying to attack him. It was very heartening to know his godfather hadn't died for nothing, and Harry felt his heart lift concerning that burden for the first time ever.

"I realise this is completely off-topic," Lupin said, "but I believe the person assisting Harry…Elsewhere…and whomever sent this poem to the living were two separate people." The rest of the adults in the car murmured their agreement.

"Yes, I'm quite certain they are. Another important thing of note is that, although initially true Harry.… Voldemort was wrong about you being able to continue without your body. Remember what I said about thoughts reading as true, when that's really not the case? For you, your soul should have been able to make it—if you had a normal death—but again, the G.S. Charm comes into play. I can prove it to you. First of all, you're having trouble with dispersal and visibility, correct?"

Harry eyebrows puckered and he answered, "Yes."

"It's also near impossible for you to pass through things, correct?"


"You're also experiencing horrible draining which seemingly have nothing to do with usage of your magical power?"

"Sometimes, yes." Harry wondered what she was driving at.

"And what is one thing—or rather two things you have visually, that no other ghost you have ever seen has?" She asked this question significantly and pointed down toward the floor in front of Harry.

"He has feet!" Ginny shouted in realisation. "None of the Hogwarts ghosts have them, either. I knew there was something different! He has to move around like any other living person!"

The healer smiled at her and said, "Exactly. There are mortal pieces of him scrambled with the immortal pieces, and they are irrevocably tied to one another. So if his physical body goes…" turning to Harry, Adonna went on, "it won't be long before you do either. You need each other, Harry."

Intuitively, Harry knew there was something else very important Madam had failed to add to her statement, so he did it for her.

"And if we go," he elaborated extensively, "you do too, don't you? We're all in this together, because of the Charm." It was evident to Harry that Adonna felt saving herself was somehow much less significant than making sure he was okay, but Harry wasn't about to let her keep thinking that way.

"The eclipse tonight—that will help us reverse what has happened?" Harry inquired to everyone at large.

Dumbledore answered him, "It is my belief that if you use Priori Incantatem on this black wand, it will at least allow you to rejoin with your physical body, even if it can't fully undo the charm severing. The eclipse is mother nature's very own practise at deception—which is why Lupin is human now, not wolf. With the combined power of thousands of people who care for you and the effects of the eclipse, this will create a time turner singularity—one on a cosmic scale, since that's the only thing that can possibly allow your reconciliation with your body, Harry. It is also Friday the 13th of July, so the power of deceiving is at an all-time strength."

"Thousands of people?" Harry questioned disbelievingly. "And just how are we going to pull that off?"

The headmaster smiled his all-knowing smile and said, "By performing your wandlighting ceremony one night in advance," Dumbledore finished.

As they pulled up to the cemetery, Harry looked outside the window. Save for the Quidditch and Triwizard tournaments, he had never seen such a gathering of magic folk, and certainly not just for him. Through some inexplicable manner, Dumbledore had managed to transfer most of the entire lot of Harry's supporters from Hogwarts to London, all within approximately two hours.

"So many people.…" whispered Harry. He could scarcely believe they were all there for him. "Why?"

Lupin had a ready answer for this as he said, "Lord Voldemort's impatience not only caused the Ministry to try and hush Adonna and cart her away, but framing you for murder and trying to shut the story up in that fashion was the worst possible type of overkill. Within a week of Ministry finally telling the public you weren't a liar about Voldemort's return, they did yet another about face and called you a murderer after you'd saved your relatives. Even the typically indifferent public smelled a rat. And then you…died, so the people took up your cause for you. Why, you ask?" Remus grinned purposefully and answered his question, "Because Voldemort mistakenly made you their martyr."

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