Harry Gets Even

Spiritu de Veritate

A smattering of glad laughter sang through the gathering with Harry's pronouncement. Indeed, according to Ministry, everyone in the entire cemetery should be chucked into the nearest loony bin, and Harry had efficiently reminded them of it. He even heard Hermione's happiness above everybody else's, and it made him grin at her.

Still, it rankled Harry that he had to use himself as the example; it felt hopelessly egotistical. Yet it seemed to be the sole thing stopping the crowd from rioting over trivial nonsense. And if that were the case, Harry was sure as Salazar going to use it.

"Our wizard's story is not over, however," he picked up. "Depending upon forthcoming decision from each of you, you're all entitled to a part in how this turns out." Harry nodded to Dumbledore and said, "For the Professor assures me this is no ordinary wandlighting ceremony being performed tonight,' and the headmaster inclined his head in acquiescence. "Each of your wands is as a key to a door. Keys that push aside pins to unlock a type of gateway that will allow spirit and body to reconcile again." Now it was time to address the nitty-gritty issues.

Harry continued, "I am also told the only way for this to happen is if nobody here has a single shred of doubt within them. I assure you, fear can be dealt with. After all, wanting to feel safe is natural. But if you truly claim to be here for the wizard boy, then you must also bide by what, but most importantly who he chooses to believe in."

It certainly would make all the difference in the world to Jamie; truly the only people on the whole of the earth he trusted at the moment were Hagrid and Remus.

"And if any of you finds yourself incapable of handling this, then by all means go. Leave. We don't want you or your intolerance here." Many stirred at Harry's frankness, but nary a single person left the graveyard.

"By being here tonight, each of you has already shown that you have a desire to find the truth. You chose to believe in the wizard boy in spite of all the Ministry claimed he did, and were consequently rewarded with the evidence. That above all else should tell you that you can't believe everything you hear from the authorities. You need to show the wizard boy that same hope by way of supporting his friends," Harry gestured to Jamie, "because if you don't, he'll know. I'll know. Prove to us that your quest for truth does not end here, it starts here!"

Harry's voice rang through the clearing, and for a long drawn-out moment, quiet shock was the only thing that answered him.

Suddenly, distinct twin voices called out from behind him, "Long live Harry Potter!" Harry whirled around. There could be no mistake—it was Fred and George.

Then a second voice, just as strong, called out from the opposite side of the clearing, "Long live Harry's friends!" Harry hurriedly looked back over his shoulder. Amos Diggory had his hands cupped around his mouth, and nodded once to Harry as he'd turned around.

Thus started the championing cry of the crowd. More people from the twins' side joined in, "Long live Harry Potter!" only to be answered from still more voices from opposite them, "Long live Harry's friends!"

And so it continued, everybody eventually joining in mind-blowing chorus of both phrases, "Long live Harry Potter, long live Harry's friends!"

Harry stood there in the midst of it all, dazed by the frenzy of activity he'd managed to instigate. Or to redirect, at any rate. He felt equally sure it should somehow feel wrong or completely uncharacteristic of him, but it didn't. Harry had simply done what he always did; the only thing he knew how to do—that which he knew was right.

"Long live Harry Potter, long live Harry's friends!"

The enthusiasm the crowds were displaying shouldn't just be for him and his friends on the dias, however. Hermione looked longingly up at him and he motioned with both hands for her to come up the steps. She nodded with a huge smile and grabbed a protesting Ron, who in turn grabbed Fred, whom George followed up the steps of the platform.

"Long live Harry Potter, long live Harry's friends!"

As a sign of faith for the gathering, the perimeter of students around Lupin and Hagrid split up to motion still other teenagers from among the masses. Before long, every single acting member of the D.A. was standing with Harry on the platform. Hermione made her way over to him, Ron and the twins in tow.

"Harry, do you have any idea what you just did?" She was shouting over the roar of the crowd. All non-ghosts were half-covering their ears; apparently the noise was near deafening. People had started to throw their fists into the air.

"Long live Harry Potter, long live Harry's friends!"

"Stopped a rabble from attacking Remus and Hagrid?" he yelled back at her, as Hermione shook her head.

She replied laughingly, "No! You just gave your first public speech, and you did it extemporaneously!" The girl stood there and positively beamed at him.

Harry shared a look with Ron, and both boys screwed up their faces in wry amusement. They should've known the only way Harry would ever be able to do public speaking without stuttering or saying "errrrm" even once would be over his own dead body. Or almost dead body, anyway. Ron sniggered with his brothers in spite of everything.

"Long live Harry Potter, long live Harry's friends!"

Harry called back to Hermione, "Extemp—WHAT?" Again she just shook her head and grinned.

Everybody on the dias was slowly making their way over to Dumbledore who had lit the tip of his wand. They all tried to acknowledge Harry in some way; catching his eye, giving a thumps-up, and various other mannerisms.

A weepy-eyed Hagrid was lost beyond words as he bent over and gave Harry a one-armed hug. Remus, deprived of putting a hand on Harry's shoulder earlier that night, was able to do the action this time. He leaned over and said, "I told you before that your mother always had a way of seeing the beauty in people, even when they couldn't see it in themselves. I now know that is another enviable trait your share with her."

"Long live Harry Potter, long live Harry's friends!"

Harry's eyebrows crinkled as he answered in puzzlement, "It's nothing for you to envy, Remus. You do the same thing. Didn't you know?"

Obviously Lupin hadn't known, if Harry went by the startled look that sprang to the former professor's face. He cocked a half-smile at Harry and walked away with astonishment across his face.

Ginny and Harry also shared a look. Just as she was about to go back down the steps, she saluted to him with her wand and assuredly said, "Never forget." He nodded to her, as that seemed be the only thing to do.

Gradually the crowd subdued themselves, watching as all of the people on the dias touched their wands to one another's. They were chanting something in Latin, but Harry couldn't quite make out what they were saying over the other yelling.

Apparently, it was always part of the ceremony for the D.A. members to walk out to the audience and pass the light. Dumbledore, Donnie, Jamie, and Harry were the only ones left on the platform as everyone else chose a different section of the crowd's circle, and the wands were lit and the chant passed to the outer-most members of the assembly.

One by one the wand tips were ignited and the clearing was filled with an otherworldly incandescence, and Harry could finally make out the chant: "Lumen naturale et spiritu de veritate."

"What does it mean, Professor?" he asked Dumbledore as it the words were repeated over and over, with more and more feeling each time.

"It is meant to evoke all of the things of Harry Potter that are best shared," the headmaster told him with bright eyes. "Translation: 'natural light and spirit of truth.'"

Taken back, Harry realised that his earlier assumption that the wizard community trusted his words above Fudge's was indeed the case. That didn't make it any less incredible, however.

"Why did…that epitaph…read how it did?" Switching gears now, Harry still needed an answer to this question. It was hardly comforting when one had the words "loved by none" inscribed on their headstone.

Dumbledore's lips tightened very slightly before he replied, "This was Ministry's last punishment to you. By not allowing you a proper wizard burial, they hoped to tell the community they considered you dead to the whole of wizard kind. The final insult, if you will," he said quietly. "It was never in our minds to follow their intended destination for you, however. It was only made known to a handful, but you were never meant to be left here. That information was going to be passed on at the ceremony tomorrow night. Your final resting place was always to be the one locale you've considered your home; at Hogwarts, Harry," concluded the elder man, as a wave deepest understanding passed between them.

It made sense now…all of the coldness and lack of feeling that he'd noticed whilst coming across his funeral earlier. Ministry's parting shot…how fitting of them.

The ceremony they were witnessing now was the exact opposite, thankfully. In fact, Harry fancied it as a type of anti-funeral instead.

The crowd's wandlight had grown and swelled to create a dome-like effect over everyone, encompassing them all within its warm reaches. Still the inspiring chant continued as everybody held their wands high into the air.

Unexpectedly, a bolt of energy arced across the clearing and connected two wand tips together. But it wasn't a still light; it spun about, rippled, and seemed almost alive. Nobody looked to be too alarmed though. Indeed, it appeared to be the affect they wanted to achieve all along.

Harry watched as the arcing ribbons of energy occurred again and again, until the ignited wands shared their light and glowing streamers crisscrossed in patterns above them all. It was truly beautiful beyond description.

At last the anticipated moment had arrived. Since Adonna had performed the Gemini Stasis Charm on Harry with her wand and the charm was severed with Voldemort's, it made sense that the headmaster was going to perform a double Priori Incantatem spell on both of the wands. If Harry and Madam were to travel back into the past, the broken charm not only needed reversal. The exact same charm needed to be completely reinstated.

As Harry made his way over to Jamie and the healer, he could finally see what had gone on during the overpoweringly emotional actions of the crowd members.

Even though he could not see her, an otherwise fearful Jamie had latched onto Donnie's supporting hands across his chest.

For a frozen moment, one that should have been surreal in the extreme, Harry just…watched himself holding onto Adonna for dear life. Rather than being weirded out, he thought it was the most natural thing in the world for Jamie to do. And he also knew precisely why.

Donnie spoke up shyly and a tad concernedly, "I've tried to get him to, but he won't let go."

Harry smiled softly and answered her, "That's because he knows exactly who you are. He can feel it, even without seeing you. We've done this before, remember?"

In an expression long familiar to Harry, Adonna's eyebrows raised at him hopefully as her eyes widened in comprehension. The night of the crash, were the words that passed between them.

Regrettably, the only means Harry had to release Jamie's hold on Donnie was to remove his gloves. Slowly, he did just that, and knelt down next to Jamie and the healer.

As reached out to impel Jamie to release his grip from the healer, Harry found his hands came in actual physical contact with theirs. Jamie did instantly let go of Adonna's hand, but it wasn't because of the biting cold of the Poltergeist effect. It was because he'd reached out and wanted to seize Harry's hand instead.

Harry had about three seconds to stare in utter shock and amazement as he whispered incredulously, "What in the nine phases of the moon—"

Suddenly, he was pulled once more into the unknown.

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