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Marks POV

i was waiting outside, an umbrella in one hand and in the other were flowers.... today... today was the day i was gonna confess to him, i am so nervous im still thinking about what to say....i just wanted him to be mine... his hair so soft, his eyes sparkled in the darkness and in the light, his lips so pure, he was everything i wanted, i wanted to his warmth, his cuddles, his hugs and his kisses.


I was inside the school, walking towards the exit when i see him... umbrella and flowers, i questioned who he was waiting for it made me a little jealous, knowing it all wasnt for me, i knew he would never love me back no matter what or how i thought it would all stay in my imagination and thats what hurt the most.

Mark POV

THERE HE WAS! PASSING BY! NOWS MY CHANCE! i quickly tried running up to him

"JAE!!" I yelled but i was too late.... he was already gone, i missed my chance.


Mark POV

It was Wednesday. I cant give up now. I know i have competition, and i wont lose!! I ran to my next class only to find him, laying his head down on his desk, little strands of his hair covering his face, eyes closed,smile on his face. I walk up to him.

"Hey um...Jae right?" He looked up and took his earbuds out

"Yea?" he replied avoiding eye contact.


I was just laying there thinking about him, until i heard someone call my name. Thats when i saw a tall/short figure in front of me. there he was. right in front of my eyes. IM BEING BLESSED BEING THIS CLOSE i thought.

"Hey um......Jae right?" he asked i could feel my cheeks heating up. HE REMEMBERED MY NAME! i got so excited!

"Yea?" I managed to say. i wanted to stare at his gorgeous as but as much as i wanted, i couldnt so i just looked down.

"Do you need something?" i asked as casually as possible.

"oh yea can i borrow uhh....um....aaaa.......PENCIL! yea a pencil!" he replied rather awkward.

"Oh yea sure" i said with a smile as i gave him a pencil.

"thanks" he said as he walked away, my heart was about to burst outta my chest!


Mark POV

I was looking around the lunchroom to find a seat near where i usually sit beause some group of girls took my spot, ugh of course! as i was scanning the room i finally found a spot to sit, but it was the only seat and it was beside Jae. i dont know whether to be happy or panicked. i walked up to the seat.

"May I sit here?" i asked as kind as i could.

"Of course!" he smiled widely and patted the seat right next to him and i sat down.


FRIDAY!TODAY IS THE DAY!VALENTINES DAY! THE DAY I TELL JAE HOW I FEEL! i will tell him! and nothing will get in my way and I'll make sure of it! i walked towards my dresser and grabbed the chocolate and the flowers. Of course his favorite.... Hibiscus. I tried to arrive early so i could put the items in his desk. but as soon as i arrived thats when i saw.all of it. it crushed me. i saw his desk, piled with gifts from the ,ost popular boys to the most popular girls. expensive chocolate and diamond rings and golden ones too. and here i am with the cheapest gift ever found. i decided to just put it all back in my locker. when i came back i saw him, throwing all the gifts away i think i made the right choice, and then he looked straight at me, but he looked sad instead. I wonder why?


I walked into class just to find exactly what i expected, my desk full of expensive gifts.None from Him.so i decided to just grab all of them and throw them in the trash as i did so, i saw Mark coming in, i looked at him with sadness in my eyes, hoping he'd notice.

"Hey!" he smiled at me.

i just ignored him and walked to my seat.


Mark POV

Its been two classes he hasnt looked at me once. the day is almost over. we have 20 minutes left and its free time. i need to give him the gifts. I quickly ran out of the classroom and towards the other end of the hall for my locker i looked at my watch-

"2:16" i said to myself almost out of breath.14 minutes left.

i made it and quickly put in my combination and got everything, I took another look at my watch-

"2:20" i said once i looked.10 minutes left.

I ran with all my speed back to the room as soon as i arrived to the door.

"2:24" 6 minutes left.

I took a deep breathe and walked up to him slowly.4minutes left. as soon as i stepped in front of him, we were face to face, eyes connected, gifts put into his hands. 3 minutes left.

"Jae..." i said

"Yes?" he replied staring into my eyes.

"I love you, so for so long now" 2 minutes "i want you, i want you to be mine.... forever... please.. will you..." 1 minute. "will you be mine?" i finally managed to get out of my mouth.

"I LOVE YOU TOO OH MY GOD YES OF COURSE!" Jae yelled out in response and immediately pulled me closer towards him and we kissed.


Mark & Jae POV:
❣Best Day Ever❣
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