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Broken Without You


"I can't imagine I finally got to meet them in real life! But have the chances to be together with one of them? It's really makes my mind blown." Tae Ah thought happily. But without her knowing, there's a secret behind all the affections and kindness that the BTS' Members gave to her, especially Park Jimin. What's the truth behind all this? What are their intention towards Tae Ah?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Start writing hIt’s all started at the National Stadium of my country, Tae’s waiting for Speak Yourself Concert to start. It is currently 5.00 P.M. and the concert starts at 7.00 P.M. “Huh, you can do this, Tae Ah! You’ve waited for them since forever to come to your country, you can bear another few hours. Hwaiting!” Tae Ah said while queuing up for the BTS’s concert merchs line.

After few minutes, Tae Ah get the merch and because she has nothing else to do, she got a very naughty idea, which is not so naughty but it’s kinda bad one. She decides to sneak in backstage, wanting to risk it all, because she loves BTS so much, she really wants to meet them all, especially Park Jimin, she just wants to do it, not worrying about the consequences. He is her bias, everyday, she’s stalking him online without fail (well, everyone does it), listen to him all day long, and always have this weird obsession of marrying him even she knows that’s impossible. But, one can always dream, right?

So, in she go, to the backstage,very carefully without anyone noticing her. She is very quiet, she thought that she will make it, but she’s wrong. The security caught her up. ‘Yes, right, Tae Ah, how stupid you were,to think you can sneak in backstage of the world’s biggest star concert without getting caught?’ Tae Ah thought madly at herself. “What were you thinking, young lady? Trying to sneak in without getting caught?” the guard said to her while smirking, guess he’s been dealing with this kind of situation for numbered times before. “I was stupid, I know! But, I just want to meet them so much, I miss them, but please let me in!” Tae Ah’s almost begging to the guard.

“No, you should get out now, go! Or you won’t even allowed to go in to watch the concert and don’t you dare try to sneak in ever again!” the guard pushes her away. “Jjamkanman! That girl is with me.”

Suddenly a guy with an oversize hoodie, a big sunglasses, a black mask and skinny jeans take my hand and pull me away, taking me to the backstage, leaving the guard alone and clueless, staring at us. Tae Ah’s hearts flutter, she knows who is it. She can’t breathe. “Omo! I really can’t breathe, I feel like crying!” she thought silently and cried.

We’re finally backstage, and Tae’s shaking so badly and crying over and over again, it’s currently 6.30 P.M, 30 more minutes more before the concert, and I’m now backstage! “Are you okay? Why are you shaking?” the guy asks, peeking at me under his big sunglasses. “A-a-are you Park Jimin?”

“Hm, ani, I am mochi.“He giggling happily. He’s so cute, I swear to God! He looks so handsome, cute and sexy. How can this kind of human being exist? T_T

“I just can’t stop crying and giggling at the same time, how can he make jokes at times like this?” she thought. Okay Kim Tae Ah, stop all the nonsense, you can only meet him once in a lifetime, don’t waste this opportunity! She started to hug him right away, too tightly that Jimin can’t breathe. “Army, army, I love you too, but please let me breathe!” he said desperately.

“Oh, sorry, I just can’t believe this, this is all too sudden to me, too fast like lightning, I can’t even, I just..” , “Yah! Stop talking, you talk too fast haha.” Jimin cut me off and giggling again. “OMG! How can he giggle so cutely?!” I really hope he didn’t hear my thoughts. “Okay, I have some time before the concert, you can ask me anything you want, but first, let me know your name.” Jimin asked. “I am Kim Tae Ah, and I am Army since I am 15 and now I’m 20 years old! And I really really purple you Park Jimin!” she hug him again.

Surprisingly, he’s hugging me back, caring my back and said, “I’m glad there’s people out there who’s support us since the beginning and still love us until now, I really love you Army and you, Kim Tae Ah.” He smiles. I’m speechless, listening all those words in a real life, from a real breathing person, Park Jimin who I was only seeing in the screen, it makes me speechless and numb my whole body. I stare at him long enough till my neck hurts, because he’s quite tall, he’s not tiny at all, only his little cute hands are. He stares at me back, and we both stay like that for a moment until his crew calls him for the concert.

‘Oh yeah! I forgot about the concert, how I’m gonna watch it now? The line’s too long now, but guess I have to get through with it, hm.’ While she’s thinking, Jimin’s smiling at her. “You’re so cute when you’re worried, haha, don’t worry Tae Ah sshi, you can watch the concert from above, there’s special seat for you there, just ask the concert crew, they’ll show you the place, arasseo?” “Nae.. anyway Jimin.. oppa.. can I ask you a question?” she remembered that Jimin said that she can ask anything to him, so she ask for his permission once again to confirms it. “Yes, you can ask me anything you want, but after the concert, I have to go, cheer your best for me and the rest of the members, okay?” The crews call him again, loudly, this time. “Okay, see you later Tae Ah sshi, wait for me!” Jimin said.

“Wait!!” I screamed for him, but he’s gone already, disappearing into the makeup room to prepare for the concert. “Oh yeah, the concert, it’s almost started. I have to go now. ” she’s rushing to the seats that the crew has shown to her. By the time she’s sat down, it’s already 7.30 P.M. and BTS’s VT has started to play, she’s give the best of her to cheer BTS, and the first performance starts.

“I can’t believe this! I’m watching BTS’s concert from VVIP section! I won’t be able to get this place even if if I’m saving up for my whole life! And I got to meet Park Jimin!!! MY BIAS!!!!!!” Tae Ah can’t stop freaking out, she’s too happy and feels like she’s dreaming. She’s cheering her best for the entire concert until her throat sore. At last, the concert ends, she’s waiting for Jimin for too long because he asked her to, she almost giving up. She’s waiting for him until there’s no one in the concert anymore, after waiting for too long, she’s decided that maybe Jimin can’t meet her due to his busy schedule or because of the security. So, she starting to walk home. But before she’s taking her first step, she heard someone’s calling her name.

“Ya! Kim Tae Ah! Where do you think, you’re going?” Jimin shouted to her from afar. “I-- I thought you weren’t coming.” Tae Ah said looking sad. “Of course, I’ll come, I’ve promise you..” Jimin laughed, “but I’m sorry I was late, there’s a lot of things to do.” Jimin apologizes. “Wait.. do you remember my name?” she asked, feeling surprise. “Of course, I do, and all the members know your name too.” Jimin smile.

Then the other 6 members, step out from backstage one by one, Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook. I am too happy, I can’t believe this is happening!!!!!! I just can’t.. “Is this real? Are you guys really here?” I can’t believe it. Tae Ah feel a little bit dizzy, because it all feels unreal. “Yah! paboya! If this is a dream, you won’t feel hurt when I do this you.” Jimin pinched her cheecks softly while making cute face. Did Jimin just touch my face? I can’t even, this is too mu--ch. Suddenly Tae Ah feels her world been blacked out. She faints. What a shame.

A few moments later..

“Where am I?” Tae Ah wake up feeling dizzy. She looks around her and realizes that it’s neither her bedroom nor the hospital. It looks like the hotel. She’s trying to wake up and walk to the door, but before she get to the door, she’s tripping. “Omo!” She said while closing her eyes, preparing for her head to smack down against the floor. But she doesn’t feel hurt at all.. she feels weird and open her eyes. It’s Park Jimin! He caught her from falling!

“Mind your steps, next time, arasseo?” Jimin smiles, and let go of her. “How do I get here? What has happened?” she asked. “You passed out after seeing the members, we can’t bring you to the hospital because it will be dangerous for all of us, so the staff suggest that we bring you to the hotel instead and call the doctor if you still hasn’t wake up. Luckily, now you’re already up.” Jimin winked playfully. “Why you passed out, anyway? Are we scaring you?” Jimin asked seeing that she don’t respond to him before. “I--I just can’t believe it, that I got to meet you guys, in front of my eyes, a--and you, Park Jimin, I can’t believe that I can touch you, and y--y--ou touch me back, I meant, hugging me back!” Tae Ah blushed, I hope he don’t misunderstood the word ‘touch’, she thought.

“Come here, sit next to me.” He pats the seat next to him on the BED! Oh and he looks very sexy when he do that, with his red silky robe with his name embroidered on it and a red pair of house slippers as well! I really don’t know how I’m still alive!

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