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The Stars will guide us Home || COMPLETE


Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love, don't waste your time in it. There are many mediocre things in life, and love cannot be one of them." "True lovers are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart." "True love is not easy to find, it has to be fought for. Because, once you find it, you can never replace it." 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ "I promise, love." He whispered, ever so slightly into my ears. It sounded like the sweet caress of the wind. Sent from the heaven. Just for me. By my very own Angel. He promised me. To love me. To hold me. To be there with me. And so he did. For the rest of our lives. And, beyond. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ All of these quotes apply to our very own Dramione ship, that's why they're put up in here. One shots of our favourite pair: Dramione (Draco Malfoy & Hermione Granger). Worth a shot. PART ONE OF 'THE HARRY POTTER ONE-SHOT COMPILATION SERIES.' 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ All rights reserved. © No piracy allowed. No copyrights infringement. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all rights including copyrights in the content of this story is owned by @thamizhachi_da. The content of this story may not be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded,

Romance / Drama
Vaishnavi Elangovan
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Quote of the Chapter: No distance or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of people who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth -Robert Southey.


Setting: The New Malfoy Manor

Date: The twenty-nineth of October, Two thousand Ten.


"We don't have to go, if you don't want to, love." My husband, Draco Malfoy, offered as he plopped down on our bed in the new Malfoy Manor. His beautiful grey eyes were completely focussed on me, as I brushed my hair in front of the vanity mirror.

It would've been a shock to anyone that knows me. Let's face it. I, Hermione Granger (now, Malfoy) - the brightest witch of my age, the 1/3rd of the Golden Trio, the muggle born extraordinaire - am married to Draco Malfoy - the Slytherin Prince, bad boy ferret, and an ex-Death Eater.

"I'm not going to meet them, Draco. I'm attending the party because I ought to meet Neville and Luna, and their twin sons. Plus, the girls and I are going shopping later." I told him in a matter-of-fact tone, as I placed the hair brush in its stand, and turned to face my husband.

His eyes held a mischievous glint, and his lips upturned into the trademark Malfoy smirk. I raised my eyebrow at him, knowing that his dirty-unpredictable mind is up to something. "What are you up to? I know that you're planning something."

Only he has the ability to turn even the most serious situation into a sexual one. His mind always brings up something or the other related to sex in every conversation, just like Blaise Zabini. That man cannot stay away from sex or sex related stuff.

Draco faked a huge sigh and drawled. "Oh you know me so well, wife of mine."

His strong arms enveloped me and I unhesitatingly complied into his body, enjoying the familiar feeling of being wrapped in his embrace. Pressing his forehead against mine, his big hand cupped my cheek and tilted my head to a side, whilst his other hand went lower my body to cup my bum teasingly.

I grinned knowing what he had in his mind, just in time to see him wink saucily at me, while squeezing my bum. "You can always meet the Longbottoms later. Shopping can wait."


Without giving me time to voice my opinion, Draco pulled me for a hard, intense kiss. His grip on me tightened. He held me so tight to him, that I could actually feel his heart thudding in his chest.

A wanton moan escaped my lips, when he slammed me against the wall, pressing his lithe muscled body against me. Even after years of being together, as you can see, things can get heated with us very quickly.

Pleasure seeped into my body at the anticipation for what was about to happen. Sex was always fun with Draco, since he finds new fantasies to fulfill every single time. With the amount of fantasies he has in his mind, it's a wonder when and where he has time to think of all that.

But I'd like to rather blame the Malfoy in him for that.

Normally, the Malfoys are highly sexual beings. Adding to it is the fact that their Magic doesn't permit them to have sex before marriage. Discrediting the binding will lead to loss of magic.

Once betrothed (magically) or married, the Malfoy ring will emit magic that will bound the man (Malfoy) and the lady as husband and wife, and only then it will allow them to consummate. Thus, the Malfoys usually keep their virginity intact until they meet their betrothed/wife.

So, Malfoys are, thus, proven with evidence that they are highly sexual beings. Even after twenty five years of marriage, one can still find Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy engaged at it in every nook and corner of their home.

I guess, you did notice that I mentioned 'their home' instead of 'The Malfoy Manor'.

Yes, the traditional Malfoy Manor at Wiltshire was demolished after the war, since the dark magic had manifested even the wards too, and the plan to destruct the Manor was the only go available. To take its place, another Manor was constructed. It was christened as the 'New Malfoy Manor' and is located in Trowbridge.

As of now, Lucius and Narcissa are living in a cozy, luxurious, classy villa in New Castle, New South Wales, Australia. Another shocker.

Actually, the entire Malfoy family is living in Australia (includes Draco and I too). After the Battle of Hogwarts and the trials, the whole family fled to Australia, to start their lives anew.

It was when I had met Draco. One month after the war, I visited the continent to get back to my parents, but since the 'obliviate' was so powerful that it erased their memories completely and filled them with new altered ones. I couldn't revert them, even with professional help.

I was completely heart broken to know that they won't remember me anymore. Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that they had adopted a 16 year old girl and named her as 'Hermione'.

When I was at a Wizarding Pub, trying to drown in my sorrows, I met Draco. On 14th June of 1998. We hit-off easily. It was like an instant attraction. Like a moth to a flame.

We talked, rambled, joked, discussed, debated about everything. Our lives, Hogwarts, the Professors, friends, acquaintances, and everything. At the end of the day, I felt light-headed and completely happy. We even exchanged our phone numbers (shocker) and agreed to catch up later.

We literally bumped into each other in Westfield Shopping Mall in Sydney, Muggle Australia, the right next day. Draco had been there to purchase a Muggle Suit for his neighbour's wedding. I helped him find a fitting suit, in return, he asked me to go as his date for the wedding. I agreed to him, almost immediately.

On the day of the wedding, almost everyone had complimented us that we look great together. Even Lucius and Narcissa.

Within a month, we were head-over-heels for each other. I got to know that he had PTSD. I joined in the cause to help him along with his family and friends.

On our first date, we had dinner at the most expensive restaurant and a late night walk in the Australian Beach. Almost 10 romantic dates later, Draco introduced the 'mysterious woman' who he was dating to his Slytherin friends (Blaise and Daphne Zabini, Theodore and Astoria Nott, Adrian and Pansy Pucey). The Snakes were surprised at first, but quickly caught on and welcomed me into their tight-knit group.

Next month saw Draco and I visiting Lucius and Narcissa for lunch. The Malfoys were very welcoming of the idea that their son was dating a Muggle-born. It was always said that the Malfoy men fall for the most intelligent witches of their ages, not caring much for their blood statuses.

At the end of the day, the Malfoys had practically adopted me into their loving family, and treated me no-less like a daughter to them.

4 years into our relationship, Draco's PTSD was gone. He had also worked up the nerve to propose me on our anniversary. A huge surprise was planned out by him for me.

We were taking our favourite late night walks across the stretches of the Australian beach, when he had settled me in a chair, and we had had our late night drinks under the beautiful full moon and the starry night.

That was when he proposed me.

"I remember your first words to me when you got to know that I had PTSD. 'Let go, Draco. You don't have to be strong anymore. It's all over' I want everything else to be over. Except us. We start at forever and end at never. I don't want our relationship to end. Wherever it concerns us, it should always be the beginning. Here it goes, Hermione Jean Granger, would you do the greatest honour of marrying me and becoming Hermione Jean Malfoy, so that our story never ends?"

I literally cried before pouncing on him and mumbling my answer 'yes'. We had our first love making (it was both of our first time) under the beautiful night sky to celebrate our engagement.

One year later, on Draco and I's anniversary date, saw us getting married to each other in the same beach with our friends, family and colleagues. I had even invited my parents to my wedding, even though they didn't recognise me. Even then I'd swear I saw tears glistening their eyes when I walked down the aisle.

Draco and I managed to be away from the British Magical Society and it's Media by living in Australia for the last 8 years. We left the country because we felt the need to start our lives anew. The war had affected us in ways no one can ever imagine.

Well, maybe the Malfoys and the Slytherins had planned to have a fresh start in their lives; but in the first place, I was at Australia only to revert the memories of my parents. I should've immediately left the said Island Country, once I realised that my parents are as good as dead, but something made me not to.

I was in dilemma whether that I should return to England or stay at Australia.

The said Island Country offered me many things such as a career, publicity-free life, even though England offered me my friends, the Weasleys and a potential boyfriend in Ron.

Only when I was deciding on my dilemma, I met Draco. I finally chose Australia after I developed feelings for Draco. And, through all these years, there was not even a single second that I had regretted my decision. My supposed-brief stay in Australia, became permanent the second I realised that I began falling for the Slytherin Prince.

Staying in Australia, my career life too flourished along with my love life. I started my own Non-Governmental Organisation 'Helping out worldwide' on August, 2000.

This NGO works for the benefit of Magical Creatures and Outcasts in magical societies all over the world. And, works for the benefit of Orphans, destitutes, refugees in the Muggle World. Surprisingly the idea for making the NGO work for the Muggle World was sown by Lucius himself.

I'm the Managing Director for the NGO's Wizarding world Phase, whilst Lucius is the Managing Director for the NGO's Muggle World Phase. We had 500 sponsors when we started the NGO. Thanks to Lucius' influences in the Magical Societies all over the world, and mine as the War Heroine.

We used the whole lot of donated monies to help the most backward African countries and other poverty stricken countries in the world along with upbringing the Magical Creatures side along. 'Helping out worldwide' was a huge success, both in Muggle as well as the Wizarding World.

Draco became the CEO of the Malfoy Inc, in Britain, after Lucius decided to retire from the family business and shifted his focus on the NGO. After Draco had taken over the company, the organisation opened its first ever branch in Australia (if you don't include the main head office in Britain). Then, he shifted the Head Quarters to Australian branch from Britain, as it would be much easier for him to manage.

Narcissa, being a very independent woman - who is also my role model - decided to help Daphne in her 'Party Planning' business. She is one of the main partners in the 'DB Planners', which is owned by Daphne Zabini.

Draco and my Slytherin friends proved to be much more successful than the Gryffindors. Even Harry was nowhere compared to them.

Taking about Harry, I've written so many letters to Harry, Ginny, Ron and the other Weasleys over the years, but no one seemed to reply back to me. It didn't take a genius to figure out that they were ignoring me, but me, being the most stupidest person refused to believe it. I didn't know where I made a mistake to make them ignore me, I was hit hard. Later on, I accepted the fact and moved on.

It was hard. But, I had my friends, family and most of all... Draco.

So, I stopped writing to them. I had no contact with the Weasleys or the Potters. Because of them, I had completely ignored Britain.

Anyways, two years after getting married to Draco, I was tested to be pregnant. Everyone was overjoyed. Nine months later, little Scorpius Draco Malfoy on June 13, 2006.

Now, 4 peaceful, loving years later, Draco and I had received a (each) letter from Hogwarts. It was addressed to Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger respectively.

It was about the School Reunion for the 1997 - 1998th year students. The Reunion was taking place at the Zabini Towers in Surrey, Great Britain. Ever since my mood has dropped tremendously, but I managed to hold it up just for my family's sake.

I was brought back to reality, when Draco squeezed my bum possessively. I bunched his silky hair in my hand, pressing his lips closer to mine, not wanting him to break the kiss. I felt him smirk against my lips, so my other hand descended down his chest, wanting to revenge him for making me such a mess just in few minutes.

My hand skimmed the fabric of his drawstring pyjama pants, as softly as possible. Just as I guessed, Draco bucked his hips against me. "Don't be a tease, Hermione." He snarled viciously against my neck, biting down my erogenous spot.

My moan bounced off the walls, and that only seemed to turn on Draco more than I, as he pushed me further against the wall, cupping and kneading my bum. Climbing seductively up my body, his hands ripped the straps of my favourite negligee that I was wearing right now.

I moaned against his lips in frustration, and that soon turned into a moan of pleasure, as my husband tore the fabric away from my body, and the cool air made my peaks harden instinctively.

Smirking impishly, Draco leaned down to capture a rosy bud, only to lick and release it. I groaned, and pushed his head further into me, trying to coax him into giving me pleasure, only for him to adamantly pepper kisses all over my skin, and not where I want him to. "Now, who's teasing?"

Within seconds, my legs were wrapped around his lower torso and our arousal rubbing hard against each others. Moaning, groaning, grunting, grumbling, growling, groping, caressing, squeezing, biting, sucking, kissing, suckling he stumbled us to our king sized bed.

With a growl, he literally pounced on me, reconnecting our lips and bodies. I couldn't help the giggle that escaped my lips at his dominating, dramatic persona. Letting out a snarl, he rolled on top of me, without breaking our kiss. Our lips moved in sync, making me forget everything except him.

A loud moan exited from me, when his hand pushed my wet folds to reveal the treasure. I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist, pulling him in between my legs, making him moan-growl.

The door to our room slammed open surprising us, and we jumped away from each other. I pulled the duvet to my shoulders to hide my assets, whilst Draco slammed a side pillow onto his lap, to hide his situation.

We jerked our heads to see.. A smirking Lucius and a excited looking Scorpius.

"Mummy, Daddy, you know what? We're going to the Zabini Hotel! Yay! Grandpa Lucius says that we are going!" 5 years old Scorpius exclaimed as his hands went flying through the air in happiness to describe his excitement. His grey eyes twinkled and his platinum blond hair shone much more than on a ordinary day.

"Yeah, yeah, I see that it's your idea, father." Draco grumbled as he glared at his father, who was now sporting an innocent look on his face.

A innocent looking Lucius/Draco/Scorpius means that there is something sneaky going on. Malfoys are never innocent.

Even a newborn one at that.

It's in the bloodline of the Malfoy family to be sneaky, Slytherin-ish, cause utter mayhem and destruction.

"That is for last Friday, son. And, it's not over yet." Lucius drawled and winked wickedly at me, before leading Scorpius away.

Last Friday, Narcissa and Lucius were 'doing it' in their living room. We - as in Draco, Scorpius and I - unfortunately walked in on them. It was all because Draco had planned an unexpected date for the both him and I; since neither of our friends were available we decided to drop Scorpius at his grandparents' home without early notice.

Draco and I were so desperate to spend alone time with each other (cuz we couldn't spend enough quality time with each other due to our work, even though we eat dinner and breakfast together) that we practically dumped poor little Scorpius at the Malfoy Cottage.

Lucius and Narcissa were also stuck to explain what they were doing to little curious Scorpius who doesn't miss anything anyone says and absorbs everything like a sponge.

In reality, Draco and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows. "I think we deserve that." He growled loudly in annoyance before waving his hand, slamming the door shut and raising silencing wards on the room. "Nope, we don't."

In a second, he pushed me onto the bed and forcefully parted my lips open and entered his tongue inside of my mouth. Another moan erupted from my mouth. As his tongue made love to my lips, his long, lean fingers made love to me.

Deep moans escaped my lips, and I successfully discarded his pants, and tugged hard on him, to which he grunted loudly.

I groaned as he broke our very wet kiss, and continued dropping kisses down my neck. In my haste, I switched on the air-conditioner and pulled the sheets over us to avoid another situation, like the one that just happened moments ago.

"I love how responsive you are." He smirked at me, as his lips neared my chest once again, after making sure that I have as many love bites as I can.

My other hand pulled at his hair, so that his now snog-plump lips met mine again, which gifted me with a long moan from my husband. His hands caressed and squeezed my skin, making me moan mercilessly, whilst I ran my hands up and down his back, pressing him closer to me.

Our hearts thumped against each other, it was as if though they were beating for each other, instead of themselves. Our heart rates were almost in sync. I smiled at my husband as he panted, breaking our kiss.

Just as he lowered himself inside of me, producing deep guttural moans from us, the door again burst open. Again. I jumped, but this time Draco wasn't going to let anyone disturb us. "Darlings, we-Oh Merlin, I'm so sorry! I didn't see anything! Just give me a quick pose though!"

Draco and I groaned at the last part of the sentence, and we groaned louder when we heard Narcissa having a great laugh in our expense. "I'm sorry for disturbing you, but we must get ready for the party. Its already late, and Lucius is getting Scorpius ready."

I sighed in relief. "Thank you Narcissa. You should send my thanks Lucius too. He's making my workload much lighter."

Scorpius, like the Pure Malfoy he is, loves to show off and such but getting him ready to go somewhere is a tedious job as he always runs away when I bring in the topic.

"That's alright, love. A suggestion, lock the doors before making love, I learnt it the hard way." She said before walking away. I looked up at Draco whose head was now buried on my neck. I shook him slightly. "Draco, get off of me,"

Groaning loudly, he rolled down from me. "Cock block."

I smiled apologetically at him and brushed his hair away. "I'm sorry, my love. I'll make it up to you when we return from the party." Draco looked up at me, and a smirk formed on his face, much to my confusion.

My husband took me in his arms and ran to the bathroom. I squealed as he put me in the bathtub, before he himself getting inside.

An hour later saw me wearing an expensive long, lace black strapless dress, that I had recently purchased in Australia, which makes Draco go crazy. Actually, I was about to wear a skimpy knickers that my husband had bought me for the weekend, but in the end decided against it, as I wanted to tease him throughout the night.

Usually, whenever I forgo my underwear during parties or other gatherings, Draco would tease me by grabbing a feel as much as possible. The thought of getting caught by someone while having sex turns me on like no other, that Draco always uses it to his advantage.

But now, since my dress is a mermaid styled one, my hottie of a husband would never be able to catch a feel without alerting the entire party of what he is doing.

Smirking, as well as anticipating for my husband's future reaction to my choice of outfit, I work on my make up and decided to let my well tamed, curly brown hair in a exclusive party updo.

I wore my black coloured killer heels, along with an expensive diamond chandelier earrings and necklace, before spritzing my favourite perfume. I take one glance at the vanity mirror, checking my appearance before heading out of the room.

Once in the long, maze-like corridors, I saw Narcissa walking towards me wearing an expensive molten silver dress along with black accessories. Her black and platinum blonde hair was put up in the chignon hairstyle.

"Merlin, you look beautiful, Narcissa!" I gushed as we hugged each other, pressing my cheek against hers.

"You too, dear. This suits you very well, maybe Coco is the right designer for us." She gushed.

I agreed to her without hesitation. "Come on, let's go meet the MENfolk of our family"

Lucius, Draco and Scorpius hate it when we relate them with the words: boys, cute, beautiful. They're MEN, so they are handsome, hot, attractive.

Linking our hands together, we walk down the staircase to meet our MEN. The last step of the stairs met us with our handsome, attractive, hot Malfoy men.

Draco and Scorpius were wearing an expensive black coloured Muggle Suit, matching my own dress.

Lucius was wearing an expensive silver suit matching Narcissa's dress. His shoulder length platinum blond hair (after reaching Australia, he had cut his hair, so that he now sports a shoulder length hair) in a firm ponytail with black elastic band.

All the three of their jaws hit the ground when they finally saw us.

I could see lust, love, appreciation and longing in my husband's eyes as his gaze travelled up and down my body. He discreetly licked his lips, and moisture formed in my core at his gesture.

Lucius wasn't any different from Draco, as he too was leering at Narcissa.

Scorpius's eyes were as wide as saucers. "Whoa! Mummy and Gramma Cissa are Princess Pretty!"

My mother-in-law and I giggled at his comment and bend down to place kiss on his cheek at the same time. "Thank you, Scorpius." Narcissa said as she pinched his cheek lightly.

Thankfully he was still in a daze to notice that his grandmother had pinched him.

I pecked his cheek again and straightened his suit off the little wrinkles that had formed, and whispered to him, even though everyone could hear me as clear as crystal. "Thank you, baby. You look very handsome, dragon cub. Don't tell Daddy I said that. He'd be jealous of you." Draco mocked a growl at me.

Scorpius' little eyes widened in surprise. "Really? Am I handsome, Mummy?"

I nodded my head eagerly, and that was enough for him as he puffed out his chest and the trademark Malfoy smirk formed on his face. "Come on, let's go! Peasants are waiting for the Malfoys to grace them with our presences."

Our family shared a quick laugh at the little lad's comment.

"Well, don't you two ladies look too beautiful for our own good, this day?" Lucius drawled. We curtsied in sync.

Draco caught along and drawled. "How many cat fights are we going to get into today?" Narcissa and I giggled as we linked our arms with our men and apparated away.

"You're so beautiful." Draco whispered in my ears as we appeared at the entrance of the Zabini Towers.

I quickly pressed my lips against his in a chaste kiss and whispered back. "Thank you. I think you're not too shabby yourself, my handsome husband."

A low growl escapes his lips at my words. "Shabby?"

Who to kid with? He looked ravishingly hot, if there wasn't this party, I would've shagged him right here not minding the audience we would have. That doesn't mean I'm going to admit it to him. He already has a huge ego and doesn't need me to boost it.

"I'll show you how much hot I can get at the party, wife. From the looks of it, you're going commando, and I'm going to tease you all night, keep you all wet-n-ready for me." He whispered erotically into my ear, sending shivers down my spine and my core getting much wetter with every word he uttered.

The second our foot stepped onto the patio, the flashes from the cameras increased, the scratches of the quills against the parchments increased, and so did the murmurs amongst the crowd that soon spread like the wild forest fire.

The familiar part hall of the Zabini Towers was converted into a huge ball room, where the banners of respective Hogwarts' houses hung. The room was filled with the houses' crests, colours, symbols and animal designs.

But I could see that the Slytherin house designs were quite more in number compared to the other houses, and smirked at the mastermind plan of Daphne.

The second our family entered the hall, the whole room quieted down. Like, it was pin drop silent.

A unfamiliar male voice queried. "Is that Hermione Granger?"

Next voice belonged to a female. "Her dress is so beautiful! She looks even more beautifuler with it!"

A male voice retorted. "She'd look much hotter if not for the unnecessary fabrics."

I smirked when Lucius and Draco let out growls, but my pride only increased when my dragon cub, Scorpius, snarled. He actually didn't understand the meaning of the comment, but understood that it was bad, and it was insulting me.

"Aaaaaaannnnnndddd, the Malfoys are here! Just as fashionably late as usual! Please welcome to England after 7 years!" Our commentator, Lee Jordan announced in a mic. Many applauded. The Zabinis were the first to greet us.

Followed by the Zabinis, were the Notts and the Puceys.

The whole hall again quieted down when we embraced each other, greeting each other, even though we spend all the day together yesterday.

"Don't we all look beautiful?" Blaise drawled with a high pitched feminine voice. We laughed as the boys slapped his back playfully and shoved him.

"Where's the camera man, when you need him?" A nervous looking lad of the same age as us, he might be even a year or two older than us, shuffled forward with a camera in his hands.

We knew that everyone were staring at us, but that's what that makes it more special. We arranged ourselves so that it would be easier for the photographer to take a picture of us.

The boys shuffled forward, so that they would be first. Each pair were wrapped in a tangle of limbs. The little lads were off with their own poses, whilst our Men too were with their own poses.

"Whoa! Drac mate you raised your son well. Mia, I thought Scorp was your son?" Adrian teased which made Draco to smirk, whilst my eyes instantly snapped over to the Quidditch player.

I flipped. "Oh, stop it you! My dragon cub is-" then I turned my head to see my baby, his pale fingers except for the middle one were curled in the 'rude' gesture.

My eyes widened and I raised my hand discreetly, palm up to the photographer to stop him, and gently changed the subject. "Baby, have you seen the Welsh Dragon yet?"

That immediately snapped him from whatever trance he was in and he jumped up. "Can we go see it, Mummy? Please, I'll be your good dragon cub." When I nodded my head at him, he emitted a ya-hoo before getting on with the photo.

I threw my husband a concerned look for which he gave me a reassuring smile and squeezed my hand, before giving me a sweet kiss on my forehead. That was when the camera flashed.

Merlin, he's so darn sweet. What did I do to deserve him?

We released ourselves, and waved the photographer off. The boys were now completely immersed in their everyday conversations: Quidditch and Superheroes. The men were teasing each other and the girls, enjoying ourselves not minding the fact that everyone were still looking at us.

A calloused hand slipped up my bum, squeezing my skin erotically. I would've moaned if not for the party. Placing a kiss on my neck lightly, Draco smirked wickedly, as he sat down next to me on a chair, pulling it closer to mine.

"You know anyone could see what you're trying to do, love." I told my husband, who had his hand on my upper thigh, nearing my core through my dress.

"No one can see, unless they creeping on us to notice it, wifey. Now shift your attention back to me or I would be forced to do it myself." Draco said wickedly, and to prove his point, he kneaded the soft skin of my upper thigh discreetly, making me tighten my grip on his arm.

"Don't be a tease, Draco." I warned him, unable to take his slow teasing.

"If that's so," he said, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly. "Just imagine what will happen if my hands-"

As my eyes zeroed in on the Longbottoms, I jumped onto my feet gracefully, confusing Draco who dislodged his hand from my lap as discreetly as possible. "Where are you going?"

With a quick peck to my husband's lips, I reply. "The Longbottoms." This had Draco groaning, and even a glare from me wasn't enough for him to shut up.

Sending a coy wave to my husband, I made my way towards the refreshment table where I saw Neville, Luna, Lysnader and Lorcan Longbottom talking with Dean and his wife, Seamus and his wife.

"Hello, guys!" I exclaimed excitedly and felt overwhelmed when Neville, Luna, Dean and Seamus hugged me at the same time.

"Hermione, where were you all these years?! We missed you so much! We couldn't find you anywhere in here so we thought that you went to the Muggle World." Neville ranted.

I hugged each and every one back and sat down on the chair opposite to them. "I did, but I went to Australia, where my parents are. I couldn't revert their memories back, so I stayed there."

Dean teased me. "So, Malfoy eh?"

I nodded my head, an affectionate smile formed unconsciously on my face at the mention of my husband. "Yeah, we met in July in a pub right after the war. 5 years later, we were married."

Luna said ethereally. "I told you that this would happen. You didn't believe me" she shrugged her shoulders, off handedly.

I replied to her sheepishly. "It was unbelievable! No one would believe that, right?" Neville raised his hand up. "I do. Or, otherwise, I have to sleep on the cold floor."

"Some things are universal I believe." A familiar voice retorted. It sent butterflies in my stomach and I instantly looked up to see Draco hovering over me. He pressed a kiss to the top of my head, before shuffling to sit with me.

"When did I ever make you sleep on the flo-ugh, never mind." I stopped when I realised that I had ordered him to sleep the floor when in during my pregnancy. "And, that was because your offspring was inside me, pushing me to limits!" I said in a 'duh' tone. Like it was the most obvious thing in the world. I mean, come on, I'm right, am I not?

"My offspring? Then, what happened to 'my baby', 'my sweet little dragon cub', 'my scorp'?" He raised his eyebrow as he mocked me. Imitating me. I scowled at that.

"You baffled Hermione Granger! Whoa!" Seamus, Dean and Neville shouted in sync.

Draco's chest instantly puffed out and the trademark Malfoy smirk spread on his face. "I do that a lot. This is just a teaser, you're yet to see the main picture! And it's Hermione Malfoy now." He said in a duh tone. Just like how I did previously.

At his words, the Gryffindors' eyes widened in awe. I never knew that I'd live to see the day when a few Gryffindors' were in awe of Draco.

"Yeah, when you see the main picture, the handsome husband of mine will be sleeping on the creaky couch from the storage room. How, wonderful!" I teased him, knowing that he WON'T like it at all. Sure, he growled in warning.

"I didn't know that you'd steep so low, Hermione." A familiar voice sneered. Even without turning to check who it was, I knew who the person is.

Draco's grip on my waist tightened, and I'm sure that he was going to leave bruises, but that was the least of my problems. I placed my hand on top of his calmly, and he immediately clutched it. There was a pin drop silence in the air.

Draco's breath hit my neck harshly, it was our sign to say that we are allowed to leave. In my peripheral vision, I saw Lucius and Narcissa walk up towards us, but they were far away. Scorpius was standing with Theo and the boys.

I titled my head to the side, telling my husband no. The Longbottoms, Thomases and Finnegans were watching me confusedly.

Exhaling an abnormally calm breath, I straighten the wrinkles on my dress. Draco stood up from his place next to me and helped me stand up as he wrapped a possessive arm around my waist, whilst entwining my free hand with his. The warmth that only he provided, soothed me and gave me strength to face my past.

I centered all of my Gryffindor courage and the magical willpower to look at them. I couldn't say how many years passed, because the Ginny who now stood in front of me was so different. She still looked the same, with a sneer on her face instead of a welcoming smile.

She wore a moderate priced blood red dress that ended at her ankles and had put her hair in a fancy up do. She was stuffed. Like she had no job other than to eat and stay at home. She almost looked like Molly.

Next to her was Ronald Weasley, who was now grown into a 28 year old man. He was too stuffed that I could see his huge belly.. Which was surely weird for his 28 year old self. The only one thing that didn't change in him was his red hair.

He was wearing a cheap Wizarding dress robes with his family crest on the chest pocket. Just like Ginny, he looked like he had no other job than to eat and stay at home.

Next to him stood Lavender at 3/4th size of Molly with 3 boys and a girl with her, who all looked like a combination of both Ron and herself. She wore a moderate priced rosy pink dress, that made her look extra fat than ordinary.

Her hair was in some bun, and she was wearing killer heels. I didn't know how one could be so huge and still manage to NOT to break their ankles wearing killer heels.

Next to Ron was Harry.

28 years old Harry.

His messy black hair was still untameable. His green eyes had lost its sparkle. He looked thinner too. After the war, he looked pretty happy if you didn't include the constant terror of nightmares. But now, he looked like he was through everything.

He was wearing a moderately priced muggle suit, but still was looking as handsome as ever.

Next to him, was a kid of around 6 years, with trademark Potter black hair and brown eyes looking just like a perfect carbon copy of Harry's father, James Potter. Next to him, was another boy of around 5 years, with trademark Potter black hair and green eyes, he too looked quite like Harry.

Before anyone could say anything, Lee announced. "With everyone here, the party is officially starting. First, I'd like to thank Lord Blaise Zabini for letting us rent a party hall in his infamous, premium Hotel. Next, we must thank Lady Daphne Zabini for the amazing, extravagant Party planning by the very popular DB Planners. We must thank Lord Theodore Nott Jr for his huge contribution to this day. We thank Lady Astoria Nott for her amazing, delicous, divine catering service by the infamous Dream Caterers. We thank Lord Adrian Pucey and Lady Pansy Pucey for their large contribution. We thank ex-Lord Lucius Abraxas Malfoy and ex-Lady Narcissa Malfoy for their lump contribution. We thank Lord Draco Lucius Malfoy for his huge lump sum of contribution, and finally, we thank Lady Hermione Jean Malfoy née Granger, our Gryffindor Pride, the brightest witch of our age, 1/3rd of the Golden Trio, the girl-who-knew for her contribution from her very own 'Helping out worldwide' Non- Governmental Organisation not only to this Reunion party, but also to this world."

Applause thundered the huge hall. Everyone's eyes widened. But no one more than the Weasleys and the Potters.

"And, Hermione?" Lee called her through the mic. "You look amazing. Malfoy is really lucky!"

Again, applause resonated from everywhere as Draco's hands slipped to my waist, where they caressed the fabric of my dress with his fingertips, before pulling me completely flush closer into his arms.

"You are such a disgrace, Hermione!" Ginny sneered.

"I didn't douse my husband with love potion so that he would marry me, right?-" before going on with the next words, I sent a wandless spell that defied gravity and rose upwards in a ball or white light before scattering into hundred little beams that were actually silencio spells that covered the little children's ears.

I heard many gasps echoing the hall. But that was the least of my worries.

"-I didn't use lust potions on my husband and be able to have 2 children within two years of marriage life, so that he wouldn't leave me once he comes into consciousness, right? So who's a disgrace?" I spat out the words, venomously and saw in absolute fascination as Ginny's face turned purple. Harry looked shocked.

Lavender gazed at Ginny disgustedly. Ron looked like a deer caught on headlights. Everyone gasped. Even Draco. Cameras flashed, quill scratches and murmurs increased in the air.

I snapped my fingers to send a wandless love potion detecting spell and the spark of pink hit Harry in the chest. For a minutes, everyone held their breaths and when Harry glowed pinkish-red, along with letters forming the name of the person to whom the potion was keyed to: Ginerva Potter née Weasley, chaos ensued.


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