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RWBY: Faith Restored


Vlad Dracula Tepes, The King of Vampires, is defeated. But he is not truly gone. He finds himself in a world filled with the darkness he swore to bring and the humans who fight with outlandish weapons. Normally, he would fight for the darkness. However, something changes inside him. With new allies and old enemies, Dracula will show the world the power of the King of Vampires

Action / Horror
Nick Garcia
Age Rating:

Ch. 1 Faith Restored

All he saw was red. Trees of red that dropped down leaves of blood. He reached up and grabbed a leaf to look at it. The leaf slowly dissolved into red dust and blew away in the wind. The pale man in dark clothes stood up to look around. Trees with leaves of red that dropped onto the ground. It felt peaceful. He looked at his hands to find himself in his black formal clothing and nails long and sharp.

"Where am I..." He questioned himself. No location he scoured ever had these trees of blood. His thoughts were interrupted by a thundering roar to his right. The wind picked up and blew against his hair and cape. He walked towards the roar until he saw a blonde boy in strange clothing with white knight's armor on his chest and biceps fighting against a large bipedal creature with black fur, the frame of a bear and a white skull with red markings and red eyes. The boy... A human. The dark clothed figure growled at the sight. Another human was crawling away like a coward. He had a lot more armor with red hair and a taller build than the blonde.

He watched in hope that the dark bear will maul the boy. However, the desperation in the boy's eyes made him think differently. His blonde hair and use of a sword reminded him of... His son. Adrian...

With a growl and his claws ready, the King used his vampiric speed to grab the dark bear and rip his skull plating off then the boy sliced its head off. The man held the skull plating before it dissolved into nothing. The body itself also dissolved into a black fog before fading away.

"Thank you." Those words... Never in years would the King hear those from the species that caused him so much harm and took the only thing he ever loved away from him. He looked down at the blonde boy, due to his humongous height and he narrowed his eyes "Humans..." Before he could continue, three teen females appeared. One in a black corset and skirt with red trimmings along with a large scythe... Death's weapon. She had silver eyes and black hair with red tips. The second is a woman with long bright red hair, bright emerald eyes and armor reminiscent of the Ancient Greeks along with a circlet on her head. The last is a girl in a similar dress like the red girl, however it was white and she had a scar over her left eye and long white hair in a side ponytail. They looked at the King with wide eyes due to his 7 to 8 feet height.

The King looked at his prey in anger and held claws out in case he'll have to rend these humans dead. The white girl held a rapier with different colors along the hilt. The short scythe wielder held her weapon in defense. The Greek girl held out her shield and spear. The blonde boy put his hands up. "Wait stop! He helped me take out the Ursa!"

The King looked at the boy surprised. A human defending him? Where is he where a human would defend a monster like him? The King placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and looked at the girls "Where am I?"
The girl in white said in confusion "What do you mean where are you?' You're in Forever Fall." The girl with red hair looked into his eyes before saying "You're... In Remnant." The King shows no emotion but speaks "Another world... I see. Who are you all?"

The girl with the scythe spoke shyly "I-I'm Ruby Rose. Leader of Team RWBY." The King looked at Ruby with a tilted head. This girl is younger than the rest. The girl in white speaks with a sense of pride "Weiss Schnee, Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company." He narrowed his eyes. Her name is German yet they are on a whole different world. He spoke "Your name... German for White Snow." Weiss looked confused and a little offended. "German? I don't know that language." The King's suspicions were confirmed. He is on a different world. One with humans who fight in strange clothing and with strange weapons. The girl in Greek armor spoke "I am Pyrrha Nikos and that's Jaune." Her voice spoke with a kindness that he hasn't heard since Lisa... Oh Lisa.

His spirit was near breaking. He looked to the boy known as Jaune and spoke "You wish to become a warrior?" Jaune looked a little uncomfortable but spoke "More than anything." It seems the humans here were different. They didn't want to steal, hurt or kill each other. Perhaps Lisa's plea could still be honored.

The King did a gentle bow and spoke "I am Vlad Dracula Tepes." He expected them to be fearful of him but Pyrrha spoke "Welcome, Mr. Tepes. We're students at Beacon Academy. We'd love for you to come with us and meet the rest of our team." Vlad smiled slightly and bowed his head.

"I would be honored. If you are students, where is your teacher?" As if on que, a woman in a white blouse, with a black skirt, black leggings and black boots with a purple Cape come out towards the students and stare at Vlad with eyes of suspicion "Who are you and what are you doing here with my students?" Vlad narrowed his eyes at the hostility "I am Vladimir Dracula Tepes. And your students are safe."

The woman held a strange object in her hand that looked like a wand but with a loop at the end and looked at the King in a mixture of anger and caution. Jaune spoke "Wait, Miss Goodwitch! He helped me kill the Ursa!" The woman known as Miss Goodwitch stared at Dracula for a little while before speaking. "We're heading back to Beacon. I believe our guest will be following me to the Headmaster's office." Her words were stern and gave no room for argument. Another trait he remembered from Lisa. She always won their arguments.

The walk back to the Bullhead was long and silent before Vlad gazed upon the ship and gasped. Strange metal and engines, how advanced was their technology compared to his world's? He stepped on and when the flight began, Vlad looked out to see them levitating "Amazing... Such advanced technology." He whispered but everyone heard him. Ruby and Weiss looked confused at his words. How could he not know this kind of ship or technology? Dracula could tell they were confused.

He won't reveal where he's from. Not until he trusted them more. He simply wasn't ready for them to know how evil he is. It took only an hour until he gazed upon the city of Vale. He looked all around. Buildings that seem to thrive. They seemed to have been made of smooth stone or hard clay. He always remembered villages being made from simple wood and castles made from rough stone. He was amazed at the sight "Beautiful..." He muttered and everyone heard. Who is this person who's never seen Vale or seen a Bullhead?

The Bullhead landed into the port and everyone climbed out. When Vlad climbed out, the sun shined down upon him and smoke started emanating from his face and he winced in pain then used his cape to block out the sun. Ruby looked concerned at him while Weiss looked even more confused. "Woah, how was smoke coming from you?" A girl with long blonde hair and lavender eyes asked. The smoke dissipated from his face and he looked at everyone and said "The sun... Burns me. I thrive... In the night. I will explain later." He started walking off when he saw Beacon Academy.

It was a humongous castle. It reminded him of his castle, but as how his was a castle of dark magic and evil, this one seemed like one of light. With warriors training to defend their people. It seems everything about this place awed him. Its technology and buildings were beyond anything the King has ever seen. Ruby walked up behind him and held his cold hand and said "I had the same reaction when I first came here and it's still amazing. Vlad looked down at Ruby was almost about to pull away but her young innocent eyes wavered him. "She's too innocent to be a part of my world."
Innocent... The term seemed so unfamiliar then he remembered what he said


Vlad broke away from the memory and he smiled at the young Reaper. He started walking with her into the academy then heard Weiss speaking with a girl with long black hair and a bow on top of her head. "We found him in Forever Fall. He looks like he's seeing everything for the first time. Plus he's intimidating with his look. I don't know about you but I don't think he's from here." The black haired girl said "Well you never know until he talks about himself. But yeah, he does look intimidating."

Dracula thought to himself "They'll just have to be patient." Glynda Goodwitch said sternly "Follow me, the Headmaster will want to speak with you." The Impaler looked at Ruby and nodded, having her let go of his hand so he may follow the blonde teacher. Her name was curious to him so he asked "Are you an actual witch?" She stopped and looked at him with the sternest look ever. "For your information, Mr. Tepes, I am not a witch. You best remember that." Vlad narrowed his eyes and tried to calm himself. "Soon... She'll learn to never threaten a King."

They continued their trek down the corridors of the Academy until they reached the elevator and stepped inside. Dracula looked at the buttons until Glynda pressed the top button and they levitated to the top floor. Once they reached up and the elevator dinged, Dracula stepped out and red met green eyes as the King finally saw the Headmaster for the first time.

"Hello. I am Professor Ozpin, Headmaster of Beacon Academy."

"You... You're an immortal."
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