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Room no. 1408


You can't hide. She will find you and will take her revenge from you. The four friends are in trouble and the ghost is chasing them. This is a short story about the room number 1408

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Room no.1408


Once there were six friends, Tony, Rogers, Emily, Mia, Natasha and Bruce. They went to a restaurant, as they went there, there was a big TV hanging from the roof. In there they saw a news that there is a hotel in the dark street of Florida Gainesville. The hotel is very old. But there was no person living there. So they decided to go to the hotel. And they also wanted to live there for 3 days. But the manager told them not to go there because, the hotel is haunted. But they didn't hear his words and planned to go to the hotel day after tomorrow. So, they went their home and started packing up things for there trip to Gainesville.

After the packing,they took dinner at night at 10:00 pm. After that they slept. In the morning they wake up and get ready for their trip. At 4:00 am they exit from their house. Then they catch the train from the station, and in 6:30 am they went to the station Gainesville. Then they exit from the station and they started searching for a transport to leave them to the dark street. But, they didn't get any transport. So, they started walking. At 8:00 am they went to their destination. They found the hotel. The hotel was very old and there was no one at their neighborhood. The door was closed so, they entered to the hotel.

After they entered the hotel. There they saw that a woman is sitting in a chair and in top there is written " RECEPTION " . So, they went there and asked her for a room. The woman didn't answer but she looked strangely at their face. After sometime time the women give them a key and told them to go to the room number 1408. So, they started searching for it, and finally they got it on the fourth floor. The door's lock was very big as well as dusty. They opened the door of the room and then they entered to the room no. 1408.

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