Time Can't Heal All Wounds

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Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 10

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Linda was able to clean and wrap up Kris's forearm, but it was still burning, as Kris drove the three of them back to the bunker, she couldn't help but glance in the review mirror. Linda was asleep against her sons shoulder but her hand was tightly clasped in his. Kevin couldn't seem to take his eyes off his mom. "It's like she's back from the dead," he whispered to Kris as she drove.

She looked at him in the mirror, "I know how you feel." She had that same thought when Kevin had called to her from the War Room, to be reintroduced to Sam and Dean. Seeing her father standing there, healthy, it had taken all herself control not the throw herself in his arms. It was like him had been brought back from the dead.

"We're almost there," Kris told him. "You might want to wake your mom up." She pulled up to the hidden door for the bunkers garage, got out and hit the panel to open the tunnel. She got back in the car and noticed Linda was starting to wake at her son's gentle prodding. Kris smiled to herself as she drove them back into the bunker. Linda Tran was safe, and her son was alive. Who knew what changes to the timeline this would cause, but surely it couldn't be that bad.

The lights in the bunker were off, so Kris flipped them on. Everything looked the same. Kevin's stuff was still spread out on the table, and there was no sound other then the three of them. She took a deep breath and just enjoyed the sense of coming home. "Who's hungry?" Kris asked heading towards the kitchen.

After a quick meal of spaghetti and meat sauce, and while Kevin showed his mom a place to sleep, Kris started picking up Kevin's stuff off the table. 'More changes to the timeline,' she thought. 'If I hadn't been here to stop Kevin from dying, would Dean already be off looking for Gadreel, or would he still be morning Kevin? I know Linda would still be a prisoner, but was Candy suppose to die that soon? She died in my timeline as well, so was she dead no matter what I did? And if that is the case what about Kevin? Will the fates still try and take his life or was he not suppose to die and my coming here just made it possible for Fate to keep it on track?' Kris's head was beginning to hurt as bad as her arm.

"Hey," a voice said, way to close to Kris's ear.

Kris spun around, reaching for the knife at her back. She had been thinking so hard, she hadn't heard Sam enter the bunker. Luckily Sam was quicker and stopped her hand from grabbing it altogether. "Easy there Kris. It's just me." He gave her a small smile.

Catching her breath she looked into her father's eyes. There it was, the spark. Sam was completely back, there was no Gadreel vibe to him. She quickly threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. She didn't care if he thought "Kevin's friend" was a few fries short of a happy meal, this was her dad.

Sam gently patted her on the back, "Umm… alright, awkward." Kris still didn't let go. "So… Umm… Can you stop now."

Finally Kris let go, "Sorry. Its' just… Well it's nice to have you back."

Kevin and Linda walk into the room and Kris could see Sam's face tense up a little. "Kevin…" Sam paused for a moment. "I'm… I don't know what to say. I am so sorry…" Sam moved around Kris and headed towards Kevin and his mom.

Kevin waved him off, "Relax Sam. I know it wasn't you. Besides, thanks to Kris I'm still breathing."

Sam smiled and looked back at Kris, "Yea, I see you found your mom too. Good thing she came when you called."

Kevin and Kris froze. Kris's eyes going wide, "Oh shit," she mumbled. "That's right. You weren't here for that conversation." Kris looked at Kevin who refused to meet her eyes, "Oh Hell No! You are not chickening out this time."

Looking sheepish, Kevin took a seat at the table and motioned for his mom to do the same. 'That's right,' Kris thought. 'She has no idea about me."

Sam was looking back and forth between Kris and Kevin. "What am I missing?"

Kris sat on the edge of the table. "I'm not a friend of Kevin's from school." She gestured to the chair across from her. Sam moved to it but didn't take it. "He never called me, I kind of just showed up at the… well more like in, the bunker."

This time Sam did take a seat but his face was stone cold. "And?"

"You see, I knew Gadreel was going to try and kill Kevin…"

"What!?" Linda shouted, looking from Kevin to Kris. "Who is he and where is he?" Kris smiled she knew that tone. It was the same one she used when she and Linda were going to rescue Kevin. It meant someone was going to hurt.

"No, Linda. It's alright, Gadreel is gone."

"It's not alright," Sam said. His voice had gone cold. "I nearly killed Kevin."

"That wasn't you." Both Kris and Kevin said at the same time.

"Why didn't you warn D…Dean?" He sort of stuttered his brothers name.

"He wouldn't have believed me." Kris said gently. "I had no proof and he wouldn't even admit you were being occupied at the moment. It wasn't like I could tell you," she gestured to Sam. "And I told Kevin when he needed to know."

"When… When he needed to know," Sam stammered as he got up. "I nearly killed him."

"But you didn't," Kris said, trying to understand why her dad was getting so upset. "He's fine."

"That's not the point," Sam said. "You and Dean nearly got him killed. You two are exactly a like."

Kris huffed, "Yea funny you should say that." Kris got off the table. "You said those same words to me right before you and Castiel sent me here."

This seemed to stop what ever steam Sam had been building up to. He stood there frozen for the longest time, no one else saying a word.

"She's right Sam," came Castiel's voice from the stairwell. "She told Dean and me right after Gadreel's attack."

"You knew," Sam asked turning to the angel.

Castiel descended the stairs, "Not until after the attack. She told Dean and myself a few things, one of which was that she was from the future."

Sam turned to Kevin now, "You knew this whole time. You lied to us about where she came from. Why? She could have been a demon or hell, anything else."

Kevin pulled the bunker key from his pants pocket, "She had this Sam. You told me it's the only way to get in this place. And, well I am not apologizing. She saved my life Sam. She stopped you from doing something you would have spent the rest of your life blamed yourself for." He motioned towards Kris, who hadn't left the table, "Kris is who she says she is."

Sam shook his head, "I'm sorry. I just found out my brother lied to me, tricked me into allowing a psychotic angel to posses me,"

"Gadreel is not psychotic," Kris whispered, more to herself.

"You know when your brother tricks you into staying alive, then you can have a say in what title to give the angel."

Kris shook her head, "That's bullshit Sam, and you know it."

"Excuse me," Sam asked, looking a little taken aback.

She looked up at Sam, forgetting this was her father for just a moment, he was acting like a whinny little bitch with a skinned knee. "Yes Dean may have tricked you but you still didn't have to say yes."

"I Was Ready Too Die," Sam clipped out. Kris could see his anger rising to the surface.

"No," Kris said getting off the table and moving to stand in front of Sam, "you weren't. If you truly were ready, it wouldn't have mattered what Dean…"

"That was NOT my brother!" Sam shouted.

"It didn't matter!" Kris shouted back. "What you thought was Dean, found a way for you to live and you fucking took it! So you can stand there and boo-hoo all you want, but in the end," she jabbed her finger at him, "you chose to live. Not Dean, not Gadreel. YOU!"

She waited for him to say something else. "He...Lied to me."

Kris took a breath, she was not going to feel bad for what Dean did. If he hadn't she never would have meet her real father, "But that is how I know you weren't ready. If you really, really wanted the die, then nothing he said would have changed your mind. You wanted a way out because you weren't ready, and lets be honest Sam, other then Gadreel acting like a dick with wings, this did work out."

Sam grimaced, "Did it? If you hadn't of been here, Kevin would have died, right?" Kris didn't pause, she just nodded. "And it would have been by my hand?"

Kris threw up her hands, "But he isn't dead, and you didn't kill him. "

"You still don't get it," Sam said turning his back on her. That simple motion actually hurt. "I had made my choice and Dean acted without thinking. You can stand there and defend what he did all you want, but the end result is this. He lied, you may have fixed his mistake by coming back here and saving Kevin, but I still would have killed him. You can't deny that."

Sam went to Kevin, "Look with the tablets gone, maybe you and your mom should get out of this life. It nearly killed you and your mom has been a prisoner for nearly a year. Maybe you two should start over, have a normal life."

It was actually Linda who spoke up, "I would love to be able to go back to a normal life. But Sam, that is just not possible. Once you have been touched by this life, wither by the fates, like you and yours, or my destiny, like my boy here. It stays with you. You will either live this life or you will die in it." She put her hand on Kevin's shoulder, "I nearly lost my son, and I am grateful I don't have to face that life, but I will not let my son, give up on his duties. Do I wish he didn't have to, absolutely. But I know now that this is his life and I am one proud momma." She looked up at Kevin and Kris could see tears brimming in Mrs. Trans eyes.

Kevin smiled at her. "Well I was raised not to contradict my mother, so looks like you and Dean are stuck with us."

Sam didn't say anything, but Kris noticed for the first time, "Umm… Sam? Where is Dean?"

Sam ignored her and actually walked out of the room, heading back to his. "Sam!? Where is he?"

Castiel came up to stand beside Kris, "Dean said he was going to hunt Gadreel himself. He seems to think it will make things better with Sam."

Kris wanted to hit him, Sam not Castiel. They were separated again and that never ends badly, "Are you kidding me. Have those two learned nothing of their lives. When they separate it makes things worse." She started to follow Sam out but Castiel stopped her, "No Cas you don't get it. It never ends well when those two go their separate ways, never."

"Sam's made up his mind and so has Dean," he told her.

The room was quiet for a moment as Kris came up with a plan, "Alright, here is what we are going to do. Kevin, you, your mom, and Cas stay with Sam, try and keep him out of trouble. I'm going to go find Dean and see if I can talk some sense into him."

Kevin snickered and was rewarded with a smack to the back of the head by his mother, "Sorry, I mean good luck."

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