Time Can't Heal All Wounds

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Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 11

Tricks, No Treats

Kris sat alone in a dingy hotel room, trying to think of where her uncle may have gone to. She hadn't been lying to Dean when she told him she had no details of the Winchester's lives before she had entered it. In fact when she met Sam for the first time, he hadn't mentioned he had a brother. A fact that come back to bite her in the ass later on. Kris pushed those memories away, no way on God's green earth she would ever go there willingly.

'Alright,' she thought to herself, 'if I am a sibling, hell bent on revenge, what do I do first?' Unfortunately being an only child gave no insight to how Dean might act right now. 'So think like a child.' If someone had hurt her father, what would she do? Well that was easy, go back in time and stop it from happening.

'Not helping,' the voice chided her. Alright, think. The logical thing would be to hunt the thing down. So how would Dean hunt an angel? He wouldn't, he couldn't. But Kris could. Gadreel had once answered a prayer from Dean, maybe if she let him know she just wanted to talk, he would answer hers.

Looking around the room she said out loud, "Gadreel. Gadreel I know you can here me. It's me, Kris. I am the one who kept you from killing Kevin and then let you go." She stopped not sure if she should wait for a response, it felt silly having a one way conversation. "Look I am by myself, no Sam or Dean. I just want to talk to you. I swear there is nothing else. I think you and I should really have a conversation, it involves Metatron. I know you think you are doing the right thing." Again that foolish feeling of talking to a wall was still there. "I know I am probable the last person you want to hear this from, but this is important." Nothing still. "Gadreel, I know that you think what you are doing is for the greater good. That you believe you will redeem your tarnished reputation. But Gadreel, your wrong. Please I just want to talk."

Kris waited, and waited, and waited. Once in a while she would repeat her plee to the angel to met and talk with her. After two hours of waiting Kris stopped. This wasn't working, maybe she should just start hitting every bar between the bunker and here. Who knew, maybe she would get lucky and happen to run into Dean.

She gathered up her bag and headed to the door, she had been so sure Gadreel would talk with her. Castiel had always said he was an honorable angel, even if he was a little misguided. She sighed as she opened the door and nearly ran head first into the man standing in the doorway.

"OH shit!" She scrambled back, "Gadreel?" She got a good look at him.

The man nodded. He was blue eye's were level with her, his messy blonde hair feel into his eyes. "I believe you called me."

Kris shook her head, "Yes, I did." She stepped aside and gestured him into the room, "Sorry, I had given up on you answering me, please come in."

She saw him smile as he stepped into the room.


Finding the room had been easy. Metatron had intercepted the call from the girl to Gadreel. He had sent Ilium in his place to bring her back to 'talk'. "What is it you wish to talk to me about?"

The girl looked nervous, "Umm.. Yes right. I thought you should know, Dean is looking for you, well more like hunting you."

Ilium heard the door close and turned to face her, "And you wanted to warm me?" He was a little shocked. Gadreel had said the girl was smart and appeared loyal to the Winchesters. He couldn't figure why she was warning him.

The girl took a deep breath and pushed back her brown hair, it seemed a silly human thing to do. When her eyes found his, they seemed confused for a moment, as if they weren't sure what they were looking at. "I… Umm… I wanted to talk to you is all."

"You said that," Ilium took a step closer to her. "Are you changing loyalties now?"

"No!" came the quick, curt reply, "Of course not."

"Are you suggesting that I be the one to change my loyalties?"

Again the girl brushed hair that was not there out of her face, "I am saying you should reclaim your original loyalty."

Ilium turned his head to the side, this girl was actually intriguing him. The only original loyalty he could think Gadreel had was to the Winchesters. "And what loyalty would that be?"


There was something off about Gadreel, Kris thought. True she had never met the angel in any other vessel but her father, but there was something wrong with him right now. When she had faced him down in the Bunker she had known it wasn't Sam, in fact it had been easy to face him down only because she knew it wasn't her father talking to her. There had been a different air about him. Old, and timeless. Granted, she was sure, all angels probable had that quality. But just like she could tell Castiel's vibe no matter the vessel, there was something off about Gadreel's vibe right now.

"The one to heaven, the one you were made for," she stated.

Gadreel nodded as if confirming something she didn't understand. Something inside Kris screamed at her to get out of there. But Castiel's words, to her, stayed her. 'His only mistake was trusting Metatron. He was a good and honorable angel.' "You have to know that Metatron is using you. The same way he used Cas."

Gadreel was walking around the room and it gave Kris the impression of being circled by a predator. "Castiel," he said with contempt, "was never loyal to the cause."

That did it, everything in her body was on full alert now. Kris moved as far from him as she could, "You're not Gadreel, are you?" Her back was pressed to the door.

The angel smiled, "I didn't think you would figure it out. Metatron thought you might but insisted I come any way." He stepped towards her, ending his circling, "If you ask me, I don't think Metatron completely trusts Gadreel. I mean who would? He let the serpent into the garden, brought about the downfall of men, and let's just face it," his face lost the smile. "He's just one bad running joke."

Kris started to slide the angel blade out of her right arm sleeve and into her hand, but the angel was a hell of a lot quicker. He had her right arm pinned and his left forearm against her throat before the blade was even in place. With her dominate hand pinned and her air supply running short, Kris realized she was trapped.

Twisting her head to the side and trying to use her shoulders to push him back Kris tried to get some kind of leverage, but the angel just pushed harder on her throat.

"Now, now, little mud monkey. I have orders to take you alive. But Metatron never said you had to be conscious." Black spots where jumping into her view, but she fought them. This seemed to make the angel laugh. His laughter infuriated her. Taking her left hand she pulled it as far back as the wall would let her. For a moment the angel seemed to think she was going to hit his face, and he grinned, but Kris had a better option. She shoved it into the crook of his elbow, effectively breaking the pressure he had on her neck.

Gulping in as much air as she could, Kris dropped her chin and rolled to the right, directly into the angels arms. Using the wall she placed her palms flat against it and pushed as hard as she could. The unexpected move caused the angel to stumble back and Kris threw her head back catching him in the nose. The crunch of bone was very satisfying to her, but she didn't let it go to her head. She was still in danger. With his vessel's nose bleeding, the angel dropped his hold on her arm. Kris lunged to the door and pulled it open.

Stars jumped into her sight before she made it completely out the door and it took Kris a moment to realize she had been hit in the side of the head. But not by the angel behind her. She stumbled back into the room and right into the Blonde Angels arms. He gripped her tight while she was still reeling from the blow. A man with dark brown hair walked into the room.

"You were taking to long Ilium," he said stepping up to Kris. "Metatron sent me to see what was taking so long."

Kris shook her head to try and clear it but this actually made it hurt more, "I have it under control, Neil."

"Yes I can see that," he gestured to Kris. "Is that why she almost got away." Kris struggled in Ilium's arms and Neil hit her in the stomach. Whatever air was left in Kris's lungs quickly exited her body and she couldn't catch her breath.

With her vision fading and her lungs calling for more oxygen, Kris knew there was no fight left in her. She hated to give into the blackness, however her body wasn't giving her a choice.


Something was digging into her wrists. The pain it caused was what brought Kris to the surface of consciousness. Her head rolled to the left, opening her eyes, her sights fell on her arm. A thick rope held her left arm to a plush armrest. A quick glance to her right let her know her other arm was in the same predicament. There was no give to the ropes and they seemed to tighten when she tried to wiggle them.

"It's a really neat knot I learned years ago from a book I read," a voice commented, drawing her attention to the middle of the room. A middle age man was sitting at a typewriter, wearing a smoking jacket. His messy black hair was thinning and the messiness of it reminded her of Booger from Revenge of the Nerds. A much older Booger, but the way his eyes seemed to be wild and unfocused spoke of a very unhinged angel.

"Let me guess," Kris said, her voice scratchy but strong. "Metatron."

His grin revealed his rotten teeth, but there seemed to be sincerity in it. She had seen a smile very similar to that before and her stomach dropped. "You know me, but you my dear," he got up from behind the old looking desk, stacked with paper and old books. "You are a mystery. Gadreel said you were able to block his powers and I have to say I am impressed. Not many humans know how to create a new spell and those that do are very powerful witches."

Kris smirked, "What can I say. I keep very interesting company."

Metatron leaned back against his desk, giving Kris an impression he was trying to look the part of a very stern parent. The only thing Kris saw was a spoiled child, who thought he had been wronged. "I am very interested in that company."

"Well," Kris said trying to lean forward, "get use to disappointments."

The creepy grin again, "Oh I have a few ideas in my head," he tapped his temple, "to get you to talk to me."

This actually made Kris laugh, "Oh please. There isn't a single original idea in that your head of yours. Every idea you think of, I will guarantee, someone has already done it."

"Ah," he said sliding off the desk like the worm he was, "but have they done it to you. I think it will be fun to break open that primitive little brain of yours."

Hands, cold as death, brushing back her hair as a sharp voice said, "This is going to be fun."

"I can promise you this Metatron," Kris said gravely, pulling herself back to the present, "I've looked true evil and destruction in the face and survived. You," she snickered, "you are just a spoiled little bully, with daddy issues."

He was in her face now his hands came down painfully on her wrists, apparently that 'daddy issue' hit a nerve, "You have no idea the things I am going to do to you. Before I finish, you will be begging me to kill you."

Kris squared her shoulders, ignoring the pain in her wrists, looked Metatron dead in the face. "No," she said, "I won't."

It was Metatron's turn to snicker, "Challenge accepted."

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