Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Tricks, No Treats


Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 12


Metatron slammed his hand down on to the typewriter. Four days! For four days the girl had been 'spoken' to. Between the persuasion he had been allowing Ilium to take with her and the constant sarcasm from the girl, they had nothing. Oh they knew the basics, her name and… well that was pretty much all they had, and that information had come from Gadreel. Poor, poor Gadreel. He had no idea what they were doing to the girl and if Metatron could help it he never would. He was still to fresh from lock up to understand that this was how war was done. Sacrifice the one for the good of the many. But truth be told, after his botched mission to kill Kevin Tran, Metatron just didn't think he had it in him to do what needed to be done.

But that damn girl, he thought. He hadn't been lying when he had told her she was a mystery. That spell she had used was to block Gadreel's powers was not one he was familiar with and considering he had written the book on humans, that had him worried. If she had found a way to block angels powers, who knew what else she was capable of. Add to the fact he had no idea where she had come from. It was like she just popped out of think air and this had him worried too.

"Is everything alright," Neil asked from his post outside the door. He had given instructions not to be disturbed while he was writing, but the girl made it damn near impossible for him to concentrate.

"It's nothing," he said to him. "Just writers block." But it was more then that, there were too many questions, and he needed answers. He got up from the desk and headed out his office door. "Stay here, no one in," he called to Neil as he passed him. He wasn't sure what he expected to get from the girl right now, but he was going to get something. Every question Ilium has asked her has been answered the same for four days, 'I've had worse.'

Getting the girl into heaven had been easier then Metatron thought, every angel that had seen her was being told she was one of Castiel's spies that had been captured. He trusted only Ilium to interrogate her. Ilium had been one of heaven's top inquisitors during the war with Lucifer, after there had been little use for him. That is until now.

Metatron pushed his way into the room they were keeping her in, it must have been break time, because there was a lack of screams. Sure enough Ilium was wiping his hands off and moving away from her. "Anything?" he asked as Ilium got closer.

A shake of his head and Ilium threw down the rag he was using to wipe his hands. "Nothing. Just the same, 'I've had worse.'" He nodded back to the girl on the table. "I tried a new technique, but it caused her to loose consciousness too quick. You can't hurt someone who can't feel. So I healed her and we will try again. Well all except for this one," he rolled to girl to her side, where a nasty looking scar ran from her left shoulder to her right hip sat.

"What did you do?" Metatron asked poking the scar, it felt ice cold.

"I did nothing. She came to us with it. No matter what I heal, this scar stays. It is quiet intriguing."

Metatron shook his head, "I am starting to think that what ever damage this human had been though, we can't top it." He turned to Ilium, who rolled the girl back onto her back and shook his head, "Dump her into the prison, I really need to move on. It's time to turn Castiel's 'loyal' followers against him, and since I can't get any information out of her," he motioned to the girl, "just lock her up and throw away the key."


The last four days brought a whole new light to the term pain. The first day had been what Kris expected, nothing original about it. Having been though worse it was more then easy for her to 'go to her happy place'. Unfortunately with them being angels there were something's they could do, like heal her and get ready to go again. They could do what the other one couldn't, He had made sure to keep her conscious though out the whole ordeal. These guys however didn't seem to care if she lost consciousness or not and once she realized that, getting herself to pass out was the top priority. Screaming for as long and loud as she could and then holding her breath while bearing down worked well. It did two things, it seemed to make angel boy think he was getting somewhere and it cut the blood supply off to her brain, making it easier for her to pass out. This had the nasty side effect of Ilium coming up with more inventive ways to cause her pain. She always made sure to say that one line again and again. 'I've had worse.' No matter what, that one line always left her mouth and nothing else.

Cold concrete, her first real thought, as she lay on the cell floor. That angel had healed her but not completely, she could feel her right clavicle was still broken, along with her left check bone and ankle. The broken clavicle rendered her entire right arm useless and the busted ankle made escape impossible, beside she had no idea where she was or how to get out anyway. Using her left arm, she pushed herself up and into a seated position, leaning against the far wall. A shabby smock cover her body, but it didn't add much warmth. She pushed her right shoulder back to try and keep the bone from grinding. Three solid walls and one with bars, no window. Her stomach growled and she realized she had no idea how long she has been with them.

"Too much time," she said out loud. Who knew what kind of trouble her family was getting into without her.

The angel who stopped her from getting away from Ilium came to the bars, Neil if she remembered correctly, and slide a food tray under the bars at the bottom. It was too far for her to get to and she would be damned to let them see her crawl. "Not hungry," she mumbled through her swollen mouth. Another growl of her stomach gave the lie away, but she didn't budge.

"Starving yourself isn't going to get you anything," he told her opening the prison door. He bent and picked up the tray, walked it over to her and set it where she could reach it.

She wasn't to proud not to eat the food but she was sure her mouth couldn't handle more then the mashed potatoes anyway. She grabbed the water bottle first and took small sips, the water stung her lips but feeling great going down her parched throat. Neil actually rolled his eyes and Kris chuckled, it was so un-angel like of him. "Eat," was all he said before he left. Once he was outside the cell she remembered something.

"Neil, wait!" He turned to her bored but didn't say anything. "How long?"

"Two weeks," he told her and walked out of her line of sight.

Her heart sank. She had been gone for two weeks and she wasn't even sure if Sam and Dean were A) aware she was missing and B) looking for her. To top it off she was pretty sure the both of them were still split and that Dean most likely had the Mark by now. Tears were falling now, both from the pain in her shoulder, face and ankle as well as the fact that everything she had tried so hard to do had failed. There would be no second chance, no re-do, no mulligan. Dean had the Mark and there was no way to remove it. Well, no way to remove it without destroying the world like last time.

Her dad had been wrong, she hadn't been able to do it. They never should have sent her back, it was all for nothing. The spell would be cast, the Mark would be destroyed, and the Darkness would be released. She hadn't stopped it, nothing had worked out. The tears weren't just falling now, they were running. Her breath hitched and it pulled her shoulder painfully. She allowed herself to feel self pity for a few more seconds. After what she had just been through, she deserved it, but only for a moment.

"Okay," she told herself, taking a few easy breaths. "Time to put your big girl panties on." A few more easy breaths and the hitching was gone, a few more and so were the tears. "So plan A is fucked. On to plan B." Unfortunately Kris had no idea what plan B would be. She glanced around the cell, "Not like I don't have time to come up with one."

The only 'person' she saw for the next few, well Kris couldn't tell how much time had passed since waking up in the prison cell , was Neil, and it was only to bring her food. After the initial conversation he didn't say anything else to her, but she was able to start measuring time with the meals he would being her. Every third meal she would make a check on the wall, which she rarely left.

Seven check marks later and Kris saw her first new face. A female angel she didn't recognize walked up to her cell. Her gray suit reminded Kris of a lawyer but her mousy brown hair threw off that illusion. At first the angel said nothing and Kris just stared back.

"I know I didn't grow a second or third head," Kris commented looking her up and down. "So what's with the gawk fest?"

"I wanted to see the traitor Castiel kept secret," she said softly. "I am just wondering why they are keeping you alive."

Kris nodded her head, but couldn't figure out who she had betrayed, but could guess that Castiel wouldn't have told the other angels about her. "You have a name, or should I call you Feather Girl?" she asked sarcastically. She hadn't been expecting an answer so she was shocked when she got one.

"It is Hannah."

Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. Why is that name so familiar? She pushed the thought to the back of her mind. "Well Hannah, you came, you saw, now what?"

"I was also going to let you know," she said, her face betraying little emotion, "you are going to be getting a couple new cell mates."

It was a lot later then Kris originally thought. She didn't have to ask who her soon to be cell mates would be, but just to be an ass she did, "So who are the lucky angels?"

If Kris wasn't mistaken there was a brief flash of pain on Hannah's face, "Your leader and his lackey."

"Hannah, now I remember who you are," Kris said sitting up straighter. "You followed Castiel, right? You begged him to lead you and the others, and then you betrayed him. So if you want to see a real traitor," she waved her hand towards her, "go look in a mirror. You and every single angel who turned their back on their mission."

Hannah said nothing at first, then after a moment of looking at Kris she turned and walked away.

A loud voice filled the cell, "I'd like to take a moment to welcome you all back." It was Metatron and Kris groaned. "I want you to know how moved I am that you've accepted me as your new God." Again bile rose in her throat. "My heart, as they say, is full, which is why I want to share some wonderful news with you. I'm going on a short trip." Great the bastard was going to earth, this thought brought Kris to full alertness. "Heaven's door will be temporarily closed pending my return, but rest assured all will be explained. And it will be...Glorious" Kris slumped back against her wall, her shoulder killing her. She would have Castiel to get more information out of soon enough.

Kris could feel her eyes getting heavy, but fought it. She didn't want to fall asleep just yet, she wanted to think of some kind of plan, any kind of plan. She wasn't sure if she had actually fallen asleep or just dozed off, either way it was the rumbling and shaking that woke her.

"What the hell," she muttered. The scene outside her cell was changing, for a split second it looked as if the normal corridor was gone and replaced by an office facade. But it happened so quick, Kris could be sure she wasn't having a hallucination.

"Ingrid," Castiel asked, "what is going on?"

'Castiel!' Kris thought with a smile. She could see him in his cell from her spot.

"No, no, no, no. Not here!"

That voice she didn't recognize and she couldn't see into the cell right beside Castiel. But the tone of the voice she did know, it was one of despair, shock, and down right fear. And there was only one person Kris could think of who would be that devastated to be in heaven's prison. Gadreel.

"Did you think your little ruse would work?" An angle Kris hadn't seen before was asking Castiel.

"Please," Gadreel was begging, "Please!"

"Welcome to heaven's jail Castiel. I believe Gadreel can give you the tour."

"Are all angels asshole," Kris asked from her cell. "Is is a prerequisite or something?"

Ingrid ignored her and walked away. "Bitch," Kris mumbled.

"Kris?" She could see Castiel gripping the bars and pressing his face into them. "No! You cannot be here."

"I don't even know where here is," Kris told him.

"You are in Heaven. How long have you been here?' Castiel asked trying to get a better look at her.

"Wow." she said softly. "Relax Cas, I ain't dead. The day after I left you guys some of Metatron's goons grabbed me," she told him feeling for the first time the physical fatigue. "Spent the first four days in the company of a douche bag named Ilium."

Even from where Kris sat she could see Castiel's face fall. But it was Gadreel's gasp off to the right that spoke louder. "I am so sorry," Gadreel whispered.

"Unless you knew I was here and what they were doing, I don't want to hear it," she told Gadreel even though she couldn't see him. "I am sorry you are back in here. I know how hard it was for you the first time."

There was stone silence for a few moments then Castiel asked, "Kris, are you alright?"

Kris knew what he meant. He was asking how bad she was really injured and now that she was being forced to focus on it, her shoulder was throbbing, there were a few toes in her foot she couldn't feel and while the swelling in her face had gone down the bruises were ugly looking. Not only that but for the first time she realized she was actually having to fight to stay awake.

"Let's focus on getting to Metatron," Kris said tiredly. "What is going on with him?"

Castiel and Gadreel explained to her what had been going on since she vanished, including the suicide bombers and the loss of Castiel's followers, he also mentioned that the Trans had gone to stay with Garth's pack of werewolves, the boys thought it might be safer. Turned out that after Sam and Dean reunited, they did look for her. In fact Sam and Castiel had decided to use Gadreel to see if the other angels knew where she might be. After they explained how they were going to try and break into heaven when they heard his announcement, Kris was surprised.

"Wait a minute," she asked trying to move closer to the cell door, her ankle could no longer support her weight and dragging herself across the floor was her only option and given her right arm was useless, it made for a very painful drag. "If that message was only for angels, why was I able to hear it?"

She made it to the door and could finally see them both. That also meant the both of them got a good look at her as well. There it was, the one thing she couldn't stand seeing in another person's eyes, pity. "Do not look at me like that," she warned them. Or at least tried to, the slouching against the bars didn't help. She looked away from them.

Neither angel said anything so Kris repeated her original question. "I believe it is because you are in heaven," Gadreel answered, he didn't seem able to erase the look of horror on his face, so Kris just didn't look at him.

"Cas, we need to get out of here." Kris said with her back against the bars. The move from her wall to the bars had wiped her out.

"There is no escaping heaven's jail," a voice said.

"Welcome back Hannah," Kris said.

"How are you enjoying your new cell mates?"

Castiel ignored the question, "Hannah, you must believe me. I had nothing to do with those bombers. I never sent anyone to kill Metatron, it was a ruse on his part. He wanted you all to abandoned the cause and follow him."

"Okay, so you're telling me," Hannah asked in disbelief, "that Metatron set you up, arranged those suicide bombers to make himself look like the victim,"

"Gadreel was his second in command," Castiel said gesturing towards Gadreel's cell. "For what other reason than the truth would he turn against Metatron?" Kris could tell Castiel was fighting a loosing battle with Hannah. She would want proof of Metatron's lies.

"So now I'm expected to trust the word of an angel who's only ever thought of himself since the Garden, and you?" Even though Kris had her back to the three of them, she could practically hear Hannah roll her eyes. "Nothing you say matters. Not without proof."

"I'm your proof," Kris mustered up. "I'm your proof, that Metatron has been lying to everyone."

Twisting around, Kris could see the disbelief in Hannah's eyes, this wasn't going to be easy. "So the word of three traitors is suppose to be the proof."

"Why do you keep calling me that?" Kris asked with real confusion. "It's like you think I'm an…" Realization sunk in. Using her left arm, Kris dragged herself up the cell bars to stand, she ignored the cream of pain in her shoulder and ankle "You think I'm an angel, don't you?"

Hannah nodded her head, "You are. Metatron told us how you were a spy for Castiel and they caught you."

The earlier comments finally made sense. "Hannah," Kris said turning to face the angel completely, showing off the bruising on her face, "I'm human. Metatron took me when I was trying to talk, just talk, with Gadreel. He sent Ilium and Neil to take me. When I wouldn't rat out my fam…" Kris stuttered, "My friends, he handed me over to Ilium for more 'questioning'."

Hannah shook her head, but Kris ignored it. "You know exactly the kind of questions Ilium asks. Now tell me, if Metatron is really interested in restoring heaven and protecting the mission, why bring a human up here to be tortured?"

Nobody said a word for a moment then Gadreel spoke up, "The only thing that matters in the end is the mission - protecting those who would not and cannot protect themselves -the humans. None of us is bigger than that. And we cannot let our fears, our self-absorption prevent us from seeing it through. Not anymore."

Kris smiled to herself, this was the Gadreel Castiel was always quick to defend. "Hannah you want to know the truth about me, something I refused to tell Ilium, no matter what he did to me." She now had the angels full attention, "Castiel sent me back in time. He died to make sure I got here. I am from twenty seven years in the future." Suspicion crossed her face, so Kris pressed on. "In my timeline Gadreel sacrifices himself to prove to you Castiel is right, in my timeline Metatron goes on a killing spree, murdering every angel he can get his hands on. In my timeline, you die at his hands. You once asked Cas to lead you, let him do that now."

For a moment Kris wasn't sure she had reached Hannah, the silence was deafening. Her leg felt like jelly and Kris knew she would sink to the cell floor shortly. Her vision was getting fuzzy around the edges, so she missed Hannah moving to Castiel's cell and unlocking his door.

"Do not make me regret this," was all she said to him.

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