Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Plan C

Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 13

Plan C

Relief flooded Kris's body. Hannah had trusted them and Gadreel was still alive. Yet another big change to the timeline, Kris thought as she sunk back to the floor.

"Gadreel, I need you to stay with Kris," Castiel's voice floated down to her. "Hannah show me to Metatron's office. We still need to sever the connection between Metatron and the Angel Tablet. Do you know where in his office he keeps it?"

Hannah shook her head but Kris chirped in, "In the typewriter." Wow she really was tired, she could barely make herself heard. Luckily for her, angels had great hearing. Warm hands were on her ankle and a sing of energy zipped up her right leg to the right side of her face. All the ach was gone from that side of her body, but the tiredness was still there. "Thank you Gadreel," Kris commented, still feeling unusually weak.

"It is the least I can do. Considering you ended up here because of me." The sorrow in his voice and Kris chanced a glance at his face. The pity she hated to see wasn't directed at her this time. It was turned inward this time.

Kris grabbed his hand as he reached to fix her collarbone, stopping him. He finally looked at her, "If you are going to feel sorry for yourself, then stop it. None of it was because of you. Place the blame on the one who deserves it." She let his hand go and he fixed her shoulder with a smile on his face this time.

Just when she was starting to relax and think the worst of it was over, the cell started to shake, and she grinned. The tablet was broken, the connection gone. Maybe, just maybe it was in time to help Dean, Kris thought as she motioned for Gadreel to help her stand. "Cas might need a little help."

Gadreel helped her to her feet but didn't move. His hand was at the middle of her back, "What is that?" he asked as he tried to glance where his hand was. "It is cold."

Kris twisted away from him, "It's nothing, lets go."

Gadreel held her there, "If it is from Ilium, I can heal it." Again he moved to try and take a look but Kris wouldn't let him.

"It's not from Ilium, and I'm not talking about it." She moved out of the cell and started down the corridor when loud feedback filled hall. Kris covered her ears to try and block the noise, but she could hear Metatron's voice.

"Well played, Castiel. Obviously, you and Gadreel managed to turn a few dead enders against me."

"We had help. A young human named Kris."

"I knew I should have had Ilium dispose of her, but what can I say. I'm a softy. Ah. . And the Angel tablet - arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe - is in pieces, and for what again?"

Kris grabbed Gadreel's hand and hurried him down the corridor.

"Oh, that's right - to save Dean Winchester. That was your goal, right? I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right? Well, guess what. He's dead."

Kris stopped dead in her tracks, it felt as if Neil had hit her in the gut again and she couldn't breath. 'NO! That stupid jackass," Kris thought to herself. She had no plan C to stop the Mark. .

"Kris," a kind voice beside her. She had forgotten Gadreel. "We need to focus. The office is down here." Kris nodded. Metatron was still talking.

"And then? They will do nothing because they are frightened little sheep following my crook wherever it leads. And where I'm taking them, back to our rightful place atop this mountain of human shame and excrement - when that happens, trust me, they're not gonna care how they got there."

The two of them turned to corner and came to a stop. A wall of angels were standing between them and the office. But none of the seemed to be paying attention to Kris or Gadreel. They were listening to Metatron's speech. That was when it occurred to her, he had no idea he was being broadcasted.

"Cas, you sly dog," she said grinning.

"You know, why you could never quite pull it together, Castiel," Metatron continued, while Kris pulled Gadreel past the other angels. "While you're sitting here with Your Grace slowly burning away and your reputation long extinguished? No curiosity. You didn't read enough. You never learned how to tell a good story."

Kris reached the office door, Hannah was already there with Neil standing right beside her, again neither paid the two of them any mind.

"But you did." Castiel's voice sounded almost smug and Kris knew he had just let Metatron in on the little secret. He was being broadcasted to every angel in heaven and on earth. Kris smiled as the rest of the angles seemed to snap out of their trances. All of them moving towards the office doors. She took great pleasure in opening the doors and being the first to step through.

Kris walked in just as the smirk faded from Metatron's face. She ignored him, walked to Castiel and released him from the chair. Her adrenaline was running thin but she would be damned to show weakness in front of the angel host. Someone handed Castiel an angel blade, and he actually raised it. Kris put a gentle hand on his arm, "Don't become the angel he has made you out to be. You're better then him."

Castiel kept the blade raised and then lowered it, "Lock him up." The three angels at Metatron's side took him away.

Kris slumped against Castiel, as Hannah stepped up to him. "You are doing the right thing, letting him live. It's what a leader would do."

Castiel handed Hannah the angel blade, "I am no leader, Hannah. I never was." He looked down at Kris leaning against him and put his arm around her to hold her up. "I just want to be an angel."

"Good to hear," Kris whispered. "But we aren't done yet. We need to get back to the Bunker, Now."

Castiel looked around, "I know what Metatron said but,"

"I can either go in your place," Gadreel interrupted, "or stay here if you like."

He nodded a thank you, "Take Kris back to the Bunker and check on Sam." Castiel basically passed Kris too him. "He will need someone with him. I will be there as soon as I can."

Kris was too tired to explain how the Mark would keep Dean alive, just not as a human.

Gadreel took her and lead her out of the room, past a few office looking cubicles and on to an elevator. "Close your eyes, Kris. I am not sure how a human will react to traveling from heaven back to Earth."

Considering she had been unconscious on the trip up, Kris closed her eyes for the trip back. The elevator door's closed as did her eyes and a bright light nearly blinded her, even with her eyes closed. She buried her face in Gadreel's side trying to protect her eyes.

Just as suddenly as the light started it was gone. When Kris opened her eyes they were standing in a park. There were two other angels, a woman dressed in punk and a young girl. Kris could tell they were angels, they were both wearing halo's.

That was new. She looked up at Gadreel as he lead her past the two angles without a word to them. She was tucked tight to his side and was pretty much dragging her, but sure enough there it was. A dull goose gray light in the shape of a sphere circled his head, the same as the other two.

She gasped and Gadreel looked down at her, "What is it? Are you hurting?" He sounded worried and that made Kris feel so much better.

She shook her head, "No, but how long have you guys been showing off your halo's?" She pointed to his head.

"You can see it?" He sounded shocked and the other two angels stopped what they were doing.

Kris nodded and pointed to the other two angels, "I didn't know halo's came in different colors. The little one's is almost a grass green and the bigger one's is a really pale blue. Is that normal?"

Gadreel shook his head, "Kris you shouldn't be able to see them. Are you seeing wings too?"

A quick glance at the girls back's and she shook her head, "Nope, just your halo's."

"How is that possible?"

Kris could feel her energy running on fumes, "Let's figure that out later." nodding to the car Gadreel and Castiel had apparently abandoned when they went to heaven, "Please tell me you can drive?"

Surprise, surprise he could. Kris leaned against the door jam and must have dozed off, because it felt like the second after she had closed her eyes, Gadreel was shaking her awake. "We are here."

"Do I want to know how much over the speed limit you went?" she asked sleepily.

"Speed limit?" he asked about to exit the car.

Kris just rolled her eyes and got out of the car. He guided her to the door, down the stairs and into a chair at the war table.

The bunker was incredibly quiet, there was no hum of the AC, so it was kind of stuffy. They lights were on and that was about it.

"Sam!" Gadreel called out, but got no answer. He looked at Kris, "Do you think he is back yet?"

Kris nodded, "Try the dungeon or Dean's room."

"Will you be alright while I search for him?"

She was going to sprain her eyes with all the eye rolling at him. "Yes," she told him and waved him off. "Now go."

He left her and she sighed. Sam was going to be heart broken, both right now and when he finds out what his brother will soon become.

Kris looked around the war room, Kevin must have taken all of his research with him. But now that he was still alive, maybe he could repair the tablet and they could get more information on the Mark of Cain. There had been something on the tablet Metatron didn't want the Prophet to translate, why else would he have Gadreel kill Kevin and then flip the switch to keep another prophet from being called.

"Yea," she thought as she spun back to the table. "I have a plan C." Cure Dean, have Kevin fix the tablet, translate the rest of it and hope there is more in there about the damn Mark. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you plan C." She was so very proud of herself and distracted with filling in the details of Plan C onto paper, that she didn't hear the foot falls until they were practically on top of her.

Kris spun around just as Dean was coming around the corner. "Dean," she whispered, more to herself in disbelief then trying to actually call to him. He did turn towards her, but didn't say anything or alter his course, he kept heading for the stairs.

To Kris his face was distorted, like looking through a fun house mirror. His mouth was pulled wider then it should be, as if he were smiling, more like leering. But there was no smile, while his eyes were coal black and seemed to look though Kris rather then at her. "What the hell am I seeing?" she thought, forcing herself to stand and attempt to move towards him.

By the time she found the strength to stand, Dean was already at the top of the stairs and glaring down at her. Her body froze…

she stopped short when she looked up and the man standing on the staircase was not Sam or Castiel.

There was something about this man the immediately put her on edge. His eyes weren't black, and Sam had told her Demons couldn't get in the bunker. In fact nothing should have been able to get in. "Who are you?" she asked her voice barley a whisper.

"I see you've meet the new and improved Dean," Crowley's voice snapped her back to the present.

She shook her head and refused to look at Crowley. Her eyes still stuck on Dean's black ones. "You can't leave," she said up to him. He ignored her and actually looked bored. "Crowley, you can't take...," she turned to face him.

Something burned in her abdomen and a small grunt escaped her lips. She looked down, saw a knife sticking halfway out of her with Crowley's hand still attached to it but her mind couldn't wrap itself around what just happened. She looked back to Crowley, half expecting to see the same kind of facial distortions she had with Dean, but didn't. He looked as she remembered him, but he had a soft smile on his face. She felt a sharp tug, and the burning sensation spread like wildfire though her body. Still her mind rejected what had happened. "Sorry darling," he said stepping around her. "We needed a little distraction."

Kris's legs gave out, as her body was slowly catching on to what her mind was still rejected. She placed her hand on her abdomen and came away with bright crimson blood. The fire spread to her chest and she tried to call out, but all that came out was a soft groan.

Crowley stood over her, "Don't worry love, it won't kill you. I'll hurt like hell though and I made sure to put a little something extra for our feathered friends. Can't have them giving you a quick fix."

Her eyes were looking past the monster standing over of her, to Dean on the landing. He was saying something but Kris couldn't make it out.

"Yea, were done here," Crowley said and turned away from her and followed Dean out of the bunker.

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