Time Can't Heal All Wounds


Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 16


"When I first came to live with Sam, I had no idea he had a brother. He never told, I never thought to ask. That lack of information came back to bite us both in the ass. Sam was on a hunt, we found out later that Dean had arranged it to get him out of the bunker, and Cas was in heaven. I was here because Sam still didn't want me going on hunts just yet…"

After two days alone in the bunker, Kris was starting to hear every little thing going on in it. She could tell the difference between the water heater starting up and the cooler turning on.

"I am getting way to use to this place," she thought out loud. She had been listening to 'Imagine Dragons' new hit single 'Rebel', while sitting in her room, when she heard the bunker door open. She guessed it to be the door because it was the only sound in this place she probable couldn't recognize.

"Yay, Sam or Cas is back," she said as she slid the laptop off her lap. "I think I was going nuts." She dashed out of her bedroom door and actually hurried down the corridor leading to the War Room.

"About time," she called out before entering the room. "I was starting to think you ditch…" she stopped short when she looked up and the man standing on the staircase was not Sam or Castiel.

Kris froze, there was something about this man the immediately put her on edge. His eyes weren't black, and Sam had told her demons couldn't get into the bunker. In fact nothing should have been able to get in. "Who are you?"

She stepped back, as the man continued down the stairs, but didn't answer her question. His brown hair was sticking up, he was slightly smaller then Sam, but it was his eyes that caused her to freeze in her place. "What are you?" she whispered.

The man only smiled, keeping his eyes on her. His eyes were green, but they seemed way to dull. There were no emotion in them. Her father, Don, had once said you could tell a lot about a man if you looked him square in the eyes. Dead eyes, was the only thing Kris could compare them to. Dead but full of destruction.

The room felt as if a vacuum had sucked out every emotion in it. Kris knew that who or what ever this man was, he was dangerous. "What do you want?" came out in another whisper. Her breath was coming in short gasps and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get her body to take a deep enough breath.

The man was standing in front of her, but Kris couldn't make herself move away from him. He didn't say a thing as he reached up and gently brushed back a strain of her hair, his hand cold as death. When he finally spoke his words chilled her to the bone, "This is going to be fun."

At those words, what ever had been holding her there released and she bolted out of the room. The man's laughter following her down the corridor as she ran. She passed her room, stopping just long enough to grab the cell Sam had given her her second week there. Her room was not safe, she knew that, but the dungeon should hold. A quick glance back and the corridor was still empty. Kris managed to get to the dungeon, close and bolt the doors.

She turned her phone on as she flipped off the lights. Moving to the back of the room she quickly opened her contacts and called Sam's number. After a few rings it went to voice mail.

"Sam? Come on Sam pick up. There's a man in the bunker. I don't know who he is but he got in and… I don't know how to explain it. Just call me back as soon as you get this. Please, Sam. I'm scared."

She ended the call and quickly plugged in Castiel's number. Granted if he was off doing business for heaven she would never reach him either. It only took two rings and Castiel's voice came over the phone.

"What is it Kristina," he asked sounding as if he were right in the middle of something.

"Cas, a man is in the bunker. I don't know who he is but he is scaring the hell out of me. I don't know how he got in. He didn't say anything." She took a deep breath, "Cas I am terrified right now."

"Describe the man."

"Tall, but not as tall as Sam, about your height, brown spiky hair, green eyes. But it's like they're dead. It's scary."

A word came out of Castiel's mouth that sounded odd from him, "His name is Dean, get somewhere safe."

"I'm in the dungeon right now, but Cas, I don't think that's going to stop him."

There was some shattering noises from above her and Kris choked back a shout.

"Did you call Sam, I am too far to get there in time." There was panic in Castiel's voice and this brought on a whole new fear into Kris's chest. The words 'in time' repeating over and over. "Kris!" Castiel's shout brought her back.

"He didn't answer," she whispered close to tears, he never used just her first name. "I…I left a voice message. Cas? What do I do?" She pushed the tears down.

"Stay hidden and try not to make any noise. I need to hang up. I'm going to try and call Sam. Put your phone on vibrate." The panic was gone from his voice and this helped Kris to focus. "Kristina," that made her feel batter, "we will get to you. Stay strong." The line went dead as Cas hung up, severing her only line to the outside.

Kris felt her eyes stinging and figured it would be alright to let a few out. She flip the switch to silence her phone, then huddled in the back of the room. She kept the lights off, but knew as soon as this Dean noticed the doors locked, he would know where she was.

Please, please hurry, she thought to herself, not trusting any noise not to give her position away. She clutched her phone like a life line.

In the pitch black, Kris wasn't sure how long she huddled there. The only light, too weak to aide Kris in seeing much, came from the edges of the bared door. She hadn't shut them off on the other side because they had been on when she came in.

Her legs were starting to cramp, and she thought about stretching them out, but was anxious the scrapping would alert Dean to her location. A little bit later she figured she better chance it or her legs would go to sleep, then she would be in real trouble if she needed to run. Moving a fraction of an inch at a time, she slide her legs out from under her, but every move made sound that Kris was sure Dean could hear.

Some time later her phone vibrated; she jumped but answered it without saying anything, "Kris it's Sam. Can you talk?"

She nodded and whispered into the phone, but her voice just seemed too loud in all the silence. "Yea."

"Are you still in the dungeon?" He was starting to whisper as well.

"Yea. Sam what do I do?" Her fear was creeping into her voice.

"Stay there. Cas and I are on our way, but…" his voice faded and for one horrifying moment Kris thought she had lost him. "Kris, honey I am still forty-eight hours out, Cas is even further. Even if we speed."

The weight of his words hit her, 'Two Days!' she thought. 'how am I going to stay hidden for two days.'

"Look I think he just wants some of the research we have there. He couldn't have any idea you would be there. Just stay hidden, don't draw attention to yourself."

"Sam," she whispered, knowing what he thought would no longer be true. "His only words to me have been, 'This is going to be fun.'" She shook her head, "I don't think he's just going to take what he wants and leave, not now." The anxiety was starting to build in Kris's chest. There were only two ways this could end. Stay hidden for two days, or be found. Either way this was about to be the longest two days of Kris's life.

Her phone buzzed, and Kris looked at the screen in horror, "Sam, there is only 8% battery, it's about to die." She was petrified, her only life line was about to crap out on her.

"Kris," Sam was saying, "don't panic. Stay Calm, we are coming. I swear, we will get to you, you are going to be alright."

Kris wasn't listening, she had seen a shadow move at the doors. Her breath hitched, "He's outside the door," she whispered into the dying phone.

"Shhh." That voice didn't come from the phone. It was from the other side of the door.

"Sam," there was no response. She looked at the phone and there was nothing there, no light, nothing. It was dead. Her one connection to her father was gone.

"You tell Sammy, I'll take good care of you." The voice was a little more then a whisper.

"Daddy," Kris whispered into the dead phone as she closed her eyes.

There was no sound, Kris figured her senses shut down to protect her, just a gust of air pushing her back into the wall she was already resting against. A cry caught in her throat but she held it back.

"So," Dean's voice drifted over her and her skin started to crawl. "Since Sammy isn't here," there was a pause, but Kris kept her eyes closed tight. His voice came closer and Kris tried to push herself further into the un-moving wall. "Oh come on," Dean was saying, his voice now right in front of her. "If you keep me talking who knows," his hand touched her knee and Kris fought like hell not to jump. "We might never get to the fun parts."

'Two days," Kris thought to herself, there was no way she could keep this malicious man talking for the next forty-eight hours. She did slowly open her eyes. He was kneeling in front of her, his dead green eyes never leaving her face.

"There we go," he said rocking back on his heels. "So, what should we talk about?" It was like he was trying to be nice but the facade didn't fit him.

"What do you want," Kris whispered.

Dean shook his head, "Naw. That won't last long enough. Oh, how about we talk about you." He patted her leg and this time she didn't fight to stay still. She moved her leg as far out of his reach as she could. "Now, now," he said grabbing her ankle and pulling it back to him. "Behave, or I might get board with this." He stood up and gestured for her to do the same.

She tried to will her body to move, to keep him distracted, but it wouldn't listen. She was too terrified of this man. Her body screamed at her to stay put.

"If you would rather get to the fun stuff," he said reaching for her again.

"I'm trying," she whimpered. "You're scaring me."

Dean stopped his movement, "Honest. Not many would admit they're afraid."

Kris took a breath, trying to get her body to follow her instructions, "I'm not most people." She was able to get her feet under her and was pushing herself up when Dean grabbed her upper arm and pulled her the rest of the way up. Knowing he could have done worse, she didn't pull away from him, but his grip on her bare arm actually burned a little. Like having dry ice held to her arm.

"There," he said dropping her arm. She tried to rub warmth back into it. "So lets start with a name." He pointed to her.

"It's Kris," she said softly. Her whole body was shaking as she stood there.

He waved his hand, encouraging her to go on, as he sat on the edge of the table across from her.

"Kris Richardson."

He applauded her, "Ah, now we are getting somewhere. What are you doing here? Pretty sure Sam didn't hire a maid."

She shook her head, "No. My… my mom sent me here."

Dean's eyebrow's raised, "Your mother?"

Kris knew where he was going with that, "She's dead." There was no way she was going to tell this psycho Sam was her father. "She died in a car crash and my dad died in the war."

"A military man." It was a comment not a question but Kris still nodded her head. "How long ago?"

These were simple enough questions and if he really wanted to know, "My dad died four years ago, and my mom five months."

"Which hunt did they meet us on?"

There was just no way Kris could warm up her arms, so she just crossed them and glared at Dean. "I don't know." She didn't see his hand coming, just stars jumping into her vision. Her cheek hurt like hell, starting on her cheek bone and radiating across her whole face. She probably would have gone down but Dean's hands was gripping her upper arm, keeping her upright.

He gave her a hard shake and her teeth clacked in her head, "How did they meet?" His voice didn't sound angry, just annoyed.

"I don't know," she cried out, trying to get her eyes to focus. "My mom never told me and Sam refuses to talk about it."

Dean shoved her into the wall and she sank to the ground, holding the left side of her face, whimpering. "I guess we get to the fun stuff," Dean said heading back towards the door.

"Please," she whispered. "I'm telling you the truth. I really don't know."

Dean closed the door and walked back towards her, "Oh I know you are. But you see, I'm getting board." He shrugged his shoulders as he crossed the room to stand in front of her again. "When I get board Kris, I find ways to entertain myself." He grabbed her left upper arm and jerked her up so hard, Kris felt her shoulder pop.

The cry that ripped out of her throat couldn't be help, her dislocated shoulder sent waves of fire down her arm and up the left side of her face. The scream seemed to shock Dean because he dropped her arm and Kris immediately grabbed it and sank back to the floor. The pain in her shoulder, arm and face was blinding, but Kris didn't try and hold back the screams this time.

Dean stood back, a small smile on his face and Kris writhed on the floor, holding her arm. He seemed to be enjoying watching her in pain.

What felt like forever and the pain started to dull. It didn't fade, or move but Kris seemed to be able to think around it. Her screams faded to small whimpers. "Well, " Dean said, "that was entertaining." The son of a bitch was having fun watching her hurt.

Kris couldn't move her arm without pain, so she just sat on the floor holding her left arm. Two days, she thought, two very long days…

"I spent nearly forty-eight hours with Dean, alone." Kris told Gadreel as she finished off the ice cream. She snickered, "Your angel buddy, Ilium, could learn a few things from him."

The look on Gadreel's face was murderous. "Ilium is no buddy of mine."

Kris smiled, letting the memories of those two days fade into the back of her mind. "I know that, but he still could have learned a few things." She leaned across the island counter towards him. "You see Dean, he never let me loose consciousness, I was awake the whole forty-eight hours. Ilium, on the other hand didn't care if I passed out. I was able to take 'breaks' with him." Kris got up and dumped the empty ice cream container in the trash. "While I spent more time with Ilium, it's the time with Dean that was by far worse." She sat back down.

"For months after that I woke with nightmares," she looked down at her hands. "I mean bad nightmares. Castiel and Sam wanted to wipe my memories of those two days."

Kris watched as Gadreel's larger hand covered hers, "You wouldn't let them, would you?" She shook her head. "Why not?" He was beyond curious, he had spent eons of his existence in heavens jail and he despised those memories. She had spent a total of six days being tortured and she was protecting those memories.

Kris looked up and into Gadreel's eyes, dreading what she might see in them. "What has happened to me, has made me who I am. I looked true darkness in the face, I spent time in it's presence, it tried to break me and failed. I needed to remember that." She chuckled a little, "Turns out it was a good thing too, with what Ilium did, who knows what that would have done to my head. As it stands it looks like what he did has messed with what Castiel did."

"What did Castiel do to you to make the nightmares leave?"

"I wouldn't let Cas erase the memories of what happened. So he severed the emotional connections to them. I can look back on those two days and it's was like watching a video of it happening to someone else, but I knew it wasn't me. After that the nightmares were gone. Well until now, that is."

Gadreel nodded, "Is that what you want me to do to you? Remove the emotional connection from what Ilium did to you?"

Kris shrugged, "It worked before."

"And the reason you do not want me to tell Sam about this?"

Kris thought about how to word this, "I don't want Sam to know what Dean did. He doesn't need those idea's in his head."

There was a moment of silence, Gadreel knew there was more to this. There was something Kris wasn't telling him. Something that would tell him why she really cared about what Sam thought about his brother. Something that would make the reason she seemed so familiar to him make sense. But she wasn't telling him right now.

The silence lengthened, making Kris think he was going to tell her no. "Alright Kris. I'll do it."

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