Time Can't Heal All Wounds

The Soul Moves On

Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 17

The Soul Moves On

Relief flooded Kris's body. It would be nice to have a good nights sleep, she thought. "So can we do it now?"

Gadreel nodded and held up a single finger, "I do not see why not."

Kris shook her head, if only everything could be that easy, she thought as she closed her eyes and leaned into his touch.

Gadreel's finger was cool to the touch and she waited for something to happen. A zing of electricity, a small pulse or even a small shock like when Castiel had done this, but nothing happened.

Kris opened her eyes, but didn't move away from Gadreel's touch. His eyes were closed and his face had a look of deep concentration on it. She waited a few more moments, but still nothing happened. "Umm… Gadreel? I think you're doing something wrong. Nothings happening."

Gadreel still kept his eyes close. "Shh," he whispered.

'Did he really just shush,' she thought. Still Kris didn't move. They sat that way for a few more minutes, Kris was getting fidgety. "Are you done…" a jolt of electricity shot through her head. She yelped and jerked away from Gadreel's touch. "What the hell!" Kris yelled rubbing where he had made contact with her.

"Sorry," Gadreel said sheepishly, but his eyes were full of curiosity, "I had never done that before." There was an awkward pause, "Kris is there something about yourself that you are not telling me?"

Kris rubbed her forehead not really paying attention, "Like what?"

"When I tried to heal you, when you were stabbed, there was something familiar about your genetics. I recognized it, as if I had tried to heal you before."

Kris ignored the pain in the middle of her head. "But you hadn't, that was the first time."

Gadreel kept looking at Kris and she stared back at him. "I think I know why your genetics seem so familiar."

Kris shook her head, the pain completely forgotten, "Gadreel, don't," she hissed in warning to him. "It's not something we need to get into."

"But is it true? Are you Sam's…"

Kris slammed her hands on the table and stood up, "DON'T!" He leaned back in his chair, but didn't say anything, just folded his arms across his chest. "Just… just don't," she sat back down, refusing to meet his gaze.

After a long and uncomfortable silence, during which Kris refused to look up from her hands, she spoke up, her gaze locked on Gadreel. If he knew the truth about who she really was then she needed to face that fact, and make sure he never tells Sam. "He can't EVER, know."

Leaning forward Gadreel meet her eyes, "You do not think Sam deserves to know he has a child?"

Kris shook her head, "It's not about that."

"Then what is it?"

"I came back here with the intent to do what ever it took to protect him and Castiel." She paused and took a deep breath, "You've been inside Sam's head, so you know what he'll do for family and I can't risk that."

Kris didn't wait for a response before continuing, "I don't know about this Sam, but my Sam, he would do what ever it took to protect family. That's the Sam I know."

The silence lengthened, until Gadreel spoke. "I can not promise to never tell Sam the truth. But as long as that truth does not hurt him, and he does not ask me directly, I will not be the one to tell him."

Kris wanted to grin but fought it, "How about I make us breakfast?" She looked at her watch as she stood up, it was six in the morning.

"That is a considerate idea Kris, but I do not eat."

"I do," came Sam's voice, followed by his figure coming around. Kris froze.

For a brief terrifying moment Kris was sure Sam had heard their conversation. "What would you like," came out dry and cracked.

"I'll take a cup of coffee. What are you two… well you," he pointed to Kris, "doing up this early?"

Kris tried to play it off, "I couldn't sleep, so Gadreel's been keeping me company. What about you?"

Sam shrugged his shoulders, "I'm use to getting up this early."

Relaxing as she got started on their breakfast, she realized Sam was still in the dark, and if she had a choice that is where he would stay.

Over the next few months Kris fell into an interesting routine. Wake up, research, hunt, eat, and sleep. She was more then happy to finally be getting a decent night sleep again, the nightmares were gone again. Sam kept up his search for Dean, following any and all signs of cattle mutilation, crop failure, and electrical storms. If there was as chance Dean or Crowley would be there, Sam was there as well. Kris didn't realize how bad it was till she went with him on one of his leads.

"Hell No!" she hissed at him, as they stood outside a dingy looking pub. Sam had just told her his latest idea for tracking down Dean and Crowley. "We are NOT going into a bar to look for someone to make a deal with a cross-roads demon!"

"Do you have a better idea?" Sam growled back at her. "We've tried calling his phone, he won't answer. We've tried summoning Crowley, he won't answer. We've even tried following demonic signs and got nothing." His eyes looked back to the pub and Kris thought he was trying to avoid her eyes. "We have got nothing."

"Sam, we still have time. Kevin is at Garth's with the angel tablet to find more information on the Mark. We know that when we find Dean, we'll be able to cure him. So why are you in such a hurry?"

"Why?!" He asked, finally looked her in the eyes. "The King of Hell managed to trick my brother into becoming his little lap dog, who knows what they are doing, who Dean could be hurting. When we do cure him, Dean will beat himself up over everyone he hurt while he wasn't himself. I'm in a hurry to try and keep that guilt as low as possible."

Kris sighed and shook her head, "And you're willing to sacrifice a human soul for that?"

"Oh come on Kris," turning his back on her and facing the run down bar. "It's not like I'm going to let them actually make the deal. I just need them to summon the demon." Sam turned back to face Kris, "Do you have a better idea?"

She hated to admit it but Sam was right, she didn't have a better idea how to find Dean. One of the many things her father never really liked talking about, alright the only thing, anything to do with Dean. She sighed, "No, I don't." She gestured to the door, "Lead the way."

The pub wasn't very crowded, but Kris still had to elbow her way to the pool table, while Sam took a seat at the bar. 'This is a really bad idea,' she thought to herself as she racked the balls. But Sam was right, she didn't have an idea, never mind a better one.

It didn't take long for Sam to start up a conversation with a depressed looking man. "We haven't had sex for four months. Four. Well, not that—not that she hasn't been having plenty…" Kris just rolled her eyes, what a whinny little bitch, she thought, listening to the man tell Sam his sob story.

Kris noticed Sam glance her way for a moment and she straightened up from the pool table. "It is possible that you can have your revenge," he was saying to the man. He was really going through with this, Kris held the pool stick tighter, the game forgotten. "I mean, hell, it's possible you can have pretty much anything you want." She looked away from them, set the pool stick down and walked out of the bar. There was no way on this green earth she was going to watch this.

Parking her ass on the hood of the green 55 Bel Air she had claimed as her own, Kris waited for Sam and the man to leave. The plan was, after finding a mark, Sam would take them to a crossroad and get them to summon a demon so Sam and she could trap the bastards. "This is still a rotten idea," she said out loud.

A few moments later Sam walked out of the bar with the man following close behind him. "This is Lester," Sam said jerking his head behind him. "He wants to make a deal."

Kris just nodded and gestured to her car as she slide off the hood, but Lester shook his head. "I'll take my own car, if you don't mind." Kris just shrugged and got into her car. She started it up as Sam slide into the passenger side.

"He'll follow us."

Neither said a word as Kris drove the short distance. She and Sam had chosen this particular crossroads because it had perfect coverage a stones throw away. Kris had wanted to keep looking but Sam had over ruled her. He believed the distance was close enough to stop the deal, but far enough the demon wouldn't see them coming.

Once there, Kris got out of the car as Lester pulled up behind her. She ignored him and leaned against the door jam. "Sam," she hissed at him as he pulled a box out of the car, "it's not too late to change our minds. We can think of something else."

Sam just shook his head and held out the box to Lester. "Put your drivers license in here and well get this done."

There was no way she could talk Sam out of this horrible idea, so she stepped away from her car and headed further down the road, towards some bushes. "I still think this is a really bad idea," she mumbled to herself as Sam dug a hole.

"Alright," Sam was telling Lester as he handed him the paper Kris had written the summoning on. "Stand right here, when I say so read the words off the paper."

Kris watched as Sam trotted over to her, but didn't say a word to her as he turned back to Lester. "Alright, go ahead."

"Okay, um…demon esto subiectus voluntari…"

"Tati!" Kris shouted, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "It's pronounced Voluntati!

"Oh sorry. Demon esto subiectus voluntati."

Kris just glared at Sam's back, "Really?"

He turned to her and just shrugged, "Not everyone can read Latin you know."

"Who summons me and for what purpose?"

Kris jerked her head up, "Shit, Sam!"

Sam whipped his head around and saw Lester with his back to then talking to a dark-haired woman with red eyes. "Shit."

"Lester!" Kris shouted, coming out from behind the bushes. "STOP!"

"Kill my wife, and my soul is yours."

Kris could see it all in slow motion. Sam running towards the two of them, the demon pulling Lester in and kissing him sealing the deal. Her heart sank, "NO!"


Kris waited in her car while Sam interrogated the demon. Lester had left their company with a grin. He had no idea what he was in for. He had sold his soul to have his wife killed, and Kris had not stopped it from happening. She should have kept her mouth shut and not distracted Sam, he would have seen the demon in time and could have manage to get to them before Lester sealed the deal. She had royally screwed the pooch on this one.

She leaned her head against the head rest. "God damn it," she mumbled, feeling the sting in her eyes. "I am not going to cry for that bastard." Her little pep talk wasn't working and she quickly wiped the moisture from her eyes when she heard the passenger door open.

It was Sam and his hands were covered in blood, that he was wiping on a towel. She waited patiently from him to finish. "So," she asked. "Please tell me you got something out of that."

There was a pause, then Sam shook his head. "She said Crowley is off the radar." He tossed the used towel into her back seat, "Damn it!"

Kris jumped a little but didn't say anything. They sat in silence fro a moment longer before Sam spoke again, "Let's head back to the bunker, maybe there's something we missed."

Without another word Kris started up the car and drove off.

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