Time Can't Heal All Wounds

No Good Deed

Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 18

No Good Deed

"Sam!" Kris yelled out. She was sitting in the War Room with her laptop open, looking into crop failures, when a news alert popped up on her screen. She had created a program to scan news articles from anything odd and it looked like it had paid off. "SAM!" she yelled again.

"What?" Sam asked entering the room. His hair was disheveled and it looked like he hadn't sleep in a few days, or at least since the Lester fiscal. "What is it?"

"Alright, so get this. I created a computer program to scan news articles for any odd deaths or weird disappearances, anything along those lines and this pops up. , After killing his wife and all three kids, Drew Nealy goes missing for three years only to turn up murdered in Wisconsin three days ago."

Sam looked at her confused, "So?"

Kris waved her hands, "I know, I know. Nothing odd about that. But I hacked into the police report and it turns out he was killed after attacking a man in a convenient store." She held up her hand when she notice Sam about to question her again, "Hold on. So I hacked into the store feed and this is what came up." She clicked the video link and a grainy video of Dean reading porn magazine appeared. "Now I had to go in through the back door, and the files were pretty corrupted, but hey I am damn good." A few more key strokes and a much clearer image came into view.

Dean was standing at a magazine rack. "Nice to know some things never change," Kris commented when she notice the magazine was Busty Asian Beauties. Drew Nealy came into frame and jumped Dean from behind, a small scuffle and Drew is killed by the First Blade. Stopping the video, Kris points to Drew, "He's possessed."

"How could you tell," Sam asked looking closer. "I don't see any black eyes."

"His face is distorted the same way Deans is."

"You can see that even on a video?"

Kris didn't look at Sam, just kept her eyes on the screen, "Apparently. There's a lot about this new ability we don't understand. Moving on." She flipped off the video, "We have our first lead in, well, in ever. I think we should head out to Wisconsin and see where the trail leads."

Sam nodded, "You're right, we have no other leads and this is the best we've got."


Kris adjusted the jacket of the suit she was wearing. She hated wearing the suits, they always made her feel fake. Granted she was, but didn't mean she had to like the feeling.

Mickey, the attendant on duty, was right in the middle of telling Sam what had happened. " Oh, yeah. Porn guy was an animal. Bro came at him like, 'what?!' and he was all like, 'Wh-a-a-at?' And there was a lot of blood."

"Right. Um...When the guy, uh - when - "Porn guy" came in, did he...say anything?"

Mickey was giving Sam a blank look, "'Where's the porn.'"

Sam fixed his gaze on Mickey, Kris knew that look. It was the 'Are-You-Fucking-Kidding-Me' look. She had seen her dad give that look to Castiel on more then one occasion. "So some guy comes in, kills another guy in your store, on your watch, and you just - you what? Just keep on keepin' on?

The color drained from Mickey's face, "You mean when porn guy was stabbing the other guy to death 10 feet in front of me, and I was having a total code-brown moment in my favorite fucking pants because I thought I was next. No, it never occurred to me to conduct a field interview."

Kris stepped in before Sam could say anything else, "We know how hard this is for you. My partner is just trying to be thorough." She put her hand gently on his for arm and tried to make her voice sympathetic, "Is there anything else you can think of? Maybe what direction Porn Guy took off in or what kind of car?"

Mickey started to shake his head, then stopped, his eyes lighting up. "Oh but ere, before I forget." He reached behind the counter and pulled out a cell phone, "Found this wedged under the toilet paper roll in the bathroom, I think it's the dead guy's phone."

Kris smiled, took the phone and nodded her thanks. As the two of them walked out of the Gas-N-Sip she tossed the phone to Sam. "If that belonged to Drew maybe there is something useful on it."

Sam fiddled with the phone for a bit before huffing, "Well there is a text message on here saying where Dean will be." He handed the phone to Kris who read the message out loud.

"'Winchester. Amherst Junction, WI Gas n' Sip B/W 11a-12p. Long live Abaddon' So Abaddon supporters are after Dean. Do you think they realize how much more dangerous he is now." she asked as she handed the phone back to Sam.

"If they didn't, I'm willing to bet they do now." He connected the phone to his own and dialed the texts number.

Kris leaned against Sam's car while they waited. She could tell the moment the other line answered, Sam entire face tensed up.

"Nope, just using a dead man's phone, Crowley," Sam said his tone icy and venomous.

Kris's eyes went huge, Crowley was the one sending demons to kill Dean? 'What the hell,' Kris mouthed. But Sam just held up his hand.

"And the um Abaddon supporters you've been sending after my brother, how does Dean feel about that double-cross?"

While Crowley was talking Sam put him on speaker phone. …"more out of your depths than I thought. You know what tickles me about all this? It's what's really eating you up. You don't care that he's a demon. Hell, you've been a demon. We've all been demons. No, it's that he's with me and he's having the time of his life. You can't stand the fact that he's mine."

"Dean isn't your pet you son of a bitch," Kris chirped in, unable to help herself. She just really wished she could rip out his throat right now.

"Future Girl, how nice to hear your voice." He actually sounded happy to hear her. "You're right, he isn't a pet, he's my best friend, my partner in crime. They'll write songs about us, graphic novels. 'The Misadventures of Growley and Squirrel.' Dean Winchester completes me, and that's what makes you both lose your chickens."

Kris could see Sam's jaw clench, "We are going to find you, we are going to save my brother, and then I am going to kill you… dead, Crowley"

The sound of Crowley chuckling made Kris's stomach tighten, "Well that is the operative phrase, isn't it, 'Find you,' Good luck with that"

There was an sharp click, and Kris looked at Sam's phone grinning, "We got him. The Black Spur in North Dakota." Sam was nice enough to return the grin.

They were just outside Alexandria Minnesota, Sam driving while Kris was trying to catch up on some sleep, when the car just up and died. "Are you kidding me?" Sam asked, trying to restart the car, but only succeeded in getting a clicking noise.

"It is an old car," Kris said half-heartedly as she un-did her seat belt. She was just glad it wasn't her car. "I'll take a look, you stay here."

"Why should I sta..." Kris responded my flapping her right arm and Sam just slouched back into the seat.

Kris popped the hood, but couldn't see anything out of place, when a set of headlights appeared at the back. Someone got out of that car but with the lights shinning directly in her eyes she couldn't see who.

"Hey. Need some help?" The lights dimmed and the man stepped into view. He was about 5 foot 9, tan cargo pants, with a black T-shirt and jacket to match. His brown hair was cut military style.

"Yea," Kris said as Sam got out of the car too. "She just up and quit on us."

The man nodded to Sam, "Out here in the middle of nowhere."

"Yea." Sam responded, as the two of them moved towards the front.

"She must really have it in for ya," he joked. Kris smiled. He seemed like a nice guy, and in her line of work there weren't many. He motioned to the engine, "May I?"

She nodded and stepped to the side, leaning against the car. "Sure. Thank you."

The man looked into the engine, "These new cars and their computerized brains, huh? One zero out of place, and the whole thing just goes kaput. Well, right there," he pointed to a little black box attached to the side of the battery. "There's your problem."

Kris leaned in, as did Sam. "What the hell is that?" Kris asked, trying to get a better look at it.

"Well that there is a kill switch. This here is the remote." Kris looked at the man's left hand holding a remote looking thing, missing the gun in his right. Before she could move he had swung his right towards Sam, knocking him out, and had the gun pointed at her. "I'm guessing he was a rightie."


Kris gazed around the run down barn. Her hands were tied behind her back and around a beam. This left her in a seated position, but her hands were starting to go numb. The man walked Sam in with a bag over his head and had him sit in a chair. He had zip-ties his hands in front on account of Sam's busted shoulder, but zipped tied his legs to the chair itself.

After knocking Sam out he had stated he didn't like the idea a hitting a girl and given that she would never leave her father, she had promised not to do anything stupid. He had tied her up and helped her, very politely, into the passenger side of his car, and then gone back for Sam. She had, lets just say very vocally, objected to him putting Sam in the trunk but had ignored her. Once he was back in the car he took off, ignoring all her questions, save one.

"The names Cole," he had relied without looking at her. That was all he said the entire 20 minute car ride to this abandoned barn.

Once Cole had Sam secured he took off the bag. He blinked in the sudden light, even though it wasn't all that bright and Kris could see his nose was bloody. His eyes quickly found her and for a moment relief flooded them.

"Alrighty, home sweet home. You good." Cole actually sounded like he cared. "How's that chicken wing?" He lightly tapped Sam's shoulder, but it was Kris who flinched.

Sam jerked his head up, "Who are you?"

"Well now," Cole said standing up straight, 'right to the point. Cole Trenton, you're Sam Winchester, I think we can all agree on that." He moved to Kris, who pulled her legs to her chest. "But you," he knelt in front of her, placing his hand on the beam right above her head for support, "I haven't the slightest clue who the hell you are." He turned to Sam, "She your girlfriend, kind of a Bonnie and Clyde complex going on here?"

Kris snorted before Sam could say anything, 'umm eww,' she thought. "No, I'm not. Sam's a friend of my mother's. Been looking after me since she died."

Cole stood up and left her, "I am sorry to hear that." He returned his focus to Sam, "See she promised to be good, but I figured she just didn't want to see you get hurt."

"Then let her go," Sam suggested and quickly Kris shook her head, but Cole wasn't watching her. "You and I can talk, she doesn't have to be a part of this."

Turning back to her, Cole smirked, "Something tells me she wouldn't go peacefully. Would you?"

"Hell fucking no," Kris replied, looking directly into Cole's eyes.

He jerked his head back to Sam, "Even if he told you to." she just shook her head.

"Alright then," Cole moved to set up a small wooden table beside Sam as he pulled out Sam's phone. "See, I'm looking for your brother, Dean. He and I go way back."

"You're a hunter?" Kris asked in disbelief. Surely no hunter would be stupid enough to kidnap a Winchester.

"Sure, we can go with that. Hunting his brother counts."

It was Sam's turn to snicker, "Trust me. Look, buddy, I don't what my brother did, but if you got any sense, I suggest you turn tail and run back to that army recruiting ad that spit you out in the first place. He's a monster."

Cole starts going through Sam's phone, "Well, he was. Many, many moons ago. But now he's prey. And I'm the monster now." He seems to find what he's looking for and taps the screen before putting it up to his ear.

Kris starts trying to work the ropes looser, but her left hand is completely numb, so she isn't sure she's making any progress what so ever. After a few moment a grin appears on Cole's face.

"Well, hell, I just may take you up on that." It clicks for Kris and by the look of distress, so does Sam. He was calling Dean.

"Me? Well, I'm karma, brother." A short pause, "On your brother's phone." Cole shakes his head, "No. Not yet. He and your little friend are still both breathing and as long as you show up where I tell, they'll stay that way." Another pause and then Cole holds the phone out to Sam, "Speak."

Sam refuses, just looks at the phone. So Cole punches him in the face causing his head to snap back.

"SAM!" Kris yelled, hoping that would be enough

Cole gets back on the phone, "There, proof of life. Got a pen."

What ever Dean says next has Cole clenching his jaw, "Well, that'll be a cold comfort to your dead brother and your little friend."

Kris's heart sank. Who was she kidding, she knew demon Dean wouldn't come to Sam's rescue, not this time.

"Yea, well, I'll be sure to pass that on to them as I am slitting their throats."

Again that sick feeling was back.

Cole tossed the phone at the wall. "I take it he hung up on you?" Kris asked cheekily. She was trying to hide the panic in her voice and was really surprised at how well it seemed to work.

"Good thing one of you know where he is." Again Kris's stomach flip-flopped. This was not going to be good.

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