Time Can't Heal All Wounds

I'm A Winchester, Of Course I'm Not Alright

Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 19

I'm a Winchester, of Course I'm Not Alright

Kris kept her head down, hair in her face, and eyes shut tight, but she couldn't block out the sound of fists landing on soft flesh, or the grunts of pain that came from her father. With every hit her body tensed up and she pulled against the ropes holding her hands behind her.

Cole had said his beef wasn't with her, which surprised her. She was sure he would use her to get Sam to tell him where Dean was or try and pry the information out of her. Kris found she would rather Cole beat on her then her father. Hell she had been though worse and at least this was just a man, not some psychotic angel or Darkness possessed Dean. Cole was just a man trying to avenge the death of his father, she could relate.

"Where's Dean, Sam?" Sam didn't respond and Kris heard Cole's fist land and her arms jerked with it. "WHERE IS HE!"

Kris could feel her whole body shaking and was pretty damn sure her wrist looked like cottage cheese. Both her hands had gone numb, so the straining didn't actually hurt, but she didn't know how much more she could take listening to her father get the shit beat out of him.

"Now, you know your brother gave me the green light to put one between your eyes," he paused. "Both of you." Kris raised her head and could see Cole standing in front of a very bloody Sam. "He gave the both of you up, there's no reason to protect him. So help me out here. Tell me where he is and I'll let the both of you go."

"Dean's family," Kris said without thinking and she quickly back peddled. "He's all the family Sam's got." She tossed her hair out of her face and glared at Cole, not with hate but with pity. "You protect family, no matter what they do."

Cole left Sam and knelt down to Kris, brushing the rest of her hair out of her face, "Well Sammy's family just sold him out. Family don't do that little girl."

"Dean isn't exactly Dean right now," Kris told him. She was trying to buy Sam a little bit of a break by keeping Cole focused on her for a moment. "I'm sorry about your dad. Whatever happened… I know Dean had his reasons. There are real monsters out there."

Cole got back on his feet, "You don't think I know that? I did two tours in Iraq. Special Ops, Darfur...The Congo. I've seen suicide bombers and child soldiers so hopped up on speed that they could barely talk! Oh, but they could sure as hell shoot an A.K."

Sam spit out some blood, "Not that kind of monster."

"Don't tell me about monsters." Cole moved to stand in front of Sam again, 'Cause I've met my fair share."

"We means real monsters," Kris said trying to regain Cole's attention. "Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons, they're all real." She jerked her head towards the bag Cole had brought with them from Sam's car. "Look in the bag, it's all there."

Surprised a bit when Cole actually moved to grab the duffle bag, Kris waited for him to open it. He dug through what Kris knew to be an arsenal of supernatural weapons, but he just pulled out the flask of holy water. "I guess even psychos need to hydrate."

Kris rolled her eyes, "Its holy water."

Cole gave her a mock shock, "Holy Cow," and tossed the flask back into the bag.

"Look," Sam said, trying to reason with him, "we are not psycho, and we are not lying."

Cole shoved the bag off the table, "Well now you see, that is exactly what psycho liars would say, so... See my dilemma?" Reaching into his own bag, Cole pulled out a ball peen hammer, "I guess it's time to crank up the volume." He tapped it gently against Sam's left knee. Kris can see Sam shaking in pain but doesn't say a thing. "Yea right there."

Kris pulled against the ropes holding her hands back, causing them to cut deeper into her wrist. She closed her eyes again.

The sound of a cell phone made her eyes snap open. "Telephone!" she shouted. "You might wanna get that."

Cole paused right in the middle of his swing, "Well ain't you a lucky boy." He set the hammer down, reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

Kris let out a breath of relief, as Cole made his way out of the barn talking on the phone, "No, I'm good. No, everything's fine. Everything's just fine." Cole closes the barn door.

Kris pulled harder against the ropes when she heard a soft thud. She snapped her head towards Sam and saw him still tied to a now tipped over chair. He noticed her watching him with a confused look and just shook his head at her. He didn't want her to say a thing, so she nodded back and continued watching the bar door. Before she realized it, he was beside her cutting her hands free with a pocket knife attached to what she assumes are Cole's keys. Maybe fifteen seconds have past since Cole walked out of the barn.

Sam helped her up, ignoring the lacerations on her wrists. "Grab the bag and let's get the hell out of here."

She just nodded, slid said bag over her shoulder and they headed out the back of the barn. All in all a total of thirty seconds has passed since Cole walked out of the barn.

Neither of them said much and after about twenty minutes of trying her best to keep up with him, Kris had to stop. "Sam wait up a minute." She dropped the bad and leaned against a nearby tree. "I need a quick break."

Sam stopped moving forward and walked back towards her, but doesn't stop. He picked the bag up with his left arm and started walking off again. "We don't have time." Kris sighed, pushed herself off the tree and had to jog to keep up with him. "We need to find a phone or something and let Cas know what's going on."

Kris pulled out her cell phone out of her back pocket and gently grabbed his arm to make him stop, "Cole didn't even look for it." She handed it over, "Can we stop now?"

Sam just smiled slightly, but at least nodded his head. With a huff, Kris flopped to the ground. While Sam made the call, Kris took a better look at her wrists. They were worse off then she thought. The feeling had returned to them as they fled, but that just made them hurt more. There were angry welts that had gone beyond being rubbed raw. The entire area going all the way around her wrist was red and would be turning fifty shades of purple soon. Luckily the blood had dried while they ran, but the crust over the top would be a bitch to clean off when she got a chance.

While Sam was on the phone with Cas, Kris took the opportunity to become more aware of her surroundings. They were still in the woods but she could make out a packed dirt road off to the left, and an abandoned house off to the right, with a truck sitting in front of it. "Perfect," she whispered and dragged her ass off the ground.

Sam seemed to have see the same thing, because after he handed her phone back to her he nodded to the house, "I think I can hot wire that truck. We'll head towards Beulah, but.." He stopped walking and turned to face Kris. "Kris I don't want you anywhere near this."

"Wait what?" Shock crossed her face, and she folded her arms in front of her. "Why the hell not?"

"Like you said to Cole, Dean isn't Dean." It was like in front of that dingy pub, he refused to look at her. "I don't want you to see him like this."

Kris was flabbergasted. 'See him like this?' she thought. "Sam, I am not leaving you to face your demon brother on your own. You'll need help."

"You weren't with me the first time around, were you? Besides," he gripped her shoulder and finally looked her straight in the eyes, "I need you to head back to the Bunker and get everything ready for when I bring Dean back."

She knew this look. Her dad had use this look loads of times on her. It was the Stop-Arguing-And-Do-What-I-Tell-You look and when this happened the debate was over. For Kris it was like Sam was pulling the 'Dad Card' without even knowing it. Plus it wasn't like she could tell Sam she had seen Dean one hundred times worse then this.

"Fine! Fine. But for the record, I don't like this idea of you going alone."

Sam lead her to the truck, hot wired it and Kris was more then surprised it actually started. They drove in silence, Kris still fuming about Sam sending her home. Once outside of Fargo, Sam dropped her off, "Just follow I-29 south to ..."

"Kansas City and I can find my way after that," Kris interrupted him. "I do know how to navigate." She slid out of the passenger seat and noticed they were right outside a couple of crappy apartments. Finding a car would be easy. "Again I am going to say I don't like this."

"I'll shoot you a text once I have him," was all he said before she shut the door. He drove off without another word.

"I still don't like it," she mumbled, hoisting the small pack onto her shoulder. On the drive they had stop by a drug store and Kris had bandaged up her wrists. They were stung pretty bad and were starting to throb, but she shoved that into the back of her mind. She would deal with that later.

It didn't take her long to find a black '91 Honda Accord with it's keys still in the car. "At least something has gone right for me," she mumbled as she found another car a few blocks down she could switch out the license plates for. It would take longer for the cops to track her this way. Kids took car plates as a prank all the time, cops rarely took those complaints seriously.

She was just coming up on Rock Port and was genuinely considering stopping to rest when Gadreel appeared in the passenger seat, nearly giving her a heart attack.

She slammed on the breaks, "SHIT!" The car slid to a stop and after catching her breath, she rounded on him. "What the hell Gadreel? You trying to get me killed!"

He looked at her confused, "Of course not. I do not wish harm on you."

Sighing as she maneuvered the car out of the middle of the road, "How the hell were you able to get here? I thought your wings were ruined."

A small grin lit up his face. "Your idea to have Prophet Tran fix the angel tablet was a good one. He was able to help a lot of angels heal their wings with it. Granted they are only good for short distances, but at least most of us can fly again."

She glanced at his back wondering if she could seem them now that they were healed, but couldn't. His halo however was as bright as ever, in fact it seemed to be brighter then the last time she had seen in. A soft goose grey light actually filled the car from it. "So what's up?"

"The sky is up," Gadreel said without missing a beat.

Kris just laughed, "I meant why are you here?"

"Oh yes. I needed to talk to you about Castiel's grace."

After him scaring the crap out of her, Kris was wide awake now, "What about it?"

"It is burning out. I fear he does not have long."

It took Kris a moment to realize what Gadreel was saying, "Why would his grace be burning…" DING, DING, DING! And the stupid award goes to Kris Tina Richardson!

"It's not his." Kris sighed, rolling her eyes at her own stupidity. It was Linda Tran all over again. She really needed to stop doing this. "Hold on," she said to Gadreel right before she jerked the wheel, causing the car to do a one-eighty.

Gadreel grabbed the 'Oh-Shit' handle, "Umm, where are we going?"

"We need to get on I-80 and head towards Iowa City. There is a library there that Metatron hid the demon tablet and the rest of Castiel's grace."

"You have known where Castiel's grace was hidden? Why did you not tell him sooner?"

"In case you forgot, I got kidnapped me shortly after Cas stole that grace," Gadreel looked away, guilt written on his face. "Then after that I was in heaven's jail for a few months, after that I was stabbed, and after that I have been trying to help Sam locate his brother." She paused to catch her breath, "I've had a busy few months. It is not like I was twiddling my thumbs."

"You are right, I am sorry," and he sounded like it.

"Gadreel, don't beat yourself up over what happened to me in heaven. It wasn't your fault. Besides, we're about to make it right. We'll get Cas's grace, get the demon tablet and all will be right with the world."

Gadreel actually smirked, "You do not believe that, do you?"

"I'm a Winchester. Of course not."

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