Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Where Every Winchester Has Gone...at least once

Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 2

Where Every Winchester Has Gone… at least once

Sam pushed his daughter towards Castiel, "Take Kris to the dungeon. I can hold Dean and Crowley back while you finish the spell."

Kris gripped her dad tighter, "No Dad, please. They'll kill you."

Sam kissed her forehead, "It'll be alright. Now go with Cass."

She felt Castiel grip her shoulders and start to guide her way from Sam. She kept shaking her head. They were half way down the hall when she broke free of Cass's hold and ran back to her dad. She threw her arms around him, nearly knocking him down. "I love you, Dad," she whispered.

"I love you too, Kris." A quick hug and he was pushing her down the hall, "Now go. Be safe."

She turned back to Castiel, who was waiting patiently for her with his hand out stretch. "It's time Kristina. Let's get you somewhere safer." Kris took the offered hand and didn't look back as Cass led her to the dungeon. She hated the way he always combined her first and middle name.

Cass sealed them both in, what her dad liked to call the Dungeon. She walked to the center of the room, the floor and walls already covered with sigils probable done with Cass's blood. "Will it hurt?"

She looked over her shoulder at him, "It will make you weak." He told her. "But you should arrive right inside this room."

"How far back are you sending me?"

"To well after you were born, just to be on the safe side."

Kris grinned, slightly, "You mean to make sure I can't pull a Chris Halliwell?"

Castiel nodded. Kris had gotten him to watch the last three sessions of Charmed. 'The only good ones," she had told him. It should have taken three days, or so she had told him. It had taken a week, because she had to keep stopping between episodes to make sure he was following it. In fact it had been those sessions that had given Castiel the idea to send her back in time.

"If I do this right, you should arrive well after your birth." He slipped her the key to the bunker, "I am hoping this will convince them you are at least on their side."

Kris nodded, "Because my great grandfather had the only one." She didn't take her eyes off the key. "Cas, I'm scared. Even if this works, I'll never see you guys again. And then what happens to me? Do I just disappear, or what?" She was having a hard time breathing, her chest felt as if it were getting tighter.

"Breath Kristina," Castiel told her giving her shoulders a shake. "You are a Winchester, you guys always find a way. I don't know what will happen to you but I promise you won't just disappear."

There was an earth shattering CRASH, above them, and the whole bunker shook, "They've gotten through, you have to go." He didn't linger on what it meant, that they had gotten through. Sam was gone. Castiel shoved her into the middle of the room, "No matter what stay in there."

Kris nodded as another boom, this one a lot closer, shook the room. She didn't want to see what was going to happen. Her last sight was of Castiel standing in front of the dungeon doors as they were ripped of the hinges and Dean, followed by Crowley, sauntered into the room. She closed her eyes tight, she didn't want to see what they would do to Cas.

She did feel electricity passing through her body, but clamped her mouth tight. Kris would be damned to let those two hear her scream. The air reeked of burnt wires, she held her breath as long as she could. But she couldn't block out the sounds around. Angry voices, shouts, and then a yell cut short. They were gone, her dad and Castiel, her only real family. She kept her eyes closed tight, if the spell hadn't worked she didn't want to see her end coming, call it fear, call it cowardice, she didn't care. But nothing happened. Well nothing but more pain passing through her.

A feeling of her body being ripped apart, starting with her skin and running though her whole frame. Still Kris managed to keep her mouth shut, she was a Winchester god damn it, she would act like it. Her grandfather had endured over a century in hell, surly she could endure a few moments of this. Then she realized, she had no idea how long this traveling would take. Granted it only felt as if a few minutes had passed now, but who knew how long it would last.

As quickly as it started, it ended. The moment the pain stopped, Kris opened her eyes. She was still in the dungeon, there were no bloody sigils, and the doors where still intact and closed.

She breathed a sigh of relief, but that relief was short lived.

"Well Hello Darling," a very recognizable voice said from behind her.

"Oh hell no," she muttered.

She tried to move towards the doors away from that voice, but Cas had been right about being weak. Her legs not only wouldn't move but they couldn't support her weight. She crumpled to the floor, not even being able to throw up her hands to protect her face. On the bright side of being this weak, she didn't feel the pain from face planting onto the floor. She welcomed the darkness that followed, she wouldn't see what Crowley had planed for her and she knew she could morn the death of her father and best friend there.

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